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Full text of "The town register:bAshland, Plymouth, Sandwich, Campton, Holderness, Center Harbor, Moultonboro. 1908"

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19  0  8 

Augusta,  Maine: 










R 1909 L 




Primitive  Occupants 9 

Descriptive  Information 10 

Early  Grants  and  Settlements 11 

Early  Settlement 13 

The  Town 15 

Town  Officers 16 

Pointers  Pertaining  to  Plymouth 17 

Military  Affairs 20 

Churches 24 

Professional  Men 28 

Industries 29 

Educational 32 

Societies 35 

The  County  Buildings , 36 


Descriptive 38 

Town  and  Town  Officers 40 

Churches 43 

Educational 45 

Ascertained  at  Ashland 46 

Professional  Men 47 

Societies 47 

Military  Account 48 

Industrial  Account 49 


General  Description 51 

Early  Grants  and  History 52 

Pleasure  Trips  from  Holderness 57 

Hints  and  Happenings  at  Holderness 58 

Town  Officers 59 

Educational (jl 

Military  Affairs 63 

Societies 63 

Church  History 64 


Description 66 

Early  Settlement 67 

Church  History 69 

Educational 70 

Campton  Town  Officials 71 

Military  Affairs 72 

Doctors  of  the  Town 74 

Facts  of  Interest 75 

Industries 75 

Centennial  Celebration „...  76 


Descriptive 81 

Early  History 82 

Town  Officers 86 

Early  Petitions  and  Documents 88 

Military  Account 90 


Description 91 

The  Town 92 

Professional  Men 94 

Scraps  Secured  at  Sandwich 95 

Early  Town  Meetings 96 

Early  Church  History 97 

Town  Officers 99 

Military  Account 101 


Description 102 

General  Account 103 

Church  History 105 

Statistics 106 

Educational 106 

Town  Officers 106 

Military  Account 107 










WEBSTER,    RUSSELL    &    CO. 




Clothing:  and  Men's  Furnishings 

Boots  and  Shoes.    LaFrance  and  Walk-Over 
Shoes  for  Women 

F'ox  Block  Plymouth,  N.  H, 

E.  C.  CHASE,  M.  D. 

Office  Hours,  1  to  3  and  7  to  9  p.  m. 



Hlstoity  of  Plymoutb 


The  story  of  the  aborif^inal  occupancy  of  the  territory 
embraced  in  this  work  is  like  all  such  accounts,  auythinfy  but 
proved;  yet  the  ancient  stories  handed  down  from  genera- 
tion to  generation  and  the  finding  of  various  Indian  relics 
from  time  to  time  have  given  some  accuracy  to  the  ac- 

It  is  said  that  the  Indians  living  in  this  territory  were 
very  nomadic  in  their  habits.  The  name  Nipmuck  was 
given  to  the  tribes  living  in  these  regions,  the  name  meaning 
"dwellers  by  fresh  water." 

The  individual  tribes  took  names,  as  a  rule,  from  the 
lake,  river,  or  mountain,  near  which  they  happened  to  be 
camping.  Thus  we  find  the  Pemigewassett  for  the  river  by 
that  name.    The  Squamscotts  for  the  river  and  lake  Squam. 

It  is  ascertained  by  the  finding  of  relics  that  the  vicinity 
of  Plymouth  was  a  favorite  camping  ground  for  Indian 
tribes,  as  was  the  vicinity  of  Holderness,  Ashland  and  prob- 
ably the  other  towns  embraced  in  this  book. 

It  seems  as  though  some  of  the  tribes  in  this  vicinity 
were  somewhat  friendly  to  the  early  settlers.  Tradition 
says,  but  for  an  Indian  and  his  strategem,  Lieut.  Thomas 
Baker  and  his  party  of  explorers  would  have  been  entirely 


obliterated  and  massacred  at  the  juuction  of  tlie  Baker  and 
Pemigewassett  rivers  in  what  is  now  Plymouth  or  in  the 
near  vicinity.    This  was  probably  in  the  year  1712  or  13. 

During  the  early  settlement  of  this  region  it  is  said  the 
families  were  kept  in  constant  anxiety  because  of  attacks 
from  the  French  and  their  Indian  allies  coming  down  from 


Plymouth,  one  of  the  shire  towns  of  Grafton  County, 
in  New  Hampshire,  is  situated  upon  the  west  bank  of  the 
Pemigewassett  River,  which  divides  the  town  from  Holder- 
ness  and  Ashland. 

On  the  north  is  Campton,  on  the  south  Bridgewater  and 
Hebron,  on  the  west  Groton  and  llumney. 

Plymouth  is  accessible  to  the  outside  world  by  the  Bos- 
ton and  Maine  R.  R.,  the  White  Mountain  division  connect- 
ing points  to  the  north  and  south,  as  far  as  Groveton  north, 
and  Boston  and  New  York  by  the  Montreal  express,  south. 
The  Pemigewassett  Valley  Branch  connects  with  Compton, 
Woodstock,  etc.,  as  far  as  Lincoln,  a  distance  of  twenty -two 

Well  may  this  be  termed  "The  Gateway  to  the  Moun- 
tains," as  through  here  tourists  approach  Mt.  Washington, 
and  can  also  go  direct  to  Montreal  from  Boston  and  New 
York  in  well  equipped  and  rapid  express  trains. 


The  villao-e  is  seated  on  terraces  rising  from  the  valley 
of  the  Pemigewassett  to  beautiful  plateaus  above.  The 
church  spires,  symbols  of  God's  great  goodness;  the  thrifty 
and  well  kept  farms  and  their  buildings,  and  the  many  resi- 
dences and  business  houses  as  seen  from  the  neighboring 
hills,  show  the  peace,  contentment,  and  industry  of  a  law 
abiding  community. 

This  beautiful  picture  has  for  its  setting  a  pleasing  va- 
riety of  meadow  and  hill,  river  and  pond.  Its  people  are 
intelligent  and  w^ell  read.  The  educational  facilities  are  ex- 
celleut,  there  being  a  fine  High  School  and  the  State  Nor- 
mal School  located  here.  Three  flourishing  churches,  a  pub- 
lic library,  and  various  societies,  etc.,  for  improving  the  in- 
dividual and  the  town. 


Plymouth  was  originally  granted  by  Governor  Benning 
Wentworth  July  15,  1763,  to  the  following  grantees: 

*Stephen  Ames,  ^Theodore  Atkinson,  JTheodore  Atkin- 
son, Jr.,  *Joseph  Blanchard,  *Elnathan  Blood,  *Elnathan 
Blood,  Jr.,  *tJohn  Brown,  *tJosiah  Brown,  *James  Cowan 
*Ebenezer  Cummings,  *tJotham  Cummings,  *Samuel  Cum- 
mings,  Esq.,  *Samuel  CuramiDgs,  *William  Cummings, 
Thomas  Davis,  *David  Emerson,  Jr.,  Nathaniel  Garfield, 
*Samuel  Goodhue,  Samuel  Hale,  *Ebenezer  Hartshorne, 
John  Harvell,  Jacob  Hildreth,  *tDavid  Hobart,  *tGersham 


Hobart,  *tJames  Hobart,  *John  Hobart,  *Jonathan 
Hobart,  *Peter  Hobart,  *Jonathaii  Jobnson,  *Abner  Keyes, 
Jonas  Keyes,  *01iver  Lawrence,  Pbineas  Lund,  Thomas 
McCluer,  William  McCluer,  Onisephorus  Marsh,  Moses  Mer- 
rill, Thomas  Merrill,  James  Nabor,  *  William  Nevins,  William 
Nuttiuo-,  :>:Matthew  Patten,  *Benjamin  Parker,  Oliver  Parker, 
*tZachariah  Parker,  *Rlehard  Pierce,  *Johu  Phelps,  Amos 
Phillips,  *Francis  Powers,  *tNahum  Powers,  ^Stephen 
Powers,  *William  Read,  iCol.  Joseph  Smith,  $William  Tem- 
ple, Esq.,  Samuel  Thompson,  JJames  Underwood,  Joseph 
Warner,  *Meshech  Weare,  *tAbel  Webster,  IBenniuo-  AVent- 
worth,  *Johii  Willoby,  *tJohn  Willoby,  Jr.,  David  Wright. 

Many  changes  have  been  made  in  the  town's  original 
area.  As  early  as  1780,  troubles  had  arisen  in  this  and 
other  towns  relative  to  charter  bounds,  and  on  the  27th  of 
October  of  that  year,  the  Legislature  appointed  a  committee 
to  settle  the  question.    They  reported  as  follows: 

"Beginning  at  a  pine  tree  on  the  western  bank  of  the 
Pemigewassett  river,  opposite  Holderness  Corner,  where  the 
line  of  Campton  crosses  the  river,  thence  on  Campton  line 
south  86°  west  about  five  miles,  to  a  hemlock  tree,  the 
northeast  corner  of  Cockermouth;  thence  south  30°  west 
five  miles,  one  half  mile  and  forty  rods,  to  a  beech  tree; 
thence  south  37°  west  five  miles  and  two  hundred  and  eighty 
five  rods,  to  a  beech  tree  on  Grafton  line;  thence  south  65° 
east  two  hundred  and  sixty  rods  to  a  beech  tree  standing  on 
the  curve  line;  thence  following  the  curve  line  about  twelve 

*Resident8  of  Hollis.    tBecame  actual  settlers.    iMenibers  of  the  Gov- 
ernor's Council. 


miles  and  a  half  mile  to  a  white  oake  tree  standing  on  the 
bank  of  Pemigewassett  river,  and  thence  by  said  river  to  the 
bonnd  bofi'an  at." 

These  bounds  took  from  the  northern  part  of  the  town  a 
track  of  land  w^hich  the  inhabitants  of  the  town  considered 
belonged  to  them,  and  petitioned  the  Legislature  to  have  it 
restored  which  was  done  by  an  act  passed  June  21,  1793. 
This  act  also  annexed  to  Plymouth  some  lots  of  land  belong- 
ing to  Nathaniel  Peabody  known  as  "the  Everett  farm  and 
the  Withey  lot."  By  an  act  passed  June  15,  1792,  the 
southwest  portion  of  the  town  was  set  off  to  form,  with  a 
portion  of  Cochermouth  (now  Groton),  the  new  town  of 
Hebron.  Finally  June  26,  1845,  some  lots  were  servered 
from  tlie  northwest  corner  of  Hebron  and  annexed  to  Ply- 
mouth, while  its  area  was  still  further  enlarged  by  the 
annexation  of  a  portion  of  Campton,  June  27,  1860,  so 
that  it  now  has  an  area  of  16,256  acres,  about  10,500  of 
which  is  improved  land. 


In  November  1762,  a  party  of  eight  explorers  came  up 
from  HoUis  to  cut  a  path  and  select  a  place  for  settlement. 
These  men  were:  Elnathan  Blood,  Josiah  Brown,  Jotham 
Cummings,  Col.  David  Hobart,  Zachariah  Parker,  David 
Webster,  John  Willoughby  and  his  son,  afterwards  "Elder" 
Willoughby.    The  natural  facilities  attracted  them  to  this 


place.  Returniuj?  to  HolHs,  they  procured  the  charter  of 
Plymouth  July  15,  1763.  Eight  men  were  employed  here 
through  the  summer  of  17G3,  and  others  the  last  part  of 
the  year,  in  preparing  to  receive  their  families.  A  part  of 
these  men  spent  the  winter  in  the  town. 

During  the  spring  of  1764,  the  first  families  arrived. 
The  testimony  is  conflicting  as  to  the  order  of  their  coming; 
but  Abel  Webster,  John  Willoughby,  Jr.,  Silas  Brown  and 
others  were  certainly  here  in  June;  James  Hobart  and  Zach- 
ariah  Parker,  probably,  and  perhaps  David  Webster  and 
Josiah  Brown. 

Before  the  year  ended  Jotham  Cummings,  James  Blod- 
gett,  Samuel  Dearborn,  Ephraim  Weston  and  Stephen 
Webster  with  their  families  had  arrived  all  from  Hollis, 
except  Weston,  Dearborn  and  Stephen  Webster  who  were 
from  Chester. 

So  many  families  were  ready  to  go  to  the  new  colony  in 
the  spring  of  1765,  that  the  proprietors  voted  to  hold  their 
next  meeting  in  Plymouth,  this  they  did  on  Julj' 17,  1766, 
at  Stephen  Webster's. 

In  1767,  the  census  was  taken,  there  were  227  inhabi- 
tants in  the  town.    In  1774,  the  population  was  345, 

The  first  English  child  born  in  town  was  Lydia  Webster, 
daughter  of  Stephen  and  Lydia.  Webster;  the  date  of  her 
birth  was  April,  1765.  Josiah  Hobart  was  the  first  male 



The  proprietors  or  early  grantees  having  built  the  first 
roads,  settled  a  minister  and  got  the  town  started,  found  in 
1766  that  the  population  was  large  enough  to  become  a 
self-supporting  town. 

On  July  17  of  that  year  the  first  town  meeting  was  held 
at  the  home  of  Stephen  Webster,  and  the  affairs  taken  over 
by  the  town.    The  following  town  officers  were  elected: 

Moderator,  Stephen  Webster;  town  clerk,  Stephen  Web- 
ster; selectmen,  Stephen  Webster,  Lieut.  Winthrop  Wells, 
John  Willougbby;  counstable,  David  Webster;  auditors, 
Ebenezer  Hartshorn,  Abel  Webster;  sealer  of  weights  and 
measures,  Gershom  Hobart;  surve^^ors  of  Highways,  Eben- 
ezer Hartshorn,  Capt.  Ephrairn  Wesson;  fence  Viewers,  Ger- 
shom Hobart,  Zachariah  Parker;  deer  reeves,  Jotham  Cum- 
mings,  Silas  Brown;  tythingmen,  Capt.  David  Hobart, 
James  Hobart;  hog  reeves,  Abner  Keyes,  Stephen  Webster 

At  this  meeting  no  important  business  was  transacted 
but  a  second  meeting  followed  on  Oct.  16,  1766,  at  the 
house  of  James  Hobart.  Capt.  David  Hobart  chosen  mod- 
erator. The  town  voted  "to  raise  two  pounds  and  ten  shil- 
lings in  money  for  the  town's  use  for  the  present  year."  At 
this  meeting  the  town  formally  agreed  to  assume  the  con- 
tract made  by  the  proprietors  for  the  support  of  Rev. 
Nathan  Ward. 




1885— Plumrner  Fox,  Amasa,  Aver}^  George  P.  Cook. 
1886— Plummer  Fox,  Amasa  W.  Avery,  Geo.  P.  Cook. 
1887— Amasa  W.    Avery,    Henry   S.    George,    Charles   W. 

1888— Amasa  W.  Avery,  Geo.  P.  Cook,  James  A.  Penniman 
1889— Andrew  J.  McClure,  Charles  W.  George,  Henry  W. 

1890— Andrew  J.  McClure,  Charles  W.    George,    David   W. 

1891— Charles  W.  George,  Obediah  G.  Smith,  Fred  S.  Rowe. 
1892-3— Frank  H.  Rollins,  Charles   W.  Nelson,  William  H. 

1894-5— James  K.  Pierce.  Francis  F.  Blake,  Jason  Clark. 
1896-7— John  Mason,  Charles  W.  George,  Dean  S.  Currier. 
1898— Amasa  W.  Avery,  Dean  S.  Currier,  Charles  J.  Gould. 
1899— Charles  J.  Gould,  Henry  H.   Whittemore,  Francis  F. 

1900— Charles  J.  Gould,   Henry  H.  Whittemore,   Henry  C. 

1901— Plummer  Fox,  Henry   H.  Whittemore,  Fred  A.   At- 

1902— James  N.  McCoy,  Heber  W.  Hull,  Orrin  W.  Fletcher. 
1903— Plummer  Fox,  Heber  W.  Hull,  Charles  W.  George. 
1904— Heber  W.  Hull,  Charles  AV.  George,  William  J.  Ran- 



1905— Charles  W.  George,  Edward  A.  Chase,  Henry  VV. 

1906-7— Edward  A.  Chase,  Henry  W.  Rogers,  Francis  F. 

1908— Henry  W.  Rogers,  Francis  F.  Blake,  Edward  H.  San- 


Note— The  date  preceeding  their  name  is  date  of  first 

1885,  Epes  J.  Calley;  1886,  Libbeus  E.  Hay  ward;  1889, 
Daniel  P.  Donovan;  1891,  Perley  S.  Currier;  1892,  David  H. 
Hallenbeck;  1894,  Moses  A.  Batchelder;  1895,  William  F. 
Adams;  1897,  Charles  C.  Wright;  1899,  Isadore  N.  Lunder- 
ville;  1900,  Moses  A.  Batchelder;  1908,  Wm.  A.  Kimball. 


1885,  Joseph  M.  Howe;  1886,  Charles  J.  Gould;  1887-94, 
Hiram  Clark;  1895-7,  Frank  C.  Calley;  1898,  David  H. 
Hallenbeck;  1899-1901,  Edward  A.  Chase;  1902-5,  William 
A.  Kimball;  1806,  Geo.  B.  Blood;  1907,  Sam'l  W.  Slye  (de- 
ceased, term  finished  from  July  by  Frank  C.  Colley);  1908, 
Frank  C.  Callev. 


Daniel  Webster  in  1806  made  his  first  criminal  plea  in 
the  old  Court  House,  now  Public  Library. 


Nathaniel  Hawthorne  died  in  1864,  in  one  of  the  rooms 
of  the  ohi  Pemigewassett  House. 

A  post  route  was  established  through  the  town  June  27, 
1781.    John  Balch  appointed  post  rider. 

First  Post  Office  in  Plymouth  1791,  established  by  the 
state.  Dr.  John  Rogers  was  first  post  master,  and  only  one 
ever  appointed  by  state  for  Plymouth. 

United  States  took  control  of  Plymouth  Post  Office  in 

Post  Office  was  moved  into  Kidders'  Block,  its  present 
location,  in  1887. 

Post  Office  at  West  Plymouth  in  1830,  discontinued  in 
1900.  Present  post  master  Chas.  C.  Wright.  Asst.  Edson 
M.  Barker,  and  two  clerks. 

Gross  receipts  year  ending  Mar.  31,  1908,  over  $10,600. 

Average  pieces  handled  2,500  daily,  first  class  about 
8,000.  Second  class  about  1,200.  Remainder  divided  be- 
tween third  and  fourth. 

Number  of  mails,  week  days,  eleven  out  and  same  num- 
ber in.    Sundays,  two  out  and  two  in. 

Between  4,000  and  4,500  people  reached  by  this  Post 
Office  and  its  five  rural  free  delivery  routes,  located  as  fol- 
lows: Boute  No  1,  about  20j^  miles,  takes  in  old  West  Ply- 

Route  No  2,  about  21  miles,  takes  in  Bridgewater  Hill. 

Route  No.  3,  about  22  miles,  takes  in  Old  Campton  Post 
Office  and  Easton  Corner. 

Route  No.  4,  between  22  and  23  miles,  covers  North 


Route  No.  5,  24  miles  tbrou<»liWe8t  CaiDpton  andCainp- 
ton  Bojy  so  called. 

Towu  has  two  Hospitals,  both  on  Hii>hland  street.  The 
Balch  Cottan;e  Hospital  and  Dr.  Ernest  Bell's  Sanitarium. 

Town  has  f^ood  service  in  both  local  antl  long  distance 
telephones.    The  Western  Union  also  has  station  here. 

Streets  are  lighted  by  electricity  furnished  from  the 
plant  of  The  Plymouth  Electric  Light  Company. 

Town  has  a  well  shaded  park  located  in  square  formed 
by  Highland  street  and  Main  street,  in  front  of  Court  House. 

Town  is  supplied  by  excellent  spring  water  from  the  hills 
by  the  Plymouth  Aqueduct  and  Water  Company,  this  with 
an  excellent  system  of  hose  houses  and  companicH  furnishs 
protection  in  time  of  fire. 


Congregational,  143;  Y.  P.  S.  C.  E.,  40;  Sunday  School, 
100;  and  home  dept.  100. 

Methodist,  211;  Epworth  League,  35;  Sunday  School, 

Universalist  not  given.    Baptist,  see  Holderness. 

The  real  estate  valuation  of  the  town  is:  Resident, 
1845,652;  non  resident,  .f  14,908.  Number  of  polls,  616. 
Population  in  1900,  1,972.  Estimated  present  population, 



The  town  of  Plymouth  almost  without  exception  was 
patriotic,  perhaps  to  the  extreme,  duriiio-  those  early  days 
of  conflict  for  independence  and  freedom  of  thoup,ht.  Later 
in  the  conflict  to  decide  the  unity  of  the  nation,  founded 
upon  the  sacrifice  and  bloodshed  of  those  early  pioneers,  the 
descendants  of  many  an  earlier  vetran  did  his  part  nobly. 

Attain  in  '1)8  the  call  of  the  Nation  did  not  pass  unheeded 
by  the  sons  of  Plymouth.  Through  all  this  account  militant 
there  appears  no  blemish;  the  records  are  such  as  should 
arouse  the  pride  of  any  town. 


1775— This  year  in  Plymouth,  as  in  nearly  all  the  early 
settlements,  was  a  year  of  preparation.  A  committee  of 
safety  composed  of  Samuel  Emerson,  Thomas  Lucas,  James 
Harvel,  Benjamin  Gould,  David  Hobart,  Jotham  Cum- 
mings,  David  Webster,  John  Willoughby  and  Elisha  Bean 
was  chosen.  Abel  Webster  represented  Plymouth,  Campton 
and  Rumney  at  the  provincial  congress. 

Aug.  24,  1775,  David  Hobart  was  commissioned  colonel 
and  David  W^ebster  Lieut.  Col.  of  the  eleventh  regiment  com- 
prising Plymouth,  Holderness,  Campton,  Thornton,  Kum- 
ne\',  Cockermouth,  Alexandria  and  New  Chester. 

Natluim  Powers  and  William  Nevius  were  the  first  men 
of  Plymouth  to  enlist.  Other  men  to  enlist  this  year  for 
varying  periods  were:  Thomas  McClure,  Joseph  Smith  and 
Joseph  Davis  in  Col.  Stark's  Reg't.,  Jotham  Cummings,  2nd 


Lieut.;  William  Greenoup;h,  drummer;  Silas  Brown,  Samuel 
Drew,  Hugh  Ramsay,  Zebediah  Richardson,  Samuel  Wallace, 
James  Whiting  in  Capt.  Thornton's  Company  and  Samuel 
Ambrose  company  of  Capt.  Noah  Worcester. 

1776 — Many  reenlistments  and  new  recruits  were  made 
this  year,  among  them  being:  Amos  Webster,  Ensign;  Paul 
Wells  and  William  Tarlton,  Serg'ts.;  Edward  Evans, Nathan- 
iel Webster,  Ebenezer  Blodgett,  Thomas  Lucas,  Ezekiel 
Keyes,  Stephen  Keyes,  David  Nevins,  David  Nevins,  Jr., 
Nehemiah  Snow,  Nahum  Powers,  James  Barnes,  Joseph 
Hobart  and  Jeremiah  Blodgett  in  the  company  of  Capt. 
Edward  Everett  of  Rumney.  John  Calef  in  Capt.  Young's 

In  the  company  of  Capt.  Jeremiah  Eames  of  Northum- 
berland: Zachariah  Parker,  Lieut.;  Dr.  Abijah  Wright,  Sam- 
uel Marsh,  James  Whiting,  David  Cunningham,  John  Wil- 
loughby  and  Edward  Taylor.  John  Phillips  in  Capt. 
Thomas  Simpson's  company. 

Abel  Webster,  Amos  Thompson,  Nehemiah  Hardy, 
Daniel  Wheeler  and  David  Durkee  in  company  of  Capt.  John 
House  of  Hanover. 

Henry  Snow  and  Ebenezer  Keyes  in  Reg't.  of  Col.  David 
Gilman  of  Pembroke.  During  this  year  Ebenezer  Blodgett 
and  Jeremiah  Blodgett  died  of  camp  fever. 

1777— A  good  many  of  the  names  following  are  reenlist- 
ments and  some  of  them  enlisted  more  than  once  during  the 
year.  At  the  battle  of  Benniugton,  Solomon  Hobart  was 

Among    those    serving   from  Plymouth    this  year  were 


Paul  Wells,  James  Barnes,  Elijah  Lucas,  Samuel  Hull, 
Nathauiel  Hull,  Silas  Brown,  Joseph  Hobart,  John  Phillips, 
Abel  Webster,  Jr.,  Edward  Evans,  Benjamin  Phillips,  David 
Nevins,  Sr.,  Henry  Snow,  Josiah  Willoughby,  Joseph  Smith, 
Peter  Stearns,  Sero't.;  Benjamin  Wells,  Corporal;  Josiah 
Brown,  Jr.,  Michael  Dearborn,  Solomon  Hobart,  Francis 
Worcester,  Jr.,  Daniel  Clough  Webster,  Samuel  Marsh, 
Ezekiel  Keyes,  George  Patterson,  Nehemiah  Snow,  James 
Blodgett,  John  Willoughby,  Jr.,  and  Zebadiah  Richardson. 

1778-83— During  this  period  very  few  if  any  new  enlist- 
ments occured,  and  the  time  was  mostly  devoted  by  the  cit- 
izens of  Plymouth  in  over  coming  the  effects  of  the  preceed- 
ing  years  of  conflict. 

WAR  OF  1812 

Plymouth's  quota  of  men  was  small,  but  she  did  her 
part  by  sending  the  quota  desired. 

The  names  given  from  Plymouth  were:  Humphrey  Web- 
ster, John  L.  Bobbins,  Isaac  Chamberlain,  Corporal;  Asa 
Bobbins,  David  Alls,  Ira  Morse,  Jonathan  Hall,  Joseph 
Chamberlain,  Jonas  Keyes,  Reuben  Draper,  Thomas  Robie, 
Serg't.;  Laban  Keyes,  John  Fuller,  Jonathan  Dearborn, 
Peter  Draper.  There  were  others  who  had  lived  here  or 
came  here  to  live  later;  among  these  were:  Walter  Melvin, 
James  Pebbles,  David  Burleigh,  Benjamin  Glover,  Daniel 
Sanborn  and  Deacon  Simeon  Sanborn, 

It  is  impossible  to  enter  more  iuWy  upon  this  period 
without  encroaching  upon  State  or  National  history. 



The  people  of  Plymouth  took  an  active  part  in  the  years 
of  bloodshed  known  as  the  War  of  Rebellion.  This  active 
part  is  by  uo  means  confined  to  the  male  population  of  the 
town,  but  was  shared  by  the  sturdy  and  patriotic  mothers, 
wives,  sweethearts  and  sisters  of  those  at  the  front  in 
response  to  their  Nation's  call. 

The  appended  list  is  a  partial  one  of  those  men  born  in 
Plymouth  who  marched  away  for  their  country  and  in  many 
cases  perhaps  never  to  return.  We  should  like  to  publish 
a  complete  list  of  those  who  have  lived  here  either  before  or 
since  the  war  and  are  natives  of  other  towns,  but  space 

Edojar  A.  Adams,  Geo.  H.  Batchelder,  Carlos  E.  Batch- 
elder,  Timothy  E.  Bayley,  Leonard  P.  Benton,  Webster  P. 
Blodgett,  Alvin  Burleioh,  Arthur  W.  Butler,  Leonard  Camp- 
bell, Anthony  Cilley,  Danford  Cook,  Cyrus  R.  Corliss,  George 
W.  Craig,  Oliver  T.  Craig,  George  H.  Cummings,  William  H. 
Cummiiigs,  Galen  Eastman,  Geo.  W.  Ellis,  John  B.Emerson, 
Geo.  W.  Farnum,  Hiram  B.  Farnum,  Alvah  C.  Ferriu, 
Edward  P.  Flanders,  Asa  P.  French,  Chas.  Henry  French, 
Daniel  Eaton  George,  Frank  H.  George,  Samuel  AV.  George, 
David  Glynn,  Frank  C.  Green,  Henry  B.  Green,  William  F. 
Haunaford,  Samuel  T.  Hanscom,  Henry  R.  Harvey,  Addison 
W.  Heath,  Leroy  S.  Heath,  Oscar  P.  Heath,  Warren  Cyrus 
Heath,  Gilmore  McL.  Houston,  AVilliam  L.  Houston,  Robert 
Huckius,  Lorenzo  B.  Hull,  Luther  L.  Libby,  Chas.  A.  Love- 
joy,  Henry  H.  McQuesten,  Levi  W.  Merrill,  Oscar  F.  Merrill, 


Rockwood  G.  Merrill,  Geo.  K.  Mitchell,  James  C.  NelsoD, 
Joseph  B,  Nelson,  Theodore  V,  Nutting;,  Justus  B.  Penni- 
man,  Hiram  C.  Philbrick,  Christopher  C.  Pike,  William  J. 
Robie,  Nathaniel  P.  Rogers,  James  S.  Ryan,  Oliver  M. 
Sawyer,  Daniel  J.  Spinney,  Chas.  E.  Stearns,  Richard  G. 
Stearns,  Daniel  D.  Straw,  Ralph  W,  Straw,  John  L.  Thomp- 
son, Frank  J,  Thurston,  James  Otis  Ward,  Simon  M.  Web- 
ber, Eldridge  E.  Webster,  Henry  Webster,  William  B.  Welch 
and  AVilliam  H.  Wheeler. 


Plymouth  according  to  her  custom  responded  to  the 
call  of  the  Country  and  sent  some  of  her  sons  to  do  or  die  in 
the  Country's  cause.  Among  these  were:  Capt,  Frank  W. 
Russell,  promoted  to  Major;  Robert  Burns,  Rank  Major, 
Surgeon  of  the  Regiment. 

Geo.  H.  Colby,  1st  Lieut.,  Captain  and  Paymaster  in 
State  service. 

William  Wallace  Russell,  Trumpeter;  John  Z.  Goodwin 
and  Anthony  K.  Hanson  in  Company  H. 

Alvah  C.  Cousins,  Artificer;  Alvin  P.  Burleigh,  George  A. 
Corliss,  Harry  F.  Dearborn,  Perley  F.  Morton,  William  A. 
Scales  in  Company  K.    Arthur  Gault  served  in  Company  C. 



The  date  of  the  beginning  of  this  church  upon  its  life  of 
activity  is  incidental  to  that  of  the  early  history  of  the 


town.  About  April  IG,  17G4,  the  town  "voted  to  hire  Mr. 
Nathan  Ward  to  preach  four  daj's  in  tlie  township  aforesaid 
this  spring."  The  article  in  the  warrant  for  the  meeting 
read: — 

"To  see  what  meathod  the  Proprietors  will  Take  about 
Settleing  a  miuister  at  Plymouth  and  Likewise  to  see  if  they 
will  be  at  the  Cost  of  Hiring-  sum  Preaching  there  the  year 
insuiug  and  also  to  Raise  money  if  there  is  need  to  Defray 
the  charge,  and  to  actt  and  do  away  other  things  which 
may  then  be  thought  proper  by  the  Proprietors." 

The  subjects  probably  of  the  first  two  discourses  Mr. 
Ward  preached  in  Plymouth,  and  doubtless  the  earliest  ser- 
mons ever  given  in  this  town  were,  Isaiah  I,  19:  "If  ye  be 
willing  and  obedient,  ye  shall  eat  the  good  of  the  land," 
and  Luke  XV,  24:  "For  this  my  sou  was  dead,  and  is  alive 
again;  he  was  lost  and  is  found.  And  they  began  to  be 
merry."  The  date  on  which  these  sermons  were  delivered  is 
supposed  to  be  about  Sunday,  May  19,  1764. 

This  church  is  the  oldest  in  Grafton  County.  For  some 
time  the  Proprietors  carried  on  the  affairs  of  the  church, 
then  the  town  took  up  the  duties  and  carried  them  out  until 
1780,  when  fifteen  of  the  tax  payers  were  exempted  from 
paying  to  support  a  minister  not  of  their  faith. 

This  division  dfd  not  by  any  means  sever  the  good  feel- 
ings of  the  towns  people  and  the  friendships  continued  as 
they  should,  among  the  disagreeing  parties. 

The  first  meeting  house  was  built  at  the  foot  of  Waid 
Hill.  This  was  probably  about  17G8,  and  was  used  twenty 


Work  on  the  second  house  of  worship  began  in  1787, 
and  the  last  of  this  year  the  first  was  burned,  and  for  a  time 
services  were  held  in  a  spacious  barn  of  King  George,  on 
RuraneyRoad.  The  second  church  was  finished  the  last  of 
the  year  1788.  Its  location  was  on  the  lot  west  of  the  pres- 
ent school  house  on  Ward  Hill.  In  1827  a  belfry  was  added 
and  a  bell  placed  therein. 

This  second  edifice  was  used  jointly  by  the  church  and 
town  until  1836.  At  this  time  the  church  society  decided 
they  needed  a  larger  and  more  pretentious  house  for  Divine 
worship.  During  that  year  (183G),  the  present  church  home 
was  constructed,  and  from  time  to  time  goodly  sums  of 
money  have  been  expended  in  repairs  and  improvements, 
until  today  the  society  owns  a  finely  equipped  church  home, 
suitable  for  any  of  the  functions  likely  to  be  held  by  such  an 
organization,  and  the  pastor  of  the  church,  Rev.  C.  W.  Wil- 
son, resides  in  a  beautiful  and  homelike  modern  dwelling 
owned  and  used  by  the  society  as  a  parsonage. 


The  beginning  of  the  early  preaching  by  Methodist 
preachers  was  probably  about  1800.  For  some  years  there 
is  no  positive  record  of  any  actual  work  being  done,  al- 
though it  can  be  ascertained  that  this  town  was  undoubt- 
edly covered  by  some  of  the  early  circuit  riders,  so  called. 
The  following  testimony  to  that  effect  is  taken  from  Dow's 
Journal,  dated  during  autumn  of  1802: 

"I  came  over  the  river  into  New  Hampshire  where  I  met 
Martin  Ruter  going  to  form  a  circuit.    I  saw  Elijah  R.  Sabin 


who  had  been  a  zealous  and  useful  preacher,  but  was  now 
broken  down  *  *  *  I  had  meeting,'8  in  Haverhill,  then 
rode  to  Plymouth  and  Holderuess  and  Meredith  and  Gil- 
manton,  and  the  melting  power  of  God  seemed  to  be  pres- 
ent in  many  places." 

The  first  church,  built  of  brick  and  located  in  West  Ply- 
mouth, was  erected  in  1823,  and  was  removed  in  18G5. 

The  first  stated  preaching  in  the  village  proper  was  by 
Rev.  William  Nelson,  in  1831,  and  a  hall  owned  by  Nathan 
Harris  was  used  for  the  assemblies. 

The  first  meeting  house  of  this  society  in  the  village  was 
built  in  ]  833.  It  stood  on  the  site  of  Mason's  Block.  This 
was  enlarged  several  times  and  occupied  until  the  present 
substantial  edifice  was  erected  in  1872.  A  bell  was  pur- 
chased in  1888,  the  money  coming  from  a  legacy  of  John  H. 

The  first  parsonage  was  purchased  in  1842,  and  was  oc- 
cnpied  until  1872.  The  present  parsonage  was  purchased 
in  1876.    The  pastors  since  1884  inclusive,  are: 

1884-5,  William  E.  Bennett;  1886-8,  Thomas  Tyrie; 
1888-90,  Roscoe  Sanderson;  1891-2,  David  E.  Miller;  1893-5 
George  N.  Dorr;  1896-7,  John  A.  Bowler;  1898,  John  H. 
Emerson;  1899-1901,  Willis  M.  Cleveland;  1902-4,  Robert 
T.  Wolcott,  and  the  present  pastor,  E.  C.  E.  Dorian. 


The  first  preaching  of  this  denomination  was  in  1850, 
by  Rev.  James  H.  Shepard  but  was  discontinued  until  1856, 
from  this  date  until  1876  only  occasional  services  were  held. 


In  187G  steps  were  taken  to  procure  permanent  preaching 
of  this  faith  by  means  of  public  subscription,  this  was  gen- 
erously aided  by  members  of  the  other  denominations.  In 
1884-,  Oct.  28th,  the  present  commodious  brick  edifice  was 
dedicated.  Rev.  DeWitt  Riley  is  the  present  pastor,  suc- 
ceeding Rev.  Bernard  C.  Rugglcs  who  did  a  good  deal  in  the 
upbuilding  of  the  denomination  in  this  town. 


There  is  no  recorded  evidence  of  any  actual  transactions 
being  made  or  business  done  under  this  denomination  al- 
though it  is  known  that  in  1777  there  were  some  of  this  be- 
lief, and  at  the  present  day  there  are  a  few  families  who 
have  embraced  their  doctrines,  they  either  attend  the  ser- 
vices of  the  other  churches  or  of  the  Baptist  churches  in 
other  towns. 



Dr.  Abijah  Wright,  Dr.  Peter  Emerson,  Dr.  John  Rogers, 
Dr.  Jonathan  Robbins,  Dr.  Thomas  Buruside,  Dr.  Samuel 
Rogers,  Dr.  Benjamin  F.  Simpson,  Dr.  John  Bailey,  Dr.  Sam- 
uel Long,  Dr.  Robert  Burns,  Dr.  Norman  Curtis  Stevens,  Dr. 
Horace  P.  Goodrich,  Dr.  Austin  S.  Durkee,  Dr.  Jeremiah 
Caverno  Garland,  Dr.  Kingsbury  Kelley,  Dr.  Joseph  William 
Preston,  Dr.  Silas  Wright  Davis,  Dr.  Moses  Currier  Eaton, 


Dr.  Jt'sse  Applttou  Sauborn,  Dr.  riobpit  Burns  and  Dr.  Euos 

The  present  resident  })liysicians  are  Dr.  William  Eussell 
Garland  (tbe  dean  of  tlie  resident  physicians),  Dr.  Havrn 
Palmer,  Dr.  Albeit  J.  Marston,  Dr.  John  Wheeler,  Dr.  Tris- 
tram Ro{;ers,  Dr.  Ernest  Bell  and  Dr.  Ladd.    (See  Dentists). 


Jonathan  Milchcll  Sewell,  Moses  Dow,  John  Porter, 
Phiueas  Walker,  Stephen  Grant,  Samuel  Cumminijcs  Webster, 
Benjamin  Darling,  David  Smiley,  Nathaniel  Peabodj  Ro- 
gers, William  Coombs  Thompson,  Jonathan  Bliss,  James 
iMcQuosten,  David  Haynes  Collins,  William  Leverett,  Ralph 
Metcalf,  p]llery  Albee  Hibbard,  Napoleon  Bonaparte  I'ryant, 
Charles  James  Fox  Stone,  John  Alvin  Putney,  Joseph  Clark, 
Benjamin  ('lark,  Joseph  Burrowcs,  Henry  William  Blair, 
John  W.  Ela,  Joseph  Manderville  Burrows,  Alvin  Burleijih, 
Charles  Adams  Jewell,  Georj;e  Herbert  Adams,  Joseph  Clem- 
ent Story,  Alvin  F.  Wentworth.  Alvin  F.  Wentworth  and 
Burlei*>h  &  Adams  are  present  lawyers. 


Dr.  Harry  Pierce  and  Dr.  D.  H.  Hallenbcck. 


In  accordance  with  the  usual  custom  of  early  settlements 
in  New  Hampshire,  the  first  mills  to  be  located  in  a  town 
were  a  saw  mill  and  grist  mill.    Sept.  3,  1764,  it  was  voted 


by  the  early  proprietors  to  jj;ive  to  Elnathan  Blood  and 
Benjamin  AVri^ht,  lots  15  and  16  as  mill  lots  and  the  nec- 
essary irons  for  constructing  a  saw  mill  and  grist  mill  in 
Plymouth.  During  the  winter  of  1764,  the  irons  were 
brought  to  Plymouth  on  a  hand  sled  from  Concord. 

For  reasons  unknown  these  men  failed  to  comply  with 
the  agreement,  and  in  Hollis  at  the  inn  of  Samuel  Cum- 
mings,  Feb.  12,  1765,  the  proprietors  decided  "to  give  Mr. 
Ephraira  Lund  the  same  encouragement  towards  building 
the  mills  at  Plymouth  that  was  formerly  voted  to  Elnathan 
Blood  and  Benjamin  Wright." 

Lund  combined  the  two  mills  under  one  roof,  but  owned 
them  less  than  two  years,  when  in  consideration  of  £56  lis. 
4d.,  he  sold  to  James  Gordon  of  Boston  the  mills  and  sixty 
acres  of  Innd.  During  years  following  many  mills  werebuilt, 
but  the  dates  or  circumstances  of  their  building  were  seldom 

The  Village  Grist  Mill  was  built  in  1888,  by  James  K. 
Pierce.  Ho  died  in  the  autumn  of  1900,  and  a  few  months 
later  the  mill  was  purchased  by  William  Patterson. 

The  Park  Hills  owned  by  William  E.  Park  and  William 
Iv.  Park,  Jr.,  who  conducted  a  general  lumber  business  where 
Foster's  Peg  Mill  now  stands.  They  moved  from  this  town 
in  1896. 

The  Chase  Mills  were  erected  in  1897,  firm  name  W.  G. 
&  J.  H.  Chase,  motive  power  250  horsepower  steam  engine; 
doing  general  lumber  business. 

Plymouth  Veneer  Company,  incorporated  in  1892,  Dec. 
14th,  business  suspended   1901.    They  still  own  the  plant, 


machiupry  etc.,  occu])ied  by  Beal  Mattress  Company  which 
moved  to  Plymouth  in  1904,  from  Oxford,  and  are  doing  a 
thrivinfv  business. 

The  Foster  Peg  Mill,  erected  in  ]  897-98,  near  junction 
of  Baker's  and  reu)ip,ewy8sett  rivers,  by  Jacob  R.  Foster. 
To  the  manufacture  of  peos  has  recently  been  added  that  of 
bobbin  making.  The  ])re8ent  management  are  Edwin  J. 
and  George  R.  Foster,  sons  of  the  proprietor.  Motive  power, 
steam  engine;  equipment  consisting  of  every  labor  saving 
device  known  to  the  business. 

The  Qlove  Industry  was  here  for  many  years  the  princi- 
pal industry.  The  first  glove  stock  known  to  the  world  was 
made  by  Alvah  McQuesten,  a  tanner  of  this  town.  For  gen- 
erations many  of  the  town's  business  men  were  at  one  time 
or  another  connected  with  the  manufacture  of  Plymouth 
Gloyes,  of  these  were:  Alvah  McQuesten,  Jason  C.  Draper, 
Oliver  S,  McQuesten,  Arthur  Ward, Chase  W.  Calley,  Nathan- 
iel F.  Draper,  Samuel  C.  Heath,  Daniel  H.  and  Henry  C.  Cur- 
rier, Ezra  W.  Aver^',  Amasa  W.  Avery,  Thomas  F.  and 
David  Glynn,  Pelatiah  Russell,  Henry  S.  George,  Horace  W. 
Smith,  George  P.  French,  Blair  &  Burleigh,  Smith  &Marden, 
John  T.  Cutler  &  Sons,  Ferrin  &  Wilkinson,  Erastus  B.  and 
Gill  F.  Dearborn.  The  only  persons  at  present  engaged  in 
this  business  are  Frank  C.  Calley  and  J.  Gill  Fletcher. 

The  Draper-flaynard  Company,  known  the  world  over 
for  their  celebrated  line  of  sporting  goods,  have  a  large  and 
commodious  factory  located  on  North  Main  St.  They  were 
formerly  engaged  in  business  at  Ashland,  but  removed  their 
business  here  in  1900,  and  have  gradually  withdrawn  from 


the  <;love  bubiiicss  and  are  eii«>ap;ed  alinoBt  entirelj  in  niak- 
ius;  sportiufj;  j^oods.  The  firm  is  composed  of  Jason  F, 
Draper  aud  John  F.  Maynard. 

Plymouth  Creamery  Company,  a  co-operative  organiza- 
tion formed  Mav  20,  1893.  The  farmers  of  Plymouth  and 
Campton  receive  about  ,^26,000  annually  and  deliver  about 
1,600,000  pounds  of  milk. 


Education  and  religion  went  hand  in  hand  in  the  minds 
of  the  earlier  settlers.  The  training  of  mind  and  morals 
was  regarded  by  them  of  the  greatest  importance,  especially 
is  this  so  of  the  early  settlers  in  Plymouth. 

Tradition  says  Stephen  Webster  Sr.  instructed  the  child- 
ren of  the  neighborhood  in  his  home.  We  also  learn  that 
various  of  the  earl}^  dwellers  took  a  hand  in  the  instruction 
of  the  earlj'  Plymouth  schools. 

At  the  present  time  there  is  a  very  proficient  corps  of 
teachers  for  the  lower  grades,  and  the  Plymouth  High  School, 
established  in  1883,  and  twenty  years  a  part  of  the  Normal 
School,  now  has  a  beautiful  home  of  its  own,  where  the  stu- 
dents receive  instruction  frum  a  very  brilliant  and  talented 
board  of  instructors. 


The  early  history  of  this  excellent  institution  dates  back 
to  the  early  history  of  the  town.    At  that  time  it  vvas known 


as  the  Holmes  Plymouth  Academy,  and  was  established  by 
an  act  of  leji;islatiire  ai)provcd  Dec,  7,  1808,  after  many  dis- 
coura<!,ements,  and  because  of  iucreasirif^  indebtedness  the 
institution  died  a  natural  death,  and  the  school  property 
was  disposed  of. 

The  New  Hampshire  State  Normal  School  was  erected 
by  an  act  of  lenjislature  approved  July  2,  1870.  The  old 
Academy  buildings  were  repurchased  with  all  the  grounds. 

By  terms  of  the  act  of  1870,  the  trustees  were  instructed 
"to  give  notice  by  publication,  that  they  will  receive  pro- 
posals from  towns,  corporations  or  individuals,  to  furnish 
lands,  buildings  or  funds  for  the  school,  and  they  shall  make 
such  selection  of  locality  as  will,  in  their  judgment,  best  sub- 
serve the  interests  of  the  institution,  and  shall  establish 
said  Normal  School  with  as  little  delay  as  possible." 

Quoting  from  the  trustees'  report: — 

Notice  was  given,  by  publication,  for  proposals  from 
towns,  corporations  and  individuals  to  furnish  school  prop- 
erty and  funds,  on  condition  of  securing  the  location  of  the 
school.  Several  towns  responded  liberally,  among  which 
were  Plymouth,  Walpole,  Fisherville  and  Mount  Vernon, 
offering  an  aggregate  of  about  |125,000. 

After  due  deliberation,  and  in  view  of  all  the  advantages 
to  be  secured,  the  trustees  unanimously  decided  to  locate 
the  school  in  the  beautiful  town  of  Plymouth,  which  had 
offered,  in  real  estate  and  cash,  some  f 42, 000. 

This  explains  the  locating  in  the  old  Academy  buildings 
and  grounds. 

In  1889  legislature  appropi  iatcd  |60,000  for  a  new  and 


lar^pr  bnildinp;  which  was  ready  for  occupancy  in  the  year 
1891.  With  one  or  two  slij^ht  exceptions  the  school  has 
had  a  remarkable  and  steady  o;rowth  and  continued  pros- 

With  a  continuance  of  her  fortune  in  the  luture,  as  in 
the  past,  in  ro<i;ard  to  trustees  and  instructors,  a  constant 
pursuinn;  of  iier  liberal  policies,  and  with  her  extensive  curri- 
culum, New  Hampshire  Stale  Normal  School  has  prospects 
of  a  bright  and  useful  future. 


As  early  as  1807  a  library  movement  was  started,  this 
was  little  more  than  a  circulating  plan  that  benefitted  only 
a  few. 

To  the  young  women  of  Plymouth  and  their  constant 
zeal  in  behalf  of  this  important  movement,  which  was 
started  by  them  in  1873,  Sept.  2d,  the  town  is  indebted  for 
their  present  public  library.  For  years  it  was  known  as 
The  Young  Ladies'  Circulating  Library.  The  first  officers 
were:  Ida  M.  Stearns,  president;  Elizabeth  Andrews  Dodge, 
vice  pres.;  Carrie  Elizabeth  Hall,  secretary;  Clara  Thompson 
Clark,  treasurer.  The  directors  were  Ada  Elizabeth  Howe, 
Elizabeth  Dearborn,  Clara  Eaton  Cummings,  Annie  M.  Dear- 
born and  Julia  Eliza  Hobart.  First  librarian,  Eliza  Ann 
Hilton  Cummings. 

For  years  this  organization  persevered  and  by  persist- 
CTit  effort  gathered  money,  by  plays,  fairs  and  subscription, 
until,  in  H'cognition  of  its  good  w^ork,  the  town  in  1885 
made    an    appropriation    for  its  benefit.    Previous  to  this 


another  importaDt  step  was  taken,  namely,  the  moving  into 
the  present  home  of  the  organization,  this  was  made  possi- 
ble by  Senator  Blair  who  ])urchasod  the  old  Court  House 
and  moved  it  to  its  present  site,  adjoining'  the  new  and 
more  pretentious  county  buildin<»;.    This  was  done  in  1876. 

Since  189G  it  has  been  run  jointly  by  trustees  chosen  by 
the  town  and  the  directors  of  the  library  association. 


Olive  Branch  I.odoe,  No.  16,  F.  &  A.  M.,  October  1803, 
local  records  saj^  26th,  Grand  Lod<!,e  records  the  date  25th; 
has  been  in  active  work  since  instituted. 

The  Pemif^ewassett  Chapter,  No.  13,  R.  A.  M.,  dispensa- 
tion •;rauted  July  4,  1864. 

The  Omega  Council,  No.  9,  R.  and  S.  M.,  was  instituted 
at  Littleton,  May  15,  1876,  moved  to  Plymouth  Jan.  1881. 

Bethlehem  Chapter,  No.  12,  Order  of  the  Eastern  Star, 
petition  signed  June  4,  1892;  first  meeting  held,  and  degrees 
conferred  June  28,  1892. 

Plymouth  Lodge,  No.  66,  I.  0.  O.  F.,  instituted  May  3, 

Enterprise  Lodge,  No.  46,  Daughters  of  Rebekah,  organ- 
ized Feb.  55,  1892. 

Baker's  River  Lodge,  No.  47,  Knights  of  Pythias,  insti- 
tuted Feb.  28,  1895. 

The  Justus  B.  Penniman  Post,  No.  42,  G.  A.  R.,  insti- 
tuted April  7,  1879. 


The  Penniraan  Relief  Corps,  No.  9,  instituted  Oct.  16, 

The  Plymouth  Grauge,  No.  239,  Order  of  Patrons  of 
Husbandry,  organized  Jan.  30,  1896. 

Pemigewassctt  Woman's  Club,  having  a  membership 
of  about  eighty,  pledged  to  a  constitution  in  which  may  be 
found  this  article,  expressive  of  the  \york  done  by  the  organ- 

"The  object  of  this  club  shall  be  to  broaden  and 
strengthen  the  moral,  social  and  intellectual  life  of  its  mem- 
bers, and  through  them  to  make  itself  a  power  for  good  in 
the  community." 

Any  one  conversant  with  the  course  of  lectures  and  other 
entertainments,  etc.,  given  under  their  auspices  will  certify 
that  they  are  doing  a  good  deal  toward  upholding  their 


When  the  County  of  Grafton  was  first  organized,  in 
1773,  the  only  towns  in  the  county  then  containing  over 
three  hundred  population  were  Haverhill,  387;  Plymouth, 
345  and  Hanover  342,  and  at  that  time  the  principal  towns 
in  northern  New  Hampshire. 

A  number  of  towns  in  different  parts  of  the  county  peti- 
tioned for  sittings  of  the  court,  but  the  Governor  and  Coun- 
cil designated  Haverhill  and  Plymouth  to  serve  jointly  as 
county  seats. 


Ou  April  23,  1774,  at  a  session  of  court  holden  in  Hav- 
erhill, 'twas  left  to  a  commission  who  "were  empowered  to 
agree  with  David  Webster  for  the  hire  of  his  dwelling  house 
and  temporary  goal  adjoining,  upon  the  best  terms  they 
can  until  the  next  General  Sessions," 

David  Webster  lived  on  the  site  of  the  present  Pemige- 
wassett  House;  during  1774  a  structure  wns  completed  to 
serve  as  a  court  house  very  near  his  dwelling.  For  some 
reason,  so  tradition  says,  he,  at  his  own  expense,  removed 
the  buildings  across  the  street  westerly  to  a  lot  of  land 
which  he  gave  to  the  county  for  this  purpose.  For  nearly 
fifty  years  this  served  as  one  of  the  seats  of  Justice  for  the 
County  of  Grafton. 

In  1823  a  new  and  more  pretentious  court  house  was 
built.  The  old  court  house  with  its  historical  memories 
was  deserted,  and  for  years  served  as  a  wheelwright  shop  or 
left  to  dream  of  its  past  importance.  The  restoration  of 
this  historic  relic  (about  which  we  spoke  more  fully  else- 
where), was  left  to  Henry  W.  Blair,  in  187G. 

The  third  and  present  county  building  was  erected  in 
1889,  on  the  site  of  the  second,  and  has  for  its  neighbor  the 
first,  now  used  as  a  library  building. 

istony  of  Jlshland 


We  can  do  no  better  than  to  quote  tbe  followinp;  taken 
from  an  article  by  Leon  Burt  Baketel  in  the  Granite  Monthly 
for  March  1901,    It  is  certainly  no  exnoj^eration, 

"In  the  heart  of  the  old  Granite  State,  surrotinded  by 
hills,  which  anywhere  else  would  be  called  mountains,  lying 
in  the  beautiful  valley  of  the  Pemigewassett  is  a  small  town. 
Small  in  name  and  population,  but  great  in  the  men  and 
heroes  it  has  sent  into  all  parts  of  the  world  to  help  make  it 
better.  This  and  more  can  be  said  of  Ashland,  which  is  one 
of  the  beauty  spots  of  New  Hampshire  and  a  thriving,  enter- 
prising post  village. 

Ashland  is  noted  in  many  ways,  some  being  its  manu- 
factures, its  delightful  location  and  healthful  climate,  its 
men,  who  after  being  schooled  in  life  here,  have  been  sent 
out  into  the  world  and  become  great.  Again  one  cannot 
overlook  the  excellent  facilities  for  summer  outings,  for  here 
during  the  season  a  large  number  of  vacationists  are  to  be 
found,  either  in  the  village,  on  the  hills  surrounding  it,  or  on 
the  banks  of  the  beautiful  Asquam  lake  which  borders  on 
the  town  limits.    All  the  beauties  and  advantages  of  nature 


are  iiot  claimed  for  Ashland,  but  certaiulj  it  has  its  share. 
And  this  fact  is  deeply  appreciated  by  all  residents  and  visi- 

Ashland  is  the  smallest  township  in  Grafton  Count3% 
haviu«j  only  3,853  acres  of  improved  laud.  It  is  bounded 
on  the  north  and  northeast  by  llolderness,  on  the  south  by 
New  Hampton  in  Belknap  county,  and  west  by  Pl3mouth 
and  Bridgewater.  Tlie  surface  of  the  town,  rough  and 
broken, is  so  diversified  as  to  present  very  charming  scenery. 

Directly  through  the  centre  of  the  town  extends  a  high- 
land called  Christian  Hill;  from  this  the  land  slopes  to  Owl 
brook  a  tributary  of  Squam  river  and  west  to  the  Pern ige- 
wassett  which  washes  its  western  border.  The  scenery  is 
greatly  enhanced  by  a  beautiful  sheet  of  water  known  as 
Little  Squara  lake  which  extends  into  the  town  of  Holder- 
ness.  Squam  river,  the  outlet  for  this  body  of  water,  flows 
through  the  town  on  its  way  to  mingle  with  the  waters  of 
the  Pemigewassett;  in  its  passage  it  furnishes  a  considerable 
amount  of  water  power  for  manufacturing  purposes.  The 
soil  is  by  nature  hard  and  somewhat  sandy,  but  when  prop- 
erly cultivated  yields  abundant  crops. 

Railroad  facilities  are  excellent,  this  station  ranking 
high  in  amount  of  work  done  in  the  long  list  of  stations  on 
this  White  Mountain  division  of  the  Boston  &  Maine  R.  R. 
which  passes  through  the  southwestly  portion  of  the  town. 



The  Early  History  of  Ashland  is  coiiibiDed  aud  inter- 
woven with  that  of  Holderuess,  as  at  its  settlement  it  was  a 
part  of  that  township  and  to  the  account  of  that  town  we 
direct  the  reader  for  information. 

Ashland  became  a  separate  town  July  1,  18G8,  and  it 
was  a  literal  independence,  for,  so  we  are  informed,  the 
voters  of  Holderness  proper  refused  throuo;;h  their  majority 
to  pass  any  votes  for  appropriations  or  other  improvements 
lor  the  villa<»'e,  or  what  is  now  the  town  of  Ashland. 

At  some  of  those  town  meetings  it  would  be  necessary  to 
continue  the  meetings  for  two  aud  three  days  before  the 
business  could  be  completed. 

Ashland  at  the  separation  had  to  start  handicapped, 
being  compelled  to  assume  about  two-thirds  of  the  town 
debt  of  Holderness.  All  that  the  town  possesses  today  in 
the  way  of  developed  advantages  is  due  to  the  push,  patri- 
otism and  good  commom  sense  of  the  older  town's  people 
and  its  inheritance  by  the  present  generation. 

To  Col.  Thomas  P.  Cheney,  the  grand  old  man  of  the 
town  now  over  80  years  of  age,  are  due  a  good  many  of  the 
town's  movements  toward  betterments  and  modern  improve- 
ments. He  being  the  originator  and  "pusher"  of  a  great 
many  of  them,  carrying  them  all  to  a  successful  termination. 

The  name  Ashland  is  supposed  to  be  for  Henry  Clay's 
Old  home  Ashland,  Kentucky.  It  is  said  that  the  naming 
of  the  town  was  left  to  fate,  as  of  course  there  were  nearly  as 
man}'  names  proposed  as  there  were  people,  and  the  whole 


written  on  pieces  of  paper  were  placed  in  a  hat  and  the  first 
one  withdrawn  was  the  name  by  which  the  town  has  since 
been  known. 

The  following  defines  the  town  limits  and  is  taken  from 
the  act  of  the  General  Court  approved  July  1,  1868,  a  copy 
of  said  act  being  found  on  the  town  record. 

"That  all  that  part  of  Holderness  lying  within  the  fol- 
lowing lines  and  bounds  to  wit:  Beginning  at  the  corner  of 
the  town  New  Hampton  and  Centre  Harbor  on  the  boundary 
line  of  said  town  of  Holderness,  thence  north  two  and  one- 
fo«rth  degrees  west  one  mile  and  twenty-one  and  forty-eight 
hundredths  rods  to  stone,  thence  north  thirty-two  and  one 
fourth  degrees  west  three  miles  and  two  hundred  ninety 
three  and  twenty-one  hundredths  rods  to  stone,  thence 
north  eighty-two  and  one-fourth  degrees  west  one  mile  and 
one  hundred  sixty-eight  and  eighteen  hundredths  rods  to 
the  Pemigewassett  River,  thence  southerly  by  said  river  to 
the  northerly  corner  on  said  river  of  said  town  of  New 
Hampton,  thence  on  boundary  line  of  said  New  Hampton  to 
the  point  of  beginning — be  and  the  same  thereby  is  severed 
from  said  town  and  made  a  body  politic  and  corporate  by 
the  name  of  Ashland." 

At  the  first  town  meeting  July  25,  1868,  Hosea  C. 
Thompson,  was  chosen  moderator;  Geo.  R.  Prescott,  town 
clerk;  Ambrose  Scribner,  treasurer;  and  Benj.  B.  Wortheu, 
Wra.  P.  Drake  and  Jeremiah  M.  Calley,  selectmen  of  the  new 

The  town  officers  since  1880,  have  been  as  follows; 



1880— Ben.  B.  Worthen,  Henry  Page,  Benj.  F.  Pease. 

1881— Eri  G.  Clapp,  Calvin  Swett,  Edwin  B.  Currier. 

1882— Eri  G.  Clapp,  Edwin  B.  Currier,  Arthur  S.  Clark. 

1883-84— Geo.  B.  Stevens,  Stephen  C.  Baker,  Benj.  F.  Cox. 

1885-86— Eri  G.  Clapp,  Frank  P.  Nichols,  Chas.  H.  Sanborn. 

1887-88— Jas.  F.  Huckins,  Edward  P.  Warren,  Frank  H. 

188D— Albert  A.  Porter,  Frank  H.  Leavitt,  Albert  L.  Smith. 

1890— Frank  H.  Leavitt,  Albert  L.  Smith,  Richard  F.  San- 

1891— Frank  H.  Leavitt,  Geo.  W.  Baker,  Frank  Fifield. 

1892— Frank  Fifield,  Frank  H.  Leavitt,  Earl  P.Harrington. 

1893— Frank  Fifield,  Earl  P.  Harrington,  Eugene  A.  Sto- 

1894-95— Frank  Fifield,  Earl  P.  Harrington,  John  H.  East- 

1896— Frank  Fifield,  John  H.  Eastman,  Dana  W.  Cary. 

1897— Frank  Fifield,  Dana  W.  Cary,  Frank  S.  Huckins. 

1898-99— Samuel  H.  Baker,  Frank  H.  Leavitt,  Chas.  H. 

1900-02— Geo.  F.  Plumnier,  William  Brethrick,  Daniel  C. 

L903-04— Ellis  G.  Gammons,  Rodney  L.  Howe,  John  M. 

1905— Frank  Fifield,  John  Blanchard,  Daniel  F.  Sullivan. 
1906— Ellis  G.  Gammons,   Daniel  C.  Hill,  Daniel  S.  Batchel- 


1907— Eugene  A.  Stowell,  Rodney  L.  Howe,  Daniel  S.  Batch- 
1908— Frank  Fifield,  D.  S.  Bates,  Thomas  E.  Carr. 


1880-82, B.  B.  Worthen,  deceased,  A.  E.Porter;  1883-87, 
A.  E.  Porter;  1887-1900,  Ora  A.  Brown;  1900-08,  Roy  H. 


1880-85,  Frank  L.  Hughes;  1886-91,  Francis  M.  Hughes; 
1892-1908,  Ora  A.  Brown. 


Free  Baptist— This  is  the  oldest  of  the  churches  in 
town,  having  been  organized  Nov.  26,  1818.  The  present  fine 
building  was  erected  in  1834.  The  following  have  served  as 
pastors:  Revs.  John  Petteugill,  E.  True,  H.  Webber,  Mr. 
Newell,  Sidney  Frost,  C.  Purrington,  Mr.  Sargent,  Lewis 
Malvern,  Thomas  Tyrie,  J.  T.  Ward,  Mr.  Dudley,  Mr.  Noyes, 
D.  W.  Davis,  A.  J.  Eastman,  E.  E.  Clarke,  J.  Franklin  Babb, 
and  Rev.  Mewell  A.  Avery. 

Recently  a  considerable  sum  of  money  was  expended 
upon  the  church  and  grounds,  putting  them  in  excellent  con- 

St.  Mark's  Episcopal— The  history  begins  about  1789, 
with  Rev.   Robert  Fowle,   B.  A.,  Newburyport,    Mass.    as 


pastor.  After  his  death  no  regular  services  were  held  until 
Aug.  9,  1855. 

Oct.  23, 1864,  the  present  church  edifice  was  consecrated 
to  the  worship  of  Almighty  God,  by  Bishop  Chase,  assisted 
by  former  pastors. 

Revs.  Robert  Fowle,  J.  R.  Pierce,  Dexter  Porter,  Henry 
Hazzard,  Howard  F.  Hill,  Frederick  M.  Gray,  Geo.  G.  Jones, 
Lorin  Webster,  James  Carmichael,  Jr.,  William  Lloyd 
Hines,  Robert  H.  Ferguson,  James  Thompson  and  H.  L. 
Wood  have  served  as  rectors  at  St.  Mark's. 

The  Methodist  Church  was  organized  in  1896,  Sept.  7th, 
with  six  members,  as  follows:  Daniel  C.  Hill  Esq.,  Mrs.  Mary 
A,  Brown,  Mrs.  Annie  B.  Ames,  Mrs.  Elinor  Clifford,  Mrs. 
Elizabeth  L.  Mitchell,  and  Mrs.  Amy  M.  Heath.  The  services 
were  held  for  some  time  in  the  Town  Hall.  Rev.  J.  A.  Bowler 
was  pastor  and  Rev.  Z,  W.  Curl  presiding  elder  at  its  organ- 

The  following  have  served  as  pastors  since  its  organiza- 
tion: J.  A.  Bowler,  E.  C.  E.  Dorion,  A.  E.  Draper,  J.  E. 
Swett,  and  E.  C.  E.  Dorion,  its  present  pastor,  also  serving 
at  Plymouth. 

The  first  meeting  in  the  present  church  on  Washington 
street  was  held  May  22,  1898.  To  Daniel  C.  Hill  Esq.  is  due 
much  of  its  present  prosperity.  The  church  lot  is  a  gift 
from  him. 

St.  Agnes  Catholic  Church— It  is  thought  about  the 
time  of  the  building  of  the  Concord  &  Montreal  railroad 
that  the  first  Catholic  families  moved  into  town.  About 
once  a  year  Rev.  Isidore  Noiseux  of  Lancaster  attended  to 


the  spiritual  wants  of  the  little  flock.  This  was  from  1860 
to  1866,  after  which  he  made  three  visits  a  year.  When  St. 
Joseph's  parish  in  Laconia  was  established,  with  the  late 
Rev.  John  Murphy  as  pastor,  the  Catholics  of  Ashland  were 
enrolled  in  this  parish  and  the  successive  pastors  of  that 
church  ministered  to  the  wants  of  the  Ashland  families  till 
July  12,  1891.  On  this  date  Rev.  John  E.  Finen  of  Concord 
celebrated  Mass  in  Peavey's  Hall,  and  at  the  close  he  an- 
nounced that  he  had  been  appointed  pastor  of  Tilton  and 

From  this  date  until  June,  1884,  services  were  held  on 
alternate  Sundays  at  Peavy's  Hall  and  later  in  the  Town 
Hall,  till  December  21,  1898.  On  June  1,  1899,  the  present 
beautiful  sanctuary  was  opened  for  worship.  It  is  free  from 

Soon  after  the  Baptist  church  came  the  Congregational. 
They  built  a  home  of  worship  but  proved  weak.  For  nearly 
two  years  they  stood  alone,  1838-40.  They  then  took  in 
the  Universalists,  using  the  church  alternating  weeks.  In 
1845  the  Methodists  organized  and  used  the  church  with 
them,  about  1853  the  three  expired  as  churches. 


The  town  is  divided  into  two  school  districts,  the  village 
making  one  and  the  rural  districts  comprising  the  other. 
The  schools  are  merely  those  of  the  lower  grades  or  common 
schools.  The  students  attending  High  school  mostly  go  to 
Tilton  or  Plymouth. 


The  Town  Library  has  been  in  existence  since  1872.  The 
first  location  was  where  Col.  T.  P.  Cheney's  house  now 
stands,  several  other  locations  were  selected. 

When  the  new  town  building,  or  hose  hose,  also  select- 
men's room  was  built,  about  1902,  the  Libary  was  removed 
to  this  building.  Mrs.  Lucy  A.  Dearborn  is  librarian.  The 
rooms  are  opened  Saturday  afternoon  and  evenings. 


Area  of  town  about  3,853  acres.  Real  estate  valuation 
1684,408.  Number  of  polls  423.  Population  estimated  at 

Town  owns  an  excellent  supply  of  water  coming  from 
Thompson's  Pond,  so  called,  pressure  from  gravitation. 

Protection  from  fire  by  volunteer  department  of  two 
hose  and  one  hook  and  ladder  company;  excellent  hydrant 

Local  service  telephone,  also  trunk  line  connection  to 
distant  points. 

Western  Union  telegraph  service. 

Four  mails  South  bound,  one  Sunday.  Three  mails 
North  bound,  one  Sunday.  Post  Office  does  a  yearly  busi- 
ness of  about  $4,500.  Daily  average  of  pieces  handled 
through  summer  season,  1,800.  One  R.  F.  D.  route  taking 
in  parts  of  New  Hampton,  West  Centre  Harbor,  Holder- 
ness;  back  through  New  Hampton,  24.  3  miles,  official  meas- 


ure.  From  June  15  to  Sept.  15  mail  on  Squam  Lake  known 
as  Squam  Lake  R.  P.  0.  Distributing  office  for  Holderness 
mail  pouch.  Estimated  number  of  people  reached  by  ser- 
vice of  this  office  8,600. 

Church  members  in  Baptist  church,  90  residents,  20  non- 
residents.   Y.  P.  S.  C.  E.,  31.    Sunday  School,  140. 

Methodist,  42.  Epporth  League,  18.  Sunday  School, 



James  L.  Wilson,  Asa  W.  Drew  and  Mr.  Record. 


Dr.  John  Dana,  Dr.  M.  C.  Spaulding,  Dr.  A.  R.  Gary,  Dr. 
J.  M.  Cheney,  Dr.  E.  M.  Worthen,  and  Dr.  John  Calvin  Huck- 
ins.  The  last  three  and  Dr.  Spaulding,  who  is  the  oldest, 
are  the  present  resident  physicians. 


Nearly  all  the  secret  and  fraternal  societies  are  repre- 
sented here  and  a  few  local  clubs  exist.    Among  these  are: 

F.  &  A.  M.,  L  O.  O.  F.,  Rebekahs,  Knights  of  Pythias, 
Sisterhood,  I.  O.G.F.,  A.  O.  U.  W.,  O.  U.  A.  M.,  Golden 
Cross,  Grange,  G.  A.  R.,  Post  Women's  Relief  Corps. 




By  rights  the  narration  of  the  events  that  stirred  the 
homes  and  aroused  all  the  pent  up  emotions  of  the  people 
in  this  vicinity  correctly  belongs  to  that  of  Holderness. 
Through  the  patriotism  of  the  Women's  Relief  Corps  and 
the  0.  W.  Keys  Post,  G.  A.  R.,  and  the  generous  aid  of  the 
citizens,  it  was  made  possible  to  dedicate  to  the  memory  ot 
these  heroes  a  beautiful  shaft  or  monument  which  is  now  lo- 
cated in  the  square  in  front  of  The  Thompson  House,  but 
for  a  time  was  placed  on  the  lot  in  front  of  the  Town  House. 

The  dedicatory  exercises  were  held  May  80,  1899.  The 
address  was  delivered  by  Col.  Daniel  Hall  of  Dover.  Other 
speakers  were  Mrs.  Margaret  Fuller,  Past  National  Presi- 
dent of  W.  R.  C,  Rev.  James  Thompson,  and  Rev.  E.  C.  E. 

On  the  monument  are  the  names  of  the  Town  Commit- 
tee, Thomas  P.  Cheney,  6th  N.  H.  Vols.;  Frank  L.  Hughes, 
12th  N.  H.  Vols.;  and  Edw.  P.  Warner,  143d  Ind.  Vols.,  that 
had  the  matter  in  charge,  also  a  statement  in  regard  to 
when  dedicated,  with  a  roll  of  the  soldiers'  names,  as  fol- 

Oscar  A.  Plaisted,  Cyrus  Plaisted,  Joseph  C.  Plaisted, 
Ai  T.  Plaisted,  Samuel  S.  Plaisted,  Thomas  C.  Peaslee, 
Aquilla  E,  Peaslee,  Thomas  Sculley,  Nathaniel  Shackford, 
Edwin  L.  Shepard,  Albert  Y.  Smythe,  Miles  M.  Sweney, 
Aquilla  E.  Small,  Hiram  Small,  James  R.  Small,  James  O. 
Smith,  Jonathan  Stewart,  Alpha  P.  Smith,  Henry  H.  Smith, 


John  H.  Thompson,  John  C.  Thompson,  Charles  W.  Thomp- 
son, Nathan  H.  Thompson,  Moses  D.  Tirrell,  Hiram  S. 
Woodman,  William  B.  Welch,  Au^^ustus  W.  Wilder,  Geo.  B. 
Willoughby,  Benj.  Gray,  John  I.  Caiilt,  Samuel  Cault,  Leroy 
S.  Heath,  Addison  W.  Heath,  William  W.  Haniman,  Nathan 
T.  Hackett,  W,  F.  Harris,  Hiram  Harris,  Hosea  B.  Harris, 
Sylvester  D.  Howe,  Clark  V,  Hines,  Wm.  J.  Howe,  Frank  L, 
Hughes,  Job  C.  Jenne,  Oloff  L.  Jewett,  Orlando  W.  Keyes, 
Henry  F.  Keyes,  John  F.  Lou^ee,  Joseph  Lambert,  Cyril 
Lambert,  John  F.  Lord,  Daniel  S.  Mooney,  Rufus  M.  Merrill, 
Warren  F.  Martin,  Joseph  Appleyard,  John  M.  Annable, 
Calvin  M.  Andrews,  Geo.  W.  Andrews,  Sam  H.  Baker,  Wash- 
ing,ton  I.  Baker,  James  S.  Baker,  Osmond  T.  Baker,  Oris  W. 
Baker,  James  A.  Baker,  Walter  E.  Blanchard,  Hollis  S. 
Blake,  Wra.  W.  Ballard,  Peabody  0.  Blake,  Aaron  Buzzell, 
Chas.  R.  Berry,  Aaron  R.  Cate,  Omar  W.  Gate,  Willis  H. 
Clark,  Oliver  T.  Crai^,  Thomas  P.  Cheney,  Sam  F.  Cheney, 
Daniel  P.  Cheney,  William  N.  Clement,  Newell  Davidson, 
Frank  W.  Ellison,  Joseph  Ellison  Jr.,  Chas.  W.  Taylor. 


The  following  men  served  Ashland  in  '98:  Sam  Baker, 
Chas.  Thompson,  Eugene  Mitchell,  Ed.  Boynton,  Fred 
Crockett  and  Chas  Rowe. 


It  would  seem  that  the  early  settlers  in  this  locality  were 
brought  here  because  of  the  water  power  furnished  by  the 
Squam  river. 


Tradition  save  that  in  those  oarly  days  the  people  resid- 
ing in  the  little  hamlet,  gathered  on  the  banks  of  the  Squam 
river,  were  almost  without  exception  manufacturing  people. 

Through  her  manufacturing  establishments  and  finished 
product,  Ashland  has  attained  her  present  prosperity. 

Tradition  says  that  the  first  grist  and  saw  mill  was 
built  by  one  Samuel  Blair.  The  date  cannot  be  ascertained, 
but  it  was  during  the  early  settlement  of  the  then  town  of 

At  a  later  date  came  the  woolen  mill  by  Joseph  Shep- 
hard  succeeded  by  The  Briggs  Bros,  of  Leeds,  England, 
James,  John  and  Joshua.  This  industry  is  still  carried  on 
here  by  Robert  Hart. 

The  first  paper  mill  in  Grafton  County,  was  built  in  what 
is  now  Ashland  about  1814.  A  Mr.  Pattee  was  proprietor. 
Col.  Thomas  P.  Cheney's  father  worked  on  the  mill  and 
helped  in  the  making  of  the  first  sheet  of  paper  to  be  finished 
from  the  mill.  The  paper  board  industry  is  also  carried  on 
to  a  large  extent  at  the  present  day. 

About  1850  to  1801,  the  firm  of  J.  H.  Thompson  &  Co., 
manufactured  shoes  in  this  town. 

In  1886,  the  hosiery  mill  was  built.  Col.  Thomas  P. 
Cheney  was  one  of  the  first  stock  holders,  and  is  a  member 
of  the  corporation  to  the  present  day. 

The  manufacture  of  lumber  has  always  been  carried  on 
to  a  certain  extent,  from  the  beginning  of  the  settlement 
here  and  the  building  of  the  first  mill  until  the  present  day. 

The  manufacture  of  the  Pl^^mouth  glove  was  at  one  time 
carried  on  in  this  town  to  a  small  extent.  Among  the  man- 
ufactures were  the  Draper-Maynard  Company  prior  to  their 
removal  to  Plymouth. 

Histony  of  Holdcmicss 


A  place  where  the  traveler  is  always  welcome.  Here  the 
tourist  finds  rest  and  bracing  ozone.  Whether  you  are  liv- 
ing in  the  most  costly  palace  on  the  shores  of  Lake  Asquam 
or  are  sheltered  by  a  stretch  of  canvas  it  is  all  the  same.  The 
pleasure  is  here!  Did  you  say  you  liked  canoeing  or  was  it 
the  exploring  of  the  sylvan  retreats  you  preferred?  Here 
they  are  with  all  the  diversities. 

We  take  a  trip  on  Lake  Asquam  with  its  fifty  or  more 
islands.  Now  you  can  have  just  which  you  prefer,  canoe, 
row  boat  or  launch,  (they  are  all  here.)  Canoe  it  is!  (It  cer- 
tainly does  seem  more  in  keeping  with  the  surroundings).  As 
we  paddle  over  the  mirrored  surface  we  can't  help  thinking  of 
those  days  when  primitive  man  with  his  birch  bark  canoe 
was  making  this  his  thoroughfare;  or  perhaps  was  catching 
his  daily  food  (bass,  trout  and  pickerel)  from  the  lake's  clear 

Today  we  decide  upon  a  mountain  trip,  never  mind 
which  one;  we  must  climb  them  all;  as  we  walk  along 
through  the  sylvan  retreats  we  fully  expect  to  encounter 
some  of  those  fairies  and  elves  so  often  read  about  during 
our  nursery  room  days;  instead  we  come  across  the  summer 
home,  nestling  against  the  mountain  side,  of  some  admirers 


of  nature's  beauties.  This  and  much  more  could  be  written 
of  the  combined  advantages  furnished  by  the  diversified  sur- 
roundings of  Holderness. 

Well  may  we  think,  as  we  look  at  the  hills  inand  around 
the  town,  of  those  times  when  the  Indian  signaled  to  his 
tribe  from  their  summit,  notifying  them  in  their  wooded  fast- 
nesses of  the  enemy's  approach  .Perhaps  we  no  soonerthink 
of  these  things  of  the  past  than  our  attention  is  turned  to 
the  present  by  the  "chug-chug''  of  the  motor  boat  or  the 
automobile  of  the  present  pleasure  seeker,  or  yet  again  by 
the  echo  of  college  song  and  popular  air  floating  to  our  ears 
from  the  mountain  side  or  opposite  lake  shore.  Thus  have 
the  times  changed  and  the  camp  and  hotel,  the  motor  boat 
and  automobile  of  the  tourist,  have  invaded  where  primitive 
man  once  trod. 

Holderness  is  bounded  on  the  north  by  Campton,  on  the 
east  by  Sandwich  and  Center  Harbor,  on  the  south  and 
southwest  by  Center  Harbor  and  Ashland,  on  the  west  by 

The  way  to  reach  this  retreat  is  by  train  on  White  Moun- 
tain Division  of  the  Boston  &  Maine  to  Ashland  thence  by 
stage  or  on  the  Asquam  Transportation  Company's  fine 
fleet  of  Steam  and  Gasoline  boats  to  most  any  point  on  the 
chain  of  Asquam  Lakes. 


"Beginning  at  a  Red  Oak  Tree  at  the  foot  of  the  great 
falls  in  Pemigewassett  River,  thence  Running  East  Six  miles 


then  turning  off  at  right  angles  and  Running  South  Six 
miles,  then  turniug  off  again  and  Running  Westerly  Six 
miles  To  a  white  pine  Tree  marked  Standing  on  the  Bank  of 
the  river  aforesaid,  Then  running  up  said  River  Northerly 
as  that  runs  to  the  Bounds  first  above  mentioned  as  Bounds 
Begun  at. 

And  that  the  Same  Be  and  hereby  is  Incorporated  Into 
a  Township  By  the  Name  of  New  Holderness." 

Thus  reads  the  charter  or  Grant  of  Governor  Bennington 
Wentworth,  issured  Oct.  24,  1761,  to  the  following  named 

Maj.  John  Wentworth,  Thomas  Harvey,  Robert  Harvey, 
Joseph  Sheperd,  Joseph  Baker,  Nicholas  Gookin,  John 
Muckleroy,  William  Simpson,  Sr.,  David  Simpson,  William 
Simpson,  Jr.,  Joseph  Simpson,  Sam'l  Wentworth,  Esq., 
Murry  Hambleton,  Theodore  Atkinson,  Esq.,  Richard 
Wibird,  Esq.,  John  Downing,  Esq.,  Mrs.  Sarah  Mitchell, 
John  Kavenah  and  John  Ennis,  one-half  share  each,  Sam'l 
W^entworth,  Esq.,  Boston,  Sam'l  Sheperd,  3d,  Edward  Hall 
Bergin,  William  Curry,  W^illiam  Kenedy,  John  Bergin,  Her- 
cules Mooney,  William  Williams,  Samuel  Lamb,  Charles 
Cox,  Jr.,  Thomas  Wille,  John  Sheperd,  Sr.,  Thomas  Sheperd, 
Charles  Bamford,  Joseph  Ellison,  Richard  Ellison,  William 
Ellison,  Robert  Bamford,  William  Smith,  William  Campbell, 
William  Garrow,  Henry  Wallis,  Rev.  Arthur  Brown,  Henry 
Hill,  John  Sheperd,  Jr.,  William  Kellsy,  Thomas  Vooks, 
James  Kelley,  William  Cox,  Charles  Cox,  John  Cox,  Edward 
Cox,  Joseph  Cox,  William  Cox,  Jr.,  Derry  Pittman,  Samuel 
Livermore,  Charles  Bamford,  Jr.,  Mark  H.  J.  Wentworth, 
Esq.,  Richard  Salter  and  Joseph  Bartlet  of  Newton. 


It  will  be  noticed  that  there  were  a  great  many  family 
names  as  the  Cox  family,  the  Ellisons,  Sheperds  and  Went- 

The  majority  of  the  grantees  were  residents  of  Durham, 
Strafford  County,  and  in  that  town  the  first  meeting  of  the 
proprietors  was  called  by  Lieut.  Thomas  Sheperd  according 
to  the  terms  of  the  Governor's  grant  (Nov.  1761). 

In  1762,  October  28th,  at  the  home  of  Winbon  Adams  ol 
Durham,  the  proprietors  drew  for  lots. 

Among  the  first  things  the  early  proprietors  voted  to  do, 
was  to  clear  roads  through  the  town  of  New  Holderness  and 
to  erect  or  have  erected  a  saw  and  grist  mill  upon  the  falls 
in  Squara  river  so  called.  (In  that  part  of  the  town  now 

In  1771,  as  the  result  of  a  petition  by  Samuel  Sheperd 
and  eleven  of  the  other  voters  in  New  Holderness  to  Samuel 
Livermore,  one  of  His  Majesty's  Justices  of  the  Peace,  the 
first  town  meeting  was  held  in  the  town  of  New  Holderness 
on  Wednesday  the  16th  of  October.  Samuel  Sheperd  was 
chosen  town  clerk;  Mr.  Andrew  Smyth,  Mr.  Joseph  Hicks, 
Mr.  Charles  Cox,  selectmen. 

Oct.  26th,  1773,  it  was  voted  to  build  a  church  36  feet  in 
length  and  30  in  width  with  a  10  foot  post.  Voted  to  raise 
thirty  pounds  lawful  money  to  carry  on  the  work.  At  the 
next  meeting  of  the  town  it  was  voted  to  reconsider  this 
action  and  instead,  each  inhabitant  should  pay  his  equal 
part  in  lumber,  shingles,  clapboards,  labor  or  rum.  The 
record  does  not  say  how  much  lumber  would  be  necessary, 
but  it  states  very  plainly  that  there  should  be  "ten  gallons 
of  Rum  received  at  said  Building  at  3s.  per  gallon." 


The  price  voted  to  allow  for  the  lumber  delivered  was  as 
follows:  "boards  28s.  per  thousand,  Clapboards  3Gs.  per 
thousand  and  shingles  8s.  per  thousand." 

In  1775,  an  effort  was  made  to  establish  a  public  school 
but  without  success. 

The  first  recorded  action  of  the  town  in  regard  to  the 
poor  is  as  follows  under  date  of  June  11th,  1781: 

"Voted  to  pay  Mr.  John  Ennis  five  shillings  per  week  for 
keeping  and  supporting  Margaret  Lyons  in  Decent  Washing 
lodging,  &  Victualing  the  pay  to  be  in  specie  at  the  old  price, 
for  three  months  from  the  time  they  first  took  her." 

1788  a  vote  was  made  to  ''Hire  a  town  school  for  the 
year  1788,  one  hundred  and  seventy  dollars  to  be  paid 
schoolmaster  in  produce." 

Sept.  4th,  1788,  "voted  that  Mr.  Robert  Fowle  Be  min- 
ister in  said  Town,  Provided  he  Receives  Episcopal  Ordina- 

"Voted  to  give  Mr.  Robt.  Fowle  Two  hundred  Dollars 
yearly  as  a  Sallery  in  produce  at  the  current  price." 

"Voted  to  Clear  the  first  Settled  Minister's  lot,  the  Min- 
isterial lot  &  Society  lots  of  Entervail,  in  said  Town  Within 
The  term  of  Two  years  from  this  date." 

"Voted  To  Build  a  Parsonage  house  &  Barn  as  Near  to 
Ministers  Entervail  as  is  convenient,  within  the  term  of  two 

Six  school  districts  were  erected  in  the  town  in  1797. 

Voted  in  1800  that  able  bodied  men  with  oxen  should 
receive  50  cts  per  day  on  town  roads. 

Inventory  of  the  town,  1810,  157  polls,  only  one  car- 
riage, owned  by  Arthur  Livermore. 


1812,  at  special  town  meeting  the  effort  for  a  town 
house  was  defeated  (Date  April  20th),  anothsr  special  meet- 
ing Nov.  2ud,  Voted  to  prosecute  the  town  of  Canterberry 
for  the  support  of  William  Evans  &  family,  Joshua  Smyth 
chosen  Agent  to  represent  town  in  the  proceedings. 

The  earliest  recorded  birth  is  that  of  Samuel  Sheperd  4th 
born  Feb.  3d,  1768. 

The  following  document  explains  itself  and  is  to  be 
found  on  the  first  page  of  the  second  book  of  Town  records: 
State  of  New  Hampshire. 

In  the  year  of  our  Lord  one  thousand  eight  hundred  and 


An  act  to  Alter  the  Name  of  The  Town  of  New  Holder- 
ness  to  the  Name  of  Holderness. 

Whereas  the  inhabitants  of  the  Town  of  New  Holder- 
ness in  the  County  of  Grafton,  at  their  annual  meeting  in 
March  last,  By  their  vote  expressed  a  wish  that  the  name  of 
said  town  may  be  altered  to  that  of  Holderness,  Therefore 

Be  it  enacted  by  the  Senate  and  House  of  Representa- 
tives in  General  Court  convened,  that  the  name  of  said  New 
Holderness  be  altered,  and  that  said  town  be  hereafter  called 
and  known  by  the  name  of  Holderness  any  law  or  usages  to 
the  contrary  Notwithstanding. 
State  of  New  Hampshire. 

la  the  House  of  Representatives,  June  11,  1816. 

The  foregoing  bill  having  had  three  several  readings 
Passed  to  be  enacted. 

Sent  up  for  concurrence 

David  L.  Morril,  Speaker. 


In  Senate,  June  12,  1816. 

This  bill  having  been  read  a  third  time  was  enacted. 

William  Badger,  President. 
June  12, 1816.    By  the  Governor  Approved. 

William  Plumer. 
A  true  copy. 


Samuel  Sparhawk,  Secfy 

Thus  we  find  recorded  from  time  to  time  on  the  pages  of 
those  old  records,  transactions  now  merel}'  traditions  or 
long  forgotten. 

Many  of  the  old  family  names  may  be  found  here  today, 
some  occupying  the  old  homesteads  built  by  the  first  of  the 
family  name. 

Among  the  camps,  summer  homes  and  hotels  found  here 
are  The  Asquam  House,  Mt.  Livennore  Estate,  The  Central 
House,  The  Hillside  Cottage,  Camp  Algonquin,  for  boys; 
Camp  Asquam,  boys  camp;  Sherwood  Forrest,  boys  camp; 
Harvard  Camp  and  Summer  School. 

Summer  homes  and  cottages:  Mr.  Thomas  Dunne,  New- 
port; G.  J.  Brush,  Prof.  A.  J.  Du  Bois,  Admiral  and  Mrs. 
Brunce,  Prof.  Samuel  Johnson,  and  Thomas  Osborne  of 
New  Haven;  Dr.  Mead  of  Winchester;  The  Van  Home  estate, 
and  many  others. 


No  tourist  thinks  of  leaving  this  resort  without  taking 
some  of  the  following  trips,    and  if  possible  all   of  them. 


Among  shorter  trips  of  great  interest  are  the  mountain 
trips  up  Mt.  Fayal,  Mt.  Livermore,  Prospect  Mountain,  a 
walk  up  Shepard  Hill,  also  around  it  on  the  Centre  Harbor 

Of  the  longer  trips  are  the  rides  to  Ossipee  Park,  to 
Centre  Harbor,  and  climb  the  Red  Hills,  Around  the  big 
lake,  stopping  at  mid  day  at  Sandwich,  etc. 

The  launch  trips  are  many  and  very  interesting,  espe- 
cially by  moonlight. 


Tradition  says  John  Greenleaf  Whittier  spent  a  number 
of  summers  at  the  Asquam  House,  and  wrote  on  the 
piazzas  of  that  house  some  of  his  best  about  the  scenery'  of 
this  region. 

We  also  hear  that  Starr  King  paid  tribute  to  the  scenes 
around  here  in  the  music  and  rythm  of  poetry.  Artist  and 
poet  have  ever  found  inspiration  in  the  diversities  of  nature 
surrounding  the  many  summer  homes  here. 

The  total  area  of  the  town  is  said  to  be  about  20,000 
acres.  The  population  is  estimated  at  over  650.  The  num- 
ber of  Polls  is  201.  The  total  valuation  is  |490,832.  Res- 
ident real  estate,  |245,440.  Non  Resident's  real  estate, 

The  mail  during  eight  months  of  the  .year  number  one 
daily  going  and  coming.    For  two  months  there  are  two 


each  way,  and  the  remaiuing;  two  months,  or  busy  summer 
season,  3  daily. 

For  the  month  of  October,  1907,  the  weight  of  the  mail 
handled  was:  1st  class,  46  lb,  7%  oz;  2nd  class,  34  lb,  11  oz; 
3d  class,  10  lb,  13%  oz;  4th  class,  9  lb,  14%  oz. 

It  is  estimated  that  nearly  1500  people  are  benefited  by 
the  Squam  Lake  R.  P.  O.  and  the  Holderness  P.  O.  durino; 
the  summer  months. 

The  first  gasoline  launch  put  onto  the  lakes  here  was 
the  Serepta,  owned  by  Geo.  E.  Hibbard,  of  Boston,  Mass., 
also  owner  ol  the  Wabunaki  Camp.  The  craze  of  modern 
canoeing  was  introduced  by  the  Harvard  Camp  boys. 

Holderness  is  reached  by  stage  summer  and  winter,  and 
boat  on  the  lake  during  the  summer  from  Ashland,  the  near- 
est station  on  the  White  Mountain  Div.  of  the  B.  &  M.  rail- 



1880— Jonathan  B.  Huckins,  Thomas  B.  Rogers,  Chas.  A. 

1881— Jonathan  B.  Huckins,  Oliver  P.  Drew,  Marcus  M. 

1882— Stephen  Ethridge,  Oliver  P.  Drew,  Marcus  M.  Sar- 

1883-84— Stephen  Ethridge,  Henry  B.  Jewell,  Daniel  S. 


1885— Marcus  M.  Sargent,  Luther  B.  Sanborn,  Benj.  F. 

1886— Marcus  M.  Sart^ent,  Benj.  F.  Jewell,  Henry  B.  Jewell. 

1887-88— Stephen  Ethridge,  Jonathan  B.  Huckius,  Joseph 
F.  True. 

1889— Stephen  Ethridge,  Daniel  H.  Willoughby,  James  C. 

1890— Marcus  M.  Sargent,  Daniel  H.  Willoughby,  Isaac  H. 

1891— Marcus  M.  Sargent,  Isaac  H.  Smith,  Frank  P.  Heath. 

1892— Marcus  M.  Sargent,  Frank  P.  Heath,  Curtis  G.  Bur- 

1893— Stephen  Ethridge,  Curtis  G.  Burleigh,  Stephen  H. 

1894— Stephen  Ethridge,  Stephen  H.  Worthen,  Allen  B. 

1895— Warren  B.  Worthen,  Allen  B.  Willoughby,  Loren  W. 

1896— Warren  B.  Worthen,  Loren  W.  Mooney,  Marcus  M. 

1897-98-Alfred  Stanley,  Geo.  R.  Piper,  Elmer  E.  Wil- 

3  899— E.  E.  Willoughby,  Jason  E.  Sanborn,  Matthew  P. 

1900— Jason  E.  Sanborn,  Matthew  P.  Baker,  John  P. 

1901— Jason  E.  Sanborn,  John  P.  House,  Herbert  P.  Batch- 


1902— Marcus   M.    Sarojent,  Chas.  R.  Cox,    Frank  G.  Cum- 

1903— Elmer  E.  Willoushbj,  Chas.  R.  Cox,  Frank  G.  Cum- 

1904— E.  E.  Willoughb3%  Marcus  M.  Sarj^ent,  Chas.  A. 

1905— Marcus  M.  Sarp:ent,  Chas.  A.  Haskell,  Chas.  R.  Cox, 

1906— Chas.  A.  Haskell,  Joseph  W.  Pulsifer,  Loren  W. 

1907— Loren  VV.  Moonev,  Jos.  W.  Pulsifer,  Fred  W.  Georf^e. 

1908— Jos.  W.  Pulsifer,  Marcus  M.  Sargent,  Ross  P.  San- 


1880-94,    Nathan   B.  Whitten;    1895-1908,    Robert  P. 


1880-94,    Nathan    B.    Whitten;    1895-1908,  Robert  P. 


The  public  institutions  of  learning  are  merely  those 
termed  district  schools  and  are  only  of  the  lower  grades. 
The  students  wishing  higher  educational  advantages  go  to 
Plymouth  high  school  or  that  of  some  neighboring  town. 

The  Public  Library  survived  many  hardships,  but  after 


each  reverse  a  renewed  start  has  been  made  with  remarkable 

Miss  Ellen  F.  Terry,  later  Mrs.  Chas.  F.  Johnson  whose 
husband  is  connected  with  Trinity  College,  Hartford,  Conn., 
was  one  of  the  founders  of  the  library  movement.  Miss 
Terry  had  been  in  the  habit  of  spending  her  summers  here 
and  when  she  left  for  the  season,  about  1878,  she  gave  to 
Miss  Sarah  J.  Perkins  a  number  of  books  to  be  loaned  to  the 
towns  people.  A  little  later  a  town  library  was  agitated, 
the  books  were  taken  from  the  house  of  Miss  Perkins  and 
placed^in  a  room  over  Mr.  Whitten's  store.  A  Dr.  Talbot 
proposed  to  catalogue  the  books  and  a  large  number  were 
given  to  him  for  that  purpose.  The  majority  of  these  it  is 
said  have  never  been  returned.  About  this  time  another 
move  was  made  and  the  books  placed  in  the  building  now 
occupied  as  the  Post  Office. 

In  1893,  sometime  in  Sept.,  the  present  town  library- was 
organized  and  the  books  again  placed  over  Whitten's  store. 
During  the  mouth  of  Sept.  1906,  when  Whitten's  store 
burned,  the  entire  lot  of  books  were  destroyed  excepting 
eighteen  that  happened  to  be  in  the  hands  of  some  of  the 
towns  people. 

A  new  start  has  been  made  and  books  or  donations  are 
being  received  from  time  to  time.  Among  those  who  have 
presented  the  library  with  books  are:  Mr.  C.  F.  De  Forrest, 
New  Haven,  Conn.,  books  and  magazines;  Admiral  Bunce, 
Hartford,  Conn.,  about  one  hundred  volumes;  and  recently 
from  the  Johnson  family,  Hartford  Conn.,  and  mauy  smaller 


gifts  of  which  we  could  obtain  no   record  as  all  the  earlier 
records  of  the  institution  were  in  the  fire  of  1906. 

Miss  Sarah  J.  Perkins  has  been  librarian  in  continuous 
service  since  the  first  start  was  made  and  to  her  we  are  in- 
debt  for  the  most  of  this  information. 


New  Holderness  took  a  more  or  le&s  important  part  in 
the  early  military  history  of  the  Provinces  or  early  settle- 
ments, and  during  the  Revolution  we  find  a  number  of  her 
citizens  were  away  to  the  war.  We  are  sorry  to  be  unable 
to  give  the  complete  list  of  enrollments,  but  we  find  the  fol- 
lowing names  active  in  military  affairs  of  that  time. 

Samuel  Gains,  John  Riant,  John  Tyler,  John  Whitten, 
John  Taylor,  James  Robinson,  Jared  Church,  (res.  Camp- 
ton),  John  Whittier,  William  Hamlet,  Samuel  Cammell, 
Hercules  Mooney  and  some  of  the  Shepard  family.  We  also 
find  that  William  Lyons  received  pay  for  supplies  valued  at 
8£  13s. 

Holderness'  Civil  War  enlistments  appear  under  the 
head  of  Military  Matters  in  the  Ashland  historical  section. 


The  only  secret  order  in  the  town  is  the  branch  of  Pat- 
rons of  Husbandry,  Mt.   Livermore  Grange.    It  has  a  large 


membership,  coDsidering  the  size  of  the  town,  and  has  had 
a  prosperous  career. 


Episcopal— It  is  supposed  that  the  story  of  this  organ- 
ization must  begin  coincident  to  that  action  taken  by  the 
town  in  1788  when  it  was  voted  that  Robert  Fowle  be  the 
town  minister  provided  he  receive  Episcopal  ordination. 

Various  efforts  were  made  to  found  and  build  a  church 
prior  to  this  date,  but  they  all  proved  fruitless. 

In  1797  the  present  church,  now  located  at  the  Holder- 
ness  School,  was  built,  and  in  1803  a  second  was  built  near 
Squam  Bridge,  in  the  corner  of  the  present  grave  yard,  but 
was  later  burned. 

Tradition  says  that  Robert  Fowle,  a  young  man  in  Mr. 
Bass's  parish  at  Newburyport,  came  to  be  a  member  of  the 
Livermore  household  some  tiuie  before  1789,  probably  as 
tutor  for  Judge  Livermore's  son,  (later  Mr.  Bass  was  noted 
as  Bishop  for  these  parts). 

The  parsonage  for  Priest  Fowle,  as  he  was  called,  was 
built  on  the  site  of  the  present  Central  House,  as  this  was 
the  ministers' lot.  It  is  probably  because  of  the  distance 
from  here  to  where  the  first  church  is  located,  that  the 
second  church  was  built  where  it  was  at  the  Squam  Bridge. 
Priest  Fowle  was  the  pastor  of  the  church  for  fifty-eight 

Tradition  says  that  the  first  church  was  the  property  of 


the  Livermores.  The  services  had  been  held  for  some  time 
in  a  large  room  of  the  big  house. 

When  the  church  building  was  erected  the  various  wor- 
shippers made  their  donations.  The  land  whereon  the  church 
is  built  was  never  deeded  to  Trinity  Church. 

Besides  this  church  at  the  Holderness  School  there  are 
the  two  chapels  where,  during  the  summer,  services  are  held, 
namely,  St.  Peters  on  the  Mount,  and  the  Island  Chapel. 

Baptist  Church,  or  Squam  Bridge  Church,  was  organized 
in  1894,  the  20th  day  of  Nov.,  with  27  charter  members. 
This  was  the  result  of  the  revival  services  held  by  Rev.  R. 
F.  True  and  Benj.  Ward.  The  first  meetiogs  w^ere  held  in 
the  Town  Hall. 

The  corner  stone  of  the  church  building  was  laid  Sept. 
24,  1896,  and  in  Dec,  1898,  22d  day,  the  first  services  were 
held  in  the  vestry.  The  auditorium  was  not  ready  for  occu- 
pancy until  Aug.  13,  1903, 

Those  acting  as  pastors  have  been:  Rev.  R.  F.  True, 
Rev.  J.  Erskene,  J.  L.  Monroe,  F.  D.  George,  J.  F.  Babb,  E. 
C.  E.  Dorion,  A.  E.  Draper,  Newall  Avery,  and  N.  B.  San- 

Histony  of  Campton 


Campton,  lying  as  it  does  on  the  beautiful  Pemip:ewas- 
sett,  is  a  township  of  pleasant  associations.  It  is  bounded 
on  the  north  by  Thornton,  east  by  Sandwich,  South  by 
Holderness,  west  by  Rumney. 

The  Pemigewassett  Valley  branch  of  the  Boston  & 
Maine  railroad  connects  it  with  Plymouth,  giving  excellent 
train  service. 

The  Campton  Mountains,  Morgan  Mountains,  Beech 
Hill,  Round  Hill  and  Stinson  Mountains  are  points  of  obser- 
vation and  the  focal  point  for  numerous  picnic  parties  by 
Campton's  summer  guests,  for  Campton  like  her  sister  towns 
keeps  open  house  to  the  weary  toiler  of  the  bustling  city, 
seeking  rest  and  recreation. 

Livermore  Falls  on  the  Pemigewassett,  a  beautiful  spot, 
beside  offering  endless  attractions  in  the  glorious  vista  of 
its  surroundings  also  furnishes  considerable  water  power. 

Tim  soil  of  Campton  furnishes  excellent  opportunities  for 
agriculture,  especially  in  the  intervale  lots,  as  they  were  des- 
ignated in  the  early  grants. 



The  town  was  originally  j2:ranted  to  Gen.  Jabez  Spencer 
of  East  Haddam,  Conn.,  in  1761.  His  death  caused  a  delay 
in  the  settlement  of  the  grant.  The  heirs  and  others  inter- 
ested received  a  new  charter  in  1767.  The  majority  of  early 
settlers  to  this  region  came  from  the  State  of  Connecticut 
and  State  of  Massachusetts  in  the  vicinity  of  the  Connecticut 
and  Merrimack  Rivers. 

Probably  the  first  comers  to  this  town  were  Isaac  Fox 
and  Winthrop  Fox  from  Connecticut  during  the  spring  of 
1762.  The  following  spring  came  the  wife  of  Isaac  Fox,  his 
son  Isaac  and  Mr.  Enoch  Taylor.  Isaac  Fox,  Sr.,  is  sup- 
posed to  have  settled  on  the  east  side  of  the  river,  near 
where  the  bridge  now  stands.  Isaac  Fox,  Jr.,  Fettled  near, 
on  the  opposite  side  and  Mr.  Taylor  some  two  miles  above 
on  the  west  side. 

Among  others  who  took  a  part  in  the  early  affairs  of  the 
settlement  are  found  the  names  of  Gen.  Spencer's  two  sons, 
Hobart  Spencer  who  settled  upon  the  Peraigewassett  and 
Joseph  upon  Beebe's  River,  also  we  find  the  name  of  Abel 
Willey  who  came  with  the  Spencers,  he  being  only  seventeen 
years  of  age,  to  work  upon  the  tract  bought  jointly  by  his 
mother  and  sisters.  Benjamin  Hoit,  Jesse  Willey,  Ebenezer 
Taylor,  Asa  Spencer,  Israel  Brainard  and  Chiliab  Brainard 
were  also  early  arrivals  from  Connecticut. 

From  the  Province  of  Mass.,  we  find  the  name  of  Elder 
Ebenezer  Little  of  Newburyport,  as  encouraging  the  settle- 
ment and  was  a  large  proprietor,  his  son  Moses  came  and 


built  mills  and  opened  a  store  as  early  as  1768.  David 
Perkins  is  also  found  to  be  prominent  in  affairs  for  a  time, 
but  later  moved  to  Thornton.  Daniel  Wyatt  from  New- 
buryport  came  to  the  place  as  early  as  1769,  and  became 
the  Miller  of  the  town  walking  over  a  mile  from  his  home 
above  Little's  to  the  mill.  He  was  as  regular  at  his  post  as 
the  return  of  day.  Many  of  those  early  settlers  had  cause 
to  be  thankful  to  Deacon  Wyatt  for  his  words  of  encourage- 
ment, suggestion  or  reprimand  and  solemn  appeal  all 
delivered  in  his  kind  heart  to  heart  method.  Other  early 
names  are  Joseph  Pulsifer,  Jonathan  Cone,  Nathaniel  Tup- 
per,  Joseph  Palmer. 

The  hardships  of  these  early  pioneers  were  similar  to 
those  endured  by  all  early  settlers.  The  Indians  with  the 
drawbacks  of  the  wilderness  such  as  the  poor  means  uf  com- 
munication and  travel,  arduous  horse  back  trips  or  in 
winter  by  hand  sled  and  snow  shoe,  these  were  the  only 
means  of  obtaining  the  necessary  household  articles  from 
the  older  settlements. 

Tf  we  could  have  looked  down  upon  this  territory  during 
those  early  days  we  would  have  seen  mere  pigmies  of  men 
wrestling  with  the  giants  of  the  forest.  At  night  we  would 
have  seen  from  neighboring  clearings  the  smoke  and  flame 
of  the  funeral  pile  of  these  depleted  giants.  Perhaps  today 
we  are  inclined,  very  naturally  too,  to  little  realize  what  the 
difficulties  of  those  early  days  meant  and  to  underestimate 
all  that  had  to  be  contended  with  during  those  early  strug- 
gles for  a  home. 



Hand  in  hand  with  her  early  interest  in  education  was 
the  interest  displayed  in  religious  training  and  divine  wor- 

The  Congregational  Church  was  organized  June  2,  1774. 
As  was  the  custom  the  church  was  supported  by  the  town 
for  a  nntnber  of  years,  and  in  1779  the  town  made  an  agree- 
ment with  Joseph  Pulsifer  to  use  his  house  as  a  house  of 
worship.  The  house  was  purchased  and  renovated  and  later, 
(1791),  moved  to  the  brow  of  the  hill  near,  and  a  little 
south  of  the  place  where  the  road  descends  to  cross  the 
river.  In  1796  the  town  voted  to  build  another  church 
across  the  river  but  the  next  year  reconsidered  the  vote  and 
made  the  original  action  void. 

For  many  years  meetings  were  held  on  both  sides  of  the 
river.  Every  third  Sabbath  on  the  west  side,  for  a  time  at 
least  at  the  house  of  Mr.  Samuel  (bok;  thus  a  portion  of 
the  people  on  the  west  side  of  the  town  began  to  attend  ser- 
vices in  Plymouth,  and  many  of  the  families  continue  to  do 
so  at  the  present  day. 

Oct.  20, 1874,  the  organization  celebrated  its  centennial 
List  of  pastors  is  as  follows: 

Seldon  Church,  1774-91;  Peletiah  Chapin,  1800-05;  Dan- 
iel Staniford,  1806-7;  Dr.  Kitridge,  1810-11;  John  Webber, 
1812-15;  A,  P.  Brown,  1817-22;  Jonathan  L.  Hale,  1823- 
32;  Benjamin  P,  Stone,  1833-37;  Thomas  P,  Beach,  1838- 
41;  Charles  Shedd,  1841-56;  James  B.   Hadley,   1858-63; 


Quincy  Blakeley,  1864-88;  Henry  W.  Conry,  1889-91;  Rob- 
ert Ford,  1893-1903;  Thomas  S.  Lewis,  1904-7. 

Twelve  members  of  the  church  have  become  ministers: 
Isaac  Willey,  Christopher  Marsh,  George  Elliott,  Daniel  Pul- 
eifer,  Leonard  Roofers,  John  Wooster,  John  Clark,  Austin 
Willey,  Worcester  Willey,  Samuel  Hopkins  Willey,  Edwin  H. 
Stickney,  Irving  Blakely  Jr. 

The  church  is  represented  by  one  foreign  missionary, 
Miss  Ellen  M.  Blakely  of  Marash,  Turkey. 

Present  membership  40,  twelve  male  and  twenty-eight 
female.    Sunday  School  of  35.    No  Christian  Endeavor. 

Campton  Free  Baptist  Chapel  was  built  in  1892,  and 
church  organized  in  1894,  Rev.  Roy  Dinsmore  pastor  at  the 
time.  The  Chapel  was  built  by  the  aid  and  generous  gifts  of 
the  summer  visitors.  The  memorial  windows  and  tablets 
were  given  by  various  of  them.  The  bell  and  communion 
set  were  presented  by  Gardner  Cork  of  Laconia,  a  former 
resident.  The  pastors  have  been:  George  Salle^^  Stephen 
Miller,  William  S.  Coleman,  G.  S.  Waterman,  and  Mrs.  Dr. 
Aver^^  Rev.  A.  S.  Buzzell  is  preaching  at  present  but  is  the 
regular  pastor  at  Campton  Village. 


As  in  most  early  towns,  after  locating  a  mill  for  furnish- 
ing the  necessary  food  and  building  material,  the  matter  of 
religious  services  and  book  learning  were  agitated.  Like 
the   religious  services  the  most   of  the   early   educational 


training  was  given  at  the  hearthstone  by  the  watchful  par- 
ents or  in  groups  gathered  at  the  home  of  one  of  the  better 
educated  neighbors. 

The  first  school  was  taught  at  the  home  of  Col.  Baker, 
by  a  Mr.  llawson  of  Conn,  about  the  year  1780.  Campton 
has  always  been  very  careful  of  the  early  education  of  her 
young  people,  and  today  her  school  houses  and  methods  of 
training  are  among  the  best. 

An  early  movement  was  mada  for  a  social  library.  Dr. 
Belknap,  Dr.  Emmons,  Rev.  Mr.  Church  were  instrumental 
in  pushing  along  its  development.  It  has  had  many  spas- 
modic careers  during  the  time  since  its  starting. 



1889— David  B.  Pulsifer,  James  F.  Merrill,  William  Wallace. 
1890-DavidB.  Pulsifer,  Edward   H.  Sanborn,  Willard  C. 

1891— Edward  H,   Sanborn,  John  C.  Smith,  Theodore  P. 

1892— Edward  H.  Sanborn,  Frank  P.  Hart,  Frank  A.  Avery. 
1893— Edward  U.  Sanborn,  Harrison  J.  Jesseman,  Charles 

W.  Avery. 
1894— Edward  H.  Sanborn,   Willis  H.  Marvell,  George  S. 

1895— Willis  H.  Marvell,  George  S.  Ervins,  Darius  Moulton. 
1896- George  S.  Ervins,  Geo.  C.  Jesseman,  Edward  C.  Cook. 


1897— George  S.  Ervins,  Edward  H.  Cook,  Edward  H.  San- 

1898— Edward  N.  Babbitt,  Albert  H.  Sawyer,  Oliver  B. 

1899— Edward  N.  Babbitt,  Albert  E.  Tomkinson,  Oliver  B. 

1900-01— Albert  E,  Tomkinson,  Oliver  B.  Hussey,  James  S. 

1902-3— Edward  H.  Sanborn,  Oliver  B,  Hussey,  James  S. 

1904— Oliver  B.  Hussey,  James  S.  Aver}',  George  E.  Pulsifer. 

1905-G— George  E,  Pulsifer,  James  S.  Avery,  Henry  M. 

1907— Geo.  E.  Pulsifer,  Henry  M.  Fifield,  William  B.  Avery. 

1908— Geo.  E.  Pulsifer,  Edward  H.  Cook,  Albert  A.  McCoy. 


1889,  Gardiner  Little;  1907-8,  George  D.  Pattee. 


1889,  Arthur  P.  Rowe;  1891,  Charles  G.  Webster;  1892, 
Moses  C.  Spokesfield;  1893,  Geo.  W.  Wallace;  1894-1908, 
Jason  C.  Little. 


Campton  in  its  early  life  was  patriotic  almost  to  a  man, 
yet  like  most  other  towus  there  v^ere  those  of  tory  senti- 
ment who  were  opposed  to  the  apparent  foolishness  of  their 


neighbors  in  open  acts  of  rebellion  aoainst  their  sovereign 
and  king. 

Campton  furnished  ten  soldiers  to  the  Revolutionary 
War  and  five  are  reported  to  have  died  in  the  service;  their 
names  so  far  as  we  have  them  are:  John  Cannon,  John  May- 
loy,  Jeremiah  Archibald,  Silas  Fox,  Uriah  Fox,  Asa  Spen- 
cer, Edward  Taylor  and  Oliver  Taylor. 

The  Civil  War  Roll  of  Honor  is  a  large  one  and  one 
that  the  sons  and  daughters  of  the  town  should  consider 
with  pride  and  reverence,  and  whose  memory  should  be 
honored  with  deep  and  lasting  honor.  Among  the  names 
found  as  enlisted  from  Campton  are: 

John  Chandler,  William  Alexander,  Walter  S.  Johnson, 
Hiram  Berry,  Charles  E.  Berry,  Heber  L,  Chase,  Wm.  W. 
Farmer,  Benjamin  A.  Ham,  Frank  E,  Hodgman,  Richard 
Pattee,  Geo.  L.  Rogers,  Reuben  P.  Smith,  Jason  Webster, 
Benjamin  F.  Berry,  Luther  Farmer,  Oliver  W.  Lovett^ 
Daniel  M.  Sanborn,  John  S.  Avery,  Leonard  P.  Benton, 
Daniel  Piper,  Luther  S.  Mitchell,  Martin  V.  B.  Avery,  Ed- 
win Avery,  Ezra  B.  Burbank,  Rufus  F.  Bickford,  Orlando 
Durgin,  C.  C.  Durgin,  Geo.  W.  Gordon,  D.  F.  A.  Goss,  N. 
Lyman  Merrill,  Albert  Merrill,  John  N.  Marsh,  Edwin  Pronk, 
William  H.  Rogers,  William  H.  Stickney,  Orrin  Wallace, 
Manson  L.  Brown,  Nathan  Pierce,  Jason  Elliott,  Simon  T. 
Elliott,  Alfred  Webster,  Wooster  E.  Woodbury,  Abner  H. 
Lougee,  John  D.  Morse,  Freeman  Moulton,  Freeman  L. 
Moulton,  James  0.  Ward,  Henry  D.  VVyatt,  Fred  A.  Mitch- 
ell, Samuel  S.  Mitchell,  Joseph  C.  Blair  Jr.,  Benj.  F.  Adams, 
Henry  Cook,  Geo.  A.  Page,  Cyrus  Burbeck,  Edwin  A.   Hart, 


Joseph  Brown  Jr.,  William  F.  Mitchell,  James  F.  Merrill, 
Geo.  W.  Plummer,  David  Webster,  Charles  H.  Willey,  Wil- 
liam E.  Brown,  William  A.  Chandler,  Samuel  H.  Dow,  Benj. 
Evans  Jr.,  Ozias  J.  Holmes,  John  M.  Purkis,  John  H.  Plum- 
mer, John  P.  Patterson,  Horace  W.  Smith,  Geo.  P.  Tarlsen, 
William  G.  Thompson,  Alfred  E.  Foss,  Benjamin  M.  John- 

Enlisted  in  Other  States 

John  M.  Flint,  surgeon;  Geo.  Cook,  Steven  Brown,  Dan- 
ford  M.  Rowe,  Harris  B.  Mitchell,  Herraon  C.  Stickney,  John 
C.  Chase,  Alfred  Merrill,  Geo.  H.  Keniston,  Geo.  Smith,  Clark 
Smith,  Simeon  D.  Smith. 


Before  any  regular  physician  settled  here  Doctors  Rog- 
ers and  Robins  of  Plymouth  and  Nichols  of  Thornton  prac- 
ticed here.  Jeduthan  Clough  of  Canterbury  was  the  first 
doctor  in  the  place,  coming  here  about  1802.  Following 
him  came  Dr.  Angler,  Dr.  Robert  Morrison,  Dr.  John  Kim- 
ball, Dr.  W.  A.  Smith,  Dr.  W.  R.  Garland,  Dr.  J.  D.  Lance, 
Dr.  A.  D.  Muchmore,  and  present  physician.  Dr.  H.  A. 
Cheney,  native  of  Ashland  and  son  of  Col.  Thomas  P. 



The  total  assessed  valuation  of  Campton  is  |445,082. 
Real  estate,  resident,  |206,950;  non  resident,  |80,720. 
Number  of  polls,  262. 

Post  Office  accommodates  about  1,000  people.  Does 
yearly  business  of  |1,200.  Handles  monthly  about  20,000 
pieces,  1st  class;  about  one  half  remainder  divided  between 
2d,  3d  and  4th  classes.  Has  one  R.  F.  D.  of  25  miles,  p;oing 
through  parts  of  Campton,  Thornton  and  Woodstock. 
Leaving  office  goes  on  east  side  of  Pemigewassett  river  and 
returns  on  west  side.  There  is  also  a  small  office  at  West 
Campton  accommodating  several  hundred  people. 

Societies— Pemigewassett  Lodge,  No.  91,  I.  O.  0.  F.; 
Progressive  Lodge,  No.  72,  Rebekahs;  Osceola  Grange,  No. 
296,  Patrons  of  Husbandry. 

Town  laying  this  year  (1908),  water  main  and  hydrant 

Population  estimated  about  1,000. 

Town  has  a  library,  books  being  kept  in  Town  House, 
and  branches  at  Campton  Village  and  West  Campton. 


The  present  industries  of  the  town  are,  woolen  mill,  by 
E.  Dole  &  Co,,  manufacturers  of  woolen  fabrics  and  men's 
suits;  Excelsior  Mill,  known  as  Campton  Excelsior  Mill,  run 
by  Boston  parties;  Chase's  Furniture  Factory,  Frank  H. 


Chase  proprietor;  E.  Dole  &  Co.  also  run  a  orist  mill.  There 
is  also  a  saw  mill  which  runs  a  part  of  the  time;  also  several 
portable  ones. 


The  town  records  show  this  vote  seconded  at  the  Annual 
Town  Meeting-,  March,  1867:  "That  a  committee  of  six  be 
chosen  to  make  arrangements  for  celebratinc;  the  One  Hun- 
dredth Anniversary  of  the  settlement  of  the  town,"  In  ac- 
cordance with  the  above  note,  Amos  Flint,  David  Bartlett, 
Erastus  Dole,  Stephen  Averv  Jr.,  Thomas  S.  Pulsifer  and 
John  F.  Morton  were  appointed  a  committee,  and  immedi- 
ately began  arrangements  for  the  celebration. 

The  12th  day  of  September,  18G7,  was  selected  as  the 
day.  The  following  gentlemen  were  chosen  to  act  as  officers 
on  the  above  day:  Piesident  of  the  Day,  Tolman  Willey 
Esq.,  of  Boston;  Vice  Presidents:  Hon.  E.  C.  Baker,  Boston; 
Jacob  Gidding  Esq.,  Portland;  Sylvester  Marsh,  Littleton; 
Rev.  Austin  Wille^^  California;  B.  F.  Palmer,  LL.D.,  Phila- 
delphia; Gen.  Moses  Cook,  Laconia;  Moses  Bartlett,  Illinois; 
Ephriam  Cook,  Wentworth;  John  Cook,  Campton,  Samuel 
Cook,  Campton;  Jacob  Avery,  Campton;  David  Bartlett, 
Campton;  Samuel  Moulton,  Campton;  Samuel  Keniston, 
Campton;  Enoch  Taylor,  Campton;  P.  C.  Blaisdell,  Camp- 
ton; Diodate  Willey,  Campton;  Moses  Blaisdell,  Campton; 
Edmund  Dnrgiu,  Campton;  John  Pulsifer,  Campton;  Jacob 
Adams,  Campton;  Daniel  Avery,  Campton;  Charles  Stickney, 


Camptoii;  James  Burbuck,  Carapton;  Robert  Smith,  Camp- 
ton;  William  Southmaid,  Campton. 

Rev.  Isaac  Willej  of  Pembroke,  a  native  of  the  town, 
was  invitod  to  deliver  an  Historical  Address.  Mr.  Charles 
Cutter  was  requested  to  examine  the  records  of  the  town  for 
material  for  the  address. 

To  read  Charter  of  the  Town— Heurj  W.  Blair,  Ply- 

Toast  Master— Charles  Cutter,  Campton. 

Chief  Marshal— Joseph  Cook,  Campton. 

Music — Plymouth  Band. 

The  grounds  adjoining  the  Town  House  were  selected  as 
the  place  of  Celebration. 

The  following  was  the  program  for  the  day. 


Prayer  by  Rev.  Daniel  Pulsifer,  Danbury. 
Address  of  Welcome— Rev.  Quincy  Blakely. 
Original  Hymn — Choir. 
Historical  Address— Rev.  Isaac  Willey. 
Original  Hymn— Choir. 


(Served  by  Ladies  of  the  Town) 


As  the  president  again  called  the  audience  to  order,  he 
entertained  them  with  an  address  of  more  than  an  hour, 
reviewing  the  character  of  the  early  settlers,  anecdotes, 
reminiscences  etc. 


Then  followed  the  Toasts  as  given  by  Toastmaster,  with 
intervals  enlivened  with  music  by  band. 

The   Clergyman   of    Campton— responded    to   by   Rev. 
Daniel  Pulsifer. 

The  Common    Schools  of  Campton — William    C.    Blair, 
Esq.,  Laconia. 

Sunday  Schools  of  Campton— Rev.  Walter  Chase,  Wood- 

"How  dear  to  my  heart  are  the  scenes  of  my  childhood." 
Rev.  French  Smith  Thornton. 

The    Emigrant   Sous   &  Daughters  of  Campton— Davis 
Baker,  Washington,  D.  C. 

The  Soldiers  of  the  Union— Henry  W.  Blair,  Esq.,  Ply- 

O  God,  to  Thee  our  voices  raise, 
The  song  of  glory  and  of  praise, 
Our  fathers  worshipped  at  Thy  throne, 
Their  children  bow  to  Thee  alone. 

We  thank  Thee  for  Thy  goodness  shown 
In  former  years,  which  long  have  flown, 
In  name  of  those  who  gave  us  birth 
We  thank  the  Lord  of  Heaven  and  earth. 

Thy  heart,  so  kind  in  days  of  yore 
Still  gives,  as  freely  as  before. 
Where'er  we  live,  where'er  we  roam 
Thy  hand  protects  our  native  home. 

God  of  our  Fathers,  now  to  Thee, 
Let  all  the  praise  and  glory  be, 


In  Thee,  we've  found  all  good  before, 
In  Thee,  we'll  trust  forever  more. 

[Composed  by  E.  Prank,  Sept.  12, 1867] 
Tliis  town  was  all  a  forest  deep. 

One  hundred  years  ago, 
The  vales  were  low,  the  hills  were  steep, 

And  rivers  wandered  through. 
A  few  brave  men,  a  pilgrim  band, 

Sought  this  far-off  location, — 
They  saw  it  was  a  goodly  land, 

And  here  they  fixed  their  station. 

From  time  to  time  more  settlers  came, 

And  many  a  spot  was  camped  on; 
At  length  the  town  must  have  a  name, 

And  so  they  called  it  Campton. 
Now  wake  the  harp  and  time  the  lyre 

To  sing  of  ancient  days, 
This  rural  theme  the  song  inspire; 

To  sound  old  Campton's  praise. 

In  homespun  were  the  people  dressed, 

Of  woolen,  tow  or  linen. 
Their  Sunday  suits,  which  were  the  best, 

Were  neatly  made  by  women. 
And  women  then  could  wash  and  bake. 

And  also  were  good  spinners, 
The  maids  could  ply  the  hoe  and  rake, 

While  matrons  cooked  the  dinner. 

Our  fathers  raised  a  house  of  Prayer, 

When  few  there  were  to  build  it, 
And  every  Sabbath,  foul  or  fair, 


The  people  nobly  filled  It. 
To  meeting  went,  both  young  and  old, 

'Twas  then  but  little  trouble. 
For  none  would  keep  a  horse,  we're  told, 

That  would  not  carry  double. 

So  all  on  horseback  then  did  ride. 

Unless  they  went  by  sledding, 
And  e'en  the  bridegroom  and  the  bride, 

Eode  double  to  the  wedding. 
And  though  the  girls,  we're  told  'tis  true, 

Could  not  then  dance  cotillions. 
We  know-  that  all  the  country  through 

They  used  to  ride  on  pillions. 

And  now  the  times,  we  say,  improve, 

And  learning  is  more  plenty. 
At  railroad  pace  the  people  move, 

And  when  they're  five  and  twenty. 
They've  gone  the  rounds  of  learned  lore. 

Are  fit  for  any  station, 
They  quickly  pass,  are  seen  no  more. 

And  thus  goes  on  the  nation. 

This  season  be  a  land  mark  strong, 

To  guide  us  on  our  way, 
And  as  we  pass  through  life  along, 

Let  us  not  go  astray. 
To  good  old  days  we'll  bid  adieu. 

And  so  we'll  travel  on. 
We'll  wish  for  all,  good  hearts  and  true, 

And  now  wind  up  our  song. 

Histony  of  Centen  Hanbon 


The  township  lyio^  as  it  does,  not  only  on  the  shores  of 
Laive  Asquam  but  upon  the  shores  of  Lake  Winnipesaukee, 
making  a  diversity  of  advantages  hard  to  be  found  in  the 
offerings  of  any  other  town  to  its  host  of  summer  visitors. 
The  village  is  on  the  extreme  northwest  shore  of  the  latter 
body  of  water,  upon  the  crest  of  a  commanding  green 
mountain  side,  overlooking  the  broad  expanse  of  Lake  Win- 
nipesaukee, "Smile  of  The  Great  Spirit,"  with  a  range  of 
mountains  looming  up  in  the  distance.  The  natural  beau- 
ties and  a  magnificent  harbor  from  which  is  derived  its 
name,  are  its  principal  attractions  as  a  summer  resort. 
The  channels  are  deep,  the  shores  are  fringed  on  every  side 
with  the  richest  foliage,  its  waters  are  sparkling  and  pure. 
In  close  proximity  are  many  islands,  all  along  shore  are 
camps  and  cottages  of  the  scores  who  have  made  this  inland 
lake  retreat  their  summer  home. 

No  screech  of  a  locomotive  was  ever  heard  at  Centre 
Harbor.  No  offensive  odors  from  bog  or  marsh  taint  the 
air.  The  steamers  on  the  lakes  and  the  old  fashioned  stage 
coach,  swinging  from  its  cradle  of  leather,  are  the  means  of 
public  conveyance  at  the  "harbor." 


The  drives  and  walks  from  Centre  Harbor  are  many  in 
number.  A  short  drive  or  walk  from  the  village  brings  one 
to  the  far-famed  "Whittier  Pine."  Red  Hill  is  an  adjacent 
peak  whose  summit  is  about  2,100  feet  above  the  tide  water 
and  commands  a  fascinating  view  of  the  surrounding  land- 
scape with  a  horizon  of  at  least  200  miles.  This  is  a  great 
retreat  for  picnic  parties  from  both  lakes. 

There  is  every  sort  of  an  accommodation  for  the  sum- 
mer visitor,  from  the  stately  hotel  to  the  small  camp,  and 
delightful  farm  house.  The  fame  of  Centre  Harbor  has 
spread  to  regions  remote  from  its  own  hospitable  hearth- 
stone, for  those  who  have  visited  here  have  become  en- 
amored of  its  many  attractions  and  natural  beauties,  and 
the  surrounding  vistas  are  worth  the  journej'^  of  many  a 
mile  to  see. 


Let  us  picture  for  a  moment  the  pleasure  those  forerun- 
ners of  the  coming  civilization  must  have  felt  as  they  stood 
upon  the  brow  of  one  of  the  neighboring  hills,  perhaps  at 
early  morning  to  map  the  journey  for  the  day,  there  being 
no  spotted  trees  or  blazed  trail.  Behold,  lying  unrolled  be- 
fore them  is  their  future  home,  radiant  in  the  rays  of  the 
rising  sun,  and  their  long  and   tiresome  journey  is  finished. 

The  quiet  of  the  wilderness  is  unbroken  save  for  the 
awakened  throng  of  feathered  songsters.  These  same  for- 
ests knowing  not  the  devastating  hand  of  human  progress, 


their  silfince  only  broken  by  the  occasional  fall  of  some  aged 
monarch,  worn  out  by  the  struggle  against  the  season's 
storms  or  withered  by  the  lightening's  stroke,  must  soon 
be  sacrificed  before  the  altar  of  the  onward  approaching  civ- 

Yet  again  as  we  look  the  scene  is  changed.  It  is  evening. 
The  fast  receding  sun  is  disappearing  behind  the  mountains 
in  the  west.  A  band  of  tired  and  travel  worn  men  stand 
looking  at  the  fast  vanishing  outlines  of  a  grand  and  pic- 
turesque landscape.  Their  eyes  behold  for  the  first  time  the 
mecca  of  their  journey.  Unrolled  before  them  is  the  pano- 
rama of  their  future  home,  made  beautiful  by  the  golden 
rays  of  the  setting  sun.  These  wooded  hills  and  valleys  un- 
disturbed, save  for  the  prowlings  of  primitive  man  and  den- 
izen of  the  forest,  in  their  search  for  daily  bread,  are  soon 
to  yield  their  secrets  to  them,  the  forerunners  of  a  sturdy 
and  thrifty  race  of  home  builders. 

We  can  hardly  realize  the  thoughts  and  feelings  of  these 
sturdy  and  sun  browned  pioneers,  as  they  almost  embrace 
one  another  in  their  ecstacies  of  delight,  at  this  the  pleasing 
conclusion  of  their  long  and  tedious  journey,  yet  only  the 
beginning  of  still  greater  hardships  in  subduing  the  forest 

Here  we  must  draw  the  curtain,  for  what  now  transpires 
we  of  the  present  generation  would  little  understand,  their 
haste  to  seek  repose  that  the  early  coming  of  another  day 
may  see  them  on  their  new  domain,  they  do  not  forget  there 
and  then  to  bow  down  'neath  the  fast  appearing  stars  of 
the  heavens,  "The  forgetmenots  of  the  angels,"  and  give 


thanks  to  the  God  of  their  Fathers  for  the  hand  which 
guided  over  the  unblazed  trail. 

For  a  story  of  those  earlier  days,  the  struggles  made  and 
hardships  endured,  we  find  it  necessary  to  refer  to  tradition. 

AuioDgthe  earliest  families  we  find  the  names  of  Old  Sam 
Senter,  for  whom  the  town  was  named;  Moultons,  Goes,  the 
family  names  of  Norris,  Clark,  Edgerly,  Cram,  Hawkins, 
Huckius  and  many  others  all  staunch  and  true. 

Of  those  very  earliest  days  very  little  can  be  told  for 
even  tradition  is  quiet  on  the  subject.  The  earliest  settlers 
seem  to  have  had  their  principal  trouble  with  the  animals 
found  roaming  in  the  wilds  about  their  home. 

This  story  will  easily  show  the  seriousness  of  the  situa- 
tion, and  it  for  us  has  its  humorous  side. 

One  of  the  early  matrons  with  her  baby  of  perhaps  two 
or  three  years,  was  on  the  edge  of  her  home  clearing,  hang- 
ing out  the  family  wash  on  the  convenient  bushes  as  was  the 
custom.  When  she  had  finished  the  task,  she  turned  to 
pick  up  her  baby  and  great  was  her  surprise  to  see  lying  side 
by  side,  the  baby  and  a  nearly  grown  cub  bear  both  soundly 
sleeping.  The  frightened  mother  snatched  up  the  baby  and 
screaming  started  for  the  log  cabin.  The  bear,  startled  by 
the  sudden  awakening  loped  away  into  the  bushes. 

It  is  interesting  to  show  the  value  placed  upon  the  land 
by  the  early  settlers.  For  example,  there  is  a  story  told 
locally  f)f  how,  what  was  New  Hampton  Gore,  now  a  part  of 
Centre  Hjirbor,  was  given  to  a  man  because  he  very  thought- 
fully presented  to  the  Governor  a  good  fat  ox.  This  strip 
includes  farms  worth  today  several  thousand  dollars. 


The  first  saw  mill  and  only  one  in  the  town  was  built  by 
Jacob  Hawkins,  In  what  year  is  not  known.  There  was  no 
grist  mill. 

The  first  carriage  or  wheeled  conveyance  of  any  elegance 
was  purchased  by  Wadley  Cram  about  70  years  ago.  The 
body  rested,  as  does  the  cart  body  today,  on  the  axle.  This 
was  considered  to  be  a  wonderfully  comfortable  way  of  trav- 

They  say  that  in  doing  their  spring  plowing  with  the  old 
wooden  plow,  the  early  settles  thought  nothing  of  taking 
the  cows  and  heifers  from  the  pasture  and  yokeing  them  up 
for  the  work. 

An  interesting  story  is  told  of  one  Samuel  Jones,  son  of 
Ezekiel  Jones,  at  the  time  of  the  first  train  going  through 
Meredith.  It  seems  that  Sammy  was  the  town's  laughing 
stock  because  of  his  apparent  lacking  of  brain  cells.  As  the 
train  pulled  into  Meredith,  Sam  with  the  other  curious  citi- 
zens of  Centre  Harbor  was  on  hand  to  welcome  it  with  open 
mouthed  wonder.  Now  Sammy  was  not  content  to  stand 
and  look  at  this  "boiling  teakettle,"  but  he  must  walk  all 
around  it,  taking  it  in  from  all  sides.  One  survey  was  not 
enough,  but  every  trip  to  Meredith  meant  for  Sammy  a  new 
survey  of  the  iron  monster,  and  on  his  return  home  a  disap- 
pearance and  seeking  of  seclusion  unaccountable.  After  a 
few  mouths  of  this,  greatly  to  the  surprise  of  everyone, 
master  Sammy  appeared  with  a  miniature  train  of  cars  com- 
plete almost  to  every  detail.  When  Samuel  became  of  age 
he  started  for  Laconia  with  his  train  of  cars  under  his  arm. 


He  was  given  a  position  in  the  car  works  there  and  soon 
advanced  rapidly. 

The  physicians  of  the  town  have  been  Dr.  Page  and  his 
son,  and  Dr.  Morrill. 

We  were  unable  to  secure  the  data  in  regard  to  the 
churches  of  the  town.  No  regular  and  continuous  services 
for  any  length  of  time  have  been  held.  There  is  a  house  of 
worship  at  the  village  and  one  known  as  the  Hawkins  meet- 
ing house  in  the  western  part  of  the  town. 

The  school  system  is  that  of  the  common  graded 



1880— Chas.    H.   Canney,    James    H.    Clark,   Frederick    T. 

1881— Chas.  H.  Canney,  P.  T.  Hawkins,  James  H.  Clark. 
1882-83— Josiah     C.     Sturtevaut,    Chas.    C.    Cook,    Lester 

1884-85— Josiah  C.  Sturtevant,  Alonzo  Perkins,  Matthew  C. 

1886— Josiah  C.  Sturtevant,  Albert  M.    Huckins,    Chas.  H. 

1887— Orville  P.  Smith,  Charles  C.  Cook,  Albert  M.  Huckins. 
1888— Orville  P.  Smith,  Rufus  L.  Coe,  Geo.  Fogg. 
1889-91— Orville   P.    Smith,  James  P.  Leighton,  Bradford 



1892-93— James  P.  Lei^hton,  John  S.  York,  Fred  E.  Web- 

1894— James  P.  Leightou,  James  M.  Thompson,  Amos  D. 

1895— James  P.  Leightou,  Daniel  W.  Cox,  Daniel  B.  Smith. 

1896— James  P.  Leighton,  Daniel  W.  Cox,  Albert  M.  Huck- 

1897— James  P.  Leighton,  Albert  M.  Huckins,  Eben  S. 

1898— Orville  P.  Smith,  Eben  S.  Hawkins,  Frank  H.  Morse. 

1899— Orville  P.  Smith,  Eben  S.  Hawkins,  Frank  L.  Towle. 

1900— Orville  P.  Smith,  Frank  L.  Towle,  Albert  Huckins. 

1901-04— Orville  P.  Smith,  Albert  E.  Huckins,  Edgar  W. 

1905-06— Orville  P.  Smith,  Walter  J.  George,  Fred  E.  Web- 

1907— Orville  P.  Smith,  Edgar  W.  Smith,  Geo.  S.  McCrillis. 

1908— Orville  P.  Smith,  Edgar  W.  Smith,  James  R.  Lovett. 


1880-84,  William  C.  Clifton;  1884-96,  Geo.  H.  Piper; 
1896-97,  Albert  Perkins;  1897-1901,  Edgar  W.  Smith;  1901- 
02,  Frank  L.  Towle;  1902-06,  Daniel  W.  Coe;  1806-07, 
Edgar  W.  Smith;  1907-08,  Andrew  J.  Putnam. 


1880-81,  John  H,  Moulton;  1881-86,  James  M.  Paine; 
1886-94,  Chas.  H.  Canney;  1894-95,  Chas.  C.  Cook;  1895- 
1900,  William  A.  Paige;  1900-02,  Daniel  W.  Coe;  1902-07, 
Chas.  C.  Cook;  1907-08,  Albert  E.  Hutchins. 


For  the  following  years  there  are  no  recorded  names  for 

town  officers,  but  some  of  the  older  citizens  have  handed  in 

these   names    as  authentic,  these  are  also  the  first  officers 

elected  by  the  new  made  town. 

1798— AVinthrop  Robinson,  Jesse  Sturtevant,  Hugh  Helsea. 

1799— Hupjh    Helsea,    James   M.  Greenleaf,  Pelhan  Sturte- 

1800— Hugh  Helsea,  Pelham  Sturtevant,  Daniel  Norris. 

1801-02— Hugh  Helsea,  Daniel  Norris,  Benning  Moulton. 


1798,    Winthrop  Robinson;    1799-1800,    Hugh  Helsea; 
1801,  Moses  Morse. 


The  settlers  living  in  this  part  of  what  was  then  New 
Holderness,  Meredith  and  New  Hampton,  because  of  the 
great  distance  fiom  the  centre  of  the  town  affairs  of  their 
respective  towns,  the  exceedingly  hard  and  difficult  travel- 
ling to  town  meetings  and  church  services  which  the  early 
settler  conscientiously  attended,  petitioned  the  General 
Court  of  New  Hampshire,  by  a  petition  signed  by  the  lead- 
ing men  of  the  section  in  question,  to  incorporate  said  sec- 
tion in  a  town  to  be  called  Watertown. 

The  section  under  consideration  was  bounded  as  follows: 

"Beginuing  at  Col.   Smith's  Mill  (so  called),  in  Meredith 

aforesaid,  thence  by  west  side  Measley  Pond  (so  called),  to 

the  mouth  of  the  Brook  running  into  said  pond,  from  thence 


on  a  direct  course  to  Ramsej's  Mill  (so  called),  in  New  Hold- 
erness  aforesaid;  from  thence  over  Squam  Pond  (so  called), 
to  northwest  corner  of  Red  Hill  Cso  called),  and  thence  to 
the  bound  first  mentioned." 

A  committee  of  three  in  the  House  took  the  matter 
under  consideration  Jau'y.  1,  1789.  The  personel  of  the 
committee  was  as  follows:  Hon.  Joseph  Badger,  Esq.,  Dan- 
iel Beede,  Esq.,  and  Capt.  Abraham  Burnham. 

Their  report  was  unfavorable,  "Because,"  as  they  said, 
"While  there  is  justice  in  the  plea  of  distance  and  other 
hardships,  the  detaching'  of  these  sections  would  so  weaken 
the  towns  in  question  that  they  would  be  unable  to  support 
churches  and  other  public  institutions." 

For  nearly  ten  years  this  movement  for  a  new  town,  here 
among  the  Hills  and  Lakes,  lay  dormant,  apparently.  On 
June  8,  1797,  a  new  petition,  signed  by  many  of  the  old  pe- 
titioners as  well  as  others,  and  sanctioned  by  the  town  of 
New  Hampton  at  a  legal  town  meeting,  was  granted  by  the 
General  Court,  thereby  establishing  the  town  of  Centre  Har- 
bor.   Bounded  as  follows: 

"Beginning  at  northwesterly  corner  New  Hampton, 
thence  on  line  between  Meredith  and  New  Hampton  to 
Measley  Pond  (so  called,)  thence  to  Measley  Pond  Brook, 
thence  up  middle  said  Brook  to  Long  Pond,  thence  up  mid- 
dle Long  Pond  to  inlet  at  Head  of  said  Pond,  thence  north 
35°  west  to  New  Holderness,  thence  east  on  said  Holderness 
line  to  the  southeast  corner  of  said  Holderness,  thence  north 
on  said  Holderness  line  to  westerly  corner  of  Moultonboro, 
thence  on  line  between  Moultonboro  and  New  Hampton  to 
bound  first  mentioned." 


Later,  July  3,  1873,  a  small  portion  of  Meredith  was 
added  to  the  town  of  Centre  Harbor. 

There  are  of  course  many  reasons  given  why  the  name 
of  "Centre  Harbor"  was  adopted  by  the  new^  town.  One  be- 
ing that  it  was  out  of  respect  and  as  an  honor  to  one  of  the 
earliest  settlers  in  this  section,  Judge  Senter,  who  came  here 
about  1767.  Another,  and  we  believe  the  authentic  reason, 
was  because  of  the  situation  of  the  new  town,  midway  be- 
tween the  harbors  of  Moiiltonboro  and  Meredith  (so  called), 
on  Lake  Winnepesaukee,  made  it  by  natural  conditions  the 
"Centre  Harbor." 


The  earliest  history  of  this  town  in  military  affairs 
belongs  to  and  is  a  part  of  tiie  jjistory  of  her  sister  towns. 

We  find  nmong-  those  who  took  an  active  part  in  the 
war  that  shook  the  institutions  ot  our  American  nation  and 
abolished  forever  the  traffic  in  human  souls  from  this  soil  of 
freedom,  many  who  claimed  the  town  of  Centre  Harbor  as 
their  home.  Many  of  these  enlisted  from  other  towns.  We 
give  here  those  men  credited  to  the  contingent  furnished  by 
the  town  of  Center  Harbor,  namely 

Charles  R.  Boynton,  George  W.  Davis,  George  H.  Follett, 
William  P.  Ham,  Benjamin  S.  Hawkins,  Horace  S.  Hutchins 
Bradford  Leach,  Charles  P.  Leavitt,  Enos  H.  Nudd,  Edward 
S.  Towle,  Wesley  S.  True,  Luther  Cass,  Peter  Cawley,  John 
Perry,  George  C.  Smith,  John  Brown,  Thomas  Keefe,  Moses 
Cook,  William  H.  Leach  and  William  H.  Smith. 

Histotty  of  SandiPicb 


Sandwich,  in  the  western  part  of  Carroll  County,  embra- 
ces the  northern  part  of  Lake  Asquam,  although  the  village 
of  Centre  Sandwich  is  two  and  one-half  miles  from  the  lake 
shore.  The  township  is  bounded  by  the  following-  towns: 
Waterville  on  the  north,  Tamworth  on  the  east,  Moulton- 
boro  on  the  south,  Holderness  and  Campton  on  the  west. 

Like  the  neighboring  towns  the  principle  business  of  the 
people  during  the  summer  mouths  is  to  entertain  the  sum- 
mer vacationists.  Mountain  climbing  and  drives  through 
the  mountain  region  are  the  principle  features  in  the  way  of 
a  diveision.  The  most  noted  peaks  found  in  town  are: 
Black  Mountain,  Israel  Mountain,  Sandwich  Mountain, 
Peaked  Hill,  Bald  Knob  on  the  northern  boundary  line,  and 
Young  Mountain. 

In  the  way  of  drives  there  are  a  number  of  trips  easily 
taken.  The  drive  around  Lake  Squam,  over  to  Ossipee 
Mountain  Park,  from  Centre  Sandwich  to  Sandwich  Notch, 
and  a  visit  to  Beede's  Falls  are  highly  recommended,  as  are 
many  others  of  various  lengths. 

The  summer  tourist  reaches  Sandwich  in  a  somewhat 
round-about  way,  either  by  the  boat  Mount  Washington  to 
Centre  Harbor,  from  the  railway  stations  on  Lake  Wiune- 


pesaukee  and  thence  by  stage,  or  up  Lake  Squam  from  Ash- 
land by  boat  and  thence  to  the  village  by  team.  Either 
method  is  a  very  round-about  way  but  the  scenery  on  the 
trip  is  worth  the  trouble. 


The  original  charter  dated  Oct.  25,  17G3,  is  similar  to 
that  of  the  other  charters  granted  by  Benning  Wentworth, 
and  contained  the  usual  grant  of  six  miles  square  or  23,040 
acres.  On  the  survey  of  the  original  grant  it  was  found  that 
'•The  Northerly  «&  Westerly  sides  there  of  [are]  so  loaded 
with  inaccessible  Mountains  &  Shelves  of  Rocks  that  it  is 
uninhabitable,"  and  the  grantees  petitioned  for  an  "addi- 
tional Grant  of  a  strip  of  his  Majesty's  Land  on  the  south 
and  on  the  east  of  the  aforesaid  Tract."  This  addition  was 
made  Sept.  5,  17G4,  making  a  total  area  of  G4,000  acres. 

Among  the  earliest  settlers  we  find  the  names  of  Na- 
thaniel Folsom,  Nicholas  Oilman,  Daniel  Beede,  Samuel 
Folsom,  Enoch  Poor  and  others.  Because  of  the  induce- 
ments given  by  the  proprietors  and  the  comparative  ease 
(for  those  days)  of  getting  to  market,  the  town  fast  became 
well  settled,  and  remained  for  some  time  one  of  the  principle 
towns  of  Carroll  County. 

The  town  has  ever  had  a  deep  interest  in  the  religious 
and  educational  sides  of  life.  The  people,  God  fearing  and 
well  educated,  have  ever  taken  a  prominent  part  in  the 
world's  work. 


Altliou<;Ii  the  town  is  apparently  isolated  it  has  many 
things  in  llie  way  of  natural  advantages  to  compensate  for 
its  distance  from  railway  facilities.  It  lies  on  the  border  of 
as  wild  a  country  as  New  Hampshire  affords,  while  skirting 
its  noithern  boundary  is  that  chain  of  massive  mountains, 
the  Sandwich  range.  From  these,  and  also  from  the  lesser 
hills,  a  diversity  of  vistas  are  unfurled  to  greet  the  visitor's 
eye,  at  once  pleasing  and  startling.  That  pearl  of  unsur- 
passed beauty,  the  Squam  Lakes,  lie  nestled  almost  at  the 
feet  of  the  green  clad  hills.  And  in  the  middle  distance  glim- 
ers  the  silvery  surface  of  Lake  Winnepesaukee,  intervening 
and  surrounding  these,  rise  tier  upon  tier,  pinacle  after  pin- 
acle  of  hill  and  mountains,  beautiful  to  the  superlative  de- 
gree, sheltering  the  many  fertile  valleys  and  the  well  tilled 
iarms  of  the  town. 

Although  many  of  her  children  leave  home  to  become 
prominent  in  the  various  occupations  of  life  in  the  business 
world,  as  writers  in  science  and  medicine,  in  law  and  the  pul- 
pit; some  compensation  for  this  loss  is  derived  from  the 
arrival  annually  of  hundreds  of  people,  wearied  by  those 
same  struggles  and  activities,  to  recuperate  in  the  quietude 
and  beauties  of  this  inland  town. 

Industries— No  mill  whistle  or  bell  calls  the  people  of 
this  town  to  their  daily  toil.  It  is  now  as  in  the  earlier  days, 
the  principal  mechanical  industries  are  the  saw  mill  and 
grist  mill,  although  at  one  time  (for  a  short  time  only),  the 
manufacture  of  clothing  and  boots  and  shoes  was  carried  on 
quite  extensively  in  town.  Brick  making  and  tanning  were 
also  undertaken  at  various  times. 


Educational— From  the  earliest  days  the  people  of  Sand- 
wich have  been  interested  in  literature  and  the  cause  of  edu- 
cation. The  common  school  system  is  of  the  best  and  they 
are  well  fi;raded. 

Sandwich  Academy,  chartered  about  1824.  The  first 
school  held  about  1837,  with  Charles  Cochrane,  instructor. 
The  last  term  was  held  in  1850,  and  in  1852  the  building  was 
sold  and  torn  down. 

Sandwich  Library  Association— In  1800,  the  Legislature 
incorporated  the  "Sandwich  and  Moultonborough  Social 
Library.  In  1810,  as  the  field  was  too  broad,  the  "Sandwich 
Social  Library"  was  incorporated.  In  1882,  the  "Sandwich 
Library  Association  was  formed  at  Centre  Sandwich  with 
many  of  the  books  of  the  Social  Library.  In  1888,  on  May 
10,  it  was  made  an  incorporate  body.  A  large  number  of 
books  and  magazines  are  now  found  on  its  shelves  in  the 
building  which  serves  as  its  home  near  the  Post  Office  and 
nearly  opposite  the  Sandwich  House. 


Physicians— Asa  Crosby,  Lot  Cook,  Moses  Hoyt,  Charles 
White,  Andrew  J.  McFarland,  James  Norris,  Dr.  Shannon, 
Thomas  J.  Sweatt,  Rev.  William  Herves,  George  Sanborn, 
Tristriam  Sanborn,  Dr.  Ingalls,  Dr.  Emerson,  John  Black- 
mer,  Joseph  Huntress,  Dr.  Geary,  J.  A.  Presby,  F.  S.  Lover- 
ing,  Enoch  Q.  Marston,  Ervin  Wilbur  Hodsdon,  Aaron  M. 
Howe,  Rev.  Harrison  N.   Hart,  Simeon  D.  Buzzell,  William 


A.  Pa^e,  Mr.  Moody,  Wilbur  Fiske  SanborD,  A.  H.  Harri- 
niaii,  Hornce  J.  Binford,  George  N.  French,  A.  B.  Hoag,  F. 
E.  Brynr. 

Dentist— Samuel  Beede  Wiggin. 


Centre  Sandwich  Post  Office— Stage  leaves  for  West 
Onsipeo,  N.  tl.,  at  4  A.  M.,  returning  at  5  P.  M.,  also  one 
leaves  for  Meredith  at  8.15  A.  M.,  returning  at  4.30  P.  M. 
Average  number  pieces  handled  500  per  day.  1st  class,  one 
third;  2nd  class,  100;  3rd  and  4th  class  balance.  Number 
people  reached  by  Post  Office  about  600.  One  R.  F.  D.  of 
20.2  miles.    Amount  of  business  for  year  $1000. 

Secret  societies  of  the  town  are  Mt.  Israel  Grange,  No. 
158,  membership  100;  Red  Mountain  Lodge,  A.  F.  &  A.  M., 
No.  68,  membership  50. 

Population  of  the  town  about  1,075. 

First  birth  recorded  April  29,  1769,  Hunken  Hilton,  son 
of  Jen  Hilton  and  Abigail,  his  wife. 

First  saw  mill  and  grist  mill  said  to  have  been  built  and 
run  by  one  Col.  Beede. 

Mt.  Israel  named  for  Israel  Oilman,  one  of  the  first 
settlers  and  Great-grandfather  of  Algernon  S.  A.  Oilman, 
now  living  in  town. 

Farming  and  entertaining  summer  tourists,  principal 
sources  of  revenue. 



1772— Met  at  Dauiel  Beede's  June  29.  Proprietors  had 
neglected  to  keep  up  their  town  government  and  town  had 
lost  its  officers:  Ebenezer  Smith,  Esq.,  moderator;  Daniel 
Beede,  Esq.,  clerk;  Elias  Ladd,  Moses  Weed,  Daniel  Beede, 
Esq.,  selectmen. 

1781— Voted  no  ox  sled  shall  pass  on  the  public  road  in 
the  snow  path  being  narrower  than  five  feet  from  outside  to 
outside  of  said  sled  sides  on  penalty  of  twelve  shillings  to  be 
recovered  by  complaint  before  any  justice  of  the  peace,  etc. 

1789— Voted  to  have  no  town  school. 

1790 — First  recorded  vote  for  Congressmen,  Hon.  Sam- 
uel Livermore,  Esq.,  Hon.  Nicholas  Oilman,  Esq.,  and  Hon. 
Abiel  Foster,  Esq.,  received  the  majority. 

1792 — First  record  of  town  meeting  being  held  other 
than  at  the  house  of  Daniel  Beede.  Meeting  called  for 
"meeting  house." 

1798— Voted  |30  be  drawn  from  town  treasury  to  open 
a  road  to  Burton,  "stopped  by  hurricane." 

1802— Pound  built  near  large  meeting  house. 

1806— Town  work  house  established  at  home  of  Nathan- 
iel Weed;  Mr.  AVeed  made  work  master. 

1817-18— Strong  temperance  movements  made  by  town. 

1820 — Voted  that  ewine  be  not  permitted  to  run  at 
large  after  Nov.  first. 

1824— First  town  farm  in  the  state  established  at  Sand- 
wich this  year. 

1841— By-Laws  adopted  providing  for  suitable  clothing 


for  poor  in  care  of  town  to  attend  public  worship;  punishing 
persons  who  run  horses  through  streets,  use  profane  or 
obscene  lanouaji;e,  disturb  re]ij2,ious  or  moral  assemblies  or 
town  meetmgs;  prohibiting  the  sale  or  giit  of  liquor  within 
one  mile  of  any  town  meetino-;  prohibiting  the  running  at 
large  of  cattle  within  half  a  mile  of  any  meeting  house,  town 
house,  tavern,  store  or  grist  mill;  lor  the  annual  appoint- 
ment of  seven  or  nine  police  officers. 

1847— Voted  to  build  town  house  at  expense  of  |500,  to 
be  located  at  Skinner  Corner. 


Elder  Jewell  was  the  first  settled  minister  at  Sandwich, 
coming  here  prior  to  1776,  preaching  the  stern  faith  and 
doctrines  of  Calvin.  The  Calvinistic  Baptists  built  a  church 
about  1780,  or  a  little  earlier.  This  must  have  been  a  very 
crude  affair  as  in  1802,  it  had  served  its  purpose  and  a  new 
meeting  house  had  been  erected,  occupying  the  site  of  the 
])re8ent  Freewill  Baptist  church  at  the  Centre.  This  build- 
ing was  built  by  the  ])eople  and  was  occupied  by  the  Bap- 
tists and  Methodists  alternately. 

Freewill  Baptist  Church— September  2] ,  1803,  applica- 
tion for  fellowship  and  union  was  made  to  New  Durham 
Quarterly  Meeting  and  was  accepted  the  same  day.  This 
started  the  Freewill  Baptist  Church  of  Sandwich  with  Joseph 
Quimby,  pastor. 


The  North  Sandwich  Free  Baptist  Church  was  the  orig- 
inal first  church  of  this  denominatioD  in  town.  After  the 
division  in  1839,  when  Mr,  Jewell  left  the  pastorate  of  the 
churches  here,  Rev.  Dudley  Pettengill  then  ministered  to 
the  church.  Many  repairs  were  made  on  the  church  about 

Methodism  came  to  Sandwich  early  in  the  century,  about 
1800  probably  and  perhaps  earlier.  A  Mrs.  Winslow  it  is 
said  was  the  first  member  and  Jedediah  Skinner  the  second. 
The  organization  commenced  work  April,  1825,  on  a  house 
of  worship  which  was  finished  the  same  year. 

At  North  Sandwich  the  Methodists  and  Congregation- 
alists  built  a  church  edifice  of  brick  which  was  used  alter- 
nately by  the  two  denominations. 

The  first  church  built  by  the  Methodists  was  used  for 
about  twenty-five  years  and  was  then  devastated  by  flames. 

The  present  edifice  was  then  built  in  1848,  on  land  giveu 
by  Hon.  Moulton  H.  Marston. 

The  Congregational  Church— Until  1814,  the  people  of 
this  faith  attended  worship  either  at  Tamworth  or  Moul- 
tonboro.  For  the  first  few  years  the  services  were  conducted 
by  the  pastors  of  these  churches  gratuitously.  Aug.  17, 
1814,  there  were  thirteen  members  on  the  church  records. 
Rev.  Mr.  Taylor  and  Rev.  Mr.  Cogswell  were  here  for  short 
periods  at  that  time. 

After  an  up  hill  battle  a  house  of  worship  was  built  and 
dedicated  on  the  30th  of  November,  1825,  Mr.  David  P. 
Smith  serving  as  first  pastor. 

North  Sandwich  Congregational  Church  organized  June 


27,  1832.  Prior  to  this,  for  many  years  those  of  this  faith 
attended  Divine  worship  at  Tamworth.  At  this  organiza- 
tion there  were  fifteen  members  enrolled.  In  1833,  they 
united  with  the  First  Church  at  the  Centre  in  securiuo;  the 
labors  of  Rev.  Giles  Leach  and  his  were  the  last  reg;ular  ser- 
vices they  had. 

East  Sandwich— In  1878,  a  cha^pel  was  built  here  called 
Union  Chapel,  and  here  the  people  of  different  faiths  met  and 

The  Friends— As  early  as  1777,  there  must  have  been 
about  forty  members,  while  in  1802,  they  had  become  so 
numerous,  that  the  Salem  Quarterlj'  Meeting  in  Massachu- 
setts reconized  it  as  one  of  its  branches,  and  established  it  as 
the  Sandwich  Monthly  Meeting. 

At  the  Centre  we  find  these  names  among  those  promi- 
nent in  the  affairs  of  the  society;  lloag,  Beede,  Varney, 
Hoit,  Marston,  Heard,  Hill,  Marston,  Dow,  Beau,  Plumer, 
Hanson,  Tuttle  and  many  others. 

At  North  Sandwich  they  were  fully  as  strong,  but  were 
organized  later,  and  built  a  building  for  their  w^orship. 



1890— Paul  Wentworth,  Chas.  O.  Blanchard,    Herman    H. 

Qui  m  by. 
1891— Herman    H.    Quimby,    Wilson    D.    George,  Chas.  R. 




1892-H.  H.  Quimbj,  Geo.  S.  Hoyt,  Chas.  R.  Fellows. 

1893- Paul  Wentworth,  Henry  F.  Dorr,  Rosvvell  S.  Batchel- 

1894— Chas.  VV.  Donovan,  Alonzo  McCrilJis,  Paul  Went- 

1895-96— Chas.  W.  Donovan,  Henry  F.  Dorr,  Alonzo  McCril- 

1897— Chas.  W.  Donovan,  Henry  F.  Dorr,  Chas.  B.  Hoyt. 

1898— Henry  F.  Dorr,  Chas.  B.  Hoyt,  Thomas  W.  Hoap:. 

1899— Paul  Wentworth,  Thomas  W.  Hoaj?,  Charles  B.Hoyt. 

1900— Paul  Wentworth,  Henry  F.  Dorr,  George  W.  Thomp- 

1901— Samuel  B.  Smith,  Geo.  W.  Thompson,  Algernon  S.  A. 

1902-Samnel  B.  Smith,  Chas.  B.  Hoyt,  Henry  F.  Dorr. 

1903— Alonzo  McCrillis,  Geo.  W.  Thompson,  Willis  B.  Mars- 

1904— Geo.  W.  Thompson,  Herbert  E.  Moulton,  Willis  B. 
Mars  ton. 

1905— Herbert  E.  Moulton,  Geo.  W.  Thompson,  Paul  Went- 

1906-07— Geo.  W.  Thompson,  H.  E.  Moulton,  Charles  W^ 

1908— Herbert  E.  Moulton,  Frank  H.  Chick,  William  Heard. 


1890-97,  William  G.  Gannett;  1897-1908,  Daniel  D. 


1890-95,  Elmer  B.  Hart;  1895-96,  Erwin  W.  Hodsdon; 
1896-97,  Elmer  B.  Hart;  1897-99,  Elmer  H.  Tasker;  1899- 
1901,  Elmer  B.  Hart;  1901-05,  Elmer  H.  Tasker;  1905-08, 
Elmer  B.  Hart. 



Credited  to  Sandwich  on  the  Revolutionary  War  Rolls 
are  the  names  of  Andrew  McGaffeJJ^^Daniel  Beede,  Capt., 
Joshua  Prescott,  Ist  Lieut.,  Josiah  Bean,  2nd  Lieut., 
Jacob  Weed,  Ensign,  William  Hilton,  Elisha  Winslow, 
Moses  Paige,  Nathaniel  Knowles,  James  Flagg,  Edward 
Wells,  William  Ferguson,  Josiah  Parsons,  Sargent  Kimball, 
Jonathan  Hiljard,  Simeon  Smith,  Jonathan  Willard, 
Nathaniel  Phillips,  Jacob  Smith  and  Reuben  Moulton 

Civil  War— The  following  is  a  partial  list  of  those  who 
represented  Sandwich  in  the  bloody  conflicts  known  as  the 
Civil  War  or  War  of  Rebellion.  James  Hillis,  William  Strat- 
ton,  Ist  Sergt.  Josiah  Prescott,  Frank  Atwood,  Sewell 
McDaniels,  Warren  Morrill,  John  A.  Nute,  Hiram  S.  Pres- 
cott, Cyrus  B.  Vittum,  William  H.  Wallace,  Martin  Leonard 
and  Edward  S.  Hines. 

Others  from  the  town  fought  in  the  contingents  furnished 
by  other  towns,  etc. 

Histony  of  tDoultonbono 


Moultonboro  lies  on  the  north  side  of  Lake  Winnepe- 
saukee,  is  bounded  by  Sandwich,  Tamworth  and  Ossipee  on 
the  north;  easterly  by  Ossipee  and  Tuftouboro;  southerly  by 
Lake  Winnepesaukee  and  Tuftonboro;  westerly  by  Centre 
Harbor  and  Squam  Lake, 

Besides  beino-  well  patronize  as  a  resort  for  summer 
visitors  the  guests  of  neighboring  towns  seldom  fail  to  make 
a  visit  to  Moultonboro's  many  attractions  in  the  way  of 
mountain  trips,  etc.  One  of  the  principal  points  of  attrac- 
tion is  Ossipee  Park,  and  a  climb  up  Ossipee  Mountain. 

Ossipee  Park  was  purchased  in  1879  by  B.  F.  Shaw 
Esq.,  then  only  a  tract  of  land  in  the  Lee  settlement,  now, 
through  the  efforts  of  Landscape  artists  and  the  exdendit- 
ure  of  large  sums  of  money,  it  has  become  the  mecca  for 
hundreds  of  coaching  parties  from  miles  around.  On  the 
side  of  the  mountain  nestles  his  beautiful  residence,  ap- 
proached by  cool  and  shady  drives  and  walks. 

A  comfortable  path  leads  you  to  the  cascade  and  rustic 
bridges  cross  the  brook  in  many  places.  The  climb  to  Ossi- 
pee Mountain  makes  the  trip  to  the  park  complete,  from 
this  vantage  point  one  of  the  best  views  to  be  obtained  in 


the  state  is  found.  In  the  magnificent  view  from  this  peak, 
three  thousand  feet  above  the  sea,  may  be  noticed  Casco 
Bay,  Portland,  Saco  and  other  points  in  Maine;  the  White 
Mountains,  Kearsarge,  Whiteface,  the  Sandwich  range  and 
Ossipee  and  Winnepesaukee  Lakes.  The  name  of  the  high- 
est pinnacle  of  this  Ossipee  Mountain  which  lies  mostly  in 
Moultonboro,  was  by  a  vote  of  the  town  in  1882  changed 
from  "Black  Snout,"  as  it  was  lormerly  called,  to  "Mount 
Shaw,"  in  honor  of  B.  F.  Shaw  Esq.,  of  Lowell,  Mass.,  in- 
ventor of  the  famous  "Shaw-knit"  machine. 

The  principal  bodies  of  water  are  Long  Pond  and  Little 
Winnepesaukee  Pond.  Long  Pond  is  about  two  miles  long 
and  half  a  mile  broad.  At  its  mouth,  about  a  mile  from  the 
Village  of  Centre  Harbor,  is  an  excellent  water  power.  Lit- 
tle Winnepesaukee  is  a  beautiful  sheet  of  water  near  Moul- 
tonboro Corner,  containing  about  200  acres.  Many  kinds 
of  fish  abound  here,  and  in  the  hunting  season  it  is  a  popu- 
lar place  with  the  sportsmen. 

Many  Indian  Relics  and  signs  of  their  occupancy  are 
found  near  the  ponds  and  streams.  Indian  cellars  are  found 
about  eight  feet  square  and  carefully  stoned.  In  1817  a 
gigantic  skeleton  measuring  seven  feet  was  found  near  Tuf- 
tonboro  line. 


In  17G0  a  few  men  living  at   Hampton  united  for  the 
purpose  of  "taking  up  a  township"  in  some  part  of  New 


Hampshire.  Many  reports  of  this  territory  had  reached 
them  and  a  survey  was  ordered.  Oct.  16,  17G1,  an  organ- 
ization was  completed  by  electing  Capt.  Ephraim  Moulton, 
chairman;  John  Moulton,  clerk  and  treasurer.  A  tax  of  six 
pounds  was  imposed  to  defray  expense  of  survey. 

The  section  surveyed  contained  thirty-six  square  miles. 
Because  of  the  "badness"  of  the  territory  the  Masonian 
Proprietors  gave  an  additional  grant,  including  a  part  of 
now  Centre  Harbor  and  Meredith. 

The  final  grant  was  made  Nov.  17,  1763,  for  the  pur- 
pose of  promoting  the  settlement  of  the  country  to  Jona- 
than Moulton  Esq.,  and  sixty-two  associates. 

Settlement  was  begun  at  an  early  date,  and  in  1764, 
Sept.  18,  it  was  voted  to  pa}'^  to  any  one  building  a  saw  mill 
£1,000.  Dec.  2,  1765,  voted  to  Jonathan  Moulton  ninety 
pounds  for  building  a  saw  and  grist  mill  on  Red  Hill  river. 

The  town  of  Moultonboro  was  incorporated  Nov.  24, 
1777,  and  named  in  honor  of  Col.  Jonathan  Moulton.  The 
first  town  meeting  was  held  March  31,  1778. 

Disputes  long  and  fierce  arose  between  Moultonboro, 
Sandwich  and  Tamworth,  in  regard  to  boundary  line. 
These  were  fostered  by  Jonathan  Moulton  for  personal  gain. 
A  committee  consisting  of  John  Langdon,  Joshua  Went- 
worth,  and  Benjamin  Chadbourne,  appointed  Feb.  22,  1785, 
fixed  the  boundary  lines  permanently. 

Among  the  names  of  the  early  settlers  we  find  those  of 
Col.  Hoit,  John  Marston,  the  Richardson  family,  headed  by 
Col.  Bradbury  Richardson;  Joseph,  Joseph  Jr.,  Josiah  and 
Reuben  Smith;   David   Lee,  first  owner  of  Lee's  Mills,  so 


called;  James  Evans  and  six  sons,  among  tbem being  James, 
Smith  B,  Alvali  C,  and  Daniel  B,;  Benjamin  Sturtevant  and 

From  the  earliest  the  town  was  strictly  a  farming  sec- 
tion. Since  the  discovery  of  gold  in  the  west,  through  the 
call  of  the  mannfacturing  cities  and  the  life  and  bustle  of 
the  metropolis,  the  homestead  and  farm  have  been  seriously 
neglected  by  the  younger  generations.  What  was  a  happy 
Aoadian  life  is  now  only  tradition. 


A  meeting  house  was  built  at  East  Moultonboro  in  1773 
and  did  service  until  blown  down  by  a  severe  gale  in  1819. 
Another  was  soon  erected. 

March  12,  1777,  at  annual  town  meeting,  a  Congrega- 
tional church  covenant  was  presented  and  signed  by  a  large 
number  of  the  prominent  town's  people.  A  Rev.  Samuel  Per- 
ley  seems  to  have  set  himself  up  as  the  chosen  pastor  of 
this  flock,  causing  some  of  the  leaders  to  petition  the  Hon- 
orable Council  and  House  of  Representatives  to  act  in  the 
matter,  with  the  result  that  Perley  left  soon  after.  Rev. 
Jeremiah  Shaw  was  then  given  a  call,  Sept.  27,  1779,  which 
was  accepted  Oct.  9,  1779.  Mr.  Shaw  preached  here  until 
1825,  and  lived  here  until  his  death,  1834. 

About  1840  the  meetino;s  were  held   at    Moultonboro 


Corner,  in  the  town  house.  Later  came  the  erection  of  a 
church  at  the  Corner,  the  services  then  being  held  alternately 
at  the  two  places,  East  Moultonboro  and  the  Corner,  this 
finally  broke  up  the  organization,  causing  a  seperation  into 
two  factions,  and  finally  the  death  of  both. 

The  riethodist  Church,  organized  in  1840,  has  had 
these  pastors:  1813,  11.  Ilartwell;  1814,  H.  Hill  Jr.;  1845, 
supplied;  184G.  John  Smith  2d;  1847-8,  Jonathan  G.  John- 
sou;  1849-50,  D.  W.  Barber;  1851-52,  J.  W.  Spencer;  1853, 
supplied;  1854-55,  J.  W.  Gurnsey;  1856  57,  J.  B.  Holmau; 
1858,  L.  Draper;  1859-60,  H.  Chandler;  1861-62,  A.  C. 
Hardy;  1863,  C.  K.  Homan;  1864,  J.  Currier;  3  865,  A.  J. 
Church;  1866,  A.  P.  Hatch;  1867,  H.  A,  Mattison;  1868,  H. 
S.  Ward;  1869,  J.  E.  Robbins;  1870,  N.  P.  Philbrook;  1871, 
L.  L.  Eastman;  1872,  H.  Chandler;  1873-74,  A.  Adams; 
1875-76,  supplied;  1877-79,  S.  J.  Robinson;  1880,  J.  H. 
Knott;  1881,  G.  H.  Hardy;  1882-84,  C.  Byrne;  1885-86,  G. 
N.  Bryant;  1887-89,  Wesley  J.  Wilkins;  1890-92,  Geo.  M. 
Stephen;  1893,  Geo.  R.  Lock;  1894-96,  Geo.  A.  McLucas; 
1897-98,  Herbert  F.  Quimby;  1899-1902,  John  E.  Sweet; 
1903-06,  Dick  E.  Burns;  1907-1908,  Wm.  P.  White. 

Freewill  Baptist— As  early  as  1810  services  were  held 
by  people  of  this  faith,  and  have  done  so  at  various  inter- 
vals since. 

Physicians— Caleb  Morse,  Asa  Crosby,  Ichabod  Shaw, 
Thomas  Shannon,  John  M.  Emerson,  George  Peavey,  Frank 
L.  Judkins,  AVilliam  H.  H.  Mason,  George  L.  Mason,  Frank 
S.  Lovering,  Leonard  B.  Morrill  and  Mr,  Hatch.  Present 
physician,  F.  S.  Lovering. 



Total  valuation,  |438,000;  Resideut,  |.37S,075;  Non 
Resident,  |51),925. 

Population  (efetiniated),  975;  No.  Polls  (estimated), 

Moultonboro  Post  Office:  Averaj^e  pieces  daily,  300; 
business  for  year,  1750.  II.  F.  D.  No.  1,  24  miles;  number 
reached  by  office  about  500. 

Moultonboro  Gran<ip,  No.  3  97,  members  75;  K.  of  P., 
Chocorua  Lodp,e,  No.  164,  membership  75. 


Common  schools  well  graded  are  the  only  educational 
institutions  of  the  town. 

The  Moultonboro  Public  Library  is  well  patronized.  At 
its  early  history,  this  was  a  branch  of  the  Sandwich  and 
Moultonboro  Social  Library.  The  organization  is  very 
well  supplied  with  books  and  magazines  both  of  reference 
and  fiction. 



1890— George   H.    Bragg,    Stephanus  C.    Kelley,  James  R, 


1891-92— Edwin    F.  Brown,   James  R.  Caver) v,  Horace  A. 

1893-94— Edwin  F.  Brown,  Horace  A.  Smith,  Fred  M.  Foss. 
1895-96— Edwin    F.    Brown,    Horace   A.   Smith,  James  R. 

Caver]  3\ 
1897-98— Albert  M.  Fo8s,  Irin  F.  Moulton,  Chas.  W.  Davis. 
1899— Irin  F.  Moulton,  Chas.  W.  Davis,  Stanley  W.  James. 
1900-03— Irin  F.  Moulton,  Chas.  AV.  Davis,  James  A.  Black. 
1904— Trin  F.  Moultou,  Herbert  A.  Richardson,  James   A. 

1905-OG— Irin  F.  Moulton,  James  A.  Black,  Chas.  W.  Davis. 
1907-08— Geo.  II.  Bragg,  Delbert  Cook,  Geo.  A.  Blanchard. 


1890-1908,  James  E.  French. 


1890-97,  Leander  Bryant;   1897-1904,  Alfred  S.  Freese; 
1904-08,  Geo.  H.  Richardson. 


Among-  the  names  we  find  on  the  Revolutionary  War 
Rolls  as  credited  to  Moultouboro  are:  John  Garlin,  Moses 
Kelsey,  Mark  Blackej^  Joshua  Thornton,  James  Mason,  Eb- 
etifzer  Clark,  John  Sanderson  Jr.,  Stephen  Atkinson,  Wil- 
liam Blake,  Bradbury-  Richardson,  John  Adams,  Joseph 
Senter,  Lt.  Col.  Nathan  Lee,  Rufns  Adams,  Joseph  Chandler, 
John  Ross,  Samuel  Neal,  Daniel  Cary, Robert  Glines,  William 


Thompson,  Hunjh  Kelsev,  Moses  Kesea,  Andrew  Cummings 
and  Daoiel  Ward. 

Civil  War:— Nicholas  IMarsell,  John  Sullivan,  Joseph 
Wilson,  Jaraes  Evans,  Daniel  P.  Grant,  Ilenrj  Bowles, 
Falis  II.  Castone,  Francis  N.  Ehvell,  John  Butler,  Michael 
Heme,  Jaraes  McCorchan,  Geo.  Scott,  Marcus  Aldrich,  Ed- 
ward Church,  Anp!;u8  McKenzie,  Geo.  Pierce,  George  Smith, 
John  Green,  Joseph  F.  AVentwortli,  William  B.  Worth,  Chas. 
W.  Brown,  Benj.  F.  Caverly,  Edward  H.  Clark,  David  Clem- 
ent, Geo.  R.  Clement,  John  M.  Emerson,  Charles  F.  Garland, 
Phinneas  Glidden,  Geo.  W.  Glines,  Albert  A.  Graves,  Chas. 
IJ.  Horn,  Chas.  W.  Hojt,  Eldridge  Jacobs,  Thomas  Kelley, 
John  B.  Leighton,  Geo.  H.  Monlton,  Lyman  F.  Moulton, 
Alfred  G.  Sanborn,  Edwin  W.  Shannon,  Clinton  A.  Shaw  and 
Chas.  L.  Bryant. 

Home  Cooking   -  Family  Table  -  Reasonable  Rates 



Washington  St.  ASHLAND,  N.  H. 



Dry  Goods,  Boots,  Shoes,  Rubbers,  Groceries  and  Canned 


Main  Street,  Ashland,  New  Hampshire 



The  population  of  tbe  towns  of  Ashland,  Plymouth, 
Sandwich,  Carnpton,  Centre  Harbor  and  Moultonboro  has 
been  arran<i,ed  in  faniilieH  where  it  has  been  possible.  In  ad- 
dition to  the  resident  livino-  members,  the  names  of  the  non- 
resident members  are  included.  It  should  be  borne  in  mind 
that  this  plan  does  not  include  the  names  of  all  former  resi- 
dents of  tills  town,  as  the  names  of  the  non-residents  appear 
only  when  one  or  both  of  the  parents  are  still  livinr;;  in  the 
town.  After  the  name  of  each  non-resident  will  be  found 
the  present  address,  when  such  address  has  been  given  to  us. 
Non-residents  are  indicated  by  the  (*). 

When  a  daughter  in  a  family  has  married,  her  name 
taken  in  marriage  appears  after  her  given  name  in  parenthe- 
sis, the  name  preceded  by  a  small  m,  thus:  (ra        ). 

Following  the  names  of  the  population  is  the  occupations. 
To  designate  these  we  have  used  the  more  common  abbre- 
viations and  contractions,  as  follows:  Farmer — far;  car- 
penter—car; railroad  service — R  R  ser;  student,  a  member 
of  an  advanced  institution  of  learning — stu;  pupil,  a  member 
of  a  lower  grade  of  schools  (including  all  who  have  reached 
the  age  of  five  years)— pi;  housework— ho;  laborer— lab; 
physician  and  surgeon— phy  &  sur;  clergyman— clerg;  mer- 
chant— mer;  teacher- tr;  blacksmith — blk;  clerk — cl;  book- 
keeper—bk  kpr;  lawyer— law;  mechanic  mech;  machinist- 
mach;  engineer-eng;  maker— mkr;  worker— wkr;  work— wk; 
shoe  shop  operative—  s  sop;  cotton  or  woolen  mill  operatives 
— mill  op;  weaver— weav;  spinner — spin;  electrician— elec; 
painter— ptr;  carriage  work— car  wk;  dress  maker— dr  mkr; 
insurance— ins;  traveling  salesman,  or  commercial  traveler — 
sales,  or  coml  trav;  music  teacher — mus  tr;  teamster— team; 
general  work— genlwk;  mariner— mar;  emplo3'— emp;  retired 
— retd;  telephone  operative — tel  op;  telegraph  operative — 
teleg  op. 

Jlshland  Census 

Note — Where  no  Post  Office  address  is  given  Ashland  is 
understood.  The  followinj^j  streets  are  abbreviated  thus: 
Washington— Wash;  Pleasant — Pleas;  Highland— Highld. 

Andrews,  Annette  H  (Adams 
George  A 
Cora  V  (m  Cotton 
Andrew,  Ann  L  (Rollins        ho 

Sarah  J  (ra  Gordon 
Mary  C  (m  Craig- 
Annan,  Martha  (Barber       ho 


Atkinson,  Jas        stonecutter 

Isabelle  F  (Plaisted 

Ila  B  (m  Eastman 

Austin,  Ada  C       ho      Highld 

Averill,  J  S       mill  op       Main 

Lottie  F  (Stevens 
A  very,  Rev  Newell 

ar,  Henry      R  R 

ser      Mill 

Mary  (Murry 


Margaret  M 

mill  op 







Abbott,  Harriet  C  (Smj-the 
*Elmer  E       fore  liv  stable 
Melrose  Highlands,  Mass 
Adams,  Geo  H       harness  mkr 

Almeda  M  (Page  ho 

Sadie  E(m  Hull 
Emma  E  (m  Jacobs 

Afugere,  Arcade 
Caroline  ( 

Allen,  Ethan    mill  op 
Maria  H  (Taylor 

Ames,  A  B 
Ames,  Alice  B 








pastor  Bapt  Ch 


*Bachelder,  Ora  (m  Sanborn 


Bachelder,  D  S 

far  &  sum  brdrs 
Addie  E  (Huckins 
Erville  J  Jar 

Baker,  S  H  far  Thompson 
Avis  J  ho 

Gladj's  tr 

Samuel  S  cl 

Baker,  TheroD  car  Thompson 
Emily  S  (Sargent  ho 

J  Percy  pi 

Ethel  M  pi 

Baker,  C  E      far      Thompson 
Lizzie  C  (Mitchell 
Elsie  H  pi 

Baker,  Abbie  E  (Harriman 


Barnej^,  Fred      mill  op    Main 
Josephine  (Guyette 

Bateman,  Wm  far  Main 
Sarah  (Dean 

*John  K  meat  mar 

Gloucester,  Mass 

Beattie,  L  M  fireman  School 
Gertrude  E  (Folsom  ho 
Vance  B  stu 

Ruth  C  pi 

Ruby  I  pi 

Belanger,  Edw  lab  River 
Selena  (Guyette  ho 

Delia  (m  Marr  ho 

Minnie  (m  Billodau 
•Georgia       tr      Littleton 

Benton,  Jos  far 

Amanda  (DurgiQ 
Etta  pi 

Berry,  Lorisa  (Denue^- 

*Mabel  (m  Huckins 

*Allis  (m  George  Lakeport 
*Emma  (m  King  Laconia 
Joseph  lab 

Lena  G  ho 

Flora  M  pi 

Purvis  S  pi 

Lillian  H 

Berry,  Wm  ptr 

Bicklord,  Horace  far 

Rosa  A  (Moore  ho 

*AxM    mill  op    Goffs  Falls 
El  win  S  far 

*Earl  M  U  S  Navy 

U  S  S  Washington 

Bilodeau,  Joseph  mill 

Adele  (Tonquay 
Pauline  pi 

Bilodeau,  Thos        lab       Mill 
Clara  L  (Graveson  ho 

Bilodeau,  T      box  shop      Mill 
Antunat  (Gu\'ette 

Bilodeau,  T     lab    Thompson 
Ada  M  (Jackues 

Blake,  M  C  poultry  farm 



Jessie  F  (Woodman        ho 
Blanchard,JM  tanner  Church 

Frank  S  mill  op 

Susie  M  (in  Cuette 

Clara  C  (Pierce  ho 

Blanchard,SF     mill  op    Mill 

AbbieM(Felch  ho 

Edith  E  stu 

Darrell  F 
Blanchard,  John  far 

Laura  L (Sanborn 

Florence  H  tr 


Ruby  pi 

Bodwell,RG  d  Main 

Alice  M  ( Libbey  ho 

Clyde  '  pi 

Boone,  Allen  F  sura  res 

Fannie  C  (Chapman 
Boone,  R  C   architect  sum  res 
Bowen,  Dan'l        ptr       Depot 

*Mabel  F  (m  Nelson 


*Earl  C    messenger  B  &  M 


Bowen,  Delia  E  ho  Thompson 

Bowen,  Wm  C  Ex  agt 

Boy n ton,  Henry  team  Winter 

Sarah  A  (Blanchard       ho 
Brace,  Elzar      mill  op      Main 

Jane  (Coaty  ho 

Delia  hotel  wk 

Gertrude  mill 

Freddie  pi 

Rilla  H  stu 

Phillip  pi 

Brethreck,  Wm  retd 

Martha  (Keating  ho 

Brock,  John  C      team      Main 

Grace  E  (Drew        brdg  ho 

Francis  H  pi 

Brogan,  Jas    wholesale  liquor 


Roxie  F  (Robinson  ho 

*Edvvard  C  baker 

15  Austin, 

Cambridgeport,  Mass 

James  C  mill  op 

Brogan,  Jas  C       mill      River 

Cora  (Plaisted  ho 

Bro,  Dianna  mill  op 

Bro,  Mary  mill  op 

*Brook8,  T    far  St  Agnes,  Can 
*P>rooks,  Sarah  A  (m  Cheney 

*George  C     Franklin  Falls 

Mabel  C  (ra  Brown 

Fred  J  mill  op 

Brooks,  Fred  Glove 

Flossie  (Baker  ho 

Ruby  E 

Frederick  E 
Brooks,  L  B  real  est  agt  Main 

Rosabelle  (Boucher 

Marion  R  pi 

Bessie  stu 

Coriune  G  pi 


*Brown,  Lovell  fl      fruit  farm 
Rodoudo,  Cal 
*John  C        blk       Canaan 
*Berton  L  mason 

Bridgeport,  Conn 
*W  S  lab         Cauaan 

*VVilder  C       far       Orford 
*fnez  R  (m  Bitnam 

*Lucretia  (m  Boulge 

Salt  Ste  Marie,  Mich 
•Versa  S  (m  Bixby 

Fitchburg,  Mass 

*Ethel  M        ho       Canaan 

Brown,  Annie  P  (Smith  Depot 

Brovvu,  Henry  (Cool  ho 


Brown,  Mark  S       car      River 

Nellie  M  ( VVilloughby      ho 

*RK    lab   No  Woodstock 

Brown,  Geo  H  sporting  goods 

Lydia  F  (Carr 
Rufus  B  glove  shop 

Albert  L  paper  mill 

Mabel  H  pi 

Brown,  Mary  A  (Fletcher     ho 


Ora  A  mer 

Brown,  Burdett  H 

Annie  R  (Cass  ho 

*Lillian  J  (m  Sargent 

Franklin  Falls 

Grace  B 


Brown,  0  A    mer  &  county  Tr 


S  Addie  (Cheney 


Ruth  C 


Robert  F 


Brown,  Sarah  E  ( 


mill  op 

Brown,  Geo  J 


Grace  T  (Thompso 


Brown,  J  Irving 


Martha  J  (Griffin 


mill  op 

*Emma  (ra  Peikini- 


Brown,  W  B         mer 


Brown,  Minnie  E  (Reed 



Ethel  M 


Mary  L 


Wilfred  A 


*Bruce,  Geo  A         car 

&  mach 

Randolph,  Vt 

*Harry  L  Campton 

livery  stable  &  horse  dlr 

Robert  B  mill  op 

Bruce,  Robert  pap  mill 

Daisy  L  (Harris  ho 

Robert  E 

Bryant,  Lulu  prin  high  school 

Bryant,  Geo  W     far  &  mill  op 
Ella  M  (Carr 


Oliver  J 
Ethel  M 
Fred  L 
Lucy  C 
Mary  B 
Winnie  M 
Bryant,  Olivier  J 
Lonise  (Cote 

mill  op 

mill  op 



Cad  well,  Jennie  (Torsey 

Calley,  W  H  far     Plymouth  4 
Alden  M  far 

*Hattie  A  (m  Eastman 
Dennis  H        poultry  &  far 
*Harris  far        Tilton 

Lester  T  lab 

Calley,  Chas  E 

Maud  (Jewell  ho 

*Calley,  Frank  L  exp 

46  Barkley,  Worcester,  Mass 

Chas  E  hos  mill 

Carey,  D  W         furn  &  carpets 

Mattie  S  (Smith  ho 

Leslie  R  stu 

Carr,  Leonard       boss  weaver 

Grace  M  (Valier  ho 

Hearn  P  pi 

Carr,  Jennie  (Huckins   Highld 
Ella  M  (m  Bryant 
Cora  B  (ra  Jackson 

Fred  A  mill  op 

*Grace  B  (m  Edwards 

Meredith,  Conn 
Carr,  F  A  mill  op    Thompson 

Ada  E  (Peaeley  ho 

Carr,  Thos  E  blk 

Eldora  M  (Sherburn 

Roy  A  stu 

Carr,  Carrie  (Eastman 

Carr,  Leonard  mill  op 

Chadwick,  Lydia  M  (Hill 


Noyer  C  tanner 

Chamberlain,  Sarah  E 

(Hodgdon  cor  High  &  Riv 
Chamberlain,  Fred  mill  op 
Chandler,  P  J  cl 

Mary  E  (Ahern 
(Chaplin,  Addie  (Mouessett 

ho    Depot 

Edward  J 
Chartier,  Lewis  mill  op  School 

Emma  (Roberts  ho 

Irene  E 
Chase,  Mary  J  (Greenlief 


Ora  G  far 

Gladys  J  pi 

*Chase,  Leon  R  R  ear  Concord 
Chase,  Henry       far         Main 

Mary  L  ( 

Alfred  HA  pi 

Eusrene  M 



Jessie  B 

Chenery,  Lizzie  (Erulaw 
Minnie  (m  Taylor 

Cheney,  Thos  P  Hi^hld 

rtd  mfr  &  dlr  in  mdse 
J  M  phy  &  sur 

*  Harry  A      phy  Campton 
*Alice  M  (m  Gilmau 
24  Hart  Ave,  Portland,  Ore 
Addie  S  (m  Brown 
Annie  P 

Cheney,  J  M       phy       Highld 
Lucy  A  (Hughes 
Mary  E  stu 

Thomas  P  stu 

Chilcott,  Abraham  boss  in  mill 
cor  Depot  &  Hill 

Alice  C  ( ho 

Bertram  L  stu 

Marion  A 

A  Frederick  stu 

Constant  S  stu 

Clark,  Edna  M  pi 

Clark,  Georgia  (Long 

Ernest  W  car 

Willis  H  team 

Sherm  A  eng 

Edna  C  (m  Richard 
E  Maud  paper  mill 

Flora  B  (m  Valier 

Clark,  JasO  stone  mason  Hill 
Carrie  M  (Robinson        ho 

Clark,  Louise  M  (Blake 

Clayton,  Cathleen         servant 


*Cleveland,  A       Boston,  Mass 
Clifford,  WB       team      Wash 

Elinor  J  (Swett 

Edna  M  stu 

Tressa  J  pi 

Marcia  A  pi 

Oral  B  pi 

Clough,  EdwW  mill  op 

IdaB  (Maxfield 

Carlos  E  pi 

Alice  M  pi 

Alpha  L 
Clough,  Viola  E  (Cox  Mill 

Chas  E  car 

AUiean  M  (m  Page 

Addie  B  (m  Russell 
Clough,  Chas  E         car    River 

*Winnie  B     Everett,  Mass 
boss  in  suit  case  dept 

*Beatrice        suit  case  mfg 
Everett,  Mass 

*Roy  L  stu  Everett,  Mass 

Belle  A  (Bruce-Bruce      ho 
Clough,  H  G      hotel  cl     Main 

Lena  R  (Colby         mill  op 
Cogswell,  Warner  B  trav  sales 


Cora  M  (Tucker  ho 

Colby,  Stephen  B  retd 

Colby,  Edw  P      team     Murry 

Lena  M  (Heath  ho 

Bertha  J  pi 

Grace  Priscilla 
Cooley,  AUie  boss  in  mill 


May  A  (Horner 

Leon  A  pi 

Cote,  Albert       fireman      Mill 

Jessie  (Lamond 

Addie  L  mill  op 

Therese  M  stu 

Orillo  H  stu 

Harry  L  pi 

Edw  E  pi 

Jobn  H 

Catherine  M 
Cotton,  Seldou  J    team  River 

Cora  V  (Andrews 

Cotton,  Ellen  A  ( Main 

hotel  cook 

*Frank  W  Providence,  R  1 

Eugene  W 

Emily  (m  Thompson 
Cotton,  Jas  M  Main 

prop  Squam  Lake  Ho 

Dora  J  (Campbell 

Dorothy  Elizabeth  pi 

John  Melville  pi 

Harold  Parker 
County,  Dennis  retd 

Harry  R  lab 

Minnie  C  (m  Moore 
Cox,  Thos  H       car       Highld 

Ida  (Cummino'S  ho 

Craig,  Oliver       retd      Winter 

Olive  J  (Andrews 

*Ora  W  Laconia 

Rector  St  James  Church 

Vera  L  hosiery  mill 

Crockett,  Chas  far 
Rose  A  (Gault 

Clarence  E  pi 

Ashley  R  pi 
Horace  A 

Cummings,  Ella  M  (Cass  ho 
27  Depot 
Delia  M  (m  Piper 

Currier,  Wm  C  far 

Nettie  L  (Rogers  ho 

Edwin  J  pi 

Catherine  L  pi 

Jennie  E  pi 

Curtis,  HarrietteL  H  (Hughes 

Ward  on  A  far 


Daniels,  Winnie       tr       Main 
Davidson,  Sarah  (Loud 

*I  Newell    stu     Plymouth 

*Baxter       team        Alton 

Addie  L  (m  Kimball 

Davis,  A  L       photog   School 

Margaret  A  (Pickett      ho 

Chas  W  stu 

John  J  stu 

France  T  pi 

Abraham  L  pi 

*Day,  Henry    lab     Plymouth 

Dean,  Susie  Main 

millinery,  fancy  &  dry  goods 

Benj         lumb  &  liv  stable 



Dearborn,  Lucy  A  (Keyes 

dr  mkr  &  librarian    Main 
Dearborn,  H  C    far        Hi^hld 
Frances  M  (Shepherd 
*Adelle  A  (m  Pease 

Gilford  Ave,  Lacouia 
*Alice  M  (m  Campbell 

Wilder,  Vt 
Demash,  Theodore  Main 

Mary  ( 

Laura  A 


Lydia  J 




Derrick,  Jas 
Dicey,  Chas 


mill  op    Thomp 
R  R  ser    Glove 
Dow,  Mary  E  ( Blanch ard 

Georo:e  E  mill  op 

Dow,  Geo  F 

Co  K,  27th  Reo-  Iowa  Infantry 
Dow,  Oren  John  mill  op 

Alice  H  (Elliott 
Dow,  G  E    mill  op  Thompson 
Hattie  (Vallier 
Tressie  E 

Albert  E 


Richard  E 
Dow,  Chas  H 
Drew,  Asa  W 




Jennie  S  (Smith 
Drouiu,  Ernest 

Angle  (Gilbert 

Leon  E 

Louraine  C 
Dupuie,  Edward        mi 

Araie  (Chenvert 

Patris  S 

Mary  M 

Ezra  I 

Rilda  M 


Abbeno  G 




mill  op 


11     Hill 

mill  op 

mill  op 

mill  op 






Eastman,  Fremont  D 


Ida  M  (Pettengill 

Frank  VV 


Eastman,  C  E      jeweler 


Alice  (Shepard 


Eastman,  Susie  ( 


Eastman,  Simeon 


Ila  B  (Smith 


Merle  C 


Phillip  S 


Eastman,  0  E       stone  i 


Lilla  B  (Eastman 

*ClydeS  mill  op  Ply 


Lena  B 

Eastman,  Jas  A 

Leroy  M 


Eastman,  E  B  j^'love  fact 

Mary  J  (Morisette 
Loriiia  A 
Estella  M 

Eastman,  Chas  A  mill  op 

Laura  E  (Perkins  bo 

Edp:ar  W  mill  op 

Louis  C  car 

Marj  A  cl 

Chas  H  cl 

Laura  F  tel  op 

Alvin  R  stu 

Forest  L  stu 

Robert  H  stu 

Paul  S  pi 

Malcolm  C 

Elliott,  E  E     prop  mill    Main 
May  E  (White  ho 

*Gertrude  M  (m  Gordon 

Richford,  Vt 
Elmer  G  mill  op 

Elliott,  Maud  C  ho 

Elliott,  John  M      hosiery  mill 

Ellis,  Sheldon  E  mill  op 

cor  Highld  &  River 
Hannah  F  (Snow-Colley 

Pastes,  Frank  cl       Depot 

Eva  (Clark 

Evans,  E  B     mill  op       Glove 
Jessie  C  (Currier  ho 

*Elsie  M  (m  Seeley 

96  Adams,  Keene 

Filch,  Louis  H        ptr         Hill 
Bessie  J  (Smith  ho 

Mabel  H 

Fellows,  Bert  E  car 

Nancy  R  (Rix 

Ferrin,  Rachel  A  (Johnson 

Myrtie  C  (m  Palmer       ho 

FiSeld,  Frank        car     Hi^^hld 
Abbie  (Cumminp^s  ho 

Lester  mech  &  elec 

Arthur  mer 

Louie  bk  kpr 

Fifield,  Lester        mech  &  elec 

Eleanor  (Wood  ho 

Dorothy  B 

Fifield,  Arthur       mer  Hi<;hld 
E  Gertrude  (Bullard       ho 

Flanders,  G  TT  mill  op 

Christie  H  (Hodo:don 
Roy  N  pi 

Marion  J  pi 

Charley  M 

Flemino',  Martin       paper  mkr 

Mary  (Sullivan  ho 

Mary  ho 

Julia  F  (m  Nichols 
John  M  mill  op 

Frank  C  paper  mkr 



James  H  cl 

Fo«j2:,  Emily  ( Plymouth 

Fulton,  Emma  G  (Grant 


Florence  E  (m  Nichols 

Garaaeche,  Jos  Main 

Dora  (Guyette 
Freddie  Iil 

Annie  pi 

Josie  pi 

Helen  pi 

Paul  pi 

Antoinette  pi 

Marion  ])1 


Gammons,  E  G  Main 

undertkr  &  mer 
AdeleC(Ladd  ho 

Philip  E  pi 

Marjorie  L  pi 

Samuel  W  }>1 

Garland,  D  F      mill  op     Main 
Martha  E  (Johnson 

Garfield,  Mrs  A  M  (Younji;    ho 

Almeda  E  box  fnct 

Gerry,  Jennie  F  (Clement      ho 


Gignae,  Greo^ory  mill  op 

Phebe (Canhue 
Leonore  E  ho 

Gin^ras,  Geo  N    mech   Schoo' 
Mary  ((jignac  ho 

Clifford  E  pi 

Harry  L  pi 

Hiram  F  pi 

Leonore  A  pi 

(Jerald  M  pi 

Natalie  F 

Goddard,  L  M         mer       Hill 
Edna  C  (Swain  ho 

Gordon,  ('has  L  mach  Hi^hld 
Sarah  J  (Andrew  ho 

John  H  lab 

Harold  A  stu 

('has  H  pi 

Mary  L  G  pi 

Gordon,  Margaret  (Baker 

Allie  L  (m  Willoughby 

Gordon,  L  F    printer    Winter 
Nellie  M  (Sargent  ho 

(Joss,  Sam'l      R  R  ser     Depot 

*  George  S  R  R  ser 

Warren  Summit 

(joss,  Sarah  ( 

Gotham,  Jas  F       cl      Winter 
Mary  P  (Bacheldcr  ho 

Gould,  Emily  (Tobine       Main 
*Laura  E  fm  Robinson 

*John  C  car  Gilmanton 
*Henry  L  R  R  ser  Winona 
Rose  A  (m  Crockett 



Ashley  C  lab 

Iva  B  (ni  Moss 
Gould,  Asbley        lab       Main 

Flossie  C  (Kedion  ho 

Gove,  Chas  pap  mfr 

Greenwood,  H  E  School 

])tr  &  pap  hoT 

Lillian  (Weeks 

dr  uikr 

Edson  H 

Guyette,  Eugene      lab 


Julia^  ( 













Guyette,  Jos      mill  op 


Ellen  (Depue 

Lura  (ni  Deniash 

Flora  (m  Hughes 

Rosie  (m  Poland 

Josie  (m  Barney 

Mary  (m  Bloddo 




mill  op 




mill  op 




Hall,  Leslie      mill  oy)     School 
Lillian  I  (Haj-es  ho 

*Hammel,LC    lab  Plymouth 
Annie  (Valier  ho 

Sadie  E  pl 

Minnie  pl 

Lei  a  V 
Dora  E 
Nora  E 

Hardy,  W  F  Hill 

cashier  Ashland  bank 
Jennie  E  (Nelson 
Jessie  M  stu 

Harriman,  A  L    barber  Pleas 
Annie  L  (Landry     dr  mkr 

Harriman,  RC    mill  op  Pleas 
Addie  M  (Barnaby 
Carl  E  pl 

Donald  R 

Elarriman,  A  W         milk  farm 
Abbie  E  (Marden  ho 

(lertrude  (m  Boynton 
*(^ary  B  (m  Lock 

Los  Angeles,  Cal 
*Henry  B  optician  Tiltou 
Mary  A  (m  Varnum 
Florence  M  (m  Crockett 
*Lettie  B  (ra  Palmer 

Arthur  L  barber 

Harrington,  Jennie  (Baker  ho 




Harris,  R  M  lumber  Spring 
Elizabeth  M  (MeKa.y  ho 
*Laura  M  (m  Miller 

4  Kendrick,  Nashua 
*I  J  (m  Peaslee  Nashua 
Frederick  A  mill  op 

Lula  A  (m  Higgiiis 
Gladys  L  etu 

Yesta  I  stu 

Ruby  L  mill  op 

Pauline  G  stu 

Harris,  Electa  T  (Smith 
Nellie  E  (m  Plummer 
*Linda  B  (m  Huse 

24  Pillsbury,  Coucord 

*G  R  Waterloo,  Oreg 

Frank  M  tel  op 

*Carl  F        con  H  &  M  R  R 

10  Pearl,  Concord 

Hart,  Robt  H  Highld 

Eleanor  (Black 
Maria  (m  Merrovv 

Harvey,  C  A  coachman  Main 
Laura (Connor  ho 

Alfred  L  stu 

Armstrong  B  pi 

Heath,  Chas  ptr  &  brick  mas 
Martha  A  (Cox  ho 

Inez  J  (m  Patterson        ho 

Heath,  Rollie  X  blk  1  Church 
Roxey  .F  (Sanborn  tr 

Heath,  W  C  invalid 

Amy  M  (Morey  ho 

Blanch  C  "^  pi 

Hill,  Harry         team       Pleas 
(jtertrude  (Good\vin 

Hill,  Howard  H  pi 

Williau)  stu 

Arthur  pi 

Hill,  Joseph  blk 

Hill,  Daniel  C  ins  agt 

Hilliard,  Geo  H  stone  cut 

Alice  E  (Clark 
Agnes  E  stu 

Loraine  M 

Hobbs,  Amanda  (Berry 

E  W  eng 

Hodgdon,  Geo  M        stone  cut 
Pamelia  (Plaisted  ho 

Christie  H  (m  Flanders 

Hodgdon,  Elizabeth  (Dow    ho 

Hodsdon,Ella  ( 

*Blanch  (m  Weutworth 

Pleas,  Plymouth 

Holland,  Mary  G  stu 

Catherine  E  stu 

AnnaM  pi 

Cornelius  G  pi 

Mary  G  stu 

Holmes,  Sam'l        far        Main 
Mary  E  (Foss  ho 

Horrigan,  Mary  (Hawkins  ho 
cor  Pleas  &  Main 

Horrigan,  Michael  retd    River 
Margaret  (Sweeney 
James  barber 



*John     spinner    Lebanon 
Mary  J  box  shop 

Margaret  cl 


Hoyt,  Leon  J  ptr 

Adaline  E  (Ta.shro  ho 

Huckins,  J  C         M  D        Main 
Susan  M  (Bachelder 

Huckins,  Edgar  pi 

Huckins,  Alva        far        River 
Ruby  A  (Plaisted 
Nellie  M  ho 

Ada  L  tel  office 

Grace  T  stu 

Herman  A  stu 

Huckins,  F  S      P  M     Cottage 
Bessie  J  (Canney  ho 

Huckins,  Nellie  M  ho 

Huckins,  A  N  dlr  in  hay  Depot 
Ida  M  (Tuttle  ho 

Huckins,  H  S  bk  kpr  Cottage 
Mina  A  (Worthing  ho 

Reginal  W 

Huckins,  Jas  F    retd    Higlild 
Mary  S  (Smith  ho 

Frank  S  P  M 

Harry  S  bk  kpr 

Hughes,  Carrie  H  S  (Sanborn 
cor  Pleas  &  Hill 

Hughes,  Francis  M         ins  agt 
Mary  M  (Baker  ho 

Hughes,  Addie  S  (Shepherd 


Elmer  C 

Jackson,  J  M 


ins  agt 

Cora  B  (Carr 

Abner  F  cl 

Jacques,  Theodore        mill  op 

Mary  M  (Guyette 
*Nora  M  (m  Tibedeau 

Lawrence,  Mass 
*Ida  Z  (m  Lavertue 

*Theodore  S  far 

Perrin,  Cal 
Eugene  mach 

*Marion  Ada 

Perrin,  Cal 
*Bert  D     iar      Perrin,  Cal 
Emma  L 
Mary  M 

Leon  C  car 

Ora  E  P  pi 

Laura  G  pi 

Homer  C  pi 

Frank  A  pi 

Jewell,  Henry  A  School 

mach  tender 
Caroline  I  pi 

Raymond  E  N 
Arabel  H  lab 



Jewell,  Chas  D    barber  School 

IdaB  (Ellsworth 
*JohnsoiJ,  Harry  teleo; 

*George  E  mill  op 

Worcester,  Mass 
*Roy  C  team 

Hubardston,  Mass 
Johnson,  S      mill  op      School 
Anna  A  (Abraham  ho 

Lillian  M 
Edna  I 
Gertine  C 


Ketchum,  G  H    retd  2  High  Id 
Jessie  A  (m  Thompson 

Keys,  Abbie  K  (Richards 

*VVm  E    mach     Honolula 
*Jennie  (m  Holmes 

Ipswich,  Mass 
Frank  A  mach 

Kimball,  Frank  A  mach 

Addie  L  (Davidson 
Vera  G  stu 

Knowlton,  C  V       hotel  stable 

Sarah  P  (Tilton  ho 

Alice  M  pi 

Harold  E  pl 

Lackie,  Amelia  Highld 

Lafoe,  Geo  A      mach      Depot 

Flora  R  (Rogers  ho 

Irene  M  pl 

Lamond,  Saml    fireman     Hill 

Mary  (Fields  ho 


Samuel  pl 

Freddie  pl 

Laraontague,  Fred  mill  op  Mill 

Mahrua  ( 

Paul  pl 

Wilfred  pl 

Exelia  pl 





Lamprev,  Lottie  A  (Smith 

Lamprey,  Alma  C  ho  Highld 
Languay,  Don       police     Mill 

Pearl  E  (Rice 

Clinton  W 
Leavitt,  Frank     far  &  mill  op 

Ellen  (Rogers 

*Harry      car     Holderness 

*Mabel  (m  Sanborn 


Lobdell,  W  J       eng    Gordon 



Bertha  M  (m  Smith 

Grace  A  (ni  Moore 

*Mabel  M  (m  Avery 


Robert  A  eng 

Lobdell,  Kobt      eng  &  mill  op 


Esther  (Ward 
Lock,  Arthur  mill  op 

Lord,  W  S      mill  op         Pleas 
Lord,  John     mill  op  Mill 

Alice  (Appleyard 

Grace  E  tr 

Vera  stu 

Lougee,  Chas  F        lab       Mill 

*Mary  (m  Durant 


Herman  paper  mkr 

Frank  F  paper  mkr 

*Florenee  (m  Lougee 


Rose  S  (Deos-Brooks      ho 
Lovvd,  J  W       team       Winter 

Fannie  J  (Woodbury 

Wooster  R  mill  op 

Lyford,  H  S  life  ins  agt  Depot 

Martha  E  (Peaslee 


Mack,  Geo  W  spinner  Gordon 

Mann,  Susan  M    dr  mkr  Main 

Marr,  Delia  (Belanger      River 

Donald  F  stu 

C  Howard  pi 

Elenore  A  pi 
Pauline  M 

Martin,  Bert  A    miller  Depot 

Fannie  L  (Patten  ho 

Martin,  Joseph  lumb 

McGraw,  Joe  Main 
Flora  (Guyette 

Melvina  pi 

McGraw,  Ralph  lab 

Annie  ( 

Angle  pi 

Mclntire,  Robt      lab  Collins 

Lettie  M  (Plant  ho 

McSweeney,  Edw 

McSweney,  J     mill  op  School 

Sophie  E  (Frame  ho 

Edith  E  mill  op 

Merrill,  H  J  Highld 

sporting  goods  factory 
Lucy  A  (Chamberlain 

Miller,  Lillian  E  mill  op 

Mills,  Byron          car  Main 

EmmaA(Kelley  ho 

Floyd  S  stu 

Minnon,  Victor  lab 

Mary  M  ( ho 

Victor  cl 

Lena  mill  op 

Mary  mill  op 

Willie  mill  op 

Emma  pi 

Joe  pi 



Ida  pi 

Mabel  pi 



Mitchell,  Elizabeth  (Hill 
Mitchell,  B  M    mill  nifr  Wash 

Era  ma  (Williams 

Eutjene  B    boss  paper  mill 

Eva  C (m  Shepard 
Mitchell,  E       mill  op      Wash 

Mary  (Rock  ho 

Gladys  pi 

Mitchell,  Ellen  (Wright     Main 
Moore,  Filander  L  far 

Nancy  M  (Bancroft         ho 

*Royal  A  ptr 

73  Depot,  St  Johnsbury,  Vt 

*Jennie  D  (m  Bennett 

6  Quaker,  W  Concord 

Nellie  M  (m  Bryant 

Frank  0  far 

Fred  W  team 

Ada  R  ho 

Moore,  Fred  W  team 

Grace  N  (Lobdell 

Inez  A  pi 

Mattie  I 

Fred  W 
Moore,  Frank  0  far 

Minnie  C  (County 

Maud  M  pi 

Dennie  P  pi 

Moore,  Carlos  E  ptr 

Bernice  M  (Harris  ho 

Ralph  S 

Leon  F" 
Morey,  M  M        janitor  school 


Annie  M  (Hardy  ho 

Susie  W^  (m  Morey 

Harry  W  mill  op 

Bessie  H  at  home 

Morrill,  J  H     ^rist  mill  &  feed 


Alice  (Brock 

Olney  S  pi 

Morrisette,  Joseph         mill  op 

Mary  ( 



Morrison,  J  G    glove  mfr  Mill 

*A  E       far     Alliance,  Neb 

*H  G       miller       Laconia 

John  E  cl 

*Alice  E  (m  Foster 


Mary  A  (Cotton  ho 

*ArthurC  printer  Laconia 
Morrison,  J  E        cl        Winter 

Winnie  V  (Cole 

Ruth  E  pi 

Clifton  C  pi 

Morrison,  SSL 
Morse,  H  J        mill  op       Main 

Iva  B  (Gould 

Robert  L 



Stephen  H 

Morton,  Alessandro  far 

Susan  F  (French  ho 

Herbert  A  far 

*Edna  L  (m  Johnson 

8  Maple  PI,  Quinc^^  Mass 

Morton,  H  C        poultry  &  far 
May  D  (French  ho 

Elton  H  pi 

Alfred  T 

Murray,  John    R  R  ser     Main 
Hester  C  (Beard  ho 

M  Louise  pi 


Nichols,  J  N      mill  &  lumb  dlr 

Julia  F  (Fleming-  ho 

Nichols,  Elbridge  G 

paper  mill    Cottage 

Evelyn  C  (Clark  ho 

Winefred  S  tr 

Alice  E  stu 

Nichols,  A  F  livery  stable 

Alice  B  (Mitchell  ho 

Ernest  M 
Mabel  A 
Nichols,  E  M       livery  Winter 

Florence  E  (Fulton 
Nichols,  F  P        mech         Hill 

Blanch  (Warren 
Northend,  Ellen  H  (Holt 

sura  res 

Norris,  Ella  L  (Bowen  ho 

Ordway,  Bert  G  far 

E  Villa  (Flanders  ho 

Marten  a  F  pi 
Beatrice  V 

O'Shea,  Margaret  mill  op 

Page,  Wm  R       car       Highld 

Alliean  M  (Clough 
Page,  Leon  R       car      Highld 

Mary  A  (Clough 
Paine,  Caroline  I      stu     Main 
Palmer,  Chas  H       ptr     Main 

Myrtle  C  (Ferrin  ho 

Earl  H  pi 

Parray,  Tom         lab       River 

Mary  (Godbout  ho 

Tommy  lab 

*  Parker,  W  H  mgr  st  oil  team 

Hillsbury  Bridge 

Parker,  Annie  M  dr  mkr    Hill 

Pattee,  Chas  H  School 

supt  hosiery  mill 

Susie  W  (Morey 

Chas  W  stu 

Pease,  Martha  E    ho    Highld 
*Pease,  B  F     retd    Plymouth 

Mary  E  (Bachelder 

Madae  tr 



Earl       R  R  ser  Plymouth 

Mariou  P  (m  Thompson 

Bret  stu 

Howard  stu 

Peaslee,  J  B         letd       River 
Peaslee,  F  B    mill  op       Main 

Sarah  (Paine 

Arthur  L  mill  op 

Peaslee,  John  P    spinner  Mill 

216  Main,  Nashua 

*Henry  L  elec  cond 

Jennie  (Gujott 
Peaslee,  Jacob       retd     River 

Eunice  A  (Clement  ho 

Ada  E  (m  Carr 

*Jotham  C  druggist 


Peaslee,  G  (Benton    ho  River 

EdnaT  boarder 

Peavey,  G  B    lumb  dlr     Main 

Rebecca  (Dean 

Beatrice  music  stu 

Grace  F  stu 

Peavey,  James  lab 

Mary  A  (Bonner 

W  J  barber 

George  mill  op 

Harry  mill  op 

•James      blk      Plymouth 
Peavey,  Harry     mill  op     Mill 

Jennie  ( ho 

Harry  J 
Perkins,  Frank      ptr        Pleas 

Francella  (Gate  ho 

Perkins,  Paul  retd  Thompson 

Frances  0  (Baker  ho 

Ella  F  ho 

Pierce,  Mary  A  (Fuller  ho 

cor  River  &  Highld 

Pierce,  M^'rtie  mill  op 

Piper,  Mary  J  (Clark 

Herbert  glove  shop 

Myrtie  (m  Pierce 

Minnie  (m  Wallace 

*Bessie  (m  Clay  Plymouth 

*Ella  (m  Adams  Lakeport 
Piper,  Herbert  mach 

Delia  M  (Cumraings 

Alberta  M 
Plaisted,  S      retd  far    E  Main 

PhebeE  (Plaiwted 

*Cella  C  (m  Eastman 

6,357  Jackson  Ave, 
Cliicago,  III 

*Belle  (m  Bowen 

68  Wilder,  Lowell,  Mass 

*Jennie  S  (m  Leavitt 
1  Sparhock  Ex,  Portsmouth 

Annie  S  (m  Morse 

Carrie  E 

finishing  dept  hos  mill 
Plaisted,  D  watchman  Depot 
Plant,  Elgie  H  pi 

Plant,  Dana  lab  Mill 

Edith  M  (Rom pre}' 
Piatt,  Jas  B     mill  op"^  Highld 

Sarah  E  ( 

Chas  G  mach 





Edith  A 


Piatt,  Chas         mech 


Ashley  W  (Whipple 


Frances  M 

Elizabeth  M 

Plummer,  G  F    sta  agt  Depot 

Nellie  (Emmons 

Plummer,  Geo  W 


Lillian  (Gushing 

Arthur  H 


Flora  M 


Maud  A 


Catherine  A 


Porter,  A  E       drug      Highld 

Abbie  (Merchant 





Porter,  11  M     druggist 


Anna  S  (Shaw 


Alberta  M 


Porter,  B  P                  dr 


Blanch  B  (Eastman 

Harry  P 


Pouiin,  Napoleon 


Hosia  (Goitte 



Pratt,  Mary 


*Prescott,  Charlie        laundry 


,  Mass 

Preston,  Salley  ( 






Prince,  Chas      laundry     Main 
Sarah  A  (Richards  ho 

Randall,  Geo  W       lab      Main 
Mary  (Goodwin  ho 


Raymond,  Geo 

Hattie  A  pl 

Record,  Lewis  S     law    Highld 
Ethel  (Robinson  ho 

Agnes  E 
Dorothy  L 
Stephen  W 
Hattie  F 

Reed,  Will  N  mer 

Lida  M  (Roger  ho 

Roberts,  Jos  N       car     Murry 
Pauline  A  (Davidson 
Mary  J  stu 

Henry  J  stu 

Frances  P  pl 

Robie,  Gay         mech        River 
Jessie  F  (Chamberlain 
Clyde  G  pl 

Tracey  L  pl 

Louise  A  pl 

Robinson,  M  L  (Roe  Hill 

Carrie  M  (m  Clark 
L  G       weaver  woolen  mill 
*AnuieB  (m  Patten      Hill 

Robinson,  A    mill  op  Cottage 
Mary  (Smith  ho 





Rock,  Geo         lab         Winter 

Jessie  B  (Small 

Harold  R 


Rock,  Geo       stone  mas      Mill 

Laura  (Thibedeau  ho 

Mary  (m  Mitchell 

Lillian  mill  op 

George  L  mill  op 

Rogers,  James  M  B  far 

*Clara  E  (m  Osborn 


*\Vm  ERR  ser  California 

*Nellie  S  (m  Woodman 


Nettie  L  (m  Currier 

*Harry  J  R  R  ser 

12  Raleigh  Ct,  Chicago,  111 
Rogers,  Geo  L       far       Depot 

Hannah  E  (Lambert 

*Ed\v  C 

Chas  W  exp 

*iNellie  E  bk  kpr 

Court,  Middletovvn,  Conn 

*John  W  ex  agent 

46  Fountain, 

Middletovvn,  Conn 

*Chester  H  brick  mas 

Weymouth,  Mass 

Alice  I  stu 

Rogers,  Chas  W  team 

Nettie  A  (Avery  ho 

Ralph  L 
Carol  A 
Nellie  H 

Rollins,  Rnfus  L     retd  Highld 

Romprey,  P  lab        Mill 

Ida  J  (Young- 
Joseph  lab 
Eugene  pi 
Edwd  pi 
Edith  xM  (m  Plant 

Roux,  Moses  meat  mar 

Lumiua  (Morin  ho 

Oziar  car 

Asdros  el 


*Arthur  s  s  op 

609  P]Im,  Manchester 
Wilfred  stu 

Antonia  stu 


Roy,  J  A  Hill 

pastor  St  Agnes  Church 

Ruell,  Samuel  lab 

Julia  (Ruell 

Russell,  Clarence  D       cl     Mill 
Addie  B  (Clough 

Sanborn,  Helen  (- 
Sanborn,  A  J 





Carrie  F  (Forsaith  ho 

Hazel  F  pi 

Dorothea  J  pi 

Mad  aline  E  pi 

Sanborn,  Chas  far 

Julia  R  (Brown  ho 

Edgar  W  plumber 

Melville  C  plumber&prntr 
Lewis  B  gas  employ 

*Nettie  M  (ra  Davis 


*  William  N  far 

Torrington,  Wyoming 

Sanborn,  E  W  plumber      Mill 
Sadie  A  (Ames  ho 

Sanborn,  Mary  J  (Garland 

ho       Main 

Sanborn,  Francis  M  trav  sales 
Ada  B  (Aldridge 
Myrtle  A  stu 

Jacob  B  pi 

Francis  M 

Sanborn,  Jason  E  car 

Rosie  G  (Worthen 

Sargent,  Chas  M  lab 

Alma  A  (Evans  ho 

Nellie  M  (m  Goddard 
Gertrude  B  telep 

Arthur  C  lab 

Lester  B  pi 

Sawyer,  Wm  H    mill  op    Main 

Josephine  ( 

Alonzo  H  pi 

Rose  A  pi 

Harry  E  pi 

Lorenzo  H  pi 

Phillip  A 
Louis  A  pi 

Sawyer,  Jos  far  Elm 

Mary  (Durant  ho 

Ezra  pi 

Millie  pi 

Peter  pi 

Ernest  mill  op 

Julia  kitchen  work 

*Ada(m  Vontell  Plymouth 

Schelzel,  Adolph      ptr     Wash 
Clara  R  (Wilkie 
Bernice  L 

Scribner,  Geo  E      hosiery  mfr 

Emma  (Meade  ho 

Scribner,  Arsenath  Miss  Pleas 

Scriggins,  Frank  mill  op 

Carrie  E  (Blackley 
*Iona  B  (m  Tibbetts 

*Maud  R  (m  Lougee 

Jessie  F  paper  mill 


Semons,  Frank      cl        Winter 
Jessie  M  (Babson  ho 

Wm  F  pi 

Clara  M  pi 

Shapleigh,  Emeline  P  (Perkins 
ho       Highld 



Shaw, Chas  H 

Alice  (Witlmni 

Ethel  M 

Laura  E 

Ralph  W 





mill  boss 


Eva  C  (Mitchell  ho 

Milton  T  pl 

Phylis  R 

Shepherd,  Florette  (Eastman 

Shepherd,  H  H     retd    Highld 

Shepherd,  E  L      lab      Highld 

Martha  L  (Blair  ho 

Sherburn,  Louis  lab 

Hattie  M  (Kelle  ho 

Winnie  I  pl 

Sinclair,  Wm  far 

Small,  Geo  L  far       River 

Frank  F  mill  op 

Lillian  L  (Lambert 

Chas  L  far 

Small,  Blanche  (Fletcher 

Jessie  B  (m  Rock 
Harry  A  mill  op 

Small,  Chas  L  far 

Susie  M  (Drake 
Orville  L  pl 

Harley  D  pl 

Howard  A 
Smith,  Wm     mill  op  No  Main 

Mary  ( ho 

*Heury  mill  op 

('linton,  Mass 

*Cora  (m  Bolangio 

Cambridge,  Mass 
Smith,  Gardner  car 

Mary  E  (Smith  ho 

Smith,  Maria  A  ho 

Smith,  Martha  A  ho 

Smith,  Geo  M  meat  mar  Main 
*Smith,  W  B      far    Plymouth 
Addie  1  (Wor  thing- 
Everett  B  car 
*Osborn  W               R  R  ser 
Earl  E  stu 
Gladys  R  pl 
Smith,  I  H  brick  mas  Gordon 
Emma  E  (Nudd               ho 
*Lilliau  (m  McFarland 


*Ernest  H  car 

Addie  G  (m  Gunn 

Clarence  M  car 

I^eon  G  lab 

Smith,  Ernest    car       Gordon 

Bertha  M  (Lobdell  ho 

Dorothy  E  pl 

Claud  M 

Smith,  Sarah  E  (Lee        Pleas 

Smith,  Edward  pl 

Smith,  Sarah  S  (Ames        Hill 

Smith,  Jos  retd        Hill 

*Annie  (m  Jewett  ho 

Downers  Grove,  Chicago,  111 

*Grace  (m  Toothaker 

Wilmington,  Mass 



*Lockhart  en^ 

Lynn,  Mtise 

*  Louisa  dr  mkr 

14  Vine,  Medford,  Mass 

*Nellie  ho 

14  Vine,  Medford,  Mass 

*Geor*i'e  mot  elec 

14  Vine,  Medford,  M^iss 

*Nesbet        far       Guilford 

Bessie  J  (Feleh  ho 

Smith,  Clarence  car 

Nora  A  (Mudget 

Harry  L  pi 

Smith,  H      far  »Jc  sp  <>ood  fact 


Minnie  (Baker  ho 

S  my  the,  B  K  retd 

Smythe,  Abiah  ho 

Smythe,  Albert  M  lab 

Almeda  M  (Safo 
Spauldino;,  R  H     mill  op    Hill 

Hattie  (Darling 

Phillip  D  p] 

Spaulding,  M  C       M  D     Main 

Mary  C  (Lamb  ho 

*Josephine  (m  Goodhue 


Harry  R  hos  mill 

Roy  H  w  mill  op 

Spaulding,  Harry  R  Main 

Lillian  (Pollard  ho 

Dorris  pi 

Lawrence  M  pi 

Spiller,  Isabel  tr  nurse  Winter 

Judith  stu 

Spiller,  Ida  T  (Thompson     ho 


*Aray  M  (m  Parker 

Hillsbury  Bridge 

Mas  A        team       Bristol 

Herbert  C  lab 

Elsie  L  mill  op 

Stevens,  Harry  mill  op 

Stevens,  O  F  ptr       Main 

Catherine  E  (Phillips      ho 

Gladys  E 

Frances  E 
Stevens,  True  0  team 

Carrie  D  (Connor 

sum  brds 
Stevens,  Geo  B       retd     River 

Jennie  M  (Durkee  ho 

Stone,  Frank         ptr       Main 
Stowell,  E  A  lumb 

Straw,  Etson  A    supt  hos  mill 

May  H  (Little  ho 

Sullivan,  Mary  A  ho 

Daniel  F  mer 

Swain,  Henry  sum  bdrs 


Hattie  A  (Paine 

Florence  (m  Wells 
Swain,  Geo  B       car      E  Main 

Annie  E  (Ellis  ho 

Chas  N  bk  kpr 

Edna  C  (m  Goddard 



Talbie,  Lewis  E 
Edna  M  (Brown 
Mabel  M  pi 

Mild  red  H  pi 

Howard  F 

Tanojuay,  Adel  (m  Billedeaii 
Fred  lab 

Mary  mill  op 

Delia  mill  op 

Annie  mill  op 

John  mill  op 

Joseph  A  stu 

Alphone  stu 

Tanp;uay,  Nobert  mill  op  Mill 
Leona  (Sorell  ho 

Leon a  M 

Tice,  Geo  W       printer      Main 
May  F  (Kedien  ho 

Lillian  M 

*Tilden,  Bertheua  (m  Berry 

549  Ashmont, 

Dorchester,  Mass 

*Isabelle      plaster  factor}- 

Rockport,  Me 

Timlin,  Wm  F  far 

Adele  (Worcester  ho 

Constance  J  pi 

Louise  G 

Therrien,  Eva  M 

•Thompson,  A      mer     Bristol 

Thompson,  Saml    lab      Pleas 

Grace  T  (m  Brown         ho 
Fannie  A  mill  op 

Elizabeth  M  mill  op 

Minnie  M  stu 

Thompson,  Emily  (Cotton 


Towle,  Henry  W    lab    Winter 
Abbie  I  (Nason  ho 

Bessie  M  stu 

Trumble,  Harriet  (Doten 

mealers    Mill 

Tucker,  Anna  E  (Glover  Pleas 
Cora  M  (m  Cogswell       ho 

Tucker,  Fred  A  job  team 



Vachon,  Henry       lab         Mill 
Jessie  (Landrock  ho 

Almon  L  pi 

Ernest  T  pi 

Minnie  D 

Valier,  John  lab 

Phebe  (Morris  ho 

Hattie  (m  Dow 
Jennie  hosiery  mill 

Elvira  (m  Valier 
John  mill  op 

Grace  mill  op 

Varnum,  John  L  plumb 

Mary  A  (Harriman 
Ruth  H 

Verrill,  Ethel  (Lock  ho 



Yerrill,  Chas  H    mill  op  Wash 
Flora  D  (Dow  ho 

Vondall,  Charlie  mill  op    Hill 
Delia  (Diipuie 
Wilfred  A 


Wadleij;h,  Fred  J    far  &  team 

Plymouth  4 

AVadleij^h,  W  L  far 

Fly  month  4 

Lizzie  A  (Black         mill  op 

Edith  M  stii 

*  Wallace,  Win  barber 

Lyiiu,  Mass 

Minnie  (Piper  ho 

Cynthia  L  f»l 

Walsh,  Jas      mill  op     S(;hool 

Hattie  L  (Smith  ho 

May  C  (m  C^uinn 

Warner,  E  P  stone  mas  Depot 

Mary  A.  (Bl  an  chard 

Warren,  Mary  J  (Moore  Main 

*Daniel  F  f>jrocories 

Clairmont,  R  I 

Blanche  E  (m  Nichols 

Roscoe  S  stu 

•Beatrice  Plymouth 

cashier  Tel  Co 

Weare,  Ira  D  Depot 

agt  Grand  Union  Tea  Co 

*Enoch  W      en^r  &  mill  op 

Meredith  Ctr 

Edith  H  (Mudgett  ho 

Welch,  Wm  lab 

EttaM  (Fogg 

Henry  lab 

Harry  lab 

Welch,  Florence  B  (Easter 


Leila  A  pi 

Wells,  Chas  H  mill  op 

VVesson,  Susan  E  (Keyes 

*Flora  A  (m  Palmer 

Whipple,  Annie  (Hoyt      Pleas 

Ashley  W  (m  Piatt 

*Ueorge        phy       Mexico 
Whitcher,  Emri  car  Plymouth 

Lydia  A  (Willoughby 

*Miua  J  (m  Davis 

Sadie  E   (m  Merrill 

*Eva  J  (m  Good 
18G  Commonwealth  Ave 
Boston,  Mass 

*Inez  (m  Decado      Bristol 

*Iva  B  (m  Ti  bad  ore 


Lester  paper  mill 

Lwin  E  lab 

Ray  E  pi 

Ona  M  pi 

WLiitehouse,  Robert       mill  op 
Whitten,  Hattie  (Andrews 

Whitten,  Elias  V  S 

Fannie  (Benton 



Wilkie,  Ida  E( Heath        Ploas 

*JusHn  D  eno- 

Los  Vefjas,  Nev 

*Georg;e  C  hack  driver 

St  Johnsbni-v,  Vt 

*Martha  L  (m  Kop])ka 

St  Johnsbury,  Vt 
Bill  J  hosipiy  mil) 

Clara  R  (in  Schelzel 
John  i\I  niill  o[> 

*Albert  C  Inb 

St  Johnsbury,  Vt 
Austin  B  stu 

Mildred  P 

Wilkins,  Pauline  E  ])1 

Wilkius,  Marion  E 

*  Wilkins,  Alo-er  G  olec 

121  Federal,  Boston,  Mass 

Willey,  ChasB        Inb       Main 
Nellie  W  (Crowley  ho 

Willouu'hby,  Otto  far 

Lizzie  A  (Gordon  ho 

Annie  B  stu 

Wood,  Rev  HL  Hijihld 

St  Marks  Church 
Elizabeth  (Stewart 
Elizabeth  G  ])1 

H  Mary  S  1.1 

Eleanor  S  B  |)1 

H  Gifford  S  pi 

Woodman,  CS  dentist 

Rose  P  (Hill 
Hallie  L  asst  P  M 

Joseph  E  mill  op 

WoodmaD,  Earl  mill  op 


Maud  M  (Caswell  ho 

Forest  E 
Wort  hen,  Lena  ho 

Worthen,  Eu.2,ene  Mark      phy 

Wright,  F  E    paper  mill  Main 

Li  Hie  M  (Coe 

Blanche  L  pi 

Alma  B  pi 

Harold  S  pi 

Hazel  M 

Russell  E 

Youno-,  C  A      mill  op  Collins 

Josie  M  (Plant  ho 

Herbert  A  stu 

Irvin  L  pi 
Hazel  M 

Young,  Otis     mill  op  Main 

Vernie  (Durant  ho 
Lena  M 

Ccn$u$  of  IDoultonbono 

Note— Where  no  Post  Office  address  is  given  Moulton- 
boro  is  understood.  Other  Post  Offices  are  abbreviated 
thus:  Moultonboro— Mltnboro;  Long;  Island— L  I;  Melvin 
Village— M  Vil;  Neck  Road— Nk  Rd.  Rural  Free  Delivery 
routes  are  expressed  by  the  number  of  the  route. 



Abbotl,  L  M  (LMiiiproy         bo 

Josephine  M  (m  Goodhue 
Abbott,  Arthur  F      far    No  1 

Bertha  A  (f^lch 

P^reemau  H 

Harry  A 
Aldrich,  Victor  F 

Mabel  M  (Day 
Amarbeia,  Tony 

Margaret  A  (Belford 

James  W 

Raymond  A 

Margaret  A 

Madaline  A 
Amarbeia,  James 

Madaline  (Machio 

*Mary  (m  Carlo  Now  York 

*LeDa  (m  Chiriallo       N  Y 

Comalla  p] 

&  far 










Angelina  dr  mkr 

Ames,  Harold  B  pl 

Ames,  Martha  J  (Ellison 

*Fred  L  R  R  ser 

Newbury,  N  Y 

A  very,  R  A  stone  mas    Nk  Rd 

Rosie  J  (Dow  ho 

*Mabel  L  (m  Hood 

Boston,  Mass 
^Florence  I  (m  Blackey 

Cambridgeport,  Mass 
*Aray  A  (m  Harmon 

York,  Me 
*Lillian  I  (m  Bel  more 

Verba  M  (m  Clem  ant 
Mary  S  (m  Dearborn 
Roland  J  pl 




Bacon,  Geo  F  com  advt 

Mltnboro  R  F  D 

Myra  A  (Oilman  ho 

Bartlett,  Bert  J  blk  Mltnboro 
Gertrude  G  (Glidden       ho 

Bartlett,  0  G      far    Mltnboro 
Alice  F  (Leach  ho 

Frank  D  p! 

Clarence  P  pi 

Bartlett,  Onie     ho    Mltnboro 

Batchelder,  Edw  F  far   R  F  D 
Annie  (Newman  ho 

Bennie  F  pi 

Batchelder,  Lizzie  N  (Goodwin 
Lilla  (m  Hudson  ho 

Bean,  John        retd  R  F  I) 

Bean,  John  F        car        RFD 
Mary  L  (Manville  ho 

Annie  L  pi 

Gladys  L  pi 

JohnF  pi 

Naomi  F  pi 

Beason.  Jos  far 

Ameltersel  (Gorden 
Napoleon  far 

Daniel  lab 

Newell  lab 

Beason,  Napoleon  far 

Addie  (Thompson  ho 

Joseph  pi 

John  pi 

Levena  pi 

Beattie,  Pressey 

Lola  (Owen 


En  a 



Beckwith,  R  L 


sum  res 

RFD  1 

Sallie  (NewHon  ho 

Bel  more,  Chas  S  mason 

Mary  (Greenwood  ho 

*Geo  J  meat  market 


Napoleon  C  ptr 

Frank  J  tr 

Clara  L  (m  Ruiter 

Benson,  Homer  E     far  R  F  D 

Bennett,  Abbie  M       Mltnboro 

Berry,  Mary  F  (Paine  ho 

Mltnboro  RFD 

*Nellie  L  (m  Lee 

New  Durham 

Elmer  M  far  «&  car 

Berry,  Elmer  M  far 

Mltnboro  R  F  D 

Altie  E  (Berr^'-  ho 

Berry,  L  F  butch 

Mltnboro  RFD 

Mary  E  (Smith  ho 

Clarence  F  lab 

ArzillaC  tr 

Altie  E  (m  Berry 



*Ralph  H  mech 

Fitchbnrg,  Mass 

FloBsie  E  tr 

Eruest  L  lab 

Berry,  Clarence  F  butch 

Mltiiboro  R  F  D 

Elsie  B  (You no-  ho 

Roy  E  pi 

Albert  C  pi 

Berry,  F  W  far 

Mltoiiboro  R  F  I) 

Grace  L  (Dearborn         ho 

Leonard  W  pi 

Louvo  M 

Berry,  J  H  butch 

Mltonboro  R  F  I) 

Ethel  M  (Braoff 


Brickford,  Henry  S  far  RED 
Mary  E  (Smart  ho 

Bickloni,  M  B         far       No  1 
Marguerite  A  (Sanborn 
Minot  W  ptr 

Bickford,  M  W      ptr       R  F  D 
Chas  M  pi 

Sherley  F  pi 

Etta  M  (Dow  ho 

Blanche  H 
Maurice  E 
Myron  A 
Clarence  E 

Bickford,  Geo  O       far    RED 
Marguerite  B  (Hudson 
Carl  H  pi 

Linwood  V 

Billings,  0        fore  Kona  farm 
Mary  (Everett  ho 

Blackey,  Jas  M  car 

Abbie  F  (Berry  ho 

*Albert  D  '  milk  del 
7  Salera,  Cambridge,  Mass 
Uarry  H  cl 

*Bessie  M  (m  Morrison 

John  L  livery  stable 

Maud  M  ho 

Ina  B  ho 

Rose  F  pi 

Mark  M  pi 

Blackey,  Harry  H  cl 

Minnie  L  (Bickford  ho 

EdnaC  pi 

Eunice  D 

Blackey,  Albert  B  far 

Julia  A  (Smith  ho 

Blake,  Hattie  D  (Dearbon 

bk  kpr 

Blake,  Edwin  E  far 

Mary  C  (Stone  ho 

Mamie  D  stu 

Blanchard,  Geo  A 

The  Homestead 
Selectman,  grain  dlr  &  far 
Adele  H  ( Jaclard  hostess 
Victorine  J  pi 

Paul  F  pi 

Bodge,  Dan'l  M 


Mltnboro  RED 
Ellen  M  (Piper  ho 



*Harry  E  lab  Sandwich 
*Fre(l  A  mill  op  Rochester 
Frank  E  lab 

Bertha  G  ho 

Brown,  Fred  A     car  &  sawyer 

Hattie  M  (Paine  ho 

*Arnold  F  hotel  cl 

141  \V  45th,  New  York 

Brown,  Sarah  F  (Dow    ho  L  I 

Brown,  Ira  B  marine  eng- 

Mae  E  (Shafer  ho 


Brown,  Ralph  0  box  mfg- 

sum  res,  L  I 
Georgia  B  (Davis  ho 

Helen  L  pi 

Gertrude  F  pi 

Robert  E  pi 

Florence  K  pi 

Marion  J 

Brown,  Harry  E  far  L 1 
Isabelle  (Hollis  ho 

Bragg,  Geo  H  far  R  F  D 
Sarah  J  (Butterfield  ho 
*Eva  A  (m  Glidden 

*Ethel  M  (ni  Berry 


Bragg,  A  A  car  Mltnboro 
Mary  E  (Cook  ho 

*Hattie  E  (m  Hodge 

Lizzie  A  (m  Cook 
Aimer  R  lab  &  car 

Bryant,  Mary  S  (Smith  RED 

Bryant,  Mary  C  (Copp  ho 


Bryant,  N  TV  car 

Etta  A  (Glines  ho 

Henry  E  stu 

Perley  R  pi 

Frank  E  pi 

Burke,  John  lab 

Buxton,  Bessie  J  (Martin     ho 


Herbert  A  ]>1 

Caldwell,  Levi  M      far    Nk  Rd 
*Laura  (m  Benson 

)Yindham,  Me 

Harry  E  far 

*  William  watch  mkr 

Waltham,  Mass 

Campbell,  Bernice  E  ho 

Mltnboro  R  F  D 

Chapman,  Edw  L      retd      L  I 

Catherine  E  (Brown        ho 

*Ethel  A  (ni  Samsel 

Lynn,  Mass 
*Alida  A  (m  Prentiss 

Lynn,  Mass 

Chase,  William    L       ptr       1 

Nellie  C  (Watson  ho 

Clarrage,  Hattie  A  (Parrott  1 

Geo  A  lab 

Clark,  Abbie  F  (Huntress     ho 

Mltnboro  RED 



Clemaiit,  Freemau  P  far 

Mltnboro  R  F  D 

Clemant,  Ralph  W  team 

Verba  M  (Avery  ho 

Ch)u»ih,  Tra  A  lab  Mltnboro 
Mary  A  (Delaney  ho 

Mary  M  ])1 

Harry  0  pi 

Helen  pi 

Chester  N  pi 

Mabel  pi 

Ray  mo  11(1  W 

Cook,  Priscilla  A      ho    Nk  Rd 

Cook,  Edward  E         boatman 

Cook,  Hiram  E      far      Nk  Rd 

Cook,  Chas  C  car  Mltnboro 
Lizzie  A  (Bragg-  ho 

Merle  C  pi 

Cook,  Delbert  far  Lake  View 
Susie  I']  (Colby  ho 

Maud  C  (m  Goodwin 

Cotton,  Lavina  (Oilman  ho 
*C  B  phy  &  ser  Wolfeboro 
*Etta  (m  Daniels 

Somerville,  Mass 

Coverlj',  Catherine  (Kij)  ho 
Maria  L  ho  &  fai- 

Coverly,  J  as  R       far       M  Vil 

Lydia  F  (Fernald  ho 

*Roscoe  leather  dlr 


*Li!lian  M  (m  Knowles 

Bel  111  on  I 
*Willis  l)lk         Tilt  on 

Durbon  F       cl     Meredith 
Arthur  Jj  mer 

Cram,  Amanda  M  (Garland 
*Nellie  A  (m  Calkin 

Morgan  Ctr,  N  Y 
Fred  P  ear 

Chas  F  ear 

Abbie  F  (m  Blackey 
*Cora  H  (m  Leavitt 

55  Buffam,  Salem,  Mass 
*  Lor  is  L  (m  Elodge 

*EvaM  (m  Hutehins 


Cram,  Guy  E       far  &  ptr       1 

Susan  E  (Whitney  ho 


Davis,  L  A  far 

Mltnboro  R  F  D 

Mary  A  (Roll  ho 

Smith  L  far 

Sarah  J  (m  Foss  ho 

*Helen  L  New  York 

master  mathematics 

Davis,  Smith  L  far 

Mltnboro  R  F  D 

Lillian  S  (Spaulding       ho 

Blanche  S  pi 

Davis,  Elmer  E  lab 

Mltnboro  RED 

Davis,  Ernest  E  far 

Mltnboro  RED 

Ellen  M  (Mcllester         ho 



Davis,  Ida  S  ho       R  F  D 

Davis,  Frank  W  far         1 

*Eva  (m  Mudgett 

Clara  L (Cook  ho 

Davis,  F  L     Elm  Brook  Farm 

Mltnboro  R  F  D 

Lena  F  (Gove  ho 

Harold  L  pi 

Davis,  F  A  far  Lake  View 
Kate  F  (MacDonald  bo 
Dorothy  pi 

Norman  pi 

Donald  pi 

Stuart  pi 


Davis,  Chas  W  far  M  Yil 
Cora  E  (Morrison  ho 

Leon  A  lab 

Dora  E  pi 

Helen  L  pi 

Davis,  John  C  far  Lake  View 
Hannah  E  (Smith  ho 

Chas  W  far 

*Frank  A  far  LI 

Elmer  E  lab 

Lynde  E  far 

John  R  lab 

Thomas  C  lab 

*Ernest  E     far    Mltnboro 
Harry  L  lab 

*Cora  E    nurse  Lake  Port 
*Nora  E  (m  Cass 

Lake  Port 

Davis,  L  E  far  Lake  View 
Ada  M  (Smith  ho 

Edward  L  lab 

Florence  B  ho 

Alice  R  pi 

Esther  A  pi 

Chester  A  pi 

Karle  E  pi 

Ruby  E 

Day,  Nancy  D  (Morrison  ho 
Arthur  W  far 

*Cha8  E  ptr  Chelsea,  Mass 
Mabel  M  (m  Aldrich        ho 

Day,  A  W  far  &  junk  RED 
*H  J  lab  Mltnboro  Neck 
Alice  M  (Whitten  ho 

Grace  H  pi 

Evelyn  L  pi 

Amy  A  pi 

Day,  Chas  A     lab    Lake  View 

Day,  J  W  far  Lake  View 
Mary  A  (Brand  ho 

*Clara  (m  Lamphrey 
ho  &  dr  mkr  Boston,  Mass 
*Sarah  L  s  s  op 

Portland,  Me 
*Edith  V  (m  Stanley  ho 
11  Wakella,  Boston,  Mass 
*Estella  M  (m  King  Alton 
James  C  lab 

Day,  A  far  Mltnboro  RED 
Sherman  lab 

Andrew  lab 

Dearborn,  Ethel  N  ho 



Dearborn,  Wilber  C  team 

Mary  S  (Avery  ho 

Dorothy  W 

Dodo-e,  Leon    ]\Iltnboro  R  F  D 

fore  Ossipee  Mt  Park  Fn.rra 

Lila  G  (Gove  ho 

Marion  pi 

Carroll  M 

Dodge,  Allen  far  Mltnboro 
Lizzie  L  (Brow  ho 

Dow,  Benj  W  far  Lake  View 
Sarah  E  (Wentworth  ho 
*G  K  salesman  Peoria,  111 
Benj  R  far 

*Irving  E  millman  Dover 
*Joseph  W  s  s  op  Dover 
Hattie  A  ho 

Dow,  Benj  R  far  Nk  Rd 
Eva  E  (Huston  ho 

Edith  pi 

Ethel  pi 

Lizzie  K  pi 

Evelyn  H 

Dow,  James  B        far       M  Vi] 
Etta  M  (m  Bickford 
Bernice  E  ho 

Harry  E  team 

*L  E  mecli  Manchester 
Arlene  L  pi 

Frances  P  pi 

Ernest  H  pi 

Ellis  M  pi 

Dow,  Abigail  E  (Goodwin     ho 

R  FD 

Benj  W      far     Star  Route 

Jeremiah  K        far  &  cook 

Dow,  JK     far  &  cook    RED 

Henry  E  _  lab 

Drew,  Jane  E  (Leavitt  ho 

*Mary  E  cl 

Burlington,  N  Y 

Drew,  Geo  A  lab 

Mltnboro  RED 

Durgin,  B  B       far     Mltnboro 

Ella  F  (Taylor  ho 

Durgin,  Barkley     mill  &  lumb 


Ella  rPavlor  ho 

Edwards,  John  L  livery  stable 
Sophia  (Myers  ho 

Catherine  J  pi 

Lucy  pi 

Arthur  J  pi 

Frederick  R 

Emerson,  J  C  retd  soldier 

Luella  F  (Bean  ho 

Emery,  Julia  B 

Mltnboro  R  F  D 

Flanders,  Mary  ( Mltnboro 

Lizzie  (m  Batchelder      ho 

Somerville,  Mass 

Fogg,  Abbie  (Blackey  ho 



Anna  M        cook  &  dr  mkr 

*HattieR(m  Gould        ho 

So  Hirara,  Me 

John  W  car  &  far 

*Luella  (m  Fog;or  ho 

New  Hampton 

Fogg,  John  W  car 

Josie  (Raymond  ho 

Folsom,  Laura  A  (Wentworth 

ho    LI 

Ida  M  ho 

*Maud  A  (m  Ames 

Lawrence,  Mass 
*Eva  D  (m  Goodhue 

Clifford,  Mass 

Fobs,  Albert  M  far 

Mltnboro  R  F  D 

Elizabeth  A  (Beagin       ho 

Fobs,  Fred  M  far 

Mltnboro  R  F  D 

*WalterC  lab 

Stoughton,  Mass 

N  Marion  stu 

Sarah  J  (Davis  ho 

Millard  R  pi 

Clyde  B 

Freezse,  Alfred  S  mer  Mltnboro 

Josie  E  F  (Meader  ho 

French,  James  E 

far  &  Justice  of  Peace 

Frye,  John  far 

*Herbert  C  lab 

*Willard         M  E  preacher 

W  Thornton 

*Edith  M  ho    Laconia 

*Maud     ho  Carver,  Mass 

Alice  (Leech  ho 

Mary  pi 

Sadie  pi 

Ethel  pi 

Garland,  Jane  E  (Drew         ho 

*Harold  G  lab 

Mltnboro  Nk 

Henry  E  lab 

Maud  E 

Mildred  E  pi 

Garland,  Geo  H  lab 

Helen  G  (Russell  ho 

Garland.  Curtis  C  far 

Hattie  F  (Burnham        ho 
Garland,  N  B       mason    No  1 

Mary  A  (Ward  ho 

Dexter  B  far 

*Seth  D  blk   Sandwich  Ctr 

Curtis  C  lab 

liVdia  L  (m  Yate 
George,  Vera  M  pi 

Gilmau,  Elizabeth  J  (Plummer 
Mltnboro  R  F  D 

]\Iyra  A  (m  Bacon  ho 

Gilman,  Irvin  S      mill  &  lumb 


Arretta  L  (Whitton       ho 
Gilpatric,  John  E    far    RED 



Electa  A  (Smith  ho 

Bern  ice  E  pi 

Glidden,  Isaac  B  far 

Mltnboro  RED 

*Anuie  M  (m  Batchelder 

*Etta  J  (m  Batchelder 


Oscar  D  far 

Glidden,  Oscar  D  far 

Mltnboro  RED 

Eva  A  (Braojz;  ho 

Harold  E  pi 

Glidden,  Tristam  lab 

*Edward  G  salesman 

40  Adams,  Somerville,  Mass 

Annie  tr 

Glines,  Fred  ptr 

Jeanette  (Neal  ho 

Glines,  Fred  E  ptr 

Mary  J  (Neal  ho 

Glover,  Frank  E      far  &  team 


*ErankH  el  Sharon,  Mass 

Elizabeth  M  ho 

Sarah  E  (Yate  ho 

Goodhue,  John        yacht  man 

Nk  Rd 
Josephine  M  (Abbott  ho 
Ellacoya  pi 

Dorothy  A  pi 

Mary  L  pi 

John  J 
C  Irene 


Goodrich,  C  E     lumb,  mill  op 

&  sum  hotel 

Amanda  A  (Blake  ho 

Goodwin,  E  A   far   Lake  View 

Helen  A  (Angell  ho 

Alice  M  tr 

*Jaraes  E  s  s  op 


Elmer  C    far    Athol,  Mass 

*Robert  H  mach 

Goodwin,  E  C    far  Lake  View 

Maud  E (Cook  ho 

Goodwin,  M  V  B      sales  &  ptr 

Goodwin,  Wm  G  far 

Annie  M  (Calomy 
Goodwin,  Ellen  M  (Bickford 

Mltonboro  RED 

*Leon  D  bk  kpr 

30  Grant,  Manchester 

*Chas  M  el 

30  Grant,  Manchester 

*Martha  M  (ra  Lee 

10  Chestnut,  Wakefield,  Mass 

Ralph  E  far  &  mer 

Goodwin,  Nathan  G  far 

Mltnboro  RED 

Emma  (Snow  ho 

Goss,  Edo-ar  S  far  &  car 

Mltnboro  RED 

Annie  L  (Estes  ho 

Gould,  Frank  G      far      RE  I) 

Anna  P  (Moulton  ho 

Helen  M  pi 



Gould,  Henrj  R  ptr 

Nellie  F  (Dow  ho 

*Alice  C  (m  Sturtevant 


*Everet,t  H  police 

59  P\)re8t  Hill,  Boston,  Mass 

Greene,  J  A     phy     Lai^e  View 

Lucretia  B  (Drew  ho 

•Frank  A  phy  &  sur 

244  West  109th,  New  York 

Greene,  Fred         far       Nk  Rd 

Greene,  Nathan    far       Nk  Rd 

Roxanna  (Pluramer      ho 

Clarence  E  stu 

Greene,  R  I)  far 

New  Chamberlain  House 

Annie  E  (Ellison     hostess 

Greene,  C  A    car  &  far   R  F  D 
Ad  die  J  (Leach  ho 

Greene,  F  E  phy    Sura  res  L  I 

Mary  ( 

Gardner  retd 

Robert  retd 

Frank  E  retd 

Marion  ho 

Graves,  L  Jennie  (Mason     ho 


Hackett,  B  lab 

Hanson,  Ida  I  (Worcester    ho 


Hanson,  A  E    far    Lake  View 

Eva  M  ho 

Nellie  M 


Arthur  L 


Hanson,  Belle 


Hart,  J  G        retd 


•Walters      lab      Conway 
*Wilber  F  lab 

*Cora  (m  Stevens 

Boston,  Mass 
Emily  S  (Spencer-Cuttino^ 

Hayes,  J  lab    Mltnboro  RFD 
Ida  J  (Stevens  ho 

•Henry  E  chauffeur 

Boston,  Mass 
Kassie  A  pl 

Alice  M  pl 

Haynes,  Harr}^  W       far     L  I 
Florence  ( 

Henry,  Leavitt  lab 

Hill,  Emma  C(Hurd  ho 

Lewis  H  hostler 

•Harris  E   team    Ashland 

Hill,  Chas  S  far 

Grove  Hill  Farm  1 

Alice  (Canney  hostess 

Herbert  C  pl 

Hildreth,  E  D  far 

Hollingsworth,  Z  T 

sum  res,  Kanohasset  Farm 

•Amos  mill  mfr 

Boston,  Mass 

•Valentine       mill  overseer 

Boston,  Mass 

Holmes,  Minnie  G  (Woodman 
Gladys  E  pl 



Home,  F  J  far         R  F  D 

Ella  A  (Brown  ho 

Harold  G  boatman 

Elmer  D  far 

Edgar  B  boatman 

Home,  Deborah  (Wallace 

Mltnboro  R  F  D 

Alviser  A  (ra  Wakefield 

Home,  Chas  far  1 

Martha  J  (Durgin  ho 

Frank  E  team 

*  Annie  M  cl 

42  Concord  Sq,  Boston,  Mass 

*Nellie  J  dr  mkr 

9  Spring,  Nashua 

*Be8sie  C  s  s  op 

9  Spring,  Nashua 

*Georgia  A  ho 

Home,  Frank  E  M  Vil 

Grace  (Hill  ho 

Robert  S  pi 

Home,  William  H  far 

Mltnboro  RED 

*Etta  L  (ra  Martin  ho 


Annis  (m  Grant  ho 

*Bertie  E  (m  Welch         ho 


Hojt,  Moses  E    car  Mltnboro 

Lydia  A  (Smith  ho 

Alma  G  (ra  Quimby        ho 

Chas  E  car 

J  En OS  car 

Josie  M  (m  Lovering      ho 

Ruth  J  ho 

Uoyt,  Jones  E    ear  Mltnboro 

Ruth  (Moulton  ho 

Hoyt,  Chas  E     car    Mltnboro 

Lena  R  (Webster  ho 

Hoyt,  H  C  lumb  &  far 

Mltnboro  RED 

Harriet  N  (Prime  ho 

Gertrude  E  (m  Lord       ho 

*Mabel  L  (m  Longley     ho 

"  M  Vil 

Chas  N  car 

*Jennie  F  (m  Frye  ho 


Percy  H  pi 

Huntress,  Ellen  E  (Lucas     ho 

Mltnboro  R  F  D 

AbbieH(ra  Clark  ho 

Ella  J  ho 

*  Frank  far  &  s  s  op 


*Hamlin      mer      Laconia 

Huntress,  Ella  J  ho  Mltnboro 


Jacklard,  V      retd     Mltnboro 

Jackson,  Shirley      lab    RED 

.Tackson,  W  C  jeweler 

Geo  H  '      ptr 

Elizabeth  (Benson  ho 

Jennis,  Kassie  (Stevens        ho 

Mltnboro  R  F  D 

Jones,  Arthur  J  car         1 



Minnie  K  (Taffiu  ho 

Seneca  J 


Kelley,  Frank  G  lab 

Annie  L  (Leavitt  ho 

Kelley,  Wra  A         mail  cl        1 
Ida  M  (Evans  ho 

James  F  pi 

Alfred  S 
Kelley,  Cynthia  C  (Goodwin 
*Cha8  F    car    Lynn,  Mass 
*Cora  A  (m  Salter  ho 

•Josephine  E  (ra  Jenness 


*Lizzic  C  (m  H olden        ho 


*C  E      mech     Lynn,  Mass 

Lillie  V  (m  Perkins         ho 

Kelley,  Abigail  E  (Dow  R  F  D 

Kelley,  Stephanus  C       far      1 

Delia  E  (Sanborn  ho 

Lewis  P  ptr 

Edith  S  (ra  Mayo  ho 

*Perc3^  Chauffeur 

Pasadena,  Cal 

Kent,  Elizabeth  S  (Grossman 

tr&ho    RFD 

Knight,  James  P  far 

Mltnboro  RFD 

Juliette  L  (Clough  ho 

•Georgia  M  (m  Perkins 

No  Sandwich 

•William  1)      livery  stable 


Abbie  M  (m  Tilton  ho 

Knowles,  S  A    far    Lake  View 
Alice  C  (Tappin  ho 

Knowies,  J  A    far    Lake  View 
Sarah  E  (Rogers  ho 

Aim  on  F  lab 

Ina  B  ho 

Lilla  A  pi 

Knowles,  Betsy  B  (Morrill 

Lake  View 
A  A  far 

Livona  A  ho 

James  A  far 

Clara  L  (m  Hutchinson 
*Sadie  L  (m  Varney        ho 

Lamprey,  L  P  far 

Mltnboro  RFD 

Sarah  E  (Goodwin  ho 

Lamprej^  F  E  LI 

fore  Wandmere  Farm 

HattieE(Cook  ho 

Langdon,  Aaron  B  far 

Mltnboro  R  F  D 

*Chas      cl    Reading,  Mass 

Lizzie  I  (Watson  ho 

Leach,  Sarah  J  (Tappin       ho 


*Fred  W     eng    Alton  Bay 



*  Arthur  A 

*A]ice  (m  Fry      Plymouth 

Frauk  B  lab 

Leach,  A  A       lab      Mltnboro 
Bertha  (Lindbur^-  ho 

William  A  pi 

Chester  A 

Leach,  Ralph  H  lab 

Elizabeth  T  (Ketchum    ho 
Pauline  tr 

*Chas  O  cl  Peabody,  Mass 
Edith  E  ^         pi 

Ralph  H  pi 

Geo  K  pi 

Hazel  0  pi 

A  L  pi 

Helen  T  pi 

Lee,  Lucy  E  (Moulton  ho 

Mltnboro  R  F  D 


10  Chestnut,  Wakefield,  Mass 

*H  M      fore     Windsor,  Vt 

Robert  far 

Lee,  Martha  J  (Lee  ho 

Mltnboro  R  F  D 

Lizzie  ho 

Lee,  David  G     eng    Mltnboro 
Clara  M  (Messer  ho 

Carroll  G  pi 

Henry  E 
Louise  M 

Lord,  C  S  far  Mltnboro  R  F  D 
Gertrude  E  (Hoyt  ho 

Herbert  E 

Andrew  C 
Chas  L 
Lovering,  F  S  phy  &  sur 

Josephine  M  (Hoyt  ho 
Gladys  E  pi 

Madeline  H  pi 

Earle  N  pi 


Mark,  Frank  P    far  Mltnboro 
Arthur  runner 

Mallard,  William  B  team 

Ellen  A  (McCormic  ho 

William  R  pi 

John  C  sum  brdg  ho 

Mallard,  Geo  W  far 

Mabel  F  (m  Leighton     ho 
W  B  team  &  brdg  ho 

*Geo  M      mer      New  York 
*Susie  B  (m  Evans  ho 


Manville,  Leon  lab 

Mary  ( 

Mary  (m  Bean 

Leon  cl 

Emily  ho 

Mason,  Martha  J  (Ames       ho 


McDonald,  Jas  H  far 

Mltnboro  RED 

Eva  S  (Bailey  ho 

McDonald,  Wm  K  far 

Mltnboro  R  F  D 



Belle  C  (Prime  ho 

*Willie  T  chauffeur 

45  Baller^^march, 

Boston,  Mass 

*Harry  E  shipper 

45  Balleryniarch, 

Boston,  Mass 

Addie  J  (m  Penninian 

Geo  H  lab  &  car 

Flora  Belle  ho 

MacDonald,  Frank  actor 

Mltnboro  R  F  D 

Minnie  B(Moulton  actress 

McKeene,  E      retd     Mltnboro 

OHveC(Webb  ho 

•William  E  millman 

*Alice  W  (m  Allen  ho 

Norway,  Me 

*Katie  L  (m  Messerve    ho 


Sidney  P  millman 

McKeene,  Sidney  P      millman 


Mattie  A  (Smith  ho 

Donald  S  pi 

Louis  J  pi 

Cora  L  p] 

Maloon,  Elizabeth  C  (Nash 


Joseph  L  ins 

Moulton,  A  U  s  niach  re])airer 


Martha  H  (Hereey  ho 

*Geo  A  s  s  op 

Elmwood,  Mass 

*Fannie  M  (m  Mosher     ho 

Brockton,  Mass 

*Aunie  K  (m  Osborn       ho 

Brockton,  Mass 

*Carrie  A  (ra  Dwyer        ho 

Brockton,  Mass 

*James  A  team 

Brockton,  Mass 

Moulton,  Isaac  A     lumb&far 


Carrie  M  (Tilton  ho 

F  Harvey  stu 

Moulton,  Hattie  ho 

Mltnboro  R  F  D 

Moulton,  Horace  far 

Mltnboro  RED 

Moulton,  Edwin  far 

Mltnboro  RED 

Lizzie  A  ho 

Nellie  F  ho 

*Martha  B  (m  Lord 

Moulton,  William  lab 

Mltnboro  RED 
Moulton,  Hannah  A  (York 

Mltnboro  R  F  D 
Daniel  G  lab 

Calvin  C  car 

Chas  E  car 

Moulton,  Chas  E  car 

Mltnboro  R  F  D 
Katie  ho 

C  A  (Durgin  ho 

Chas  W  pi 



Maud  C 
Grace  E 
Otis  H 

Moulton,  I)  G  lab 

Mltnboro  R  F  D 

Moulton,  P  A  Mltnboro  R  F  I) 
El u o r a  F  ( M  u r ry  ho 

Minnie  B  (m  MacDonald 


Moultou,  Walter  C  far 

Moulton,  E  W        far       RED 

Moulton,  H  L  Mltnboro  R  F  D 
far  &  round  uikr 

Moulton,  Geo  R  far 

Mltnboro  R  F  1) 
Hattie  A  (Campbell  ho 
Chester  A  boat  manager 
Olive  A  pi 

Russell  E  P  pi 

Moulton,  I F         far       RED 
Viola  G  (Estes  ho 

Howard  F  pi 

Moulton,  Emma  G 

(Kennerson  ho 
*Hattie  M  (m  Fletcher   ho 


Neil,  William  H  car 

Minnie  G  (Holmes  ho 


Nelson,  Jacob  car 

Mltnboro  R  F  D 

Lenora  L  (Wakefield      ho 

Newson,  Sallie  (Moneypenuy 
sum  res    No  1 
William  stu 

Helen  stu 

Nichols,  Frank    far         R  F  D 
Hattie  (m  Penniman 
Frank  B  far 

Edward  E  far 

Sarah  J  (Willej-Laundry 

Nichols,  Frank  B  far 

Etnma  J  (Vittum  ho 

*Clarence  E    cl     Meredith 

Nichols,  E  B  far 

Luie  M  (Quimby  ho 

Howard  J  lab 

Nichols,  Henry        far      RED 

Nichols,  Harry  C  cook 

Nichols,  William  E 
Wife  and  children 

Nichols,  E  George  lab 

Amy  F  (Benitez  ho 

Estella  J  ho 

Elmer  G  pi 

E  Donald  pi 

Gertrude  E 
Herbert  E 


Olison,  Anna  M 

Mltnboro,  RED 

2d  prop  Ossipee  Park  Farm 

Orne,  Chas  H  far 

Mltnboro  RED 



Taine,  .lohn  I)        far       R  F  1) 
Aiuiie  E  (Whitehouse 

lio  &  seamstress 

Paine,  Carl  C  team 

H  (Jertrude  (Raoloy        lio 

Parrott,  Naomi  T  (Danforth 
Sarah  A  (m  Brag*:- 
Daniel  E  lab 

*C  E  tr       Sandwich 

Patrick,  Elizabeth    ho    R  F  D 

Pennimaii,  Lewis  H  far 

Hattie  M  (Nichols  ho 

Walter  F  car 

Hermon  C  lab 

PenDimaD,  Walter  F  car 

Addie  J  (McDonald         ho 

Pettengill,  Mrs  E  F 

MItnboro  R  F  D 

proj)  Ossipee  Mt  Park  Farm 

*  Ernest       elec    New  York 

Dangliter  (m  Wilson       ho 

Brooklyn,  New  York 

Porter,  W  S  car  &  ptr 

Clara  L  (Warner  ho 

Rosie  A  (m  Chase  ho 

*FraTik  W      car  Lakeport 
Chas  M  car 

Converse  J  far 

Porter,  Chas  M  car 

MItnboro  RED 

Mamie  F  (Shaw  ho 

Lchmd  E 
C  Carlton 

Piime,  Rebecca  (Moulton 

MItnboro  R  F  D 
Harriet  N  (m  Hoyt 
Chas  far 

lOdvvard  E    eng  Rochester 
Cnrtis  A  far 

Belle  C  (in  McDonald 
*Ada  F  (m  O'Neal  ho 

Dorchester,  Mass 

Prime,  Chas  A'  far 

MItnboro  R  F  D 

Ella  M-(  Patrick  ho 

Marion  H  pi 


(iuimby,  Arthur  A       blk  &  far 
Alma  (i  (Hoyt  ho 

Maud  L  pi 

Alice  A  pi 

Edwin  A 


Randall,  (Jeo  A  far  cV:  car 

MItnboro  RED 

Mary  M  (Thompson        ho 

*Ansel  G  car      Holderness 

Isabelle  M  mill  op 

Maurice  J  pi 

Raymond,  W^m  L       boatman 




Cora  M  (Brown  ho 

lOdwina  F  pi 

Kichardson,  H  L  R  F  D 

boatniaTi  Si  far 

P^iiiiiee  E  (Smith  ho 

Horace  E 

Piiehardsoii,  HattieC  (Coli)y 

lio  Eake  View 

Harry  E  boatman 

I'^u^Rne  C  mail  carrier 

Merle  I)  pi 

llichardison,  Albion  1*         retd 


Elsie  A  (York  ho 

Herbert  A  mail  car,  rout  1 

tt  stable 

Fred  P  fore  lied  Hill  Farm 

Pvichardson,  Geo  H  mer  &  P  M 


Florence  M  (Eibby  ho 

Esther  T  pi 

Richardson,  Fred  P  Mltnboro 

foreman  Red  Hill  Farm 

AVinnefred  S  (Tilton        ho 

Pearle  L  pi 

Richardson,  Euojene  C 

mail  driver    L  I 

Roberson,  Wm  O  far 

Prospect  (>ottag'e 

MItonboro   RED 

Louisa  A  (Coburn  ho 

Roberts,  Ljdia  A  lio 

Mltnboro  R  F  D 

Rogers,  Danl  car 

Mltnboro  R  FD 

Ro<2,GrH,  Geo  \V  far 

Mltnboro  R  F  D 

Ellen  B  (Denny  ho 

Ida  E  (m  Sargent  ho 

Edna  B  pi 

Rowe,  Melissa  G  (Bruce        ho 


Ruiter,  Walter  C  ptr 

Clara  L  (Bel more  ho 

Chas  W  pi 

Russell,  Sally  J  ho 

Rust,  Lucy  M  (Smith  ho 

Mltnboro  RED 

*Lillian  (m  Richardson 

*Geo  D  stone  worker 

Alice  F  (m  Varney 

Sanborn,  Mary  E  (Brown     ho 
*Ellen  M  (m  Pease 


Alviu  E      far      Lake  View 

*Joseph  B         expressman 

Medford,  Mass 

Chas  A  far 

Dana  R  far 

Sanborn,  Nancy  D  (Day       ho 

Sanborn,  Chas  E    car     RED 

CE  (Miller  ho 

Reuel  E 

Sanborn,  Mary  A  (Sherman 

Kanasatka  inn  No  1 



Sargent,  Granville 

Alice  M  (Paine 
Sargent,  Alice  A  (- 


MUnboro  RF  D 

EvaM  (Welch  ho 

St  Albans,  Vt 

Sargent,  Jess  I  far 

Mltnboro  R  F  D 

Ida  E  (Rogers 
Pearl  L 
Harold  C 
Shaw,  Danl 



Mltonboro  RED 

Annie  M  ho 

*Edith  (m  Beardsley      ho 


Shaw,  Almina  (Brown-Smith 
Mltnboro  RED 
Mamie  F  (m  Porter 
*Ida  I  (m  Porter  LI 

Howard  C  far 

Sheridan,  Thos  F  lab 

Francis  L  (Ayer  ho 

*TLiomas  H  law 

1702  Pease,  Washington,  D  C 

Sibley,  Lewis  A  mason  R  F  I) 
Ella  M  (Sturtevant  ho 
Hazel  E  tr 

Helen  M  tr 

Smart,  Mary  E  (Goodwin    ho 

*Daniel  0      lab      Concord 

Smith,  Geo  W  far    Lake  View 

Annie  J  (Sanborn  ho 

*Jennie  M  (m  Vittum 

Ada  M  (m  Uavis 
Walter  S  lab 

*Howard  R  policeman 

Newton,  Mass 
*Lida  E  (m  Hall 


Smith,  Andrew  J  iar 

Orchard  Farm 

Christain  (Bunker  ho 

H  Frank  stu 

Emma  B  pl 

Smith,  Edwin  L  far  Lake  View 

*MattieM    bk  kpr    Tilton 

John  A  blk 

Guy  E  pl 

Marion  J  pl 

Smith,  Wm  M   far   Lake  View 

Smith,  William        retd  police 

Smith,  Horace  A  far 

Mltnboro  RFD 

Clara  J  (Goodwin  ho 

Susan  A  ho 

Eurie  E  (m  Richardson 

Ethel  C  stu 

Smith,  Almina  (Brown         ho 

Mltnboro  RFD 

*Ella  J  (m  Osgood 


Smith,  Mary  S  (Glines    RFD 

Edgar  W  ptr 


*Alma  M  (m  Blake 

*Etta  E  (ra  Morrison 

*Harry  W  ptr  Laconia 
Electa  A  (m  Gilpatric 

Spencer,  F       far       IVIltnboro 
Ant^ie  A  (Hart  ho 

Steveus,  Kassie  A  (Pickering 

Mltnboro  R  F  D 

*Sidiiey  L     lab    Lakeport 

*Chas  W      car      Meredith 

Ida  J  (m  Hayes  ho 

Stevenson,  Lewis  C  lab 

Mary  B  (Danforth  ho 

*Carrie  E  (m  Kelley 
Walter  C  ptr 

Willie  H  far 

Sturtevant,  J  H      far     R  F  D 
Mary  E  (Smart  ho 

Tappin,  Smith  far 

Mltnboro  R  F  D 

Tate,  J  B  far  1 

Lydia  L  (Garland  ho 

Stewart  pi 

Anna  M  pi 

Chas  pi 

Tate,  Sarah  E  (Elkias    R  F  D 

*H  C    ins    Taunton,  Mass 

*Eva  M  (m  Prescott        ho 

Brighton,  Mass 

Thibadeau,  C  H  sawyer  &ma8 
Lucy  C  (Miclon  ho 

Chas  R  pi 

Velma  M  pi 

Eva  J  pi 

Dorris  G  pi 

Thompson,  Mary  F  (Berry 

Mltnboro  R  F  D 

Tilton,  Henry  A  far  Mltnboro 
Sarah  J  (Mudgett  ho 

*Gorham  H    sales    Revere 
*Lizzie  J  (m  Webb 

*Frank  F  far 

Carrie  M  (m  Moulton 
Grace  M  ho 

Tilton,  Chas  0    lab  Mltnboro 
Bessie  F  (Haley  ho 

Orin  H 


Varney,  F  far  Mltnboro 
Sadie  F  (Knowles  ho 

Varney,  Jas  M  far 

Mltnboro  R  F  D 
Alice  F  (Rust  ho 

Geo  A 


Wallace,  Frank  L  lab 

Mary  J  (Porter  ho 



♦Stephen  K        o]       Tilton 

Walker,  Benj  F      far  &  soldier 
Fannie  A  (Fog^-  ho 

William  lab 

BenjFJr  pi 

Walker,  William  pi 

Mltnboro  R  F  D 

AVakefield,  Albert  B  far 

Mltnboro  R  F  D 
Clarence  H  lab 

Annie  L  (Tappin  ho 

Lester  E  pi 

Elvira  A 

Wakefield,  Henry  R  far 

Mltnboro  R  F  D 
Alvira  A  (Home  ho 

Albert  B  far 

*Wi]liam  E  far 

*Abbie  E  (m  Tappin  ho 
*Walter  E  mech  Laconia 
Ralph  N  far 

Lenora  L  (m  Nelson        ho 

Wakefield,  Ralph  N  lar 

Mltnboro  R  F  D 
Mary  E  (Webster  ho 

Frank  W 

Watson,  Ellen  G  (Maloon     ho 
*  Lizzie  I  (m  Langdon 

Mltnboro  R  F  D 

NelHe  C  (m  Chase 
White,  Wni  P       M  E  preacher 
Lizzie  E  (Chamberlain    ho 
*William  P  Jr 

142  W  83rd,  New  York 

*S  F  T  mach 

220  Bailey,  Lawrence,  Mass 

Alice  M  pi 

Howard  M  pi 

Whitehouse,  Chas  C  far 


Cora  B (Canny  ho 

Chas  E  enj^ 

*Mand  E  (m  Berry 

Fitchburg,  Mass 

Herbert  P  lab 

Sarah  P  pi 

Maurice  F  pi 

Henry  E  pi 

Hazel  N  pi 

Webster,  Nathaniel  C  far 

EM  (Flood  ho 

Wentworth,  Alfred  G     far  L  T 

Whitten,  Jane  (Roberts        ho 

Mltnboro  R  F  D 

William  J      far    Lakeville 

Whitten,  William  J  far 

Evie  G  (Saro-ent  ho 


Berton  L 

Worthen,  Fred 


Daniel  S 


John  F 



Mary  J 


Laura  H 


Wio-^'in,  Alice  R  (Wood 

side  ho 



*Frank  P    Bomba3%  India 

^enl  moT  New  York  import 

&  export  Co 

Worcester,  Ida  I  (Worcester  1 

*Chas  O  paper  bus 

Boston,  Mass 



Dumaresq,  Herbert 

Kona  Farm 
Frederika  S  (Slade         ho 

Kellough,  William         invalid 
Lottie  (Myers  ho 

Helen  A  pi 

Alice  I  pi 

AdalineA  pi 

Mcllester,  Ellen  M  (Gove      ho 

*Mabel  C  (m  Blake         ho 

Steep  Falls,  Me 

Ray  E  mill  op 

Ralph  A  lab 

Beede,  J  E   far  Ctr  Har  RED 

Augusta  A  (Sullivan       ho 

Anna  E  (m  Fogg 


*Geo  E            mach 


James  H 


Cram,  Fred  P        car 


Annie  (Mclntire 


Evans,  Otis  M       mas 


Edith  M  (Garland 


Bertha  M 


Clark  G 


Tilton,  Sarah  (Hoyt 


Albert  H 


Frank  H         far  &  t 


Smith,  CH  far&furdlr 


Eva  D  (Tappan 


Chas  H  Jr 


Census  of  SandiDicb 

Note — Where  no  Post  Office  address  is  expressed  Sand- 
wich is  understood.  Other  Post  Offices  are  abbreviated  thus: 
Centre  Harbor— Ctr  liar;  IMoultouboro — Mltnboro;  Melvin 
Village— M  Vil;  Centre  Sandwich— Ctr;  North  Sandwich— No; 
Whittier — Whit.  R.  F.  D.  routes  are  designated  by  the  num- 
ber of  the  route. 

Abbott,  R  F        far      Ctr  Har 

Abbie  A  (Tappan  ho 

Effie  M  (m  Hodge 

Nellie  E  (m  Mack 

*ArthurS     far    Mltnboro 

*Cora  A  (m  Fogg 

New  Hampton 

*Minnie  E  (m  Straw  M  Vil 

Herbert  E  far 

Grace  A  (m  Martin 


Everett  H  far 

Abbott,  H  E         far    Ctr  Har 

Alice  M  (Oilman 

Ralph  H 

Gladys  M 
Abbott,  E  H       far 

Lizzie  E  (Gil man 
Adams,  D  far 

Fannie  (Murphy 

leulis  (ra  Beede 


Ctr  Har 

*R  G    mer     Boston,  Mass 
Adams,  Aquila  retd     sum  res 
Louisa  H  (Emery  ho 

*Jaraes  T  phy  &  sur 

155  Mass  Ave.  Boston,  Mass 
John  R  auto  business 

*Alice  (m  Mullin 

Weymouth,  Mass 

Ambrose,  L  C    far    Whiteface 

Hattie  E  (Tilton  ho 

Celia  N  stu 

Jesse  L  stu 

Angier,  Addie  A  (French      Ctr 

^Joseph  E 

needle  mkr 

nurse  Ctr 


Atkins,  Rhoda  E 

Adkius,  Ariana       ho  Ctr 

Atwood,  Danl  D       cl  ctr 

Annie  (Hall  ho 

Atwood,  Walter  G       far  Ctr 

Ethel  (Corthorn  ho 

Atwood,  Chas  H       blk  Ctr 



Eliza  B  (StevGDSon         ho 
Walter  G  far 

Atwood,  J  G       blk  No 

Edwin  J  far 

Frank  J  far  &  plumb 

*Cora  M  (m  Remmick     lio 
Rediijf?,  Mass 
Martha  J  (Grant  ho 

Atwood,  F  J    far  &  plumb  No 
Mjra  (Lothrop  ho 

Atwood,  F  L  Whiteface 

supt  Bullard  farm 

Florence  B  (Brown         ho 

Dorothy  B  pi 

Gerald  \v 

Atwood,  Albert  C      Ctr  RF  D 

far  &  sum  brdg  ho 

Harry  A  en^ 

Bertha  L  (m  Carter 

Nellie  G  (Chandler  ho 

Atwood,  H  A  mach  &  eno^ 

Ctr  R  F  D 

Estella  E  (Burrows         ho 

Alta  J  pi 

Avery,  Walter  H      lab         Ctr 
Nellie  (Blauchard  ho 

Hazel  M  pi 

Harry  W 


Bagley,  Erastus       team    Ctr 
Alice  M  (Webster  ho 

Beatrice  pi 



Bartlett,  W  C   M  E  cler^     Ctr 

Emma  M  (Dow^ninf^        ho 

*Winnifred  C  (m  Couch 

Mountain  View,  Cal 

*EdithM  (m  Ripley        ho 

Roxbury,  Mass 

Batchelder,  R  S  far  &  ptr 


Lydia  J  (Roberts  ho 

Batchelder,  A  W       far         No 

Lydia  E  (Rotters  ho 

Batchelder,  Jos  B  far  CtrHar 

Fannie  E  (Smith  ho 

Lewis  H 

Alda  R 
Beach,  Edith (Kelley  Ctr  R  FD 

W^atson  E  pi 

Bean,AbbieF    ho    Ctr  R  F  D 
Bean,  Lorenzo  D        far       No 

Clara  A  (Vittum  ho 

*Celinda  B  (m  Page 

Beede,  J  H  far  Ctr  Har  RED 

I  (Adams  ho 

Nethela  A  pi 

Beede,  J  E   far  Ctr  Har  RED 

Augusta  A  (Sullivan       ho 

Anna  E  (m  Fogg  No 

*Geo  E  mach       N  Y 

James  H  far 

Bennett,  C  E      far     Whiteface 


Bennett,  E  W  far  &  car 


Mamie  E  (Davis  ho 

Berry,  N  J  mer  &  P  M 

Bickford,  Ursula  M  (Bryer  ho 


*Sila8  H  far  &  mill  sawyer 


James  B  far 

*Sarah  A  (ra  Bickford     ho 

Tarn  worth 

Bickford,  Jas  B  far  Whiteface 

Eva  E  (Bickford  ho 

Chester  J  pi 

Ella  M  pi 

Bickford,  WyattT      far      No 

Vesta  A  (Ball  ho 

Blauchard,  Helen  S (Crei^hton 

*Chas  E  printer 

Brookline,  Mass 

*G  A    mer  &  far  Mltnboro 

*Albert  C  coachman 

Brockton,  Mass 

*Alice  M  (m  Moorshouse 

Boston,  Mass 
Nellie  (ra  Avery  Ctr 

Harry  real  est  a^t 

Bessie  (m  Smith  Ctr 

Mildred  T  cl 

Blanchard,  Sarah  D  (Webster 
Minnie  S  (m  Quimby 
*Ariel  E  (m  Knapp 

Danvers,  Mass 

*Walter  E  meat  rarkt 

Amesbury,  Mass 

Cora  B  ho 

Howard  W  far 

Flora  L  ho 

Blauchard,  Chas       mer      Ctr 
Nancy  M  (Mason  ho 

*Grace  (m  Harmon 

E  Cleveland,  Ohio 

Blauchard,  C  O   far  K  F  D  Ctr 
Ella  E  (Smith  ho 

Blackie,  Ralph  R         pi       Ctr 

Bodge,  H  E  far 

Mltnboro  RED 

Mabel  M  (Glidden  ho 

Perley  A  pi 

Ethel  M 

Boyiugtou,  Mary  J  (Fog^   ho 
*Mary  E  (m  Hall 

Colburn  B  (Deceased) 

*John  E  miner 

George  L  (Deceased) 

*MinnieB  (m  Tilton 

Fitchburg,  Mass 
*Hattie  D  (m  Sanborn 


Boyle,  P  H      Mltnboro  RED 

draw  bridge  tender 

Mrs  P  H  ( 

Daniel  eng 

Henry  lab 

Brown,  Geo  E    far    Whiteface 
Myrtle  G  (Grant  ho 

Carroll  G 
Brown,  F  W      far     Whiteface 



Alice  G  (Elliott  ho 

Clarence  M 

Brown,  J  P       far      Whiteface 

Angeline  T  (Palmer        ho 

Frank  W  lab 

*Nellie  E  (m  Bickford 


Florence  B  (m  At  wood 
Brown,  Dan'l  P  lab  Whiteface 

Ellen  J  (Wallace  ho 

Brown,  Dan'l  O  car       No 

Lizzie  B  (Fogg  ho 

Lena  M  pi 

Clarence  R  pi 

Brown,  Geo  E    far    Whiteface 

Myrtle  G  (ra  Brown        ho 

Carroll  G 
Brown,  Moses  G        ptr       Ctr 

Christenia  A  (Robin        ho 

*Addie  F  (m  Glines 


Myrtie  M  (m  Moulton 

Mary  R  (m  Cook 

Edgar  E  pi 

Brown,  Chas  F    far  Whiteface 

Chas  W  far 

Nellie  M  (Snow  ho 

Arthur  L 
Browning,  Dorothea  J  S 


*Doris  L  (m  Lindsey 

Clara  J  pi 

Brownlie,  John  eng       No 

Caroline  M  (Dickinson    ho 
Leonard  far 

Caroline  ho 

Roland  printer 

Albert  pi 

Bryant,  Edw  J         lab         Ctr 
Eva  M  (Smith  ho  &  tel  op 

Bryant,  W  C      far     Ctr  R  F  D 
Frank  0  lab 

Lizzie  M  (Severence         ho 
Severence  B  pi 

Asa  W  pi 

John  W 
Helen  E 

Bryant,  Mary  Ann  (Brown  ho 
Clarence  E  far 

Bryant,  Clarence  E      far     Ctr 
Mary  H  (Martin  ho 

Edward  J  far 

HattieM  (m  White 

Bryer,  F  E  phy  &  sur 


Maud  A  (Quimby  ho 

Mary  M  pi 

Bryer,  R  J        far       Whiteface 
Roda  E  (Bennett  ho 

*AbbieS  (m  White 

Sanborn  ton 
Ella  M  (m  Perkins 

So  Tarn  worth 
Effie  M  ho 

Bryer,  Frank  horse  &  carg  del 

Annie  A  (Leary  ho 

*Chas  A    Vice  Pres  Gas  Co 




Bundj,  Sarah  E  (Skinner    Ctr 

Stella  A 

Mar<iaret  J 
Burleijrh,SH    far    Ctr  R  P"  D 

Betsy  S  ( Palson  ho 

*Eveline  B  (ni  Tasker 

Burleio-h,  Chas  F         far     Ctr 

Olive  L  (Elutchins  ho 

Natt  brass  work 

17  Baldwin,  Laconia 

Ethel  A  (m  Hart 
Burnham,  E  W  far  Ctr  R  F  D 

Susan  M  (Smith  ho 

*Lizzie  J  (m  Crockett 


*Mary  E  (m  Crowell 


*Hattie  F  (m  Garland 

Ctr  Har 

Georj2:ia  D  (m  Wishnon 

Chas  S  far 

Burnham,  Chas  S  far 

Hotel  Commonwealth 

Grace  (Chase  ho 

Samuel  W 

Silvia  B 
Burnham,  J  C  retd        Ctr 

Burrows,  C  H    far    Ctr  R  F  D 

Amy  M  (Gilman  ho 

Beruice  M  pi 

Blanch  G  pi 

Nathaniel  H 
Burrows,  Jas  W  far  Ctr  R  F  D 

Sophia  E  (Wallace         ho 
John  G  far 

Ella  E  m  Greene 
Stella  E  (m  Atwood 
Newell  J  far 

Harry  L  far 

*Delia  M  (m  Quimby 


Burrows,  J  G    far     Ctr  RED 
HattieM(Foss  ho 

Gladys  G  pi 


Burrows,  H  L    far   Ctr  R  F  D 
Adelaide  S  (m  Hull         ho 
Lester  D 
Luther  J 

Burrows,  Newell  J       far     Ctr 
Nellie  F  (Hodge  ho 

Frank  N  pi 

Canney,  Geo  L  far  Ctr  RED 
Emma  B  (Beach  ho 

Carter,  W  W  far  Ctr  Har  R  F  D 

Ledge  Hill  Farm 

Ellen  H  (Hodge  ho 

Andrew  far 

Carter,  Andrew  far  Ctr  Har 
Grace  (Underwood  ho 

Madaline  pi 

AVarren  W 

Carter,  Almon  E  far  Ctr  RED 
Addie  L  (Webster  ho 



Webster  L  pi 

Fred  P  pi 

Frank  AV  pi 

Emeline  S  pi 

Lucy  H 
AE  Jr 

Carter,  Alonzo   lab  Ctr  R  F  D 
Bertha  (At wood  ho 

Chandler,  Nellie  G  (Stackpole 
Ctr  R  F  D 
Emeline  E  (m  Vittum 

Mltnboro  RED 
Ethel  M  (m  Craif? 

Chase,  Jennie  L  ho        No 

Chase,  Bertrand  lab  AVhiteface 

Chase,  A  F  P  M  &  mer 


Bertha  M  (Stock  ho 

Chase,  Saml      far      Ctr  RED 
Betsy  (Carter  ho 

Grace  (ra  Burnham        ho 

Chick,  F  H  far  &  blkCtr  RED 

Luella  M  (Ethrid<»e         ho 

*Frank  0  undertaker 

Maiden,  Mass 

Clark,  J  R  far  Mltnboro  RED 

Clark,  Cleaveland  far 

Mltnboro  R  F  D 

Clark,  Jos  P      far     Ctr  U  F  D 
Ann  M  (Bartlett  ho 

Hermon  M  far 

Clark,  H  M        far     Ctr  R  F  D 
Nellie  L  (Smith  ho 

Edith  M  (m  Denny 

Clark,  Chas  S      No  Yarmouth 

far,  surveyor  &  bldg  mover 

Nellie  L  (Brown  ho 

Florence  A       ho  &  dr  mkr 

Sumner  B  stu 

Clay,  H  N      undertaker       Ctr 

Almena  (Pettenp^ill         ho 

Stella  E  ho 

Cook,  T  0       far       Ctr  RED 

Cook,  Abbie  S     ho  Ctr  R  F  D 

Cook,  Lucy  E    ho     Ctr  R  F  D 

Cook,  Geo  0  far        Ctr 

Mary  R  (Brown  ho 

Lena  M  pi 

John  0  pi 

Mary  E 

Cook,  Jessie  H       far  Ctr 

Emily  J  (Bcede  ho 

Curtis  E  far 

*Chas  C   car  Mltnboro  Els 

Corliss,  Hiram  S        far       No 

Sarah  E  (Goodwin  ho 

*Chas  E  tr 

1295  Park  PI,  Brooklyn,  N  Y 

Arthur  E  far 

EttaM  (m  Gray 

Lucy  E  (m  Bickford 
Lizzie  ho 

Loulie  A  pi 

Cartland,  Jos  J  far  Whitefaee 
Harriet  E  (MacLean  ho 
Eunice  E  pi 



Currier,  H  H  far  Tarn  worth 
Elizabeth  J  (Bryer  ho 

Leon  H  far 

Currier,  L  H  far  Tarn  worth 
Emily  V  (Hodgdon  ho 
Lewis  H 

Cushiog,  Dan'l  civ  eng 

sura  res,  Ctr 


Damon,  Laura  S  (Stiles       No 

*Alexander  M     Evangelist 

1,332  Arch,  Phila 

Danforth,K     lab     Ctr  R  F  D 

Danforth,  Mary  A  (Courtney 

Ctr  E  F  D 

*Albertha  (m  Vittum 

So  Tam  worth 

Denney,  H  A  weaver 

Ctr  R  F  D 

Edith  M  (Clark  ho 

Howard  C  pi 

Helen  L 

Dodge,  Chas  W  far 

Tamworth  R  F  D 

*Allen  C       far     Mltnboro 

Leon  lab 

Ralph  blk       Ctr  Har 

Myrtle  M  tr 

Eva  M  ho 

Lenora  (Pitman  ho 

Donovan,  Chas  W  far 

Mary  S  (Norris  ho 

Dovey,  Geo  H  lab 

Mltnboro  R  F  D 
Jennie  F  (Vittum  ho 

Alice  P  pi 

Philip  C  pi 

Hazel  A  pi 

Doris  A  pi 

Lawrence  E 

Dow,  Etta  A  (Vittum  ho 

Mltnboro  RED 
Sadie  M  (m  Tilton 

Duntley,  A  S      far     Whiteface 
Maud  V  (Gilman  ho 

Roy  A  pi 

Earle  H  pi 

Bessie  H 

Eastman,  CE    far    Ctr  R  F  D 
Nettie  F  (Watson  ho 

Eaton,  Ellen  (Abbott    ho    No 
Geo  L  far 

Eliott,  Madaline  pi       ho 

Elliott,  Cora  M  (Elliott 

Doris  M  pi 

Elliott,  Ida  E  (Rowe  ho 

Elmer  far 

Lewis  C  far 

Cora  M  ho 

Geo  F  far 



Grace  C  ho 

Alice  G  (m  Brown  ho 

Silva  R  pi 

Elliott,  L  C       far      Whiteface 
Sarah  A  (Pierce  ho 

Marion  L 

Elliott,  E        far        Whiteface 
Maud  L  (Mitchell  ho 

Madaline  D  pi 

Susie  M  pi 


Estes,  William  H  far 

Mary  E  (Atkins  ho 

*F  G       tinman      Ashland 
Henry  A  far 

Ethredge,  Sim    lab  Ctr  R  F  D 

Farnsworth,  A 

car  &  retd  soldr 

Mt  View  House,  No 

Lucinda  S  (Tracy  ho 

*Frank  E  artist 

Somerville,  Mass 

*Vio]a  V  (ra  Temple 

Hopkinton,  Mass 
*Edw  S        milk  route  mgr 
Boston,  Mass 
*William  A  musician 

So  Fraraingham,  Mass 
*E  L  stu  &  M  E  preacher 
Ethel  M  (m  Baird 

Felch,  Leavitt  C 



aboro  R  F  D 

*Lewis  P 

l)hy  &  sur 


oston,  Mass 

Fellows,  C  R     far 

Hillard  Far 


Orra  A  (Locke 


*  Arthur  P 

far  &  macb 


Fillmore,  Millard 

cont  &  bldr 

Ctr  R  F  D 

Margaret  ( 



cont  &  bldr 











Fisher,  Elliott  L 

brdg  house 


Fogg,  EliasH    far   Ctr  R  F  D 
Anna  E  (Beede  ho 

*Hattie  A  (m  Bearce 

Lowell,  Mass 
*AdaI  (m  Gatts 

Somerville,  Mass 
*Melvin  A  real  est 

W^in  Chester,  Mass 
*Nellie  S  (m  Bagley 

Montpelia,  Vt 
Elias  E  far 

Fogg,  Julia  A  (Mason    ho  No 
Lizzie  F  (m  Powers 



Fog:?:,  Stephen    far  Whiteface 
*Gu8tavu8  cook 

Oakland,  Cal 
*FrancisS  lumb 

Friday  Har,  Wash 
*Maria  E  (m  Glover 
Fenway  Sta,  Boston,  Mass 
Clara  H  (Townsend-Jose 
Fogg,  Mary  E  (Moulton      Ctr 
Etta  F  (m  Roj^ers 

Lizzie  B  (m  Brown 
•Henry  0  basket  mkr 

New  Hampton 
Emma  (m  Mudgett 
Ora  A  (m  Mudgett 
*We8tley  H  mason 

New  Hampton 
Eugene  W  lab 

John  W  far 

*Daisy  E  (ra  Mandville 

Ctr  Har 

Furbush,  C  S    mach  retd    Ctr 

Nancy  J  (Ethridge  ho 

Isabelle  C  tr 

Forssius,  C  A    Wayside  Farm 

Sum  Brdg  House  &  fish  del 

Sarah  J  (Downs  ho 

Foss,  Chas  H  far 

•Bernard  W  mach 

94  E  Chestnut, 

Waltham,  Mass 

Foss,  F  N  far  Whiteface 

Julia  (Flemming  ho 

Foss,  Chas  L      far    Whiteface 

Mellie  (Batchelder  ho 

Beatrice  pi 

French,  F  E  far 

Mltnboro  RED 

Sallie  F  (Beede  ho 

*Herbert  F  R  R  ser 

Lynn,  Mass 

*Lizzie  B  (m  Gilchrist 

Wakefield,  Mass 
Edith  L  tr 

•Josephine  G  (m  Tuck 

Wakefield,  Mass 
Raymond  L  pi 

Frye,  Lewis  W  far 

Jennie  F  (Hoyt  ho 

Harold  W 
Louise  F 

Gale,  Amos     far  Ctr  RED 

Albert  far 

Garland,  Seth  D  blk  Ctr 
Estella  H  (Hanson         ho 

Geo  N  lab 

Grace  E  ho 

Rufus  E  pi 

Lewis  D       .  pi 

Marj^  A  pi 

Julia  G  pi 

Garland,  Emma  A  (Grant    ho 

•Esfa  E       pi  Porter,  Me 

Lawrence  E  pi 



Garland,  Mary  E  (Hammond 

ho       Ctr 

Chas  W  stage  driver 

Gault,  Geo  F  far  Ctr 

Eva  M  (Bagley  ho 

Doris  L 

George,  John  A      patent  mkr 

sum  res    No 

Annie  P  (Roach  ho 

Clara  E  ho 

*Harry  T      draughtsman 

Lynn,  Mass 

George,  Chas  P         far        Ctr 

■  Eliza  M  (Gilmau  ho 

*Alice  M  (m  Hunt 

No  Sutton,  Mass 

*Fred  W   car    Holderness 

George,  D  W      far    Ctr  R  F  D 

Lydia  M  (Goodwin         ho 

Gilnian,  Eleanor  (Prescott 


*Mary  P  (m  Bryer  ho 


Fred  C  team 

Gilman,  Fred  C         team    Ctr 

Mary  J  (Boyington        ho 

Gilmau,  Chas    stage  line    Ctr 

Chas  L  stage  driver 

*Anna  A  (ra  Trasher 

Marblehead,  Mass 

Gilman,  C  L   stage  driver  Ctr 

Mildred  A  pi 

Gilman,  John  F         far       No 

Harriet  J  (Richardson 

John  F  Jr  stone  mas 

Herbert  E 

foreman  Canning  Co 

James  E  far 

Maud  V  (m  Duntley       ho 
Gilman,  J  F  Jr   far  Whiteface 

*Wilbur  J  mill  op 


Clifford  J  lab 

Harold  E  pi 

Mattie  M  pi 

Viola  pi 

Gilman,  Owen  L       far        No 

Rinnie  A  (Cox  ho 

Gilman,  N  F     far     Ctr  R  F  D 

Hattie  H  (Gannett         ho 
(tilman,  ASA  far        Ctr 

Emma  F  (Tilton  ho 

Gilman,  John  C  far  Ctr  R  F  D 

Maria  E  (Beede  ho 

Geo  A  far 

Amy  M  (m  Burrows 

•Elsie  M  (ra  Blake 


Warren  S  lab 

Glover,  Eldora  F  (Thompson 
ho    CtrRFD 

David  M  far 

Goodwin,  Lucinda  B 

(Goodwin    ho    Ctr 

*Nellie  J  (m  Nichol 
53  Freemont,  Winthrop,  Mass 
Gordon,  Belle  L  (Crawford 

Mltnboro  R  F  D 



Gordon,  Geo  W      retd  soldier 
Mltnboro  R  F  D 
Anna  D (Sanborn  ho 

*Lizzie  J  (m  Moulton 

Lynn,  Mass 
*Geo  W  Jr  prov  dlr 

Los  Angeles,  Cal 
Lula  B  (m  Palmer 
Grant,  Geo  A  far  &  car 

Clara  A  (Hedble  ho 

Beryl  V  (m  Tap  pan 
Myrtle  G  (m  Brown 
Aliston  H  lab 

Grant,  A  W       far    Whiteface 
E  A  (Bennett  ho 

Nettie  A  stu 

Grant,  F  H       far      No  R  F  D 
HallieB  (Abbott  ho 

*Edna  M  (m  Garland 


*Cha8  A  ranchman 


*A  F       Loan  Association 

Portland,  Oreo;ou 

*Ernest  A  lab    Tamworth 

*LeIand  H  mill  op 


Harvey  W  lab 

Grant,  D  B  iar 

Mltnboro  RED 

*Henry  A  miliman 

Mltnboro  Els 

*Anginette  (m  Lamprey 

Ctr  Har 

Emma  M  (m  Garland 

Gray,  Geo  L  far  &  car  No 
Jeannette  (Tarbox  ho 
Irving  far 

Gray,  Irving  far        No 

Mary  E  (Corliss  ho 

Geo  L  pi 

Richard  pi 

Grace  M 

Greene,  R  E  Ctr  JIar,  RED 
far  Upper  Squam  Farm 
Ella  L  (Burrows  ho 

AVilber  J  lab 

Lizzie  E  stu 

Lillian  E  pi 

Groves,  Isaac  H  F  far 

Mltnboro  RED 

Lizzie  B  (Hodgdon  ho 

Groves,  C  E  far 

Mltnboro  RED 

Nellie  E  (Whiting  ho 

Groves,  Dan'l  V  far 

Mltnboro  RED 

Groves,  A  M  far 

Mltnboro  RED 

Louise  S  (Sanborn  ho 

Ross  M  far 

Mabel  C  ho 

Groves,  R  M  far 

Mltnboro  R  F  D 
Annie  M  (Bemis  ho 

Albert  L 




Hackett,  Susan  A  (Smith     ho 

Ctr  Har 

Burleigh  B  Mltuboro 

Haley,  H  O       lab      Mltuboro 

Flora  B  (Tilton  ho 

Edith  M  ho 

Hall,  Moses  A  far         Ctr 

Hall,  Vesta  A  (Lord      ho    No 

*Jesse  M  mas 

Everett,  Mass 

*Marj  A  (m  Hawkins 

Haverhill,  Mass 

Geo  F  policeman 

Ham,  Laura  E  ho        Ctr 

Hammond,  Hiram  H  lab 

Francis  L  ])1 

Hanson,  R  W    far     Whiteface 

Essie  I  (m  Spauldinp; 
Hanson,  Bertha  M    Whiteface 
Hanson,  A  T      lar    Ctr  R  F  D 
Hanson,  Jas  A  far 

The  Young  Mt  House, 
Annie  M  (Perkins  ho 

Frank  W  far 

Hauson,  G  0    far  &  livery  Ctr 
Amelia  R  (Flanders         ho 
Hannah  S  (m  Garland 
*Marj  E  (m  Leighton 

Ctr  Har 

*Geo  E       liv  &  auctioneer 


Frank  L  ptr  &  pap  hgr 
*W  H  team  Rupert,  Vt 
*C  T  cl  Providence,  R  I 
*Addie  F  (m  Stevens 

Haverhill,  Mass 
*NellieG  (niKellie 

Lawrence,  Mass 

Hanson,  Frank  L       ptr     Ctr 
Ida  M  (Priest  ho 

C  Gaston  lab 

Frank  H  pi 

Geo  N  pi 

Marie  L  pi 

Leonard  M  pi 

Paul  A 

Hart,  Ehner  B      cl  &  ins     Ctr 
Ethel  A  (Burleigh  ho 

Burleigh  S 

Hatch,  Harriet  L  (Smith      ho 
*Grace  H  (m  Smith 

New  Hampton 

Hatch,  Augusta  A  (Banfill  ho 
*E  R    mach  Orange,  Mass 
*Iva  B  (m  Day  Berlin 

Addie  M  (m  Penniman 
*Alby  PI    far   Athol,  Mass 
Nellie  J  (m  Prescott       No 
*E  W    mach    Athol,  Mass 
Effie  M  (m  AVallace 

Hawes,  Dora  (Preston  ho 

sum  res.  No 

Caspar  S  lab 

Evauder  F  pi 



Heard,  Emily  M  (Marston   ho 

Edwin  M  mer 

A  M  mer  &  Bank  Pres 

William  mer 

Heard,  AVilliam        mer       Ctr 

William  A  pi 

Lillian  P  (Thompson      ho 

Heard,  Edwin  M        mer      Ctr 

Nettie  L  (Barker  ho 

Howard  B  far  &  liv 

Heard,  H  B  liv  &  far 

Ctr  RED 

Georgie  (Tasker  ho 

Gordan  G 

Heath,  Chas  E  far 

Hill,  William  A        mas       Ctr 

Hill,  Irene  C  (French     ho    No 

*A  W  elec  con  Avon,  Mass 

Walter  F  far 

*Louisa  A  (m  Kemp 

Natic,  Mass 

Hill,  Walter  F  far         No 

Florence  E  (Peck  ho 

Irene  E  pi 

Hill,  Samuel  A  far         No 

Hilton,  J  Elizabeth      ho     Ctr 

Hilton,  G  lab  No 

Hinds,  M.yra  A  (Mudgett     No 

Lovehind  E  far 

*Alida  M  (m  Williams 


*Clara  W  (m  Mack  ho 

West  Center  Harbor 

*Byron  C  A  car  &  far 


Hoag,  Thos  W  far  Whiteface 
Martha  E  (Cartland  ho 
Alice  N  tr 

Ella  C(ra  Weed 
*Eunice  M  (m  Spaulding 


Hoag,  Lewis  retd         Ctr 

Julia  A  (Estes  ho 

*John  B  prin  school 

Woburn,  Mass 
Arthur  T  far 

Albert  B  phy  &  sur 

Hoag,  J  B  prin  school 

sum  res,  Ctr 
Elizabeth  (Leslie  ho 

Elnora  pi 

John  P  pi 

Ruth  pi 

Hong,  A  B  phy  &  sur  Ctr 
Abbie  F  (Peaslee  ho 

Albert  B  Jr  pi 


Hobbs,  J  P      blk      Whiteface 

Uobbs,  Lydia  E  (Tibbitts    ho 

Ctr  R  F  D 

Walter  C  lab 

Hodge,  John  N  far  Ctr  R  F  D 
Norman  R  far 

Nellow  F  (m  Burrows 
Nellie  F  (Burrows  ho 

Hodge,  N  F  car  &  far 

Ctr  R  F  D 

Effle  M  (Nutter  ho 

Ruth  M  pi 



Reuben  N  pi 

Hodge,  ChasW     far    Ctr  Har 

Elizabeth  J  (Garland      ho 

Ellen  H  (m  Carter 

Chas  T  far 

Hodoe,  Cba8  T  far 

Harriet  (Bragg  ho 

Walter  car 

Hodge,  Leon  B         lab       Ctr 

Rose  (Dudley  ho 

Leona  pi 

Marie  pi 

Hodge,  Walter  E  ear 

Lois  L  (Cram  ho 

Home,  Thos  A.         far         No 

Emma  J  (Henderson       ho 
Home,  John  F    far  Ctr  RED 

Marcia  E  (Wellman         ho 

Hattie  E  (m  Skinner 
Houghton,  B  R  mer 

sum  res,  Ctr 

Mary  (Hyde  ho 

Howarth,  Jas  0         far       No 

Anna  R (Abbey  ho 

Hoyt,  Caroline  E  (Quiraby  ho 

Ctr  R  F  D 

George  S  far 

Chas  B     Grange  organizer 

Hoyt,  C  B      Grange  organizer 

Ctr  RED 

Florence  W  (Webster      ho 
Hoyt,  Geo  S  far 

Lydia  C  (Wentworth      ho 

Mary  W  stu 

Hull,  L  B       watch  mkr      Ctr 

*Cha8  E  wheelright 


Adelaide  S  (m  Burroughs 

*  Luther  N  cl 

103  Broad,  Boston,  Mass 


rving,  Geo  I 

J          far 


Lydia  E 



Nettie  E 


Agnes  H 


Mary  J 


velley,  Sarah  J  (Vittum 


Mltnboro  R  F  D 

vent,  Esther 

L  (Griffin 

Mltnboro  RED 

Landon,  Oscar  lab 

Edith  M  (Roy  ho 

Margaret  pl 

Lee,  Ansel  E     P  M  &  mer    No 
Lee,  Delinda  A  (Wilson        No 
*C  E  car  Rock  Island,  P  Q 
*S  A  (m  Porter 

New  Sharon,  Me 
Clara  E  (m  Quimby 
*Jennie  M  ho 

Barton  Landing,  N  Y 



*Frank  H  eng 

Georgeville,  Quebec 

Lee,  Oliver       far      Ctr  R  F  D 

Lewis,  Elmira  ( ho     Ctr 

•Herman  mill  op 

Haverhill,  Mass 

Lillie  Eliza  L  (Prescott  ho  No 


Mack,  Nellie  E  (Abbott 

Ctr  Har 

Geo  F  lab 

Ralph  L  fireman 

Ernest  M  pi 

Marston,  Ruth  ho  Ctr    RED 

Marston,  Geo  E  stu  Ctr  R  F  D 

Marston,  John  A  Ctr 

far  &  basket  mill  op 

James  L 

far  &  basket  mill  op 

Marston,  Jas  L  basket  mfr  Ctr 

Grace  (Staton  ho 

Annie  S  stu 

Ellen  L 

John  S 

Marstou,  W  B  Marston  Farm 

Ctr  R  F  D 

Addie  J  (Gilman  ho 

Martin,  Sarah B  ho  Ctr  R  F  D 

Martin,  Jones F  far  Ctr  RED 

Alice  M  (Tappan  ho 

Mason,  Fred  0  far 

Mltnboro  RED 

Etta  A  (Whiting  ho 

Clinton  C  car 

Mason,  Emily  J  (Mudgett  Ctr 

McCauley,  James  O  violin  mkr 

Ctr  R  F  D 

*John  A  hatter 

19  Park  Ave,Somerville,  Mass 
Charlotte  A  (m  Wallace 
*Niles  E  8  s  op 

8  Portland,  Rochester 

McCloskey,  Wm  far 

Mltnboro  RED 

McCrillis,  Alonzo       Whiteface 
far  &  surveyor 
Lulie  M  (Clark  ho 

Anna  stu 

Margaret  stu 

Neal  stu 

Mary  pi 

McDaniel.  Uriah  R  far 


Nellie  S  (Nichols  ho 

McGoon,  LL     far    Ctr  R  F  D 
Mary  A  (Danforth  ho 

McGregor,  Chas  W     far  Ctr  1 

McKenney,  F  L         ptr       No 
Laura  S  (Damon  ho 

Merri field,  Everett  far 

Emma  M  (Nichols  ho 

Clifford  pi 

Bertha  pi 

Harold  pi 

Norman  pi 

Merrill,  Jennie  P        ho       Ctr 



Morse,  Geo  W  far  "VVhiteface 
Hannah  J  (Jewell  ho 

Lizzie  M  ho 

Moulton,  Herbert  E  Ctr  R  F  D 

Moulton  Farm 

Julia  A  (Tilton        hostess 

Louisa  stu 

Moulton,  Danl  car  &  far 

Anna  E  (Skinner  ho 

*Elizabeth  (m  Scott 

*Ruth  (ra  Hoyt  Mltnboro 
*Isaac  A       far    Mltnboro 

Moulton,  A  P  cl  Ctr 

Maud  B  (Smith  ho 


Moulton,  E  C  far  Ctr 

Arthur  P  cl 

*Edith  M  (m  Dorr 

Myrtle  M  (Brown 
Joseph  B  pi 

Mud^ett,  E  W  far  Ctr  R  F  D 
Susan  M  (Tibbetts  ho 
*Anna  M  (m  Downs 

50  Cottao:e,  Laconia 
*Rosie  B  (ra  Wells  Hilton 
Eugene  M  far 

Mudo-ett,  Eugene  E  far  Ctr 
Eva  M  (Davis  ho 

Sybil  S  pi 

Irving  E 

Mudgett,  Elisha  W  far  Ctr 
Luella  B  (Adkins  ho 

Jessie  A  lab 

Frank  L  lab 

Mudgett,  Fred  W       far  Ctr 

Ora  A  (Fogg  ho 

Etta  M  pi 

Carrie  E  pi 

Freddie  C  pi 
Flora  E 

Mudgett,  Chas  H        lab  Ctr 

Emma  M  (Fogg  ho 

*Harry  O                   bk  kpr 

77  Arlington,  So  Fraraiugton 

Richard  E  pi 

Mudgett,  Jas  E       far  Ctr 

M  Olive  (Cotton  ho 


Newell,  Elijah     F  B  elerg    Ctr 

Rosanna  A  (Wilson        ho 

Winnifred  N        ho  &  nurse 

*Paul  E       cloth  examiner 

109  Foster,  Lawrence,  Mass 

*Mabel  D  (m  Cook 

8G  Osgood,  Lawrence,  Mass 

Marguerite  E  tr 

B  Foye  reader 

Nichols,  Maud  E  pi  Whiteface 

Nixon,  J  H  far  Ctr  Har  RED 

Edith  M  (Dorr  ho 

Nutter,  Effie  M  (Abbott        ho 

Ctr  RED 

*  Bessie  A  (m  Fogg 

Springfield,  Vt 





Palmer,  Julia  A  ho 

Mltnboro  R  F  D 

Palmer,  Etta  A  (Dow  ho 

Mltnboro  R  F  D 

Beatrice  M  pi 

Archie  A  pi 

Palmer,  W  F  far  &  mer 

Mltnboro  R  F  D 
Lulu  B  (Gordon  ho 

Gordon  F 

Peaslee,  Dan'l    far    Whiteface 
Harriet  W  (Fogg  ho 

Elsie  A  (m  Weed 
•Ella  M  (m  Knowlton 

David  J  car 

Abbie  F  (m  Hoag 

Peaslee,  D  J      car     Whiteface 
Dora  E  (Trask  ho 

Ruth  M  pi 

Roland  pi 

Roscoe  D  pi 

Chas  E  pi 


Peaslee,  Samuel         far       No 
Mary  E  (Vittum  ho 

Peaslee,  J  M  far         No 

Helen  (Morrison  ho 

Agnes  L  tr 

Penniman,  W  H        far       Ctr 

Sarah  L  (Glines  ho 

*Robert  C  motorman 

187  Princeton, 

E  Boston,  Mass 

*Chas  G  elec 

67  Lakeview  Ave,  Lynn,  Mass 
Penniman,  W  S  far  Whiteface 

Addie  M  (Hatch  ho 

*Ethel  A(mSil8by 

Lunenburg,  Vt 

Winfield  G  far 

*M  L      car    Orange,  Mass 

*  Jennie  L  (m  Reed! 

Athol,  Mass 

Alice  L  pi 

Warren  R  pi 

Perkins,  Alfred  T       far       No 
Perkins,  M  E  car       No 

Georgia  A  (Knight  ho 

Herbert  L  lab 

Perkins,  G  E      far  &  shoe  mkr 


Addie  J  (West  ho 

Harry  E  lab 

Pettengiil,  S  B  chef       Ctr 

Helen  E  (Delaney  ho 

Leander  D  pi 

Pickthall,  R  E    far    No  R  F  D 

Mary  N  (Weed  ho 

Pierce,  Martha  J        ho        Ctr 

Pierce,  J  as  A  tar  &  car 


Nettie  G  (Vittum  ho 

Frances  E 



Plummpr,  F  P    far  &  millman 


Harriet  M  (Moulton       ho 

Wilfred  Z  far 

Plummer,  Wilfred  Z     far    Ctr 

James  S  H  far 

Hattie  M  bo 

Clarence  R  pi 

Aunie  M  (Leary  bo 

Pophani,  B      lab      Wbiteface 

Powers,  Herbert  H     retd    No 

Lizzie  F  ( Fog"'  bo 

*Edith  F  (m  Knowles 

Beverly,  Mass 

Prescott,  G  H    far  &  mill  man 

Prescott,  Mabel  F        bo      No 

Prescott,  Jobu  D        lab      No 

Prescott,  Oliver  A       car     No 

Nellie  J  (Hatch  bo 

Fred  E  far 

Prescott,  Asa  S  lab  Ctr  R  F  D 

Mary  M  (Wallace  bo 

Price,  Fisbel       lab      Ctr  Har 

Qaimb^',  Lizzie  L  (Cook       No 

asst  P  M  &  c) 

W^ilber  E  far  Ctr 

Quiniby,  Henry  M        car     No 

Clara  E  (Lee  ho 

*Maiid  L  (m  Morse 

Graniteville,  P  Q 

♦Evelyn  D  (m  Fitts 

G8  Ricbdale  Ave, 
No  Cambridge,  Mass 
Nettie  L  (m  Robinson 

68  Ricbdale  Ave, 

No  Cambridge,  Mass 

Quimby,  Stanley  F      far      No 

Etta  S  (Nickersou  bo 

Mabel  I  tr 

Maud  Q  (m  Bryer 

Robert  S  med  stu 

Quimby,  W^ufield  S       far   No 

Edith  M  (Durgin 

bo  &  millinery 

Quimby,  Susan  B  (Donovan 

Ctr  R  F  D 

Edward  E  far 

*  Walter  H  broker 

Worcester,  Mass 

Quimby,  EE     far    Ctr  RED 

Grace  M  (Harris  bo 

Edith  S  stu 

Quimby,  Betsy  W  (Severence 

ho       Ctr 

John  S  far 

*Fred  G  artist 

28  E  Ave,  W  Souierville,  Mass 

Quiniby,  John  S        far        Ctr 

Minnie  (Blaucbard  bo 


Roberts,  Achsa  S  (Dixon     Ctr 

*Chas  F  phy  &  sur 

Dover  Plains,  N  Y 



Carrie  B  (m  Ramey 


J  Harry  horse  bus    Dover 

*W  Pitt      boot  &  shoe  dlr 


James  S  phy  &  sur 

*Luther  A  ship  el    Wilton 

Robiuson,  Alviu  D  far 

Laura  E  (Gault  ho 

Clarence  E  pi 

Ethel  L 

Robinson,  Geo  A  tar  Mltnboro 

Addie  (Farrington  ho 

William  O       far  &  bdg  ho 

*Herbert  E  trav  sales 

E  Milton,  Mass 

*Geo  N  trav  sales 

E  Milton,  Mass 

Etta  M  (m  Mcintosh 

Franklin,  Mass 

Chas  far 

Robinson.  Chas  tar  Mltnboro 

Florence  E  (Mason         ho 

Ernest  W 

Ropjers,  Horatio  far 

Tam worth  R  F  D 

Etta  A  (Fogg  ho 

Rowe,  Melvina  P  (Atwood 


Russell,  Robt  Ctr 

harness  mkr  &  P  M 

Sarah  A  (Slye  ho 

*Arthur  F  mach 

Seattle,  Wash 

S  Evelyn  tr 

William  W  ptr 

Robert  T  P  0  c 

Sawyer,  J  H  Ctr  Har 


Sawyer,  Geo  S  tar  Ctr  R  F  D 
Emma  G  (Claik  ho 

Leroy  J  pi 


Scriggins,  John  A  far  No 
Mary  A  (Avery  ho 

*David  B       s  s  op     Derry 

Scriggins,  Wm  H  lab  Ctr 
*Frank  mill  op  Ashland 
Geo  lab 

Scriggins,  Chas  B  lab  Ctr 
Julia  A  (Mason  ho 

Arthur  C  mach 

Scriggins,  Arthur  C  mach  Ctr 
Flora  B  (Blackie 

Marion  F  pi 

Severence,  Helen  M  (Mills    Ctr 
Elizabeth  M  (m  Bryant 
Laura  M  ho  &  dr  mkr 

Eva  G  shop  work 

Alice  F  ho 

Severence,  A  far  Ctr  RED 
*Ruth  A  (m  Fowler 

48  Howard,  Laconia 



♦Walter  E        R  R  fireman 
Sherman,  Danl  H       retd    Ctr 
Delia  E  (Robbing  ho 

Julia  M  ho 

*Anna  L  (ra  Curtis 

E  Braintree,  Mass 

Sherman,  Sarah  L       ho     Ctr 

Sherman,  Susan  A       ho     Ctr 

Skinner,  C  E         butch         Ctr 

Flora  A  waitress 

Frank  W  lab 

Addie  A  (An^ier  ho 

Skinner,  W  L  retd  barber    Ctr 

Elizabeth  M  (Streeter     ho 

Ray  H  cl 

Skinner,  L  C  Ctr  R  F  D 

far  &  sum  brdp;  ho 

Hattie  E  (Home  ho 

Christine  E  ho 

Skinner,  Chas  E  far 

Ctr  Har  R  F  D 

Jennie  ( ho 

Grace  E  (m  Burrows 
Sarah  D  (m  Bundy 
Arthur  H  far 

Slade,  D  R  far  Ctr  Har  RED 
Smith,  Ant^elia  A  ho  Ctr 
Smith,  Frank  M  mer  Ctr 
Smith,  Fred  P  retd  soldier  Ctr 
Smith,  Lillian  (Smith  Ctr  Har 
Percy  L  pi 

Smith,  Annie  A  (Smith 

Ctr  RED 

*Arthur  L  lab 

So  Framingham,  Mass 

Smith,  Margaret  A  (Hale  Ctr 
Harry  H  far 

Eva  M  (m  Bryant  Ctr 

Smith,  Harry  H  far  Ctr  R  F  D 
Bessie  (Blanchard  ho 

Clarie  E  pi 

Smith,  Lewis  Q  far  Ctr  RED 

Mary  E  (Paine  ho 

*John  B         Boston,  Mass 

*Hiram  G         harness  mkr 

Wells  River,  Vt 

Annie  H  (m  Smith 

*Lewis  E        meat  market 

Boston,  Mass 

*Leslie  E  hotel 

Boston,  Mass 

Demeritt  E  far 

Leonard  A  far 

Smith,  DE       far      Ctr  R  F  D 
Eva  G  (Burrows  ho 

Smith,  Levi  H    far    Ctr  RF  D 
Samantha  (Miller  ho 

Anna  M  (m  McGregor 
Nellie  L(m  Clark 
Willis  H  far 

Smith,  Willis  H  far  Ctr  R  F  D 
Clara  M  (Mudgett  ho 

General  H  stu 

G  H  pi 

Smith,  M  Alice  (Nute 

ho  Valley  View  far 
Ctr  Har  RED 



*Fannie  E  (m  Batchelder 

*Leon  A  far 

*Robert  L      art  decorator 
Schenectady,  N  Y 
*Alice  M  milliner 

Winthrop,  Mass 
Lillian  H  (m  Smith 
Smith,  B     far    Ctr  Har  R  F  D 
Rosina  (George  ho 

O  G  far 

*Samuel  L  far 

Fred  E  far 

•Annette  (m  Atvvood 
•Eliza  J  (mTerrill 

Alice  M  nurse 

Addie  E  (m  Whitworth 

Methuen,  Mass 
Smith,  Orlando  G       far      Ctr 

Dorothea  J  S  ( ho 

Smith,  Benj  J   blk  &  whlrt  Ctr 

Eva  A  (m  Thompson 
Smith,  Chas  O  Ctr 

hrdware  bus  &  lumb 
Mary  E  (Pierce  ho 

Mary  E 
Earie  H 
Smith,  J  A 


capt  &  boatman 


H  Annie  (Smith  ho 

Eva  E  pl 

Smith,  Sam'l  B  far       No 

Nellie  E  (Taylor  ho 

Nina  L  stu 

G  Roland  pl 

Smith,  Geo  H       far      Ctr  Har 
Snow,  Fannie  E  ho 

Mltuboro  R  F  D 
Snow,  Lucy  M  (Clark  ho 

So  Tamworth 
Nellie  M  (m  Brown 
Fannie  E 
*Emma  (m  Goodwin 

Spauldiug,  Essie  I  (Hanson 


Stevenson,  Hannah  H  ( 


Susie  M  ho 

Howard  A  far 

*Elmer  J  sta  agt 

Perth  Amboy,  N  J 

Stuttmatter,  William    far  No 

Ida  E  (Eaton  ho 


Sullivan,  John         mas       Ctr 

Tappan,  Frank  H  far 

Hattie  M  (Knowles  ho 

Lena  M  ho 

Tappan,  John  lab 

Tappan,  A  E  far 

Mltnboro  RED 

Abbie  F  (Groves  ho 



Elizabeth  (m  Webster 
Fred  far 

*Amy  T  (rn  Palmer 

So  Tarn  worth 
Anuie  L  (m  Wakefield 
Minnie  K  (m  Jones 
Eva  D  (in  Smith 
Tappan,  Fred  far 

Mltnboro  RED 
AbbieE  (Wakefield  ho 
Abram  E  pi 

Henry  R  pi 

Tappan,  J       far       Ctr  R  F  D 
Annie  M  (m  W^hite 
*Edmond  M       far       Bow 
Julia  F  (Nute  ho 

*Emma  F  (m  Hawkins 

Clarabelle  (m  Tilton 
*01iver  C      lab      Concord 
*Belinda  H  (m  Drake 

Aug:usta  M  tr 

*Mabel  A  (m  Benton 


Mar}^  A  (m  Martin 

*Myra  R  (m  Weld  Concord 

Tappan,  W  S  lumb  W^hiteface 

Beryl  V  (Grant  ho 

Tappan,  Fannie  N     Whiteface 

Tappan,  W  H    lab    Whiteface 

Taylor,  Albert    lab  Ctr  RED 

Taylor,  Eldora  F  (Glover     ho 

Ctr  RED 

William  H  far 

Taylor,  Wm  S  far 

So  Tarn  worth 

Taylor,  Elizabeth  B  ho 

So  Taraworth 

Taylor,  Wilmot  J  car 

So  Tamworth 

Tewksbury,  Sarah  L  (Hurley 


Wesley  W  far 

*Anna  M  (m  W^i^gin 

saleslady    Beverly,  Mass 

Alice  E  cl 

Tewksbury,  W^esley  W  far 

Frederick  pi 

Emma  ( ho 

Thompson,  Geo  W  far 

Ctr  R  F  D 

Lydia  J  (Smith  ho 

Elmer  S  far  &  mail  cl 

Henry  W  lab 

Chas  A  lab 

*Arthur  G  stage  drive 


Thompson,  ES  mail  car  Ctr  1 

Eva  A  (Smith  ho 

Guy  B  far 

Carl  E  pi 


Tibbetts,  Wm  far         Ctr 

Catherine  (King  ho 

Mildred  M  dr  mkr 

*Catherine  M  (m  McDonald 

milliner    Manchester 



Henry  G  ^  far 

;      Willard  R  pi 

Tibbetts,  FJenry  T       far    Ctr 
Blanche  I  (Scriggins       ho 

j      Paul  W 

Tilton,  Frank  E     far  &  butch 
Clara  B  (Tappau  ho 

Apphia  pi 

Helen  S  pi 

Hernion  F  pi 

Tilton,  Alvin    far      Mltnboro 
Mary  A  (Clement  ho 

Flora  B  (m  Haley 
Chas  O         boatman  &  far 
Winnifred  (m  Richardson 
Maud  S  tr 

Tilton,  Chas  E  car 

Francis  E  (Ward  ho 

*Julia  W       mer    Wlfboro 
*Chas  P  (Deceased) 
*Arthur  R      cl      Wolfboro 
John  F  tel  inspector 

Tilton,  John  F      tel  inspector 
Sadie  M  (Dow  ho 

Harold  E 

Tilton,  Frank  P     mail  carrier 

Tilton,  Frank  P  far  Whiteface 

Torsey,  William  H  ptr 

Margaret  (Allen  ho 

Henry  W  pi 

Margaret  M 

Trask,  Chas  W        far  No 

Arvilla  (Hackett 


Dora  (m  Peasley 


Frank  W                car  &  far 




rner,  C         far       Ctr 


Bertha  A  (Canuey 


C  Isabelle 




Esther  F 


Cornelius  Jr 



man,  Julius  A 


Florence  L  (Willis 


Norbert  A 


Vittura,  0  T  far 

Mltnboro  R  F  D 

Annie  A.  (Palmer         nurse 

Jennie  P  (m  Dovey 

*Otis    far      So  Tamworth 

Vittum,  Hiram  A  far 

Mltnboro  RFD 

Vittum,  AVm  mill  op 

Mltnboro  RFD 

Vittura,  J  F  far 

Mltnboro  RFD 

Mary  0  (Vittum  ho 

Ina  G  ho 

*Herbert  A  far  Tamworth 

Ernest  far 



Myrtie  M  ho 

Vittum,  Cbas  W  far  No 
Nannie  M  (Simpson  ho 
James  S  phj^  &  sur 

Lottie  M  phy 

*Geo  W  trav  sales 

Kansas  City,  Mo 
Ben  L  stu 

Vittum,  Allen  L  far 

Mltnboro  R  F  D 

Martha  E  (Corliss  ho 

Vittum,  Orin  E  far  No 
Irene  C  (Hill  ho 

Vittum,  A  M  far 

Mltnboro  RED 

Emeline  E  (Chandler      ho 

Ada  B  pi 

Arthur  M  pi 

Vittum,  Edmund  far 

Mltnboro  RED 

Abbie  J  (Wilson  ho 

Marshall  W  far 

Vittum,  M  W  far 

Mltnboro  RED 
Emma  M  (Campbell  ho 
Jeanette  P 


Wade,  Ida  (Martin  ho 

Mltnboro,  RED 

Wade,  Erank  M       eng        Ctr 

Mary  L  ( ho 

Maurice  E  pi 

Alston  M 
Wakefield,  Wm  H  blk 

Mltnboro  RED 
Bessie  E  (Canning  ho 

Geo  H  pi 

Elorence  M  pi 

Charlotte  E 
Willis  C 
Wallace,  W  H  H  far 

Mltnboro  RED 
Augusta  A  (Smith  ho 

*Dora  S  (m  Whiting 


Arthur  A  lab 

*Harry  A  barber 

Lynn,  Mass 

•William  barber 

Lynn,  Mass 

Roy  L  lab 

*Guy       barber  Plymouth 

Wallace,  Henry  J        far      No 

Erances  (Glidden  ho 

*AbbieS(m  Eollett 

*Ed\vin  E  police 

Roxbury,  Mass 
*Lucy  M  (m  Brown 

Chester,  Conn 
*Agnes  M  (m  Taylor 

Ljnn,  Mass 

Way  mouth  W  lab 

Wallace,  Eugene  P        far    Ctr 

Mary  E  (Estes  ho 

Grace  E  tr 



Harry  E  lab 

Wallace,  Harry  lab  Whiteface 
EffieM  (Hatch  ho 

Carle  E  pi 

Wallace  M  C  stone  mason 

Ctr  R  F  D 
Harriet  L  (Hatch  ho 

Florence  M  pi 

Bradley  pi 

Mary  E  pi 

Theodore  R 
Scott  E 

Wallace,  D  N    far      Whiteface 

Wallace,  Ann  P  (Pennimau 

Ctr  R  F  D 
Edward  F  far 

Wallace,  Edw  F  far  Ctr  R  F  D 
Charlotte  A  (McCanley 
Clara  E  ho  &  tr 

Ward,  Chas  W    far  Ctr  R  F  D 
Emily  W  (Wall re  ho 

James  G  lab 

David  AV  lab 

Annie  R  pi 

Watson,  Oliver         far        Ctr 

♦Frank  B  P  M 

3  Rivers,  Mich 

*Joseph  E      P  M  &  jeweler 

Bronson,  Mich 

Julia  L  (Ward  ho 

Watson,  D  S      far     Whiteface 
Fannie  M  (Pitman  ho 

Alice  J  ho 

Eva  M  ho 

Elmer  D  pi 

Lena  M  pi 

Olive  F  pi 

Watson,  John  C  far 

Mltnboro  R  F  D 

Annie  (French  ho 

W^atson,  Amanda  A  (Wellman 
Ctr  RED 
Nellie  F  (ra  Eastman 

Watson,  F  B      far    Ctr  R  F  D 
Welthia  M  (Hillard         ho 

Webster,  Frank  H  far 

Mltnboro  RED 

Lizzie  (Tappan  ho 

*Mary  E  (m  Wakefield 

Frances  G  pi 

Weed,  LarkinD  car  Whiteface 
Elsie  A  (Peaslee  ho 

Chester  A  car 

John  J  car 

Hortense  stu 

Cleveland  stu 

Weed,  John  J  car         No 

Lucy  M  (Smith  ho 

Leslie  J 

Weed,  C  A       car       Whiteface 
EllaC(Hoag  ho 

Weed,  F  H      broker     sum  res 
Edith  S  (Niles  ho 

Dorothy  N  pi 

Weed,  Geo  W  law         Ctr 

Wife  ( 

Weed,  Alfred  law  sum  res,  Ctr 
Charlotte  A  (Acwater     ho 



Ann  pi 

Weed,  Geo      law    sum  res,  No 

(Ac  water  ho 

Donald  pi 

Weed,  Sarah  F  (McCrillis     ho 


Mary  N  (m  Pickthall 

Weeks,  D  W      far      Ctr  R  F  D 

>     EllaF  ho 

W^ent worth,  Paul  law 

Ellen  T  (Duntley  ho 

*Joseph        law       Boston 

s      *John  P  ;  mer     Nebraska 

White,  Fred  L  far         Ctr 

Annie  M  (Tappan  ho 

Emma  L  pi 

White,  Chas  M  car       Ctr 

Hattie  M  (Bryant  ho 

Edward  L  pi 

V  Claire  pi 

Earle  A  pi 

White,  Chas  H      retd  Ad     Ctr 

White,  Mary  J  ho        Ctr 

Whitwell,  Natalie  S      Ctr  Har 

Wiggin,  Geo  W         law       Ctr 

sum  res.  Stonecroft  Farm 

Mary  M  (Bryant  ho 

Alice  tr 

Wiggin,  Anna  H  ho  &  tr 

Ctr  R  F  D 

Wilkinson,  J  W  G       far     Ctr 

Williams,  F  W  poultry 

Ctr  R  F  D 

*FredW^Jr       master  ptr 
Page,  W  Ya 
*S  L    ptr    Manatoba,  Can 
*John  H  mach 

Montgomery,  W  Va 
Alfred  A  draughtsman 
Mabel  E  ho 

Viola  V  pi 

Irene  A  pi 

Willis,  Louisa  A     sum  res,  Ctr 
Sophia  A  ho 

Geo  S  mfg 

Lilla  T  ho 

Willis,  Geo  S  mfg         Ctr 

Sarah  E  (Eakins  ho 

Wing,  G  S  dentist  sum  res,  No 
Dora  (Hawes  ho 

Dorothy  pi 


Wood,  S  A  Friend  clerg 


Ella  L  (Ppsmore  ho 

Elenora  D     ,  tr 

*Celia  A  (m  Petherbirdge 

Camden,  N  J 
*Reuel  L  printer 

Knights  Town,  Ind 
*B  B  cl  bank 

Spokane,  Wash 
Carroll  L  stu 

Angelina  mus  tr 

Edgar  J  engraver 

Adelbert  J  stu 

J  Dinsmore 




Woodward,  Wm  C        elec  eng 

Lizzie  A  (Paddock  ho 

K  C  midshipman U  SNavj 
William  L  stu 

Edward  S 
Oliver  P 


York,  Helen  M  (Severence   Ctr 

Census  of  Plymouth 

Note— Where  no  Post  Office  address  is  expressed  Ply- 
mouth is  understood.  R.  F.  D.  routes  are  designated  by 
number  of  the  route  coming  after  the  name. 

Adams,  Geo  law 

Adams,  Geo  F  far  No  2 
Alice  E  (Mignault  ho 

Geo  H  pi 

Edna  P  pi 

Adams,  E  G  lab      No  1 

Lillian  G  (Rowen  ho 

Ernest  D 

Adams,  Arthur  far  No  1 
Stella  (Rowen  ho 

Sadie  L  G 

Ahern,  Julia  (Lawles  ho  No  2 
*Wm  A  supt 

John  cont  &  bid 

David  cont  &  bid 

Henry  cont  &  bid 

Ellen  E  dr  rakr 

Hannah  tr 

Stephen  A  far 

Mary  A  tr 

Allen,  B  S  sporting  goods  fact 


Agnes  L  (Clifford         shop 

Blanche  O  shop 

Burton  W  pi 

Appleyard,  Albert     glove  mfg 
Appleyard,  A  H       glove  shop 
Armstrong,  Madeline  ho 

Armstrong,  Roselina  (Hooper 
cor  Lang  &  High 

Nettie  M  cl 

Arris,  Melzena  (Little 


Murray  P 

Metta  O  (m  Homans 
Ashley,  Geo  M  far    No  1 

Anna  B  (White  ho 

Winifred  (m  Fossie 

*Alfred  B  U  S  ser 

Fort  Riley,  Kan 

Gordon  A 

Lilly  B  stu 

Geo  M  pi 

Myrtle  B  pi 

Iddo  A 

Everett  E 
Atwood,  J  L  R  R  ser  17  Main 

Vena  L  (Leavitt 

Leland  L 

Sarah  L 

Chase  C 

Margaret  V 
Atvvood,  Carlos  B    glove  shop 
Avery,  G  K    retd  13  Pleasant 

Mary  F  (Batchelder        ho 

My r tie  M  (Avery 
Avery,  Elwin  M    car  inspector 

Mattie  J  (Ward  ho 

Avery,  F  J       lab     12  Cooper 

Pearley  F  printer 

Margaret  ( ho 

Estelle  W  (Packard 

Avery,  Julia  A  dr  mkr 


Avery,  A  W  jeweler 

57  Highland 

Ida  B  (Sawyer  ho 

*Alberta  R  (m  Drew 

1,014  Broadway, 
W  Somerville,  Mass 

Lena  B  (m  Dorian 

E  E  Walter  cl 

Avery,  Susan    cook  Highland 
Avery,  G  G   baker  Holderness 

ViunieM  (DoUoff  ho 

Avery,  Eva  U 
Avery,  Chas  A         far       No  1 

Emma  P  (Perry  ho 

Maude  C  pi 

Ayer,  Chas  J  ins  agt 

cor  High  &  Lang 




Lillian  E  (Cowley 



Doris  L 



Percy  M 





Avery,  Flora  B 



Avery,  Arthur  P 


Avery,  Farley  G        glove  fact 

8  Cooper 

Addie  L  (Flanders  ho 

FGuy  pl 


Babcock,  Jos  H  mill  op 

16  Highland 
Ella  A  (Walker 
*BA      mill  op    Whitefield 
Josie  M  (m  Carrol 
Sadie  E  (m  Packard 

Bailey,  Geo  E  retd  far 

Baker,  G  E   R  R  ser  Highland 

Barker,  Chas  E  R  R  ser 

37  Highland 

Emily  L  (Moulton  ho 

Edson  M  asst  P  M 

Barker,  A  P   car  40  Highland 
Minnie  E  (Young  ho 

Fred  A  P  0  cl 

Barnard,  Wesley       far     No  2 
John  far 

Charles  far 

Barnard,  Laura  H  (Doton  ho 

59  Highland 

Rose  dr  mkr 



Barrett,  Caroline  (Stearns 


Bartlett,  Joe  A  far 

Mary  S  R  (Clement 

Batchelder,  F  E    ear  Summer 
Emogene  (Smith  ho 

Lyman  F  pi 

Batchelder.  Ida  ho 

Batchelder,  Wm  J  Russell 

VirojiniaE  (Taplia  ho 

W  Bennett 

Batchelder,  Moses  mer 


Edith  (Phillips  ho 

Batchelder,  J  as  car  insp 

13  Warren 
Inez  H  (Avery  ho 

Ralph  G  pi 

Lillian  A 
Beatrice  A 

Bayley,  Susan  G  (Cockrun 

Bay  ley 
Mary  A  (m  Johnson 
*George  C  mer  Tilton 

Lizzie  A  (m  Randolph 
W  C  prov  &  gro 

CF  cl 

Herbert  E  cl 

Bayley,  Herbert    mer    Merrill 
Blanche  M  (Avery  ho 

Gladys  S  pi 

Bayley,  Chas  F  cl  Bayley  Ave 
Lura  M  (Homans 

Arthur  T 
Robert  C 
Bean,  G  L  retd 


27  Langdon 

Sarah  (Nickerson 

*Minnie  E  (m  Haines 

77  Shore  drive, 
Winthrop,  Mass 

*Rose  E  (m  Garvin 

Sanford,  Me 

*Fred  A  far  New  Hampton 

*LiDuie  B  (m  Sherburn 
13  Chestnut,  Woburn,  Mass 

Dora  B  (m  Keniston 
Beardslee,  Chas  F 

ptr  &  paper  hgr 

Juliette  A  (Glynes  ho 

Marion  I 
Beattie,  Harold       cl       Pleas 
Beers,  J  G       janitor      Merrill 

Sarah  (Jardin 

John  L  pl 

Ethel  M  pl 

Louisa  J 

Annie  L 

Mabel  E 
Bill,  EL  phy  &  sur 

51  Highland 

Maud  C  (Coolidge 

Ernest  L  stu 

Leslie  S  pl 

Berry,  J  C  ins  agt  18  Langdon 

D  Jennie  (Garland 

Herbert  E  ins  agt 



♦Arthur  G  tr 

Rochester  Bus  College 

♦Ethel  L         tr    Littletou 

Leon  H  matress  fact 

Elsie  M  stu 

Berry,  H  E  ins  agt 

28  Lanojdon 

Hannah  E  (Smith-Tucker 
Bird,  Mary  E  (Doolittle 

•Frances  J 
49 No  15th.  Minneapolis,  Minn 

Grace  E    tr  State  Normal 
Blaisdell,  Judson  No  3 

Estelle  (Nichols 

Judson  car 

Blake,  0  E       car       No  Main 

Earl  cl 

Isaac  pi 

Blake,  F  F  far        No  1 

Harry  N 

*Lulu  l\  (m  Sanborn 

Blodo;ett,  Sarah  G  (Johnson 
30  Langdon 

EfRe  E  brdg  house 

Blodo-ett,  F  R  far  1  Highland 
Blood,  Geo  B  bank     So  Main 

Bertha  (Goodridge         ho 
Bowles,  E  C   team      Langdon 

Ethel  R  (Page  ho 

Beatrice  A 
Bowles,  O  E  mill  op  Highland 

Isabelle  E  (Thayer  ho 

Lynn  L  cl 

Hazel  M  pi 

Ruby  M  pi 

Bowles,  Alden  far  Highland 
Lorette  S  (Aldridge  ho 
*Alburto  H  Hill 

overseer  lumb  mill 
*  Florence  B  (m  Smith 

E  Hebron 
*Amasa       tr  High  School 
Buxton,  Me 
Bowles,  C  H       pres  Sav  Bank 
cor  Riv  &  High 
Mary  A  (Bachelder 
*Geo  H  M  D 

1750  Wash'tn,  Boston,  Mass 
Boyce,  C  W  team        No  1 

Ida  M  (Whitcomb 
•Elizabeth  M  (m  Dorey 


Carl  W  lab 

Boynton,  Elmer  car  Langdon 

Nona  M (Sanborn 

Boynton,  J  M    far  18  Winter 

Martha  A  (Hobart  ho 

Boynton,  Mabel  L  ho 

Brackett,  Wm  R    retd  R  R  ser 

cor  Russ  &  Web 

Ella  L  (Stearns  ho 


Bragg,  Oscar  shoe  mkr 

4  Highland 

Kate  F  (Hutchins  ho 

Harry  P  stu 

Lester  G  pi 



Clarence  W 
Brainard,  A  C 

R  R  ser 
off  Brido^e 
Roxie  E  (Stillings  ho 

Emma  D  waitress 

M  Ellen  ho 

Margaret  F  pl 

Daniel  J 
Alvin  P 
Brooks,  Chas  L       butter  mkr 

Olive  P  (Morse  ho 

Mildred  H 
Ezra  W 
Brown,  Jennie  M 
Brown,  L  E  R  R  ser 

off  Warren 
*Mabel  A  mill  op  Laconia 
♦Frank  C  R  R  ser 

Portland,  Me 
Myra  E  (m  Steel 
*Minnie  H  ho 

Stoneham,  Mass 
*IIarry  M  R  R  ser 

Portland,  Me 
Brown,  C  P  R  R  ser 

cor  School  &  Lan^don 
Abbie  M  (Garland 
Walter  C  lab 

Brown,  J  M    R  R  ser  No  Main 
Bessie  M  (Walker  ho 

Willie  M 

Brown,  Regina  L       Highland 

Brown,  Earl  27  Main 

Eliza  (Elliott 

Brown,  D  M  mill  op 

31  Highland 
Frances  (Marston  ho 

*AlbertaB  (m  Wright 

Margaret  bk  kpr 

Brown,  M  S      far  &  dep  sheriff 
Wm  M  H  far 

Brown,  Wm  M  H  far 

Lottie  A  (Smith  ho 

Earle  M  pl 

Harold  W  pl 

Brown,  F  W     druggist    Main 

Brown,  A      mill  op      off  Main 
Adelaide  E  (Ellsworth 
Lela  G  (m  Cook  cl 

Lucinda  E  bk  kpr 

Buchanan,  Sarah  G  ( ho 


Burke,  G  H         blk         Keeble 
Rose  A  (Keefe  ho 

*Chas  J       blk       Ashland 
*HG    blk    Springfield,  Vt 
Alice  M 
*Anna  F  (m  Wayne 

Elizabeth  S 

Mary  C  stu 

Agnes  L  stu 

Burke,  Genevieve  R  (Maher 

Billings,  Mont 



Burleigh,  Alvin    law  9  Weeks 

Elvira  (Page  ho 

*D  Paul  elec  eng 

8  Schenectady 

Margaret  S  stu 

Burns,  Sophia  (Whitney 

11  Russell 

Burtt,  Chas  C  glove  mfg 


Amelia  S  (Nichols  ho 

Burtt,  A  F    mer   42  Langdon 

Eva  L  (Isham  ho 

Doris  E 

Burtt,  Fred  far 

Leonora  (Wheeler  ho 

Albert  F  furniture 

*E  D     phy  &  sur    Lincoln 

•Musetta  waitress 

Boston,  Mass 

•Herbert  F  barber 

Elm,  Manchester 

Chas  C         sporting  goods 

*Sadie  L  (m  Polard 

Walter  E  glove 

Arthur  A  far 

Burtt,  W  E       sporting  goods 
Louisa  R  (Walters 
Hazel  E 

Caldon,  Jas  M 

stone  mas 

*Leon  M  mill  op 

Campton  Vil 

Amey  R  stu 

Ida  L  pi 

Caldon,  C  B    far  90  Highland 

Mary  A  (Bump  ho 

Caldon,  Geo  E     car    No  Main 

Mattie  A  (Harris  ho 

Guy  E  office  boy 

Lena  A  stu 

Lita  R  pi 

Calf,  Howard      truck     Merrill 

Carpenter,  Vance  R  stu 

Carpenter,  John  C  pi 

Carroll,  Leroy  L  exp 

Josie  M  (Babcock  ho 

Nellie  G  pi 

Bernard  H  pi 

Floyde  B  pi 

Florence  E  pi 

Velna  A 

Carter,  Annette  E  (Johnson 

So  Main 
Mary  A  (m  Cook 
Cass,  Cyrus  A      far     No  Main 
Jane  A  (Hibbard  ho 

Henry  A  tailor 

*Nellie  E  (m  Sanborn 

47  Monroe,  Concord 
Cass,  H  A       tailor      No  Main 
Elizabeth  (Heep  ho 

*Edith  M  (m  Bias 

Beverly,  Mass 
*Alice  J       ho      Lakeport 



Alvin  H  pi 

Cass,  Austin  W  ball  sewer 

Cayes,  N       far      43  Pleasant 

Marcia  A  (Elkins  ho 

Edward  N  car 

Ida  M  (m  Smith 

Emraa  M  (m  Fosie 

Chas  W  sp  goods  fact 

Fred  car 

Lizzie  (m  Bojnton 

Elsie  tel  op 

Cayes,  E  N     car    36  Pleasant 

Harriet  E  (Dexter  ho 

Reo:inal  E 

Eugene  A 
Cayes,  C  W       shop      So  Main 

Josephine  M  (Vontell 

Chamberlain,  E  lab 


*George       lab       Concord 
Champ,  N  Main 

Emily  (Seap  dr  mkr 

Clara  (m  Derry 

*John  police 

Boston,  Mass 

Lizzie  (m  Swett 

*Edw  optician 

Boston,  Mass 

*Lawrence  N  Y 

Cora  office 

Chapman,  Fred  creamery 

73  Highland 

Harriet  E  (Heath  ho 

Fred  A 
Chase,  I  H      lumb    6  So  Main 

Miunie  (Elliott  ho 

Richard  O  stu 

*Mildred  (m  Drake 

Springfield,  Mass 

Chase,  Edw  A  phy  &  sur 

7  Russell 

Ruth  (McClure 

Robert  M 

Chase,  Hattie  ( 

Chase,  Daniel 

Allen  D 


peg  mill 

far       No  2 

stone  cutter 


*Elnora  J  milliner 

Boston,  Mass 

*Alice  S  (m  Hartford 


Jennie  M  (m  Day 

Chase,  Wm  retd  far 

*Geo  W    far  &  lab  Quincy 

Chase,  H  L  lab 

Julia  E  (Osgood  ho 

Chase,  Mary    tailoress  Cooper 

Chase,  W  D       lumb  &  real  est 

Lillian  H  (Heath 
Anthouy  B  pl 

Chase,  Fred 

Chatman,  H  E  hostler 

Hattie  M  ho 

Clark,  Mrs  Helen  M  No  1 

Thomas  F 



*Geo  G  law 

60  State,  Boston,  Mass 

Clark,  T  Ernest       lab      No  5 

Clark,  Calvin         retd       No  1 

Betsy  A  (Colcord  ho 

*Mary  C  (ra  Rich 

Truro,  Maes 
*E  C  ship  cl  Manchester 
Alma  H  tr  nurse 

Clark,  Carlesta  J  (Johnson 

No  Main 
*Lena  M  (m  Downing 


Clark,  Ernest  bk  kpr 

42  Summer 

Celia  J  (Corliss  ho 

Lillian  V  stu 

Ervin  W  pi 

Clay,  G  M  glove  fact 

51  Langdon 

Bessie  M  (Piper  ho 


Clifford,  Eunice  (Woodman 


*Fred  A    eng      10  Maple, 


Clifford,  CM  lab 


Lura  N  (Sherburn  ho 

Chester  B  pi 

Clifford,  Jas  stone  cont 

*Harry  G  tel  op 

Katesfield,  lud  Ter 

Lorinda  A  (Howe-White 

Clifford,  Alice  (Smith        No  1 
Blanch  B  (m  Scruton 

Clifford,  Cbas     retd  far     No  1 

Coburn,  B  G  glove  fact 

Bay  ley  Ave 
Emma  L  (Greener 
Martha  P  stu 

Grace  A  pi 

Agnes  H 

Coburn,  Chester  No  1 

Coburn,  Bertha 

Coffey,  Hannah  E  (Corcoran 

cor  Pearl  &  Weeks 

*  Jeremiah  J  raach 

Baltimore,  Md 

*Edw  E  mach 

Boston,  Mass 

Wm  R  drug 

*Mary  E  Manchester 

directress  convent 

Anna  E  (m  Jones 

Coffin,  Wm  H  eng 

Mary  E  (Johnson  ho 

Colhuru,  F  lab      43  Highland 
Laura  J  (Marsh  ho 

Conrad,  Rev  J  R  High 

Mary  E  (Hall  ho 

Evelyn  G  stu 

Helen  M  stu 

Russell  H  pi 

Harold  E 

Condon,  Morris   stu  Langdon 
Catherine  (McDonald 
Margaret  M  tel  op 



A^nes  E  compositer 

*Edw  W  R  R  ser    5  Union 

Shelburn  Falls,  Mass 

Cook,  May  E  (Gu.y  Warren 
Mildred  E  pi 

Cook,  C  A  team  1  So  Main 
Mary  A  (Carter  ho 

Nettie  M  pi 

Carrie  A 

Cook,  A  far  &  lumb  mfr  No  1 
Hannah  B  (Boynton  ho 
Chas  A  lura  mfr 

Mary  H  office  cl 

Alice  E 

John  H  lum  mfr 

Flora  A  office  cl 

Cook,  Wm  cl 

Lila  G  (Brown  ho 

Cousins,  Alva  C  plumb 

Georgie  E  (Runnels         ho 

Cramford,  P  H  retd  Highland 
Melissa  (Sawyer  ho 

Kate|(m  Langill 

Crittendon,  B  A  jeweler 

Daisy  W  (Woodard 
Beatrice  A  pi 

*Crockett,  J  Frank  cl 

Los  Angeles,  Cal 

Crockett,  Elizabeth  (Burnham 
28  Highland 

Cross,  Wm  T  car 

Mary  J  (Leaged  ho 

John  H  car 

Sarah  A  (McLeod 
Cross,  John  H        car       No  1 

Jennie  A  (Rogers  ho 

Crowell,  Frank  mill  op 

Currier,  ML  R  R  ser 


Ella  B  (Black  ho 

Stuart  H 
Currier,  Hattie  M  nurse 

14  Cooper 

Maud  C  (m  Palmer 
Currier,  Aunis  Foster 

Alice  (Bowlan  ho 

Lena  pi 

Charley  pi 

Mary  V 

Currier,  Henry  C      retd    No  2 

Flora  B  (Blaisdell  ho 

Perley  S      sporting  goods 

Edw  G  R  R  mail  cl 

Amy  B 

Fred  A  R  R  mail  cl 

Currier,  Ann  R  (Roby        No  2 

Addie  M  (Mary  ho 

Currier,  Martha  (Richardson 
Currier,  P  S  glove  cutter 


Cora  (McDaniel  ho 

Ruth  M  stu 

Curtis,  Florence  B   glove  shop 
Cushman,  Catherine 

(Spaulding    Summer 



Caroline  R  Leverett 
Cutter,  C  H  team  &  far  Cutter 
Lucia  A  (Greene  ho 

Alice  M  glove  shop 

Danforth,  W  B  lab 

Cora  B  (Roe  ho 

Daniell,  Wm  H  undertaker 

12  Russell 
Charlotte  (Stebbins 
Walter  H  cl 

Marguerite  stu 

Charlotte  A  stu 

WmH  pi 

Ellen  EL  pi 

Daisy  B  pi 

Ruth  E 

*Daniel8,C  H  mill  op  E  Tilton 
*Alba  J        far    Laconia  2 

Davidson,  N       far    Highland 

Margaret  E  (Watson 

•Clinton  E  hotel 

Boston,  Mass 

*Wilber  N  trav  sales 

Chicago,  111 

Davis,  Lester  glove 

Car.y  (Gay nor  ho 

Davis,  Emily  (Harriman      ho 

Davis,  W  R  Jr   mill  op  Russell 
Mina  J  (Whitcher  ho 

Beryl  L  pi 

Davis,  W  R  S  mill  op    Russell 
Ella  M  (m  Edmonds 
*Henry  C  fire  dept 

498  Union,  Springfield,  Mass 
W  R  Jr  mill  op 

•Florence  L  (m  Burke 

Springfield,  Vt 

Davis,  E  M    team  38  So  Main 
Mary  H  (Evens  ho 

Eva  M  pi 

Davison,  O  L  liv  stable 

11  Main 

Annie  L  (Clifford  ho 

Carolyn  B  pi 

Damson,  J      R  R  ser  ofi  Main 
Winnifred  E  (Homans 
Annie  E  pi 

John  F  pi 

Marion  C 
George  H 

Day,  Albert  B       eng       High 
Katie  S  (Hadley  ho 

Helen  M  stu 

Louie  G  stu 

Gladys  M  pi 

Eddie  L  pi 

Day,  Jasper         far  No  2 

*Ethan  A  mill  op  Bristol 
*Daisy  E  (m  Cass  Bristol 
*Philip  L  paper  making 
*Archie  paper  mill 




Kate  M  ho 

Wm  W  mill  op 

Jennie  M  (Chase  ho 

Gladys  pi 

Alice  L  pi 

Day,  James  F  team  Keeble 
Eunice  M  (Pierce  ho 

Donald  F 

Dary,  J  J  cooper  off  Bridp^e 
Clara  (Shampon  dr  mkr 
Emily  pi 

Dearborn,  Charlotte      dr  mkr 
48  Highland 

Dearborn,  Gill  retd  Main 
Rose  E  (Elliot  ho 

William  A  stu 

Dearborn,  E  B      leather  dress 
8  cor  Sch  &  H 
Emma  F  (Flanders 
Arthur  E  cl 

Deming,  H  F     mer     Pleasant 
Ella  M  (Williams 
*Florence  M  (m  Boyen 

Mabel  M  tel  op 

Maud  S 

Dexter,  Chas  S  R  R  ser  Fox 
Laura  E  (Fosie  ho 

Henry  F  pi 

Dolloff,  Annie  (Sawyer 

Blanch  pi 

Dolloff,  Geo  W  5  Pleasant 

overseer  sp  goods  fact 

Annie  L  (Lane  ho 

Marjorie  M 
Donovan,  Katherine 

19  Pleasant 
Julia  T  cashier 

Dorion,  Rev  E  C  E 

12  Highland 

Lena  A  (Avery  ho 

Dorion,  Mrs  Thos  A 

Downing,  Edna  A  (Willoughby 


*Irad  S         far       Rumney 

*Wm  W        far       Rumney 

*Maria  A  (m  Willoughby 

Edgar  Town,  Mass 

*Almon  E  mach 

290  E  Marock,  Lowell,  Mass 

Clara  A  (m  Persons 

*Emery  A  B  far 


*Henry  W  far        Bow 

*Freeman  A  R  R  ser 

E  Deerfield,  Mass 

Downing,  F  W     mach    Avery 

Maud  E  (Tourtillott 

Eva  H  stu 

Hazel  pi 

Harry  L  pi 

Downing,  Hart    mill  op    No  1 

Laura  A  ( Ward-Avery 
Downing,  W  L  mill  op  Foster 

Gertrude  M  (Gilman 
Downing,  Martha  J  (Webster 

Downing,  Nelson        far 
Auo;usta  (Downing 
Ida  E  (m  Coffin 

Downing,  Fred  mill  op 

Dow,  Jennie  S  (Harriman     ho 

No  2 

Dow,  John  A  blk 

Helen  M  (Simonds  ho 

Jennie  M  (m  Estes 
Leola  B  (m  Adams 
*Emma  F  (m  Hadley 

*Albert  J  blk  &  mach 

Franklin  Fals 
Muriel  H  R 

Draper,  J  F     sport  goods  mfg 
Hattie  R  (Russell  ho 

Mary  E 

H  Marguerite  stu 

Jason  R  stu 

Duncklee,  Amy  (Wills  ho 

No  Main 
Hubert  E  ptr 

Bessie  M  glove  shop 

Roscoe  W  pi 

Perley  R  pi 

Dunn,  C  H  butcher 

Phebe  E  (Martin  ho 

Wm  S  pi 

Ethel  B  pi 

Cristina  M 

Durand,  Mary  A  (Lougee 



No  2 


48  Pleasant 


Otto  L 





Herman  F 


Dustin,  J  M      elec      Langdon 
Vinnie  S  (Chase  ho 

Morris  P  pl 

Alice  F  pl 

Bertrice  S 
Wesley  S 

Dustin,  Elizabeth  (Sherburn 

Dustin,  Ezekiel       retd      No  1 
Mary  S  (Smith  ho 

Dyer,  C  P     mail  carrier    No  3 


Eastman,  Nathaniel  far 

Myra  (Worthing  ho 

Eastman,  H  W  blk  No  1 
Martha  G  (Mcintosh  ho 
Haven  S  stu 

Clifton  K  pl 

Roy  L 

Eastman,  F  H  R  R  ser 

65  Highland 

Rosa  M  (Herbert  ho 

Eastman,  C  S  mill  op 


Hattie  M  (Calley  ho 

Eastman,  Alonzo  car  No  2 
Flora  E  (Dalton  ho 

Lewis  A  car 

Clarence  P  glove  shop 

Minnie  E  stu 



Eastman,  Lewis         car    No  2 
Leora  M  (Farmer  ho 

Carl  A  pi 

Wilmer  R  pi 

Lorin  B 

Eastmau,  C  P  glove  fact 

16  Hip^hland 

Maud  A  (Bageley       glove 

Edmonds,  Benj  G   cl  29  Main 
Mattie  E  (Coburn  ho 

Margaret  pi 

Elliott,  W      mill  op    Summer 

Fannie  ( ho 


Elliott,  J  R 

mgr  Pemigewasset  House 

Ellis,  John  A       car    No  Main 
May  A  (Pebbles  ho 

Madeline  L  pi 

Robert  A  pi 

Omer  D 

Ellis,  Dorotha  (Sargent    No  2 

Ellis,  Jas  cont  &  bldr    Merrill 
Edith  (Wheeler  ho 

Elison,  John        mill  op     No  1 

Emma  ( ho 

Chas  lab 

*John         far         Laconia 
*Susie  (m  Merrill  Laconia 

Emerson,  Thos  J      car  &  bldr 

42  Highland 

Mary  L  ho 

Emery,  Nina  L  (Coolbeth 

dr  rakr    Main 

Ernest  E  stitcher 

WmE  cl 

*Glady8  (m  Hunter 

116  So,  W  Lynn,  Mass 
Rufus  L  lab 

Nora  E  stu 

Emery,  Will  E  cl  87  Main 

Harriet  ( 

Estes,  L  D        team      Warren 
Jennie  M  (Dow  ho 

Harold  E  cl 

Helen  C  stu 

Clair  G  pi 

Thelma  F 

Evans,  C  M  Miss  milliner 


Fallon,  Delia  Highland 

Farmer,  Chas  M 

*Fred  S  lab  Haverhill, Mass 
*WalterE    far    Ellsworth 
Leora  M  (Eastman 
Chas  C  team 

Willie  C  pi 

Farmer,  Chas  C  team 

Lulu  (Lock  ho 

Farnum,  A  B  ptr  16  Thurlow 
Atha  M  (Roberts  ho 

Fellows,  Chauncey    office  wrk 

6  Pleasant 

Jennie  E  (Lyford  ho 



•Victor  M  clothing 

1  Couch,  Plattsburg,  N  Y 

Ferrin,  John  team 

Ruth  G  pl 

Ferrin,  M  A  news  agt 

Mary  F  (Webster 

Fifield,  Victor    cl        87  Main 
Alice  M  (Sargent  ho 

Emily  L  etu 

Ora  E  pl 

Annie  A  pl 

Albert  W 

Flanders,  W  G  livery 

16  Langdou 
Clara  A  (Hardy  ho 

Charlotte  F  (m  Smith 
Sadie  A 
Marion  E  stu 

Flanders,  C  E  Miss  No  1 

Fletcher,  S  P  retd 

77  Highland 
Betsey  J  (Webster  ho 

J  G  glove  mfr 

Orrin  W  far 

Chas  H  far 

*Myron  H       cl      Ctr  Har 

Fletcher,  John  G       glove  mfr 
Sarah  E  (Morse 
Fred  E  glove  mfr 

Fletcher,  Orrin  W    far      No  1 
Etta  J  (Barnard 

•Herbert  L       cl    Rumney 
*Amy  L  (m  Kidder 

Rumney  Depot 

Frank  P       tr  Moody  Inst 

Chicago,  III 

•Chester  A  far 

Rumney  Depot 

Fletcher,  Chas         far       No  1 

Hermon  pl 

Flynn,  Mamie      ho      27  Main 

Fogg,  L  D  48  Pleasant 

supt  water  Co  &  plumb 

Fosie,  A  A  R  R  ser  SLangdon 

Emma  M  (Cayer  ho 

Myrtle  E  ,  pl 

Gladys  M  pl 

Alfred  L 

Mildred  J 

Fosie,  Jos  M  asst  hostler 


M  Winifred  (Ashley         ho 

Ruth  W 

Manard  A 

Foss,  George  B  tin  pedler 

70  Highland 

Lavinia  E  (Melvin 

*Guy  M  chauffeur 

10  Galena,  Roxbury,  Mass 

George  L  cl 

Noah  S        stu  Dartmouth 

Hugh  pl 

Foss,  Emma  M  (Merrill         ho 

8  Summer 

Foster,  Geo  R    peg  mfg   Main 



Christie  B  (Allen 
George  A 

Foster,  E  J      peg  mfg      Main 
Mabel  J  (Jenks 
Marion  J  pi 

Foster,  G  O      lab      Highland 
Mary  A  (Drake  ho 

Evelyn  M  pi 

Nellie  C  pi 

Guy  R  pi 

Irene  J 

Foster,  Moses  retd 

*F  H    R  R  eng  Woodsville 
Stella  F  (m  Nelligan 

Fox,  Charlotte  (Dearborn 

*George  A  musician  N  Y 
Bessie    librarian  &  inus  tr 

Freeman,  Wm  P  cl 

cor  Keeble  &  Weutworth 
Fannie  E  (Sherwell 
Harold  C  stu 

French,  Essie  B  (Mills 


French,  Carrie  M  (Edwards 

29  Main 
Harry  F  stu 

Roger  L  stu 

Frissell,  Henry     lab    27  Main 

Frye.  John  far         Merrill 

Alice  (Leach  ho 

Ernest  C  stu 

Mary  A  pi 

Sadie  E 
Ethel  J 
Eunice  G 
Fuller,  E  W 


glove  cutter 


Gussie  A  (Holmes  ho 

Furlong,  Sarah  (Crowley      ho 


*Wm  H       No  Berwick,  Me 

Garland,  W  R  phy  &  sur 

6  Russell 

Garland,  Geo  W  iar 

12  Langdon 

Eliza  A  (Batchelder        ho 

Wm  R  M  D 

George,  Chas  W       far      No  1 

Louise  V  ho 

Martha  C  ho 

George,  Mamie  (Kan on 

Harry  J 

*Ethel  M  Rumney 

*Emma  C  E  Rumney 

Gibson,  D  W  No  1 

brick  &  lumb  mfg 

Gilman,  Geo  W  R  R  ser 

No  Main 


*Lizzie  M  (m  Dozois 

E  Springfield 
Joseph  A  jeweler 



Leonard  G  cl 

Gertie  M  (m  Downing 

Linnie  H  peg-  mill 

Gilman,  Jos    jeweler  No  Main 

Bessie  L  (Miller  ho 

Gilson,  Wm  E  cl  70  Highland 

Eva  S  (Brown  ho 

Glover,  Stephen  R      far    No  2 

Luella  R  (Bartlett  ho 

Austin  B  far 

Ada  M  milliner 


Arthur  E 

Earoid  L 

Elmer  L 

Roscoe  C 

Roy  A  stu 

Glynn,  David  far 

Nellie  E  (Fisher  ho 

Ethel  J  ho 

Glynn,  Thos  F  far 

M  Augusta  ho 

Gore,  F  B    glove  cutter    No  1 

Margaret  (Cass  ho 

Gore,  Harriet  H  (Page         ho 

No  Main 

Moody  P  mason 

*EIiza  G  (m  Foster 


*Alice  M  (m  Hutchins 

Wells  River,  Vt 

George  W  stu 

Gore,  M  P    mason     Highland 

Effle  K  (Kibby  ho 

Gould,  Chas  J  mer  14  So  Main 
M  Kate  (Morton  ho 

*Mabelle  L  artist 

48  So  Oxford,  Brooklyn,  N  Y 
Blanche  A  tr 

*  Bessie  M  12  Stetson, 

Brookline,  Mass 
Florence  P  stu 

Gould,  C  E    RRser    7  Bridge 
Gertrude  (Rymill 
Adeline  F 

Gourlay,  Mary  (Pervier       ho 

Grant,  L  P    mill  op  4  Cooper 
Marion  F  (Smith  ho 

*Eleanor  E  (m  Ford 
318  River,  Newton,  Mass 

Greeley,  Geo       team     Russell 
Donna  (Pelkey  ho 

M  argaret  pi 

Greenleaf,  Rena  (Shaw         ho 
42  Lang 

Greenwood,  Lewis  gloves 

Edith  (Cass  ho 

Hazel  M 

Guild,  AC    R  R  ser    Langdon 
Mabel  E  (Mitchell 


Hackett,  Edith  nurse 

Hackett,  Harry  R  R  ser  Bridge 

Eldora  C  (James  ho 

Hale,  H  H      cl      44  Langdon 

Fannie  J  (Locklin 



Eva  F  stn 

*Rena  M  (m  Manning 

Wood  us,  Conn 
*Luella  M  (m  Stebbins 

Junius,  So  Dakota 
Sadie  E  (m  Browne 

Haley,  J  G       lab      Highland 
Anpjeletta  (King  ho 

Raymond,  J  stu 

Harold  E  stu 

Max  G  pi 

Neal  W  pi 

Edward  E  pi 

Kenneth  R  pi 

Hall,  Ann  B  (Bean      No  Main 
*Nathan  W       s  s  op  &  far 
•EllaF(m  Harron 

Lakeport  2 
Frank  H  R  R  ser 

Hall,  F  H     R  R  ser     No  Main 
Harry  E  pi 

Lillian  D  (Pebbles 

Hallenbeek,  D  H  dentist 

2  Pearl 
Rena  S  (Baldwin  ho 

Chas  S  stu 

Hamrne,  Amos  lab 

Hamlin,  Alberta       ho     No  1 

HantiHtord,  H  L       far    No  2 
AbbieS  ^Smith  ho 

Frank  L  far 

Hannalord,  S  G  lumb    School 

Julia  M  (Dodge  ho 

Pauline  M  pi 

Haney,  Willie  lab 

*Haney,  Herman  H       Bristol 

Hanson,  Anthony  stonecutter 
27  Main 

Hanson,  Nathan    retd      No  5 
Amelia  (m  Hobbs 

Hardy,  Forest  far 

Alice  (Hovey  ho 

Delia  F         '  pi 

Henry  R  pi 

Earl  L  pi 

Hardy,  Ernest  B    el      Rogers 
Maud  R  (Rowe  ho 

Chas  B 
Florence  E 

Harriman,  Sophia  (Penniman 
HattieG  (m  Trow 
Alma  (m  Whittemore 
Emily  (m  Davis 
*Geo  D  Standard  Oil  team 
26  Hampton  Ave, 
Brockton,  Mass 
^Elizabeth  M 
(m  Woodbury  Winchester 

Hart,  Grace  L  B 

charge  restaurant 

Hatch,  Geo  A       far  No  1 

Mildred  E  (Smith  ho 

Clarence  R  pi 

Bernice  M  pi 

George  C 

Harvey,  Austin  G  far 



•Lizzie  (m  Taylor 
7  Dorchester,  Lawrence,  Mass 

*Cha8  A  coach  man 


•Susie  (m  Burnham 

Lynn,  Mass 

Amanda  M  (Knox  ho 

*J  Frank  M  D 

20  Temple,  Boston,  Mass 

*Josie  I  (m  Gay 

74  President,  Lynn,  Mass 

*Ella  D  (m  Morrison 
Varnum,  Lawrence,  Mass 

*Ida  V  (m  Burnham 
172  Varnum,  Lawrence,  Mass 

Luther  T  baker 

Harvey,  L  T  27  Main 

Maud  E  (Bowe 

bakery  &  restaurant 

Arthur  H  D  D  H  pi 

Susie  M  pi 

Hann,  Chester  P  far 

Ida  M  (Rutherford  ho 

Hayes,  Sam'l  B    ptr  No  Main 

Daisy  D  (Pebbles 
Hayes,  C  P  mill  op 

Gussie  (Flint  ho 

Leonard  R 

Lewis  M 
Hazelton,  D  H       night  watch 

No  2 

Charlotte  J  pi 

Gladys  D  pi 

Heath,  H  B  printer 

Heath,  M  H  tel  lineman 

Heath,  Geo  M    tinsmith  No  1 
Henderson,  Agnes 

supt  Emily  Balch  Hospital 
Hill,  Everett  pi 

Hill,  Albion  pi 

Hill,  Lilla  G  (Tucker  No  Main 

Eva  M  peg  mill 

Bertha  B  peg  mill 

Ruby  L  stu 

Bert  G  pi 

Hobart,  Perly  M      glove  shop 


Nellie  M  (Clark 

Marshall  P  pi 

Archie  R  pi 

Mary  L 
Hobbs,  Allen  far        No  5 

Amelia  H  (Hanson  ho 

Holmes,  James  B  far 

Nellie  W  (Wilson 
Holmes,  Edw  car  &  con 

Holmes,  Samuel  M  lar 

Emma  (Foss 
Holard,  Wm  C         glove  shop 


Mary  (Buzzell  ho 

Perley  M 

•Martha  A  (m  Parker 


Ida  M  (m  McGough 
Holtham,  Gerald  pi 

Homans,  Mary  M  (Savage  ho 



Lura  M  (m  Bailey 
Grace  E  (m  Milgate 
*Gertrude  E  (m  Boylan 

Bellows  Falls,  Vt 
*Mary  L  (ra  Currier 

Warren  R  R  R  ser 

Homans,  W     R  R  ser     Merrill 
Metta  (Arris  ho 

Russell  H 

Homaus,  G  F  far 

S  Ella  (Swett  ho 

Winnie  E  (m  Dorson 
Harry  F  glove  shop 

*Perley  E  R  R  ser 

Chillicothe,  Ohio 
Merton  B  lab 

Homer,  A  S       mer      Pleasant 
Estella  F  (Beattie 
Russell  S  pi 

Raymond  G 

Hosford,  C  J     mail  el    Merrill 
Mattie  B  (Buck  ho 

Harold  B  pi 

Marcia  L  pi 

Houghton,  Bessie       Pleasant 

Houston,  A  F        harness  nikr 
37  Pleasant 
Livonia  M  (Grant 
*Ro8coe  G  cl 

91  Commercial,  Boston,  Mass 
Alice  S  stu 

Bernice  A  stu 

Houston,  Mary  E 

tr  Hampton  Ins 

Howard,  Laura  M  (Wescott 
Howland,  Annie  R  (m  Benton 
Hoyt,  Leon  J  ptr       No  2 

Adaline  E  (Tashro  ho 

Huckins,  Sophia  (Caldon 

cor  Pleasant  &  Russell 

Clara  R  mat  shop 

Elmer  E  cl 

Huckins,  E  E       cl      8  Winter 

Pauline  M  (Marden 
Huckins,  Miss  Lucy    ho   No  2 
Huckins,  Caleb  A   retd  School 

DeLos  blk 

Ned  G  glove  fact 

Huckins,  Ned  G         glove  fact 

School  &  Lang 

Eva  C  (Carr  ho 

Beulah  M  pi 

Cora  J 
Huckins,  J  P    ins  agt    Winter 

Laura  K  (King  ho 

Hull,  W^m  G       retd       Russell 

Arthur  C  trav  sales 

Heber  W  R  R  cond 

Hull,  A  C     trav  sales    Russell 

Annie  P  (Burgess  ho 

Hull,  H  W    R  R  cond    Russell 

Rosa  F  (Heath  ho 

Laura  F  pi 

Hutchins,  Erwin  mill  op 

Iva  M  (Thompson 

Chas  H  pi 

Hazel  M  pi 

Gladys  M 



Hutchiiis,  C  H  lab 

Martha  J  (Tucker  ho 

Hutcbius,  Ward  B       30  Main 

prop  Tyler  house 

Grace  (McBath  ho 


Jardiu,  Jane  (Beers        Merrill 
*Hanuah  E  (m  Bishop 

Mt  Buchanan,  P  E  Isl 

Louisa  J  ho 

Sarah  (m  Beers 

*Wm  J  elec  con 

Brockton,  Mass 

*Thomas  car 

Taunton,  Mass 

James  E  glove  shop 

Lucy  A  glove  shop 

Jenness,  Chas  far 

Jenness,  Jeremiah  S    car  No  2 

*Elmer  F       far        Bristol 

Mazie  A        tr      Colebrook 

Jenness,  John  L        pi        No  2 

Jenness,  Kenneth  A  pi 

Jenness,  Sybil  (Nutting    No  2 

Jesseman,  H  W      stone  cutter 

No  Main 

Arthur  F  stu 

Maud  N  pi 

Johnson,  Orietta  N  (Morse 

Mabel  B  (m  Richards 
Johnson,  Lizzie  (Sherburn 


Gladys  M  pi 

Johnson,  0  W      far    Thurlow 
Johnson,  F  M  fireman 

11  Main 
Elsie  M  (Rowen 
Ernest  M  stu 

Hattie  M  pi 

Jones,  H      cattle  dlr    Warren 
Annie  (Coffey  ho 

Harold  G  pi 

Alphonzo  pi 

Jones,  A  F     lumb  &  live  stock 
2  So  Main 
Maria  G  (Currier 
Herbert  E 

Delia  S  (m  Dearborn 
Jordan,  Fred  J       blk    Avery 
Mary  A  (Belouin  ho 

*Celia  A  (m  Cote    Laconia 
*Ruth  A  (m  Brown 

No  Woodstock 
James  R  pi 

Elsie  L  pi 

Effle  B  pi 

Freddie  A  pi 

Joseph,  John       mer      Bridge 
Joyce,  Arthur  chef  10  Winter 
Annie  (Nutting 



Kendrick,  F  RR  ser  8So  Main 
Susie  (Oakes 

Ernest  stu 

Keniston,  John  Thurlow 

music  tr  &  eg;g  farm 

Elizabeth  P  (Freeman 

Carl  W  stu  &  tr 

Everett  A  far 

Wilhelmina  RJ       music  tr 

Miriam  E  stu 

Rachel  P  pi 

Wendall  C  pi 

Keniston,  C  W  tailor 

27  Langdon 

Dora  B  (Bean  ho 

Malcolm  L 

Christine  H 

Kenney,  Carroll       pi       No  1 

Kenney,  OH  pi 

Kimball,  Stephen  S  far 

Kimball,  Wm    eng         Merrill 

Klock,  J  E   tr  cor  Sch  &  High 

Margaret  L  (Roberts 

Lena  M  sect 

Glenn  G  stu 

Mayme  J  tr 


Dorothy  L  pi 

J  Harold  pi 

Knowles,  B       team    27  Main 
Knowles,  Maria  (Tobyne 


*  Alice  (m 


12  Winter 

bk  kpr 

Boston,  Mass 

Boston,  Mass 

ptr  Keene 

ho         Littleton 

stone  mas 

mill  op  Meredith 

^Florence  (m  Fox 


Labreque,  Charles 

*Wm  P    printer     Ashland 
Ira  G  team 

Florence  M 

Lamb,  Albert  R  R  ser 

Lane,  Albert  W  retd  Crawford 
Ralph  E  ex  agt 

Lane,  RE     ex  agt    Crawford 
Emma  P  (Pence  ho 

Frances  0  stu 

Gertrude  D  pi 

Helen  Mae  pi 

Marion  A 

Lang,  Ella  L  (Louis   27  Main 

Lang,  Marinda  (Downing    ho 
Minnie  E  (m  Morse 

Lang,  Ella  ( 

Walter  pi 

Langdon,  Woodbury  far 




Belle  (Gould  lio 

Lano'ill,  H  H  shipping  cl  Main 

Katie  L  (Piper  ho 

Winthrop  H  pi 

Mildred  A 

Clarence  H 

Jeanette  F 
Lanson,  John  R  R  ser  9  Pleas 

Annie  E  (Conoly  ho 

Marion  G  shop 

Leavitt,  Sarah  M  (Keniston 
17  Main 

*Nellie  S  (m  Plummer 


Ida  M  (ni  Sawyer 

Vena  L  (m  Atwood 
Leverett,  Caroline  tr  Summer 

*Martha  (m  Farmer 
41  Wash,  Rumford  Falls,  Me 
Little,  Henry  bk  kpr  So  Main 

Elsie  (Swain  ho 

Little,  Geo  W  Langdon 

Melzena  E  (m  Arris 

Love,  T  A  variety  store 

cor  Main  &  Bridge 

Lougee,  Mary  B  (Brown  nurse 

So  Main 

Lougee,  Wni  S    tel  op  Russell 

Florence  N  (Lougee 

Norma  N 
Lougee,  John  E  lab 

Kate  E  (Berry  ho 

Maggie  (m  Pillsbury 

Katie  M 

Lougee,  F  W       ptr  &  pap  hgr 
62  Highland 
Mamie  E  (Fisher  ho 

Helen  F  stu 

Eldin  D  pi 

Paul  H  pi 

Lovett,  L      mill  op     No  Main 
Nellie  M  (Andrews 
Lester  E  team 

Leon  L  pi 

Ralph  R  pi 

Elsie  B  pi 

Eva  E 





Mansfield,  H  D 

Edith  (Furlong 

Lottie  E 

Lizzie  E 

Chas  F 

Hiram  L 

Alice  M 
Mardeu,  Blanch  F 

(Farnsworth    8  Winter 

Paul  F  cl 

Pauline  M  (m  Huekins 

Phyllis  stu 

Harold  W  pi 

Mardin,  M  B     mill  op  Warren 

Annie  M  (Vontell  ho 

Alice  M 
Margeson,  Jane  P  (Smithers 



*Robert  H  fireman 

Melrosp,  Mass 

Marston,  Albert  J     phy  &  sur 


Geo  A  stu 

Martel,  Geo  N    eng   5  Warren 

Elizabeth  (Hunt  ho 

Viola  E  p] 

Leretta  M  pi 

Freeman  E  pi 

Martin,  Geo  W  far 

Sarah  (McGraph 

Willis  E  far 

Martin,  Willis  E       far      No  2 

Rose  C  (Clement  tr 

Reginald  P 

Mason,  J  P       retd      21  Main 

Jennie  R  (Stout  ho 

*Reuben  F  far 

Northampton,  Mass 

*Mary  H  (m  Suiter 

Lacrosse,  Wis 

Frances  H  tr 

*John  C         real  est  agent 

Bethel,  Conn 

•David  F  far 

Framingham,  Mass 

Maynard,  J  F    mfg  sptg  good 


Henrietta  (Draper  ho 

•Harriet  (m  Denman 

Sedan,  Kan 

John  E  supt  of  glove  shop 

McCarthy,  F     police    Warren 

Nora  (Bradley  ho 

Felix  stu 

Daniel  F  stu 

Charlie  pi 

Nora  E  pi 

Thomas  P 
McCoy,  Jas  N  4  School 

lumb,  wood  &  coal 

Alice  F  (Edmunds 

*Philip  J         elec  &  plumb 

1,836  Baker, 

San  Francisco,  Cal 

McCutcheon,  Edw  B  team 


Margaret  M  (Moore        ho 

Greta  A 
McDonald,  R    sptg  goods  fact 


Bell  (McDonald 
McGough,  H  barber  Langdon 

Mary  A  (Philipps 

Thomas  H  tel  op 

John  W  glove  fact 

McGough,  John       glove  shop 

Ida  M  (Hobart  ho 

Mildred  I 
McLeod,  Jas      R  R  ser      No  1 

Sarah  A (Cross  ho 

James  H 

Lizzie  C  pi 

Sarah  A  pi 

McMurphy,  Dan'l      far     No  2 

Addie'M  (Mary  ho 

McQuesten,  Luella  F  (Smith 




*Gertrude  tr  Emerson  Coll 
Boston,  Mass 

♦Nellie  M  tr 

Waltham,  Mass 

Merrill,  Mary  E  (Foster        ho 

7  Main 

Mary  M  (m  Foss 

James  A  eng 

98  Tremont,  Everett,  Mass 
Merrill,  Nelson  T  tel  op  &  elec 


Sadie  E  (Whitcher 
Merrill,  Chas  M        car       Fox 

Zoa  D  (Plant  ho 

*Hattie  (m  Welch 


*Chas  T    lab    Manchester 

*Ralph       lab       Campton 
Merrill,  Edgar         far       No  3 

Dora  B  (Brown  ho 

♦Herbert  M  elec 

228  Liberty,  Schenectady,  N  Y 

Martha  (m  Sbute 
Merrill,  John      mill  op      No  1 

Elsie  pi 

Merrill,  Geo  E  far         2 

Viola  V  (Evans  ho 

Merrill,  Frank    car  insp  Main 

AbbieE(Beck  ho 

Mio-nault,  Albert  H    far   No  2 

Eldena  F  (Parker  ho 

Miles,  C  sptg  goods  shop 

Milligan,  Chas  S  far  &  cl 


Stella  F  (Foster 
Milliken,  Chas  E  R  R  ser 

No  Main 
Lulie  B  (Tucker  ho 

Seaver  L 
Mills,  L  S       mill  op  Pleasant 
Mills,  Ida  ho 

Mitchell,  Ira  C      stonemason 
29  Langdon 
Mynetta  J  (Sweet  ho 

*Wesley  H  mer 

New  Hampton 
Mabel  E  (m  Guild 
Herman  I  ex  cl 

John  D  stu 

Gladys  R  pi 

Mitchell,  Millie  H  (Homans 

Carl  A  car  &  bldr 

Lester  E  team 

*Annie  F  (m  Brooks 

Mitchell,  Danl       far         No  2 
Florence  V  (Nutting       ho 
*Nora  B  (m  Jeuness 


*Ethel  S  M  D 

39  No  Spring,  Concord 

Edith  F  tr 

Moore,  Fred      R  R  ser  Bridge 

Jennie  (A^irtue  ho 

VV  Frank 

Morrill,  Hattie  A  No  1 

Morrison,  Lester  E         mill  op 

1]  Main 



Grace  M  (Persons 

Morrison,  Geo  A  Main 

Margaret  E  (Hayden 

Morrison,  M  A  eng  No  Main 
Lizzie  A  (Sargent  ho 

Harry  M  car 

Lester  E  mill  op 

Carl  S  mill  op 

Morrison,  Harry  N  car 

67  Higbland 

Gertie  M  (Powers  ho 

Bern  ice  E  pi 

Roger  E  pi 

Morse,  Louis  J  filer  16  Warren 
Susie  A  (Marden  ho 

Laura  L  pi 

Bernioe  A  pi 

Morse,  A  F  R  R  ser  No  Main 
Eva  M  (Love  ho 

Morse,  C  M  retd  off  Highland 
Sarah  (Gale  ho 

Morse,  Leonard  far 

Floy  I  (Bartlett  ho 

Morse,  Herbert  F  mill  op 

Minnie  E  (Lang  ho 

Carrie  E  pi 

Perley  H  pi 

Cynthia  M  pi 

Mildred  M  pi 

Bertha  H 

Morton,  Frank  R  R  ser 

Perley  car 

Moulton,  B  W  team  Keeble 
Ruth  (Phillips  ho 

Ralph  A 
Mudgett,  Mary  E  (Walker 

8  Russell 


Mary  L  tr 

Murry,  Christina     ho    Weeks 


Nadeau,  Chas  team 

Hattie  W  (Dexter  ho 

*Clarence  mill  op 

White  River  June,  Vt 
Nelson,  Wm       retd  far    No  1 
J  H  far 

*W  S    far    No  Woodstock 
*Ellen  M  (m  Ross 

Jerico,  Vt 
*Sarah  J  (m  Palmer 


E  J  far 

Nelson,  E  J  far  No  1 

May  (Melendy  ho 

Carl  A  pi 

Ren  a  M  pi 

Henry  C 

Nichols,  Mary  (Crysler      No  1 

*LsraelC  far  Massena,  N  Y 

*Chas  C  car 

Paul  Smiths,  N  Y 

*Samuel  C  car 

Waddington,  N  Y 

Elsie  M  (m  Nichols 

*Clair  C  car  Seattle,  Wash 

1505j^  Broadway 



*Rolfe  C  car  Seattle,  Wash 

1505^  Broadway 

*Theodore  C  car 

1505J^  Broadway 

Seattle,  Wasb 

Nichols,  Oscar  R  pi 

Don  I  pi 

Fern  C 

*  Pearl  D  Enfield 

*Ireue  T  Bridgewater 

Morton,  Julia  V  (Pierce       ho 

Nutting,  Noah  J        far     No  2 

Mary  F  ho 

Hannah  A.  ho 

Nuttint^,  E  C  Pleasant 

rep  steam  &  hot  water  sup 

Anna  M  (Crosman 

Nuttino-,  Percy  A  R  R  ser 


Mina  J  (Estes  ho 

Gertrude  E 

Nutting,  Chas  0        trav  sales 



Oakes,  Jennie  A 

O'Dormell,  Michael  far    No  1 

Jane  (McNara  ho 

*Edw  A  hotel 
37  H,  So  Boston,  Mass 

John  C  lab 

James  D  far 

Wm  M  mill  op 

Frank  P  far 

Hubert  F  far 

O'Donell,  Jas  G  lab 

Nora  J  (Sommers  ho 

Helen  S 

Grace  M 
Osborne,  Clara  (Rogers 


Oshea,  James  stone  mas 

2  Pleasant 

Nellie  (m  Shampo 

John  lab 

Mary  E  (Lydon  ho 

Packard,  Estelle  W  stu 

Packard,  F  W  printer 

12  Cooper 

Sadie  E  (Babcock  ho 

Page,  Harris  P       far       No  1 

Lydia  M  (Chase  ho 

*Arthur  L        ptr      Tilton 

Scott  W  far 

Page,  Nellie  L  (MacDonald  ho 
Page,  Eliza  (Quimby  ho  No  3 

Lizzie  E  (m  Cook  ho 

Harriet  (m  (irore 
Page,  Edw  J       eng      Warren 

Gertrude  M  pi 

Frank  C  pi 

Palmer,  H  E    mill  op    Cooper 

Maud  C  (Currier  ho 

Annie  V 



Palmer,  H     MD    20  So  Main 
Lucy  J  (Ellis  ho 

Bessie  F  tr 

*Harold  H  M  D 

Tewksbuiy,  Mass 
Doris  stu 

Parsons,  J     baker    Hiohland 
Laura  B  (Leeman      nurse 

Pattee,  Richard  real  est  agent 

Esther  E  (Ellis 

Patten,  Geo  far         No  1 

Sadie  M  (Bennett  ho 


Walter  F  stu 

Roy  E  stu 

Grace  M  p] 

Peabody,  Ellen  H  (George 

*  No  1 

Peabody,  Geo  W 

Pearson,  Chas  N 


No  3 


Sarah  E  (Persons 

Chas  G 

Maroaret  C 
Peaslee,  J  Clair  drugoist 

40  School 

Pearl  G  (Gcer  ho 

Peavey,  Jas  blk         Main 

Josie  ( ho 

Pebbles,  Carl  J    pi    off  Bridf^e 
Pebbles,  Burdelle  D  pi 

Pebbles,  G  Kin«;-  pi 

Pebbles,  Byron 
Pebbles,  GD 

ens:  B  &  M 
No  Main 
Abbie  A  (Coburn 
Lillian  D  (m  Hall 
Daisy  D  (m  Hayes 
*Geo  A  dispatch 

Mary  A  (m  Ellis 
Peppard,  Wm  M  drug 

20  High'd 
Alice  (Tufts  ho 

John  T  stu 

Eugene  W  stu 

Alice  L 
Perkins,  John  E        retd  lumb 
9  High'd 
Cora  H  (Smythe  ho 

Persons,  Geo  N  janitor 

Clara  A  (Downing 
Sarah  E  (m  Pearson 
*Sherburn  A  mach 

8  Echo  Grove,  E  Lynn,  Mass 
Herman  G  stu 

Pervier,  Carrie  (Hull  ho 

Jeff  D  far 

Peters,  W  J      barber     Russell 

Carrie  K  (King 
Philbrick,  Leslie    matress  fact 

Mary  W  (Logan  ho 

Edgar  H 
Philbrick,  A  H    mail  car  No  2 



AuraM  (Wakefield 
Walter  D  mail  car 

*Sylvia  A  (m  Furlong 

Leslie  W  mat  fact 

Alice  H  (m  Logan 
Philbrick,  Hattie  B  pi  Cooper 
Phil  brick,  Amy  (Harvey  No  2 
Phillips,  Ella  J  (Fellows       ho 
Phillips,  Harry  pi 

Pierce,  H     dentist    Highland 

Verne  F  (Flanders 

Pierce,  L  E  butter  mkr 


Mary  C  (Craig  ho 

*  Eliza  0      E  Hebron,  N  Y 

Margaret  L  pi 

Pierce,  Chas  car 

Chas  Jr  mill  op 

Pierce,  Charley       far        No  1 

Pike,  A  J         eng  High 

Evaline  (Smith  ho 

Pillsbury,  A  M  lab 

Maggie  (Lougee-Niles    ho 

Pillsbury,  Alvo  S  pruner 

Alva  M  lab 

Plant,  Frank       far  No  1 

Viola  E  (Miller  ho 

Josephine  (m  Young 

Ernest  E  far 

Bert  E  sport  fact 

Dana  S  lab 

Elmer  R  sport  goods 

Perley  A 

Lettie  M  (m  Mclntire 
Gertrude  M  ho 

Irving  pi 

Algia  pi 

Leroy  pi 

Plant,  Bert  E  glove  fact  No  1 
Eva  P  (Thompson  ho 

Police,  Gasper     fruit  &  confec 

Memrzz  (Guinto 
John  stu 

Vennto  stu 

Eva  pi 

Charlie  pi 

Victori  pi 

Edith  pi 

Addie  pi 


Potter,  0  W       mer  Crawford 
Agnes  R  (Margeson 
*Gertrude  P  (m  Corliss 


Powers,  H  J  far    67  Highland 
Ruth  A  (Wheeler  ho 

*Daniel  H       far      Groton 
Gertie  M  (m  Morrison 

Priest,  Cummings         far        2 
Grace  G  (Colburn  ho 


Ralph,  J  A     plumb      22  Main 
Nellie  (Morton  ho 

Estella  pi 



Ramsey,  Ulveses  H        R  R  ser 

Esther  L  ( 

Lucy  S  stu 

Esther  B 

Ray,  Mae  E  (Irvin         Warreu 
Floreuce  G  stu 

Reed,  Henry  W  cl 

Carrie  F  (Foster  ho 

Arthur  H 

Lulu  M  stu 

Clarence  J  stu 

Reed,  J  E  far  No  2 

Mattie  H  (Follansbee     ho 
*WillN  grain  dlr  Asliland 

Reneau,  Jos    lab  27  Pleasant 
Clara  A  (Stone 
Edward  C  stu 

Joseph  H  stu 

Renfrew,  John  S        dry  goods 
(j  ^Vinter 
Lillian  (Barnard 
Earle  B  cl 

Florence  E  stu 

Marion  L  stu 

Mabel le  A  pi 

Renfrew,  John  S    mer    Winter 

*Reynolds,  Roscoe  W 

Thetford  Center,  Yt 
Alice  M  stu 

Rice,  L  E    mill  op    13  Warren 
Lucia  M  (Merrill  ho 

Gladys  M  stu 

Millicent  J  stu 

Raymond  L  pi 

Helen  M  pi 

Richards,  Fred  J  B  &  M  tel  op 

Mabel  B  (Johnson 

glove  stitcher 
Richards,  Charlie   car  N  Main 
Annie  (McDonald 
Frances  D  pi 

Guy  C  pi 

Richardson,  Edw  L    liv  stable 
13  Warren 
Jessie  A  (Batchelder       ho 
*Wendell       pi      Campton 
Richardson,  Cora  E  (Avery 
Kobie,  James    retd  16  Winter 
Frances  A  (Jameson 
*Laura  B  (m  Fay 

730  Douglass, 
Dorchester,  Mass 
*AdaF(m  Russell 

Grove,  Putnam,  Conn 

Albert  S  cl 

*Howard  T  Am  exp 

16  Irving,  AV  Medford,  Mass 

Robie,  Jennie  (Archer     Keeble 

Robie,  Adelaide  (Hoyt  ho 

19  Main 

Robie,  Albert  shipping  cl 

off  Russell 

Ralph  W  stu 

Gertrude  (Pickering       ho 

Chas  J  pi 

Thomas  W  pi 

Viola  M  pi 



Leona  G 

Kobinson,  Geo  A      far      Main 

Nellie  M  (Gove  ho 

Alice  M  (m  Taylor 

Rogers,  H  M      retd  far     No  2 

Caroline  (Rogers  ho 

*Herbert  L  trav  sales 

Lynnfield,  Mass 

*Elro.y  L      '  retd 

Belmont  Ave, 

Sjninjifield,  Mass 

*Burt  T       nilg  spt<;-  goods 

Spriiigtield,  Mass 

*Verne  M  M  D 

Hartford,  Vt 

*F]ora  R  (m  Lafoe 


Blanch  G  tr 

Lida  M  (ni  Reed     Ashland 

Rogers,  T    ret.l  M  D  4  Russell 

Rogers,  Chas  11        glove  shop 

Mabel  C  (Caldon 
Eugene  B  ])1 

Rogers,  Wra  H  10  Wintei- 

sptg  goods  fact 
Flora  A  (Fnjerson 
Ruth  E 
Rollins,  Mary  E  (Ross  ho 

Ross  H 

P>ank  B  stu 

Romphrey,  Seever  far 

Gertrude  (Bushway 







Romphrey,  Joseph 


Josephine  (Bill 


Rowen,  D  W 


Sarah  J  (Wise 


Stella  S  (m  Adams 

Lillian  G  (m  Adams 

Roman,  AV  B 


Sadie  G  (Mclntire            ho 

Thelma  P 


Emma  M 

Runnels,  Wm  H 

R  R  ser 

R  R  Ave 

Julia  C  (Kinne 


Edith  M 


Russell,  John  M 

mail  car 

Lizzie  H  (Home 

['             ho 

*C  Winnifred  (m 

Phil  brick 


*Clarence  D      cl 


Rutherford,  John  F 

far  Nol 

Ida  M  (m  Hanu 


Frances  W 

Sanborn,  Chas  W      far     No  1 
Myrtie  C  (Hutchins 
Watson  C  pl 

Ralph  C  pl 

Sanborn,  Edw  H    real  est  agt 
120  Main 



Julia  (Robinson 
Sanborn,  Laura  (Smith 

*Sam  S 


lumb      Meredith 

furniture  mfg 

361  Broadway, 

Somerville,  Mass 

Luthera  L  (m  Blanehard 

*Eo8e  R  (m  Pearson 

Mason  E       car     Ashland 
Nona  M  (m  Bojnton 
Sanborn,  Geo  VV  mill  op 

2  Warren 
Lena  M  (Corliss  ho 

Warren  S 
Sanborn,  Sarah  N (Sanborn 

82  Hicrhland 
Sanborn,  Adeline  (Pierce 

76  Hiohland 
*VJctoria  W  (m  Randlett 

40  Whittle  Ave,  Laconia 

*Clement  W      harness  mfg 

16  Southwood, 

Roxbury,  Mass 

*Theodore  A  cabinet 

243  Court,  Laconia 

*  Walter  S         harness  njf<; 

Boston,  Mass 

Sargent,  r]mraaC(Cox  3  Main 

Sargent,  Moses    retd  No  Main 

Lizzif  A  (ra  Morrison 

Fred  K  eng 

*E  M    eng  No  Woodstock 

Sargent,  F  F  eng  33Langdon 

Annie  A  (Brown  ho 

Leon  H  stu 

Sargent,  Herman  L     far  No  2 

Myra  S  (Randall 

*Herbert  E       tr  of  science 


*Mary  T  (m  Doty 

29  Church,  So  Leroy,  N  Y 

*M  E      dentist      Franklin 

*Grace  0  tr 

Amesbury,  Mass 

Alice  P  tr 

Amesbury,  Mass 

Savage,  Alraira  (Savage 

12  Pleasant 

*Ernest  W  cl 

2,092  Mass  Ave, 

Cambridge,  Mass 

Ethel  R  stu 

Helen  F  pi 

Sawyer,  E  G     retd    Highland 

Julia  (Hanson  ho 

Sawyer,  Wm  H        far       No  2 

Emma  F  (Ferren  ho 

Sawyer,  Dan'l  H  car 

AnnieJ(Lunin  ho 

Sawyer,  Fred  M        coachman 


Ida  M  (Leavitt  ho 

Lela  stu 

Sawyer,  Leon  W  fireman 

13  Main 

Emma  M  (Gilbert  ho 



Harold  A 


Marjorie  P 

Ruby  D 
Scott,  Mary  J  ho 

Scruton,  J  O      eup;      Summer 

Blanch  B  (Derby  ho 

Joseph  E 

Doris  H 
Severance,  E  G    sales  22  Main 

Mary  (McGillvery 

Charlotte  E  pi 

Clifton  H  pi 

Seymore,  Kev  John  A         retd 
Seymour,  Geo  B        far      No  2 

Elizabeth  D  (Doane         ho 
Shaw,  E  Adella 
Shaw,  Wm  A  glove  shop  Main 

Ida  (Lord 

Mahloii  ^V 
Shepardsou,  E  E       trav  sales 
20  Langdon 

Adella  (Manson  ho 

Ruth  M  Htu 

Reta  B  pi 

Ross  A  pi 

Sherburn,  Sanil    far    No  Main 

Amanda  (Wills  ho 

*LuraM  (m  Clifford 


Clista  C  (m  Sutherland 

George  W  car 

Sherburn,  Geo  W  car  No  Main 

Ethel  R  (Spauldiug         ho 

Frank  E 
Oliver  K 

Sherburn,  0  W  mill  op 

13  Pleasant 

Myrtie  M  (Avery  ho 

Harold  G  pi 

Celia  L 

Sherwood,  L  R  far 

Carrie  L  (Kimberly  No  1 
*Mark  D  eug  Oswego,  N  Y 
*L  Ray  R  R  tireman 

Oswego,  N  Y 
Harry  S 

Irviug  F  stu 


Shores,  Rufus     retd  far    No  1 
Judith  (Avery  ho 

Shute,  Martha  (Merrill      No  3 
Dorothy  S  pi 

Donald  M  pi 

Sinnette,  Amie  E      head  nurse 
51  Highland 

Skow,  J  J    glove  shop  Russell 
Cecillie  (Jessou 
Elmie  M  U  pi 

ElvireCG  pi 

Smith,  E  L  retd 

Emma  G  (m  Batchelder 
Beiij  F  ins  agt 

Lydia  L  ho 

Mildred  E  stu 

Smith,  B  F  8  Summer 

auctioneer  &  ins  agt 

*Wm  D  printer  Claremout 



*Martha  J  (m  Rogers 


Lottie  M  ( Pero  ho 

Smith,  E  H    lunch  room  Main 

Mary  L  (Bilodeau 

Smith,  Nancy  T  P  (Batchelder 

28  Highland 

Mary  M  bk  kpr 

Smith,  Kate  (Eastman  tr 

So  Main 

Lois  stu 

Smith,  I  J  glove  cutter 

66  Highland 

Winnie  F  (Caldon 

Harry  R  pi 

Smith,  Joshua  W  glove  cutter 

Smith,  Jennie  A    66  Highland 

Smith,  Elvira  (Grant     Russell 

Albert  E  R  R  ser 

*George  E      mer     Warren 

Smith,  J  E  bank  treas 

37  Langdou 

Blanche  B  (Smythe 

Elwiu  M  pi 

Rodney  P  pi 

Smith,  Lucy  cl  P  O 

Smith,  Frank  trav  sales 

Smith,  Frank  G  druggist 

17  Langdou 

Charh:)tte  F  (Flanders 

Robert  L  pi 

Smith,  T  .1       base  ball  stitcher 


Belle  C  (Williams 

Smith,  A  E      R  R  ser    Russell 
Alice  E  (Wilmot  ho 

Edith  M  pi 

Wilmot  H 

Smith,  N  P       far      Highland 
Aleta  E  (Ames  ho 

S  Abbie  stu 

Smith,  John  A  team  Pleasant 
Fred  \V  stone  mas 

Lottie  E  (m  Brow  ho 

Cyrus  G  mill  op 

Sarah  E  (Smith  ho 

Chas  E  mill  op 

*Edward  H    rest  Ashland 
Carl  K  stu 

Ernest  J  pi 

Smith,  Louise  A  (Wilson 

44  Highland 

*RoseC  tr 

36  Maple,  Springfield,  Mass 

Roscoe  F  glove  fact 

Thomas  M  cl 

Smith,  Roscoe  F       glove  fact 


Mary  E  (Knowles  ho 

Bernard  R  pi 

Andrew  R 

Smith,  Mary  V  (Hartt      No  1 
Lottie  J 

Jared  A  planing  mill 

*D  Frank  car  &  far 

Mary  F  trav  sales 

Andrew  L  car 



*C  H    manual  training  sch 
Auburn,  N  Y 

Ida  F  (m  Worthen 
Smith,  J  A       mfg  house  finish 


Martha  T  (Thompson 

Lewis  P  stu 

Smith,  Warren  A    far   Quiucy 

Mary  F  (Moses-Daniels^ 
Smith,  Cyrus  G  miller 

Minnie  (May  ho 


Ren  a 

Smith,  Frank  H       lab     No  1 

Ida  M  (Cayes  ho 

Lillian  A 

Hazel  M  pi 

Smyth,  R  E    cashier  Nat  bank 

5  Highland 

Amelia  P  (Handy  ho 

Blanch  B  (m  Smith 

*Arthur  L  bank  teller 


Spauldiug,  Jas        far       No  1 

Lena  (Toodreau  ho 

Frances  H  pi 

Spaulding,  E  O    far  Langdon 

Elmiua  (Brown  ho 

Alice  C  tr 

Ethel  R  (m  Sherburn 
Spaulding,  Phebe  A 
Spaulding,  Geo  D  mill  op 

Florence  (Field  ho 

Spencer,  Silas  M  far 

Lydia  J  (Heath  ho 

*Fannie  M  (m  Greeley 

*Eva  L  (m  Tewksbury 


Spencer,  L  A  far        No  1 

Mabel  A  (McQuesten       ho 
Archie  M  pi 

Marion  E  pi 

Harry  H  pi 

Leon  L 
Lillian  M 

Spicer,  John  N  lab 

Stafford,  J  \\^  hotel  &  res 


Stairr,  W         car        No  Main 
May  villa  (Ross 

Stanley,  Alfred    supt  pulp  mill 
Mary  (Board man 
Robert  stu 

Herbert  stu 

Agnes  stu 

Richard  stu 

Mary  pi 

Wyman  pi 

Elizabeth  pi 

Stearns,  Wilber  So  Main 

fire  claim  agt  B  &  M  R  R 

Lois  B  (Elliott  ho 

Stebbins,  Betsy  (Maniug      ho 
12  Russell 

Stone,  Geo  C  druggist 

Mabel  J  (Sayer  ho 



Straw,  Lyman  E  lab  1 

Straw,  Elbridge  B  far  No  2 
Mary  F  (Swain  ho 

Perley  J  pi 

Sullivan,  John 

Sullivan,  Jos  D  lab  Pleasant 
Catherine  (Houghton  ho 
Eugene  0 

Sutherland,  Alexander  far 

Calista  (Sherburn  ho 

Sutherland,  R     team     Winter 
Martha  (Sanborn 
Aretus  J  pi 

Christine  B  pi 

Sweeney,  Wm  cash  glove  shop 


Swett,  S  retd  33  Pleasant 
Marcia  A  (Smith  ho 

Mynetta  J  (m  Mitchell 
Andrew  F  cond  B  &  M  R  R 
*Eleanor  J  (m  Clifford 

*  Wesley  S  eng 

72  Nevada,  Newton ville.  Mass 

Swett,  A  F    car  B  &  M  R  R  ser 
29  Langdon 
Elizabeth  (Champon 
Hazelle  E  pi 

Harold  R 

Taylor,  W  P 


Alice  M  (Robinson 
Taylor,  Mary  E  (Randall 

No  Main 

*Daniel  L       lab      Bristol 

*Grover  C       lab      Bristol 

John  0  stu 

Annie  E  (m  Amsden 

Tenney,  Clara  B  (Brown  Main 

*Maud  L  (m  Watkins     ho 

Plymouth,  Mass 

Ava  B  mach  op 

Lizzie  A  mach  op 

Clesen  H  stu 

Tenney,  David    far    Highland 

Anna  M  (French  ho 

Thibadeau,  C    R  R  ser  Bridge 

IvaB  (Whitcher 

Jessie  E  pi 

Thibadeau,  L  brick  mkr 

3  Bridge 

Eva  G  (Bacon  ho 

*Mattie  M  (m  Peters 

Wilder,  Vt 
Sadie  A  (m  Chandler 
Eva  J  (m  Peavy 
Chas  S  R  R  ser 

Plorence  E  peg  mill 

Thompson,  John  A        mill  op 

Flora  A  (Powers  ho 

*Eva  J  (m  Cushing 

13  South,  Nashua 
*Maud  E  (m  Shack  way 




John  H  mill  op 

Ethel  F  (m  Cushin«i: 
James  H  mill  op 

Grace  J  peg  mill 

Dulcie  E  stu 

Georgie  A  stu 

Thompson,  Geo  M  stable 

12  Winter 
Catherine  (Moultou 
Marion  E 

Thompson,  Chas  fore  fact 

33  Merrill 

Emma  J  (Hiller  ho 

Thompson,  C  barber  27  Main 

Til  ton,  C  O         concrete  paver 

31  Thurlow 

L  S  (Sawyer  ho 

Laura  M  p] 

Timpson,  John  lab 

Lois  (Thorn 

John  Jr  pi 

Ella  p] 

Lois  pi 

Wm  pi 

Tollen,  F  P      mill  op     Foster 
Annie  E  (Avery  ho 

Trainer,  Jack  car 

Trow,  Jos  A  far         No  1 

Hattie  G  (Harriman       ho 
Henry  G  stu 

Tucker,  Edw  S   stu  28  Hijrh'd 

Tupper,  Wm  H  retd 

Mary  E  (Lowd  ho 

Chas  E  lab 

Ralph  R 
George  G  M 

R  R  ser 
51  Elm,  Nashua 

Vinton,  John        far     Rumney 
Mahalah  J  (Brown  ho 

*John  H      far    Colebrook 
Fred  C  lab 

Albert  C  lab 

Eddie  lab 

*Belle  C  (m  Patterson 

Chicago,  III 

Vittum,  Orrin  far         1 

Etta  C  (Seavey  ho 

Georgia  ho 

Ella  V  N  stu 

Howard  C  pi 

Vontell,  Henry    lab     So  Main 
Esther  M  (Shontell 
Henry  J  R  lab 

Annie  (m  Marden 
Joseph  lab 

Josephine  M  (m  Cayes 

Vontell,  H  J       lab      So  Main 
Hattie  (Sawyer  ho 

William  J 


Wade,  G  P    mill  op  11  Russell 
Clara  D  (Wilcox  ho 

WmN  pi 



Walbrido-e,  C  E    cont     Tleast 

Mary  S  (Sargent  ho 

Walker,  Wm  F  stone  mas 

102  Pleast 

Bessie  M  (m  Brown 

Margie  L  (Dearborn       ho 

Albert  M  pi 

Mary  N 

Chas  L 

Leonard  Merrill  stu 

Wallace,  C  L  Pearl 

Grace  S  (Montgomery 
Wallace,  J      B  &  M  car  inspec 
Ward,  Geo  N  far 

*Julia  B  (m  Barron  Tilton 

Mattie  J  (m  Avery 

Florence  (m  Pierce 

*Mae  E  (m  Leroy  Rumney 

*GeorgieF  lab  Holderuess 

*Esther  (m  Lobdel 


Hattie  L  ho 

Ward,  Jas  0  far  No 

Flora  E  (Lougee  ho 

Laura  A  (m  Downing 

*  Alice  C  (m  Sanborn 

Foxboro,  Mass 
Washburn,  Amelia  (Shuman 

*Carl  D  mail  carrier 

Franklinville,  N  Y 

Wallace  E  mill  op 

Dessa  M    tr  normal  school 
Way,  Bert  D  mill  op 

Margaret  (Scott  ho 

Anna  M 

Walter  B 
Weeks,  Fred  P  Weeks 

Cora  L  (Park  ho 

Webber,  Bessie  (Wllley         ho 

John  P 

Ida  M 
Webster,  Winifred  A 
Wells,  Hiram  F  far 

Linnie  A  (Hunt  ho 

Wells,  Fred  S        cl       No  Main 

Myrtie  E  (Hills  ho 

Thelma  E 
Weutworth,  A  F    law      Pleas 

Blanche  M  (Plaisted 

Roger  S  pi 

Wescott,  Fred  R  R  ser  Bridge 

Edna  E  (Twombly  ho 

Raymond  H  pi 

Beta  A 
Wheeler,  Sadie  M  (Ball         ho 

Men  ill 

Edith  L  (tn  Ellis  ho 

Ethel  G 

Herbert  L  car 

Guy  G  mill  op 

Daisy  F 

Hazel  M  pi 

Wheeler,  Hazel  pi 

Wheeler,  Danl  B  ])tr  No  Main 

A  Annie  (Howe  ho 

Una  Mae 

Leslie  C  stu 



♦White,  Frank  L    billiard  mf^ 
40  Ber^iu,  Brooklyn,  N  Y 

*Clias  W  marble  dlr 

Palmer,  Mass 

*John  W  mill  op    Ossipee 
White,  Richard    lab       Winter 

Annie  (Connor  ho 

White,  Cora  E (Sutton  dr  mkr 


Edwin  G  tel  inspector 

Alfred  H    fore  tel  lineman 
White,  A  H  lineman  Crawford 

Mamie  C  (Edgerley         ho 

Irene  E 
W^hittemore,  H  H  far 

Alma  (Harriman 

Carl  W         RED  mail  car 

Raymond  stu 

Whity,  James  mill  op 

Wiggin,  J  F  retd 

cor  Lano^  &  High 

Lizzie  (m  Nutting 
Williams,  Gordon  glove  cutter 
Willis,  F  C        hotel        Russell 

*Lyman  C         Chicago,  111 

♦Harriet  (m  Worten 


Allen  S  medical  etu 

Willoughby,G  D  mop  op  Main 

Nellie  M  (O'Donnell 
Willoughby,  E  E        cl      High 

Helen  M  (Jeweler 

Florence  J  stu 

Earle  B  pi 

Doris  H  pi 

Wilson,  Clinton     Cong  pastor 
G  Summer 
Mary  D  (Donnelly 
Clinton  D  stu 

John  P  stu 

Arthur  E  pi 

Wood,  Elmer  J        eng     Pleas 
Emma  E  (Tonrtillott 
A  Ira  on  G  tel  op 

Harry  F  R  R  ser 

Blanche  E  pi 

Woodbury,  H  S    s  s  o-)    Main 
Ida  M  (Xeisoii 
Gladys  D  stu 

Woodman,  AW  dentist  Russell 
Martha  F  (French 
Chas  L  pi 

Roger  F  pi 

George  B 

Wright,  Chas  C  PM 

cor  Winter  &  Pleas 

Myra  A  (Adams  ho 

Edji'ar  C  stu 


Yea  ton,  Geo  W       far       No  1 

Yeaton,  J  S       far  No  2 

Dora  El  (Avery  ho 

E  C  Stand  Oil  team 

Ethel  M  ho 

Yeaton,  Edw  C       31  Thurlow 

aat  Stand  Oil  Co 


Bessie  E  (Blaod  ho 

Romenia  M 
York,  Catherine  (Fadden     ho 
*0ris8a  (m  Atwood 

Effie  ho 

You  no,  F  P       R  R  ser      Main 

Winnie  M 

Frank  P 

Dorothy  M 
You  no-,  Otis        retd      Warren 

E.    H.    TASK 
Registered  Pharmacist 

We  carry  the  usual  articles  found  in  a  Drug  (Store.    If  we 
havent  it  we  will  get  it,  if  it  isn't  right  we  will  make  it  right 



Hats,  Caps,  Boots,  Shoes  and  Rubber  Goods 
Bicycle  Supplies.    Souvenirs  a  specialty 

Center  Sandwich  N.  H, 

Campton  Census 

Note:— Where  no  post  office  address  is  given  Campton  is 
understood.  Other  post  offices  are  abbreviated  thus:  Ply- 
mouth— Ply;  Squam  Bridge — Sq'm  Br;  West  Campton — West 
R.  F.  D.  routes  are  indicated  by  number  of  the  route iuilowing 
the  post  office  name  from  which  they  emanate. 


mill  op 



Ply  3 


Adams,  Jas  H 

C  Etta  (Kilburn 
Mildred  H 

Adams,  A  L  far 

Isabel  V  (Sanborn 
Josephine  E  H 

Adams,  Wm  H  P  M,  mer  &  far 
Sarah  F  (Cook  ho 

Helen  E  tr  nurse 

Marion  F  nurse 

Ida  E  asst  P  M 

Ames,  D  W       far     Ply  RED 
*  Jennie  K  (m  Durgin 

*Thomas  G      hostler    Ply 
*Warren    far    Holderness 
Flora  E  (m  Page 
*Emily  R  (m  Avery 

Fisher  car 

Ames,  H  A  far  Ply 

Ames,  Wm         far        Sq'm  Br 

Elizabeth  (Cam 





*Ethel  M  (m  — 




Sarah  J 


Henry  M 


Willie  J 





Appleton,  Jean  H  (Condell 

Ply  5 

Archibald,  H  B    pap  mi 

11  boss 



Effie  M  (Morse 


Stanley  L 


Merton  A 


Agnes  M 

Atkinson,  I  E    far 


RF  D 

Lucy  H  (Bump 


Avery,  Lewis  F 


Stella  M  (Smith 


Maurice  W 

Avery,  B  H             stone  cutter 





Clara  L  (Chase  bo 

Exie  A 
Avery,  Jas  S  far       Ply  3 

Henrietta  (Rutherford   ho 

Lester  M  far 

Avery,  Stephen       far       West 

Chas  M  far 

Avery,  Chas  M        far       West 

Everett  K  car  &  far 

*Ruth  M  (m  Clark 


Cyntha  B  (m  Avery 
Avery,  Emma  C  (Rowe         ho 
The  Maples,  West 

William  B        tel  collector 

Lewis  F  car 

Avery,  Lewis  F       car      West 

Ada  M  (Bump         ho  &.  tr 
Avery,  Chas  F        far       West 

Cyntha  B  (Avery  ho 

Avery,  H  C  lab  West 

Flora  E  (Hodgson  ho 

Avery,  W  B  tel  collector  West 

Mary  E  (Emerson  ho 

Ralph  E  pi 

Minnie  L  pi 

Avery,  Frank  A       far      Ply  5 

Addie  M  (Batchelder 

ho  &  dr  mkr 

*Herbert  L    far  Ellsworth 

*Nettie  A  (m  Rodgers 


*Blanch  M  (m  Bailey     Ply 

*Bessie  M  (m  Welch        ho 

Harold  W  far 

Avery,  Mark  F   far  Ply  R  F  D 

Avery,  S  M      far  &  car     Ply  5 

Martha  J  (Moody  ho 

*E  M     R  R  inspector    Ply 

El  no  L  blk 

Elvira  M  pi 

Her m  on  M  pi 

Avery,  Newell         far       Ply  5 

Elizabeth  A  (Pease  ho 

Smith  M  far  &  car 

*IdaJ(mBerry    Meredith 

*Georgia  P  (m  Kitrell     ho 


*Susie  M  cook        Ply 

Avery,  Mark  F       far       Ply  5 

Divorced  wife 

Elver  M  stu 

Avery,  Reuben  L     far     Ply  5 

A  Ellen  (Truell  ho 

*Lilla  M  (m  Nelson     Ply  1 


Babbitt,  Edw  N       far  West 

Anna  M  ( ho 

Bacon,  Chas  L       lab  Ply  5 

Baker,  Asenath  H  (Scates    ho 

William  E  drug 

Baker,  William  E  drug 

Sadie  M  (Dunn  ho 

Stella  L  pi 
Clara  B 

Barry,  E  H      retd  far  Ply  1 



Helen  W  (Tyler  ho 

*Emma  H  (m  Hooper 


*W  E      car      Seabury,  Me 

*Chas  F  ladder  round  mkr 


*Caroline  A  (m  Hopkins 

Cliftondale,  Mass 
Francis  C  mill  op 

Batchelder,  Alice  M  (Tuttle 

ho    Ply  3 

Viola  J  pi 

Mabel  E  pi 

Violletta  T  pi 

Bell,  Ed  far  &  team 

Asa  lab 

*Mamie  (m  Ormon  ho 


Debie  V  ho 

Davie  pi 

Benton,  Martha  E  (Nichols 

Henry  T  far 

Berr3%  Wm  H        far         Ply  5 

Mary  H  (Sanborn  ho 

Eldred  V  far 

Mildred  R  tr 

Berry,  E  V        far  Ply  5 

Florence  G  (Savage        ho 

Blaisdell,  J  C 

carg  &  slei,^h  bus 
*Ellen  M  (ni  Dearbon 

Winchester,  Mass 

Martha  A  stenog 

Blaisdell,  J  M       far         Ply  3 

Julia  A  (Hall  ho 

Edith  M  tr 

Blaisdell,  Geo  F  jeweler 

Ply  R  F  D 

Bowlen,  John       lab         Ply  5 

Braley,  C  H        lab  Ply  3 

Brown,  Alex  blk 

Jane  (Littlefield  ho 

Brown,  Geo  O  far    Ply  RED 

Alice  J  (Roberts  ho 

Amy  M  (m  Hill  ho 

Irving  H  tr 

Brown,  Henry  H        far    Ply  4 

Ella  J  (Colby  ho 

*  Walter  S  mill  op 

Holyoke,  Mass 

Mattie  F  (mBump     Ply  3 

Carrie  A  (m  Foss 

Brown,  Walter  H  Ply  4 

Brown,  Sarah  A       ho        Ply 

Buck,  Edwin  C       far       Ply  5 

Bump,  Geo  H  car 

Leonie  N  (Caldon  ho 

Bump,  Nancy  J  (Hutchins 

ho  &  nurse    Ply  R  F  D 

Ada  M  (m  Avery         West 

Curtis  G        car  West 

Waldo  J  far 

Bump,  Waldo  J       car       Ply 

Ethel  M  (Ames  ho 

Bump,  John  F   far  Ply  RED 

Burbank,  James  lab  Ply  R  FD 

Buzzell,  A  S  Bapt  Clerg 

Florence  E  (Poland        ho 



•Florence  M  (m  Holton 

Fitehbur^,  Mass 
*Vinnie  E  (m  Place 

North  Troy,  N  Y 

Caldoii,RF  far  &  mill  op 

FraDces  A  (Downing      ho 

Herbert  F  pi 

Blanche  K  pi 

Arthur  N  pi 

Caldon,  Catherine  M  ho 

Cameron,  Oscar  A  mill  &lumb 

Florence  A  (Currier         ho 

Claud  H  pi 

Perley  C 

Carlton,  Marv  A  ho 

Carroll,  Geo  lumb 

MyrtieA(Ford  ho 

Lei  a  E  pi 

Carter,  Julia  M  (Webster     ho 

Blanche  A  pi 

Chase,  Mary        ho  West 

Chase,  WniE    lab    Ply  R  F  D 

Eldora  J  (Corliss  ho 

Willie  J  pi 

Chase,  Geo  W    far    Ply  R  F  D 

Lizzie  C  (Palmer  ho 

Chas  G  lab 

Clara  L  (m  Avery 

Yolney  R  lab 

Addie  M  pi 

Parley  A  pi 

Chase,  F  H 

house  finish  &  wood  wrk 
Mabel  A  (Batch elder  ho 
Lewis  T  stu 

Bertha  Mae  stu 

Gladys  P  pi 

Arthur  F  pi 

Ruth  F 

Cheney,  Henry  A  team 

Susie  M  (Drake  ho 

Marion  pi 

Lyle  pi 

Milo  H  pi 

Bert  L  pi 


Cheeney,  Harry  A      phy  &  sur 
Sarah  A (Brooks  ho 

S  A  pi 

Childs,  FA  Ply  R  F  D 

real  est  agt,  sum  res 

Clark,  Clara  A  (Howla.nd     ho 

Ply  3 

*Wilber  P  quarry  man 

Graniteville,  Vt 

Walter  M  lineman 

*Nettie  J  (m  Tenney 

Bert  H  yardman 

Edward  T  stone  wrk 

Clark,  Bert  H  yardman  Ply  3 
Belle  B  (Perry  ho 

Veranus  Y  pi 

Marion  C  pi 



Clark,  Elmer  E       lab      Ply  5 
Antney  E  pi 

William  B  pi 

Clark,  Auu  M  (Bartlett         ho 
Willie  B  mill  op 

Coffin,  Geo  W        far         Ply  3 
EfiiilyJ  (Clark  ho 

Herbert  W  far 

Harry  S  mill  man 

Coffin,  Herbert  M    far     Ply  3 
Ida  E  (Downing  ho 

Coffin,  Edwd  E       far       Ply  5 
William  H  mill  op 

Chas  F  far 

Nathan  G  far 

Coffin,  Nathan  G     far      Ply  5 
MyrtieE  (Walla(^e  lio 

Coleman,  Harriet  M  ho    Ply  5 

Cone,  M  B  retd   mer 

Constantine,  Hattie  I       West 

Cook,  Geo  W     far    Ply  RED 
Mary  E  (Moulton  ho 

*Theresa  H  (m  Avery 

Del  mar  M  ho 

Cook,  Sarah  M  (Merrill    Ply  5 
*HermanB  Uoxbury,Mass 
liv  &  sale  stable 
*  A  If  red  M  market 

Nellie  R  ho 

*JennieL  dr  mkr  Roxbury 
Edward  H  far 

*Clarence  K    liv  cV:  s  stable 

Lucy  E  milliner 

Cook,  Nelson  B  lab 

Eva  M  (Hackett  ho 

Corliss,  H  H    eng    Ply  R  F  D 

Lilla  E  (Stevens  ho 

Hazel  V 
Corliss,  F  K  mill  op  Ply  R  F  D 

Daisy  (Pierce  ho 

Harold  S  pi 

Corliss,  Elizabeth  A  (Harvey 

Fred  K  mill  op 

Hiram  H  en^ 

Cross,  Harry  E  mill  op 

Cross;  Edith  B  stu 

Crowell,  Marilla  M  (Brown 

Ply  R  F  D 

*Frank  L        millman    Ply 

*Nellie  J  (m  Stevens 


Fred  H  far 

Crowell,  Fred  H  far  Ply  RED 

M  Emma  (Burnham       ho 
Curlier;  Willard  P    far    Ply  3 

Annie  A  (Merrill  ho 


Davis,  M  N  real  est  &  ins  Ply  5 
Lucy  (Greenwood  ho 

Timothy  decorator 

Dearbon,  Harry  F         mill  op 
Lela  A  ho 

Frank  E 
Clarence  S 



Dearbon,  C  W  retd 

Mary  A  (Rexford  ho 

*Le\Yis  E       far      Laconia 

*Clarence       car     Laconia 

Dearbon,  Barron  O  far 

EttaM  fBunip  bo 

Warren  J  car 

*Leonard  R  car 

487  West  135tb,  N  Y 

Derosia.  Hattie       ho       West 

Dole,  Flora  E  (Hoyt  ho 

Dole,  Sarah  E  (Blair  ho 

Dole,  Moody  C         woolen  mfr 

Lillian  F  (Merrill  ho 

Erastus  stu 

Florence  E  stu 

Roland  J  pi 

Olive  L  pi 

Sarah  E  pi 

Dorothy  E  pi 

Dolloff,  John  lab 

Orissa  M  (Lyford  ho 

Myrtie  A  (m  Drake 

Eva  L  pi 

Downinj^,  John  H    far     Ply  3 

Christiana  E  (Palmer     ho 

*Sidney  F  sta  agt  Lincoln 

Lottie  M  ho 

Alphonso  F  stu 

Downinfi',  Aj^nes  M  pi 

Downing:,  Edith  E  ho 

Drake,  William  lab 

Myrtie  A  (Dolloff  ho 

Moxine  V 

Drew,  Cyrus  W  car 

Lura  L  (Mitchell  ho 

*Grace  E  (m  Brock 


Dunklee,  C  E  (Ferris         West 
*Roxa  I  (ra  Merrill 

Seth  E  pi 

Durgin,  V  G  Ply  5 

fish  &  meat  dlr 

Ella  M  (Foss  ho 

Harry  A      fish  &  meat  dlr 

Paul's  pi 

Dustin,  Jos       lab  Ply  1 

Mary  (Plant  ho 

*Mary  (m  Gilbert  Lisbon 
*Chaslab  Farmiugton,  Me 
*Lena  (ra  Putman  Lisbon 
Frank  lab 

*Almedia  (m  Dresden    N  B 
*Daisy  (tn  Como  N  B 

*Maud (ra  Savage 

Somerville,  Me 

*Ethel  (m  Shea  ho    Ply 

John  lab 

Joseph  pi 

Leon  pi 

Dustin,  Frank    pi  Ply  R  F  D 

Dustin,  Norman  pi 

Elliott,  Jerusha  P  (Bo.yington 
*Carrie  H  (m  Elliott 




Annie  L  (m  Spauldin^-Lee 
Elliott,  Albert  J      pant  cutter 
*Lela  M  (ra  Everett 


Mary  B  (Stonecliffe         ho 

Elliott,  John  far 

Martha  (Nichols  ho 

*Alice  H  (m  Dow    Ashland 

*John  M    weaver  Ashland 

Grove  C  mill  op 

Walter  weaver 

Maud  ho 

Elliott,  Henry  C  far 

Elliott,  John  far 

*Alice  H  (m  Dow    Ashland 

*John      weaver     Ashland 

Grover  C  lab 

Walter  W    weaver  Enfield 

*Maud  C       ho       Ashland 

Martha  (Benton  ho 

Elliott,  Flora  A      ho      R  F  D 

Evans,  N        far       Pl.y  RED 

Caroline  M  (Taylor         ho 

*Elmer  E       far     Rumney 

Chester  L  far 

*Nellie  M  (m  Ames 

*Elnora  (m  Caldon 


•Gertrude  M  (m  Campbell 


Evans,  A  A  (Scates  ho 

Ewins,  Geo  S        lab        Ply  3 

Abbie  K  (Keniston         ho 

J  Scott 


Ferris,  Cora  E  (Lanj2:ley   West 

Maud  R  (m  Werden         ho 

Plymouth  R  F  D 

*Hallie  E  (m  Werden       ho 


*John  H  lab 

The  Dalles,  Oregon 

Fisher,  Ora  F         far       West 

Mary  G  (Spokesfield       ho 

Flanders,  Mary  E  (Greene 


Fifield,  H  M  mer 

Lucia  M  (Foss  ho 

Lena  pl 

Elizabeth  pl 

Fifield,  Maria  D  ho 

Fifield,  Geo  F         stage  driver 


*Chas  F  R  R  agt 

Chelsea,  Mass 

Fogg,  Mary  ( 

Frank  W  el 

Fogg,  Nellie  R  (Moses  ho 

No  Ply,  R  F  D 

Frank  M  lab 

Willie  M  lab 

Foss,  Esther  A  (Hannaford 

Walter  E  O      liv  manager 
Foss,  Walter  E  O  livery 



Gertrude  L  (Fonda 


Gilraan,  Joseph  H 


Leslie  E 


Gertie  A  (Simpson 


Foss,  David  P 


Harry  M 


*Wiiiifred  J 

Harvey  P 



Ernest  W 


Ida  M  (Mnnill 


Gilmau,  Harvey  P 


Foss,  Laura,  K 


AddieE  (Philbrick 


Foss,  Winfield        lab 

Ply  4 

Goodwin,  H  W    ptr  &  pap  hgr 

Carrie  A  (Brown 


Mary  E  (Avery 


Foss,  Estella  J        bo 

Ply  5 

Goeley,'FJ    lab  &  team  West 

Foster,  Mary  A  (Avery 


Lillian  M  (Micleen 


Fox,  Ella  (Keudrick 


Green,  Geo 

bk  kpr 

French.  John  N 


Grace  (Bronson 


Nettie  S  (Green 



Marcia  J 


French,  H  A        lumb  & 



Nellie  E  (Taylor 


Lee  W 


Hadley,  Chas  M     nijiht  watch 

Wayne  H 



^RF  D 



Emma  F  (Dow 


Galligher,  Wm  J  lab 

Hazel  B  (Smith  ho 

Irene  I 

Garland,  Louisa  (Aver}'  Ply  5 
D  Jennie  (m  Berry 
*Sarah  L  (m  Spokesfield 

Henry  R  far 

Garland,  Henry  R    far    Ply  5 
Cora  B  (Rowe  ho 

Lawrence  H  pl 


Hall,  Albert  far        Ply  5 

Eliza  J  (Blaisdell  ho 

*Susie  J  (m  McKeen 

501  Cherry,  Anaconda,  Mon 

Perley  A  far 

Hall,  P  A  far         Ply  5 

Ida  M  (Smith  ho 

Hall,  Geo  W  s  s  op  Ply  RED 

*Ida  M     boss  in  eating  ho 

36  Washington, 

Haverhill,  Mass 

*G  A    car  Lawrence,  Mass 

Hall,  Frank  W  mill  man 



Myrtie  L  (Pettengill       ho 
Clarence  A  pi 

Gertrude  E  pi 

Hannaford,  John  S    far  Pl^^  1 
Ljdia  (Clark  ho 

Hanscorab,  Geo  W     lab  Fly  3 
Nellie  R  (Fogf?  ho 

Walter  G  mill  op 

Edith  M  (m  Willoughby 
Annie  B  ho 

*  Eunice  M  (m 


Harrington,  N  W     Bapt  clerg 

Martha  C  (Cook  ho 

Gertrude  L  pi 

Edith  Alberta  pi 

E  Viola  pi 

Hart,  V  P  car  &  far 

Esther  E  (Willey  ho 

Harvey,  Elizabeth  A 


Hawkins,  W  A  far 

Beach  Hill,  Ply  5 

Sarah  J  (Worthen  ho 

Leon  A  stu 

Julia  E  stu 

Hildreth,  Mary  E      far    Ply  5 
Pauline  stu 

Beatrice  stu 

C  Dewey  pi 

Merle  W  pi 

Gloyra  p] 

Joyce  pi 

Malcolm  D  pi 

Helen  E 

John  R 
Hill,  Lucy  G  (Grant   ho  Ply  5 

Fred  G  far 

Hill,  Fred  G  far         Ply  5 

Amy  M  (Brown  ho 

Maurice  I 
Hodsdon,  A  J  retd  soldier 

Christina  I  (Avery  ho 

Holmes,  Willie  B  mill  op 

Ella  M  (Steele  ho 

Scott  S  mill  op 

Homans,  Sarah  A  retd  nurse 
Huckins,  Annie  D  ho  Ply  5 
Huckins.  F  E  lab  Ply  RED 
Hussey,  John  W      far      Ply  5 

*Martha  D  ho 

Stoughton,  Mass 

Oliver  B  far 

Myra  E  (Clement  ho 

Norman  C 
Hussey,  Oliver  B      far     Ply  5 

Delia  M  (Jesseman  ho 

Ivan  D  pi 

Esther  F 
Hutchins,  Emma  J  (Elliott 

Ply  R  F  D 

*Myrtie  C  (Sanborn 


*N  K       mill  op      Rumney 

Lydia  E  (m  Goodwin 

Cieora  M  (ra  Comstantire 

Chauncy  R  far 



Archie  E 


Garaphelia  H  (Hill         ho 

Bertha  M 

table  fiirl 

*Elizabeth  A  (n>  Colby 

Earle  W 


Islaud  Pond,  Yt 

Vera  V 


John  A                              far 

Anneta  P 



*lda  H  (m  Faden 

No  Woodstock 
Stella  B  (m  Wingood 

JesBaman,  Geo  C      far      AVest 
Ardella  M  (in  Hussey 
Leon  W  medical  stu 

Jesseman,  Harry  W  lab 

Arthur  F  pl 

Johnson,  Frank  mill  op  Ply  5 
Mabel  (ra  Richards 
Emily  (Dearbon-Marviu 

Johnson,  Chas  W      far    Ply  5 
Lucy  L  (Wheat  ho 

*Ellen  M  (m  Fisk 


Johnson,  C  W  mer  &  far 

Johnson,  Chas        far        West 

Jones,  Daniel  mill  wrioht 

Joselyn,  Mary    ho    Ply  R  F  D 


Kelley,  John  A        far 


Alice  M  (Faden 


Ralph  W 


Hazel  A 


Cedrie  P 

Kelley,  Henry        far 

Ply  5 



Kendrick,  Lewis 

Ella  A  ( m  Fox 

Minnie  (m  Smith 

*Frank  R  R  ser 

*Bertha  (m  Vaile 

Franklin  Falls 

*Lawrence    cook  Concord 

Marshall  far 

Kendrick,  M  D    far  Ply  RED 

Lizzie  (m  Wallace  ho 

Kendrick,  N  P    lab  Ply  RED 

Keniston,'E  H    far  Ply  R  F  D 

Laura  J  (Hart  ho 

Abbie  K  (m  Ewins 
Knovvles,  John  retd 

Olive  A  (Chadwick  ho 

*Lillay  (m  Wallace 


*S  A      box  mkr    Franklin 

*Ella  F  (m  Hersey 

Somerville,  Mass 

*Emma  M  (m  Pierce 

Hastinos,  Mass 

*Geo  E     R  R  ser    Concord 



Lee,  Walter  I  tel  mo;r 

Aunie  L  (Spauldio^         ho 

Leavett,  H  W    far   Ply  R  F  D 

Libby,  Frank  V  lumb 

Margiaret  (DuuigaD        ho 

Little,  J  C  o-raii)  dlr 

Aonie  S  (Shaw  ho 

Webb  Btu 

George  E  stu 

Lovett,  Andrew  J  lab 

Elizabeth  (Downing 

Lovett,  Simon        retd      Ply  5 

Leucas,  Mary  J  (Leavitt  ho 
Ply  R  F  D 

Lyford,  Henry  D  lab 

Dorothy  B  pi 

Colby  R  pi 


Maxwell,  CW    far    Ply  R  F  D 
Elsie  M  (Proctor  ho 

Boyd  R  pi 

Lura  J  pi 

Marion  V  pi 

Warren  E  pi 

Clinton  E  pi 

AviH  M 
Bernard  A 

McCann,  Jas       far  Ply  5 

Mabel  (m  Palmer  ho 

MeCormack,  L  stone  mas 

Ply  4 

Ella  M  (Anips  ho 

Nellie  M  pi 

Albert  L  pi 

Edith  K  pi 

Chas  P  pi 
Scott  A                       •         pi 

Clarence  J  pi 
Josephine  R 

McCoy,  Albert  A  Inmb 

Marcelia  (Lawton  ho 
*Anna  M  (m  Beede 

Lowell,  Mass 

Archibald  D  L  lab 

Ella  M  nurse 

Lee  R  pi 
Raymond  R               bk  kpr 

McNeil,  John  lumb 

Mary  T  (Robie  ho 
Sarah  C 

Merrill,  Moses  W  far 
Almira  H  (Southward     ho 

Merrill,  Ralph  E      saw  mill  op 

Maud  A  (Shepherd  ho 

Ruby  R  pi 

Merrill,  F  E        far  Ply  8 

Gertrude  (Little  ho 

Everett  F  pi 

Laura  F  pi 

Geo  H  pi 

Hat  tie  L  pi 
Leslie  B 
Bertha  G 

Merrill,  SamlE      lab  Ply  3 

Merrill,  Annie  A  (Leavitt     ho 

Ply  3 



*Mary  L  (m  McKensy 

Bert  G  lab 

Merrill,  Ann  M        bo        Ply  3 

Merrill,  Jas  F  far  Ply  3 
Harriet  A  (Worthen  ho 
Mary  L  (m  Webster 

Merrill,  H  F  far         Ply  5 

I^aviMa  (Clark  bo 

Maud  F  bo 

Merrill,  Cbas  E  far  Ply  5 
Ida  A  (Mitchell  bo 

Meckliu,  William  far  West 
Rose  (Plaut  bo 

Orrin  R  R  ser 

Bert  lab 

Richard  pi 

Lilla  (m  Gasely 

Micklen,  Bert  W  mill  op 

Eva  S  (Ferrin  ho 

Micklen,  Orrin  R  R  ser  West 
Baslon  0  pi 

Joseph  M  pi 

Mina  T  pi 

Mitchell,  Geo  E       cl        Ply  3 

Morrill,  Henry  L  far 

Mertie  R  (Dunklee  ho 

Hazel  E  stenog 

Pearl  E  stenog 

Henry  F  asst  mill  op 

Morrill,  Elizabeth  P 

(Southmayd    ho 
Harry  W  car 

Morrison,  E  L  lab     Ply  RED 

Morrison,  Lewis  R         sta  agt 
L  R  (Clifford  ho 

Gladys  P  pi 

Ellison  K  pi 

Morrison,  M  a  reel!  a  M  (Coldon 

Moses,  David  M    far         Ply  3 
Albertena  M  (Higgins    ho 

Moulton,  F  M    fai-    Ply  RED 
Louisa  M  (Fellows  ho 

*  Henry  A  far  Holderness 
*Natbaniel  F  lab  Hanover 
*Luelwell  S  lab  Hanover 
*Augustus  V  car  Ashland 
Beuj  A  lab 

Myrtie  M  ho 

Moulton,  Wilson  N    car  West 
AbbieC(Ward  ho 

Myrtie  A  (m  Webster 

Ply  R  F  D 
Arthur  W  eng 

Moulton,  Darius     mer      West 
Julia  A  (Ordway  ho 

Alice  M  (ni  Young 

Moulton,  F  L        blk         W'est 
*Linnie  M  (m  Miles  ho 

Barton  Landing,   Vt 
*Geo  I  piano  shop  op 

Barton  Landing,  Vt 
Clara  F  (Randall  ho 

Ella  B  (ni  Bagley 

Clarence  L  car 

Bessie  L  ho 

Moulton,  Dustin  mer 



Julia  A  (Johnson  ho 
Llewellyn  D          nier  &  far 

Murr.y,  Esther  A  (Fosh  ho 

Newton,  Geo        far  Ply  3 

Liila  V  (Guild  ho 

Belle  G  tr 

Ethel  V  8tu 

Norseworthy,  Job  J  lab  Ply  3 

Osoood,  0  E 

tel  aset 

Pajre,  Reuben  D  far  Ply  RED 
*Frank  C      needle  shop  op 
Franklin  P'alls 
Fred  H  car 

Chas  H  millwria;ht 

Flora  E  (Ames  ho 

Christie  D  stu 

Alice  F  p] 

Paov,  O  M        far       Ply  R  F  D 
Nettie  S  (Blaisdell 

ho  &  dr  nikr 
Nettie  M  asst  dr  mkr 

Page,  Willard   C    far        Ply  1 
Ada  M  (Robeits  ho 

*EthelR(m  Bowles 
Albert  W  far 

Herbert  E  far 

Blanche  M  ho 

Harris  L  pi 

Elmore  J  pi 

Wesley  C  pi 

Page,  S  T  far         Ply  3 

Asenath  W  (Young 
*Nel8on  D  team  &  far 

Cook, Cal 
Cora  L  ho 

*Theodore  L     switchman 
Somerville,  Mass 
William  F  lab 

Palmer,  Mabel  (McCanu        ho 
Richard  L  pi 

Ellen  M  pi 

James  C  pi 

Palmer,  C  P         far  Ply  5 

Hannah  H  (Pease  ho 

Lorin  C  lab 

Leslie  W  far 

*Lottie  M  (m  Yeaton 

San  born  ville 
Christina  E  (m  Downing 
Daisy  G  (m  Brown 

Pattee,  Georgia  A  (Brown 

Ply  RED 
Geo  D  far 

*Chas  H        el  Mexico 

Pattee,  John  W  C  ptr 

Charlotte  G  (Polley        ho 

*Ralph  J  phy  &  sur 

Central  Ave,  Dover 

*Asa  L  phy  &  sur 

Falmouth,  Mass 



Fanny  K  (m  Foss 
Peabody,  Wm    far  Ply  U  F  D 
Percy,  Arthur  S      far      Ply  5 
Perkins,  Anna  P  (Adams     ho 

Ply  5 

Gertrude  P  (m  Littlefield 
Boston,  Mass 
Perkins,  Ransou  blk 

Susan  F  (Cogswell  ho 

Pettengill,  Augusta  J   (Porter 

Clarence  O  hotel  prop 

Myrtle  L  (rn  Hall 
Pettengill,  C  O  hotel  prop 

Nellie  M  (Baldwin  ho 

Chas  H  hotel  cl 

Ramsey  A  pi 

Philbrick,  Byron  J         mill  op 

C  Winifred  (Russell         ho 

Addie  E  (m  Gilman 
Pierce,  Caroline  M  (Foss      ho 
Plaisted,  Wm  S       far      Ply  3 

Emma  B  (Rodgers  ho 

Ethel  M  ho 

Frederick  K 
Plummer,  J  H        far  &  liv  sta 

Nellie  R  (Russell  ho 

Carrie  E  (m  Royce 
Prescott,  Annie  F  (Fish       ho 

Frank  M  barber 

Grover  Cleveland  lab 

Pulsifer,  Thos  S  far  Ply  R  F  D 

John  M  far 

Pulsifer,  J  M    far     Ply  R  F  D 

Laura  S  (Worthing       ho 

Alice  C  stu 

Ruth  E  pi 

Roy  S  pi 

Bertram  W 

Pulsifer,  Isabelle  W  (Draper 
ho    Plyl 
*FloraL  (m  Smith 

*Joseph  W  far  Holderness 
Geo  E  far 

Pulsifer,  Geo  E  far  Ply  R  F  D 
Lizzie  G  (Pulsifer  ho 

Blanche  E  pi 

Pulsifer,  W  C         far        Ply  5 
Clara  J  (Worthen  ho 

Fred  E  far 

Maud  L  stu 

Pulsifer,  Chas  W        far    Ply  5 
Willard  C  far 

Lizzie G  (m  Pulsifer  route  1 


Quimby,  Lenora  B  (Eaton  ho 
James  L  car  &  stone  wk 
*Geo  M  car  Concord 
*Virna  A  (m  Sanborn 

LoisM  (m  Nichols  Ctr  Har 

Quimby,  Jas  L  car  West 
Helen  B  (Constantine  ho 
Robert  S  pi 




Rompey,  Jeff       far  Ply  5 

Harriet  (Bill  ho 

Ida  ho 

Jeff  J  lab 

Peter  P  lab 

Josie  H  pi 

John  J  pi 

Harriet  H  pi 

Albert  J  pi 

Hazel  P 

Rompey,  Prosper    lab     Ply  5 
Ida  J  (Youn^  ho 

Edith  M  (m  Plant      Rte  1 
Joseph  lab 

Eugene  G  pi 

Edward  pi 

Rice,  V  S         far       Ply  R  F  D 
Mary  D  (Morrison  ho 

Gwendolyn  L 

Rice,  Jas  B       far     Ply  R  F  D 
Caroline  (Shaw  ho 

*H  B    team  Boston,  Mass 
Willard  M  lab 

Robie,  Sam'l  P     excelsior  mill 
Effie  L  (Cross  ho 

Robie,  Sarah  J  ho 

Robie,  Anna  ho 

Robie,  Ella  (Glamo  Ply  R  F  D 
*John       lab     Woodsville 

Robilee,  Edward  lab 

Ronan,  Harry  A  fore  lurab  Co 

Addie  G  (Varney  ho 

Rowe,  Joseph  T       far      West 

Ellen  C  (Moulton  ho 

Royce,  E  G      prin  high  school 

Carrie  E  (Plummer  ho 
Russell,  Carlton  J  team 

Florence  M  (Woodbury 

Lillian  A  stu 

Sanborn,  Isabel  V  (Gormley 

Ply  3 
*Minnie  (m  Bigelow 

Leander  J  lab 

Sanborn,  F  S       team      Ply  3 
Anna  M  (Smith  ho 

Sanborn,  Asenath  H  (Baker 
Stella  L  (m  Thurston 

Sanborn,  Nettie  D  (Cone       ho 

Sanborn,  Clyde  C 

Saunders,  John  M  cook 

Henrietta  (Parker  ho 

JohnE  lab 

Nina  M  mill  op 

Clara  M  ho 

Sawyer,  A  H      Hillside  House 
Emma  F  (Marden  ho 

Shaw,  N  L  far        Ply  5 

Mary  A  (French  ho 

•William  A  lab 

Shepherd,  Walter  fore  R  R  sec 
Clara  E  (Elliott  ho 



Maud  A  (m  Merrill 

Chas  R  lab 

Shute,  Chas  far 

*Lucy  F  (m  Colby 


Simpson,  A  G 
undertkr,  coal  del  &  mail  car 
Kate  T  (Emerson  ho 

Adele  G  ho 

Margaret  B  stu 

Mildred  E  pi 

Lawrence  A  pi 

Smith,  Herbert  K     far     Plj  5 

Lucy  B  (Blaisdell  ho 

*Mary  (m  Crockett  ho 

Los  Angeles,  Cal 

Smith,  J  Frank         far    West 

Fannie  C  (Smith  ho 

*Carrie  L  (m  Pearson     ho 


Smith,  Morrill  far 

Nettie  (Willey  ho 

Wellman  I  team 

Elsie  M  ho 

Stella  M  (ra  Avery 

Smith,  Frank  E  far 

Cora  E  (Pickering  ho 

Nora  B  (m  Webster 

Smith,  Lucian  mill  op  &  far 
Minnie  J  (Kendrick  ho 
•Louise  M  (m  Allen 

*Clara  L  (m  Gordon 

N  Woodstock 

Ola  G  cl 

Hazel  B  (m  Gallagher 
Thomas  V  pi 

Smith,  Walter  E  mill  op 

Jennie  R  (Smith  ho 

Mary  A  pi 

Smith,  Emma  C  (Priest         ho 

Southmayd,  Dan'l  G 

car  &  pap  hgr 
Frances  J  (Blaisdell       ho 

Southmayd,  John  W  far 

EllaH(Fernn  ho 

*F  J        supt  excelsior  mill 


Spokesfield,  C  E     lumb    West 
Josie  E  (Hooper  ho 

Elizabeth  I) 

Spokesfield,  Mark      far    West 
Delia  A  (Moulton  ho 

*H  W       mach      Littleton 
Chas  E  lumb 

Fred  C  far 

Spokesfield,  Moses  C  far  West 
Sarah  L  (Garland  ho 

Mary  G  (m  Fisher 

Stickney,  H  E    far    Ply  R  F  D 
Daisy  A  (Morgan  ho 

Stickney,  B  Frank    far    Ply  3 
Laura  A  (Eaton  ho 

Annie  E  nurse 

Henry  E  far 

Mary  E  ho 

Stickney,  Sarah  0  (Hodgdon 

Stone,  Edwin  E  far  Ply  R  F  D 



Ella  L  (Pendleton  bo 

*EImer  cl 

5  Spring,  Dorchester,  Mass 

Tafft,  Will  L  stone  mas  Ply  3 

Alice  M  (Batchelder        ho 


Henry  A 

Tasker,  Elmer  H         druggist 

Evelyn  M  (Burleigh        ho 

Laura  B  pi 

Maurice  B  pi 

Taylor,  Geo  C        far       Ply  5 

Amanda  T  (Harriman    ho 

Thompson,  Geo  lab 

J  ulia  M  (Carter  ho 

Thompson,  J  W      far      Ply  3 

Marietta  (Pike  bo 

*  Jennie  L  bk  kpr 

Boston,  Mass 

*Etta  F  (m  Marston 

Med  ford,  Mass 

*Marcia  A  bk  kpr 

Boston,  Mass 

*L  H  (m  Colsou  mach 


*M  H      far    Quincy,  Mass 

John  W  Jr  far 

Thurstin,  H  L 

ptr,  pap  hgr  &  car 
LillieM  (m  Getchell 

Boston,  Mass 

Stella  L  (Baker  ho 

Twitchell,  Chas  F      far    Ply  5 

Ella  J  (Walton  'ho 


Van  Auken,  Ilyf       far      West 
Van  Auken,  Cora  E  (Dunklee 

Varney,  Addie  G  (Hodgman 
Ralph  H  pi 


Wallace,  Jas  M  far  Ply  R  F  D 
Mona  L  (Elart  ho 

Lizzie  M  (m  Kendrick 
Susie  A  ho 

Wallace,  Geo  W  mill  op  Ply  3 
Mattie  (Rodgers  ho  &  tr 
Sherley  M  tr 

Walker,  Chas  artist  sum  res 
Lizzie  (Mitchell  ho 

Gertrude  (m  Woods 



Waters,  John  R 




Edith  E  (Nims 


Viola  B 


Ernest  E 

Watson,  John  R 



Agnes  (Clark 




Webster,  Chas 


Ply  3 



Emma  G  (Avery  ho 

Frank  far 

Webster,  Frank       far      Ply  3 

Myrtle  A  (Moulton         ho 

Gladys  B 

Lillian  G 

Webster,  Chas  A      far      Ply  3 

Matilda  A  (Nutting        ho 

Sarah  S  ho 

*Geo  A  far 

Webster,  Geo  A       far      Ply  3 

Mary  L  (Merrill  ho 

Webster,  Jason  A  pi 

Webster,  AHred       wool  sorter 

Lydia  M  (Wallace  ho 

Julia  M  (m  Thompson 

Jason  far 

*G  W  fireman   Woodsville 

Pheba  L  tr 

Webster,  Jason  far 

Nora  E  (Smith  ho 

Lottie  pi 


Werden,  L  A  dentist  &  far 

Ply  5 
ho  &  tr 

Maud  (Ferris 
Bernice  A 
Rowena  E 
J  Alden 
Helen  E 
Herbert  C 
Wheelock,  John  K 

*  Walter  K  R  R  ser 

217  Ashmont,  Boston,  Mass 

Willoughby,  Alonzo  D  pl 

Ply  3 

Willoughby,  Saml     far   Ply  3 

Sabriua  J  (Page  ho 

*Hannah  R  (m 

*Lucy  E  (m  Ellison 


*Luther  F  far 

No  Woodstock 

Boston  fire  dept 
Clara  I  (Flyun  ho 


Osias  M 

Alonzo  D 
Willoughby,  0  M     far 

Edith  (Hanscomb 

Willie  AV 

Florence  M 

Frank  M 
Wilson,  Henry  A       far 
Wilson,  Marshall  E   far  Ply  3 

Jerusha  A  (Moulton       ho 

Ply  3 


Ply  5 

Edwin  J 


Lyone  E 


Wingood,  A  A        far 

Ply  5 

Stella  B  (Kelly 


Woodward,  E  S       far 

Ply  5 

Alice  L  (Bennett 


Christina  M 


Frank  S 


Harold  A 


Roberts  U 


Helen  A 

Wyatt,  II  D  instructor 

sum  res    Ply  5 

Alice  ( ho 

Wright,  Harry  L      pi      Ply  5 

CENSUS  133 


York,  C  W       retd  Ply  5 

Beach  Hill 

WHEN    IN    WANT.     VISIT 


The  Druggist 

Who  keeps  and  sells  everything  pertaining  to 
the  business  and  more  too 

MEREDITH  N.     H. 

N.  E.  Telephone  Citizens  Telephone 


Fancy  Groceries,  Fruit  and  Confectionery,  Cigars  and  Tobacco 

Newspapers  and  Magazines.    Latest  Sheet  Music.    Printing 
of  all  kinds.    Ashland's  only  five  and  ten  cent  store 



Undertaker  and  Funeral  Director 

Formerly  with  H.  0.  Moulton 
Both  Phones  MEREDITH,  N.  H. 

Census  of  Holdcttncss 

Note— Where  no  Post  Office  address  is  expressed  Holder- 
ness  is  understood.  Other  Post  Offices  are  abbreviated  thus: 
Plymouth— Plj;  Ashland— Ash;  Center  Harbor— Ctr  Har 


Adams,  Ella  E  (B"ox  ho    Ply 

Henry  M  lab 

Harry  com  lab 

Lilla  A  pi 

Allen,  Rev  F  R  sum  res 

Alberta  (Lewis  ho 

Ames,  Wm  B  gardner 

Lizzie  (Campbell  ho 
*Ethel  M  (m  Bump 


Sadie  E  stu 

Henry  M  pi 

Willie  pi 

Mabel  J  pi 

Ames,  Warren        far  Ply  4 

Nellie  (Evans  ho 

Robert  C  pi 

Annis,  Pearly  lab 


Baker,  Malora  (- 

Ply  4 

Baker,  J  S  far       Ash  1 

Clara  E  (Oilman  ho 

*Roxie  M  (m  Thompson 

Leominster,  Mass 
Gertrude  (m  Izart 
*P'lo88ie  M  (m  Brooks 

Wm  H  far 

Herbert  E  pi 

Frances  L  pi 

Fern  C  T  pi 

Baker,  M  P       charge  of  camp 

Ash  1 
Herman  L  pi 

M  Basil  pi 

E  Paul  pi 

Eleanor  A 
Rebecca  C 

Barker,  Frank  E      car    Ash  1 
Abbie  I  (Cummings         ho 

Balcb,  Stephen  retd 

Batchelder,  Herbert      sum  res 

*Harriet  (Webster  ho 

Berwick,  Me 

Batty,  Leroy       mill  op     Ash 



Bennett,  Edward  C  far 

Horace  J  far 

•Herbert  S  far  Milton 
*0  E  private  coachman 
29  Elm,  New  Haven,  Conn 
Elsie  A  (Glidden  ho 

Edna  M 

(m  Sanborn-Haskell 

Bennett,  H  J  far  &  sum  bdrs 
Francella  D  (Willoughby 

Benton,  Jas  A  lab       Ply 

Hermou  lab 

Esther  M  (m  Sanborn 
Ida  M  (Randolph  ho 

Berry,  Flora  M  pi        Ply 

Berry,  Chas  B  car  Meredith  1 
*Leo  J  mach  Concord 
Ralph  H  stu 

Clair  O  pi 

Alice  J  (P^erry-Butterfield 

Boynton,  Noah         far       Ply 

Sarah  A  (Smith  ho 

•Georgiauna  tr  nurse 

406  Mass  Ave,  Boston,  Mass 

J  Elmer  car 

Boynton,  F  butch  &  sum  bdrs 
Flora  B 

( Morrell-Homstead 
Wellington  D  pi 

Brown,  J  Irving  far 

Martha  J  (GrifRu  ho 

George  I  miller 

Emma  E  (m  Brown 

Brown,  Willard  J      pi     Ash  4 

Brown,  Oliver   far  Meredith  1 
Vianua  (Greenleaf 
Javis  A  lab 

Millie  M  (m  Downey 
Olive  W  (m  Downey 
Chas  M  lab 

Brown,  Elizabeth  (Innis  Ash  1 
Drusilah  (m  Thompson 

Burleigh,  Curtis  G    far    Ash  1 
Evelyn  J  (Welch  ho 

*Butterfield,  C  D 

W^ells  Beach,  Me 
Bessie  E 

Buzzel,  H  S  far         Ash  1 

Carlton,  Asa  A       far       Ply  4 

Estella  A  (Wyman  ho 

Thelma  G 

Carr,  Florence  ho 

Carr,  Frances  M         cl         Ply 

Carr,  Geo  B  far 

Ellen  (Moody  ho 

Carr,  AT  "^lab         Ply  4 

Susie  E  (m  Evans 

Myron  P  lab 

Mabel  tel  op       Ply 

Nora  tel  op         Ply 

Charlie  lab 

Cawley,  Elliott      mech    Ash  1 

*John  W  broker 

15  State,  Boston,  Mass 

*Albert  B        hardware  dlr 

Kendleville,  Ind 



*Frank  T  far 

Kendleville,  Ind 
Jeniiette  M  (Esden  ho 

Evelyn  J  (m  Burleigh 

Chamberlain,  E  J  ptr 

Ethel  M  (Varuey 
Fred  S  mill  op 

Lila  G  pi 

Raymond  E  pi 

Hazel  M 
Bernice  C 

Chase,  Herbert  E  far  Ply  4 
Nina  F  (Wilkins  ho 

Florence  M  stu 

Ethel  I  pi 

Clark,  Reginald       pi       Ash  1 

Clark,  Jas  W  far  Ash  1 
Mabel  L  (Berry  ho 

Roydon  N  lab 

J  Frank 

Gertrude  G  pi 

Maltheno  C  pi 

Grace  M  pi 

Connelly,  Rev  John  M  Ply  4 
Rebecca  M  (Male bury  ho 
Elsie  M  stu 

Conner,  Eddie        pi  Ply 

Corthell,  A  W  mech  Ply 
Helen  A  pi 

Lilla  M  (Rollins-George 

Cox,  Melvina  (Clark  ho 

*Sarah  G  (m  Emery 


Cox,  Jas  W         Hotel  Stewart 

Cox,  Chas  R  car 

Ida  M  (Buzzell  ho 

Cox,  Miss  Sarah  J  ho 

Cox,  Miss  Harriet  H  ho  Ash  1 
Cox,  Nathan  B        far      Ash  1 

Etta  J  (Worthing 

sum  boarders 

•Florence  F  (m  Carr 
8  Common,  Stoneham,  Mass 
Cummings,  Frank  G  far  Ash  1 

Abbie  H  (Pease  ho 

Abbie  I  (m  Barker 
Currier,  Artemus  E  far 

Hester  A  (Davison  ho 

Curry,  J  W  far       Ply 

Victoria  A  (Orell  ho 

David  W  car 

Curry,  Robert  P  P  M 

Cora  J  (Huntress-Carr 



Dane,  C  W  car       Ply  4 

Odessa  M  (Douglas        ho 
George  R 
Mary  E 

Davison,  Chas  H  far 

Martha  (Dennett  ho 

Davison,  John  S        sum  bdrs 

Central  House 

Betsy  L  (Piper  ho 

Jessie  B  (m  Worthen 

Ruby  W  tr 



Guy  stu 

Deselle,  Andrew       far  Ply  1 

Maggie  (Driecol  bo 

Joseph  lab 

Rosie  pi 

Willie  pi 

Louisa  pi 

Dinsmore,  Chas  car 

Lizzie  ( 

Dinsmore,  F  W    mill  op  Ply  3 

Jennie  (Douglass  ho 
•Frank  A                elec  con 
Waltham,  Mass 

Gladys  J  stu 

Marion  V  pi 

Dorey,  J  B  blk 

Lizzie  M  (Boyce  ho 
Gertrude  A 

Dorr,  H  F  prop  Hotel  Asquam 

Abbie  (Berry  ho 

Carl  S  hotel 
Edith  M  (m  Nixon 

Dorr,  Carl  S  hotel 
Edith  M  (Morton 

Downiug,  Danl       lab  Ply 

Ralph  pi 

Proctor  pi 

Blanche  pi 

Drew,  Oliver  P    retd  Ply  4 

Downing,  F  R       far  Ash  1 

Millie  M  (Brown  ho 
Evelyn  C 

Downing,  Warren  S  far  Ash  1 
Olive  W  (Brown  ho 

Linuie  V 
Downing,  Emery  B  far 

Sarah  G  (Morse  ho 

Drew,  Chas  F       retd        Ply  4 
Harry  H  lab 

*Rena  E  (m  Bartlett 

Marlboro,  Mass 

*Eva  M    ho    Farmington 

Drew,  Clarence  lab 

Drew,  Ben]  lab  Ply  1 

Dutton,  Celia  M  Ply 

Eastman,  Danl  W    far    Ash  1 

Emma  P  (Potter  ho 

Elliott,  Willie  W  team    Alton 

*Lizzie  B  (m  Elliott  Alton 

*Bet8y  J  (m  Malancy 

*Mary  E  (m  Sargent 

W  Danbury 

*Luther  F       team    Alton 

*George  D        far        Alton 

*Eliza  J  (m  Brown  Quincy 

Elliott,  Perley  A  far 

Ellis,  Alfred  F 

car  &  prop  Hillside  Cottage 

Eliza  A  (Durkee  ho 

*Eulila  J  manicurest 

14  Mechanic,  Allston,  Mass 

*Bowman  C  R  R  ser 



14  Mechanic,  Allston,  Mass 
Edith  E  (ill  Long 

Ellis,  Geo  W  Jr  car      Ply 

Maud  A  (Small 
Carl  A  stu 

Flora  M  pi 

Ellison,  Frank  W    far     Ply  1 
Lucy  E  (Willouohby 

Emerson,  Eleanor  (Peudexter 

Etta  ho 

Rose  E 

Etheridge,  Lewis  far  Ashland 
Fannie  M  (Piper 

Etheridge,  Henry       sum  bdrs 

Susan  ( 

Bert  lab 

Eth ridge,  Lewis       far    Ash  1 
Fannie  (Piper  ho 

Evans,  Emma  (Lee 

*  Viola  (m  Merrill  Ply 

*Mary  (m  Davis  Ply 

Olive  at  home 

Larona  ho 

Rodney  state  malitia 

Evans,  Caleb  far 

Isabel  (Taylor  ho 

*Ella  E  (m  Sargent  Keene 
*Leander  L  mech 

G8  S  Main,  Laconia 
*Alma  A  (m  Sargent  Ash 
*Mile>s  (J  mill  op  Meredith 
*Marshall  C  far  W  Ply 
Moses  T  far 

*John  H  elec  car 

Lawrence,  Mass 

Celma  B  (m  Howe 

Samuel  T  far 

•Nicholas  B  R  R  ser 

Boston,  Mass 

Bertie  L  car 

Evans,  Sam  T       far        Ply  4 

Susie  M  (Carr  ho 

i:arl  C  pi 

Lila  M  pi 

Blanche  N 
Evans,  John  H       far      Ply  4 

Elmira  C  (Cox  ho 


Farmar,  Arthur       far    Ply  4 
Jennie  R  (Richards 
Albert  A  cl 

Edith  M  stu 

Felch,  Zelda  F  (Mabury 

Maple  Ridge  Laundry 
Ferguson,  Wm 

Ferry,  S  H  Meredith  1 

Feesenden,  Susan  S  (Snowden 

sum  res  Ash  1 

Elizabeth M  tr  Girls  Camp 

Winona  Fields 

Fitzpatric,  Minnie  E  cook 

Element,  Wm  A  Ply  4 

private  coachman 

Isabella  (Smith  ho 

Mary  J  stu 



Foes,  Ethel  L 




Gault,  Lewis  W       lab      Plv  4 
•Arthur  L  US  army 

*Geo  W  com  lab  Vermont 
*Cora  M  ho  FarmingtoD 
*Clara  A  Bostou,  Mass 
Euos  C  stu 

Gault,  Geo  W  com  lab 

*Cora  M  (m  Bordeau 

*Clara  A  (m  Jenness 
426  Tremont,  Boston,  Mass 
Carl  E  pi 

Gay,  E  F  bowling  alley 

George,  Fred  far 

Horence  E  (Low  ho 

Bernice  J 

George,  Lovell  tr 

Segred  (Johnson  ho 

Vera  M  pi 

George,  Battle  ho 

Gilman,  Sarah  (Merrill       Ply 
*Cora  A  (m  Kennett 

Med  field,  Mass 
Onslow  B  mill  op 

Walter  M  R  R  ser 

*Mabel  F  (m  Kingsbury 

19  Astican  Rd, 
Forest  Hill,  Mass 

Glover,  Austin       lab       Ply  4 

Greener,  A  far  Meredith  1 
Anna  M  (Jones  ho 

*Emma  L  (m  Coburn    Ply 

Greenleaf,  Chas  S  far  Ply  4 
Laura  J  (Loveland  ho 
Horace  T  butcher 

Rose  M  ( m  Sargent 
AValter  L  far 

Greenleaf,  Horace  T  lab 

Gertrude  (Mudgett  ho 

Howard  R  pi 

Bertha  G  pi 



Hall,  Perley  C       car 

LidaE  (Smith 

Chas  G 
Hall,  Henry  far        Ash  1 

Susie  (Piper  ho 

Ham,  A  W        far     Meredith  1 

Elizabeth  S  (Little  ho 

Mildred  S 
Haskell,  Chas  A  car 

Edna  M  (Bennett  ho 

Dorothy  J  pi 

Hawkins,  Thom  E    far    Ash  1 
Hawkins,  Wilmot  far 

Heath,  Frank  P        far     Ply  3 

Rose  G  (Ford  ho 

*Cotto  L 

chief  eng  elec  power  Co 
213-14,  Washington,  DC 

Lillian  H  (m  Chase 



Rosa  F  (m  Hull 
Helms,  Rev  Wra  H  Ash 

Louise  ( ho 

Nettie  tr 

Auuie  pi 

Miua  pi 

Henry,  Archie  J  lab 

Hill,  Mary  L  (Langdon'       ho 

Hibbard,  Geo  far 

Hilliard,  F  M    far   Meredith  1 

Amy  M  (m  Porter 

Fred  W  lab 

*Harry  L    mech    Rumney 

*Roscoe  E    mech  Rumney 

*Anna  E  (m  George 

Ctr  Har 

Hilliard,  John  H      far     Ply  1 

Mabel  (Smith  ho 

Hodger,  Rev  Geo  sum  res 

Julia  ( 

Houghton,  Mrs  M  R     sum  res 

Howe,  Abbie  (Smith  ho 

Howe,  John  P  far 

Mary  J  (Plaisted  ho 

*ChasA  mailclB&MRR 

34  Temple,  Boston,  Mass 

*S  P     bag  mas  B  &  M  R  R 

Dyer  Ave,  W  Everett,  Mass 

Chas  Parker 

Mary  A  pi 

Howe,  Allen  far        Ash 

Clementine  (Evens 
I^eon  A  car 

David  P 


Doris  I 
Howe,  Abbie  P  (Smith  ho 

♦Stephen  W     supt  St  light 

7  New  Hampshire  Ave, 

Haverhill,  Mass 

*Orlando  G  ranch 

*Lucia  C  (m  Sleeper  Tilton 
Huckins,  Martin  far  Ply 
Huckins,  A  A         car       Ply  4 

Bertha  M  (Berry  ho 

Huckins,  Ransom  Ply  4 

Harry  N  druggist 

*Frank  far  Ply  3 

Huntress,  Horace  far 

Izart,  Jos  T           lab 


Gertrude  (Baker 


J  Henry 

Beatrice  M 


Jewell,  Annie  ( 

sum  bdrs  Mt  Livermore  Ho 
Abbie  (m  Pease 

Jewell,  Henry  B  far 

Sarah  E  (Sargent  ho 

*Henry  A  mill  op  Ashland 
Frank  E  car 

Johnson,  Harry  P      lab     Ply 
Grace  P  (Pillsbury 



Johnson,  Perley       blk  Ply 

Mary  A  (Bailey 

Harry  P  lab 
Johnson,  Melvin  H      blk    Ply 

Maria  H  (Elliott 

Perley  M  blk 

Frank  M  eng 

Johnson,  Arthur  H  car 

Jones,  Susan  (Piper  Ash  1 

Clara  (Woodman 


Kendall,  Chas  S         far       Ply 
Georgiana  B  (Malsbury 

Ladd,  John  S  far  Ash  1 
Addie  M  (Smith  ho 

Florence  M  pi 

Edith  pi 

Robert  S 

I.akeman,  Mary  R  M  D 

sum  res,  Girls  Camp, 

Winona  Fields 

Langdon,  Woodbury  F 

Leavitt,  Harry  E  car  Ash 
Jennie  S  (Sargent  ho 

Ethel  pi 

Guy  L 

Leavitt,  Chas  P  far  Ash  1 
Albina  L  (Howe  ho 

Long,  A  C  con  &  bid 

Edith  E  (Ellis  ho 

Lom,  Wm  B  far  &  car 

Addie  ( 


Lewis  F 
Lowd,  E  B  far       Ply  4 

Abbie  A  (Higgins 

Myra  E  s  s  op 

24:%  Winter, 

Newburyport,  Mass 


Mabury,  Abigail  (Bulmer 

*Sarah  D  (in  Bulmer 
Saranakee,  New  Zealand 

Zelda  F  (m  Felch 
Marden,  Geo  W  far 

Adelaide  (Greenleaf         ho 

*Auneta(ni  Foid  Meredith 

*Hannah  J  (ni 


*Bertha  M  (m  Allan    Mass 

*Mark  K  elec  car  ser 

Maiden,  Mass 

*Anna  Bell  (m  Perkins 


Marsh,  F  O        far  Ash  1 

Lizzie  M  (Blacklej'  ho 

Marston,  Sam  E  far 

Mary  (Corliss  ho 

*Ansel  E      mer   Sandwich 

Alice  (m  Mitchell 




Maxwell,  G  H 

Lottie  (George 

Eva  L 
McCormic,  Nellie  J 
McGiunis,  Lizzie 
Meakin,  John 

dr  mkr 

tr  nurse 




sum  res 

Merrill,  Eugene       far 
Merrill,  Ellen  (Brown  ho 


Lina  (m  Wells 

Merrill,  Geo 







*Gertrude  (m- 
Maud  (m  Woodard 

Merrill,  Ella  J         ho       Ply  1 

Merrill,  J  L       brick  mas  &  far 

Mabel  (Ritchie 
Bertha  L  stu 

Persis  S  pi 

James  B  pi 

Merrill,  Velma  (Follensbee 
Forest  lab 

Gladys  stu 

Harvey  O  pi 

Vina  E 

Merrill,  F  G  far       Ply 

Myrtle  E  (Fox 
Perley  S  stu 

Leon  J  stu 





Frances  E 

Myron  S 

Clkir  R 
Mooney,  Loren  W 
•  Bell  D  (Pickering 

EttaM  (m  Shaw 
Morrill,  Chas  H       far 

Hannah  E  (Cooley 

Lois  C  ho 

Geo  H  lab 

Morrison,  Bessie  (Butterfield 
Morse,  Sarah  A  (James      mer 

Morse,  L  E  cl  Ply 

Morse,  Moses  E       far     Ply  4 

Flavilla  M  (Stygler        ho 

♦Frank  E 
advance  agt  Minstrel  Show 

*  Willie  D     jeweler     Ash  1 

*George  P  horse  dlr 

99  Bartlett,  Charleston,  Mass 

Sarah  G  (m  Downing 
Morse,  Smith  team  &  far 

Morton,  A  S  poultry  farm 

Meredith  1 
Morton,  Flora  B  pl 

Moss,  John  D  blk        Ply 

*Alma  E  (m  Benton 


Herbert  F  far 

Effie  M  (m  Archibald 

Louis  J  mill  op 

*Cha8L  mill  op 




Florence  B  (m  Day 

Leon  E  mer 

Ada  L  (m  Messer 
Moulton,  Carrie  P  (Paoe      ho 

Moulton,  H  A         far       Ply  4 

Florence  D  (Greenleaf 
Moulton,  J  G       far         Ply  1 

Mary  J  (Martin  ho 

*AmeHa  B  (m  Goss 


Ernest  F  lab 

Muchmore,  Alonzo  D  M  D 

Nellie  J  Ames 

*Jame8C  R  R  ser 


Mudgett,  Elizabeth  (Hutchins 


Annie  F  (m  White 
Mudgett,  Miss  Rhoda  C  Ply  1 
Mudgett,  Flora  A  (Counell 

Ply  1 
Mudgett,  Miss  Abbie  A     Ply  1 


Nickles,  Edw  E        lab         Ply 
Nicolay,  Helen  sum  res 

Mabel  S  (Moulton 
Althea  E 



Odette,  Clement  H  Ash  1 

ptr  &  paper  hgr 

Patch,  Rev  Don  J 

Pease,  F  J 

Abbie  (Jewell 




Benj  F 


Perkins,  John  S 


*Clara  C    glove  store    Ply 

*Laura  E  (m  Eastman 


Sarah  J 

John  H  blk 

Clarence  S  car  &  far 

Perkins,  John  H 

Eloise  L  (Shaw  ho 

Lloyd  D  pl 

Perkins,  Fred  L         boat  bldr 

Emma  E  (Brown  ho 

Harold  F 
Perkins,  Clara  C  Ply 

Perkins,  J     mill  op    Meredith 
Perkins,  C  S  lab 

Pickering,  Moses       far      Ply 

Almira  J  (Taylor  ho 

Bell  D  (m  Moouey 

*Cora  E  (m  Smith 

Piper,  Chas  G       car       Ash  1 

Jennie  (Sinclair  ho 

Florence  M  stu 



Lewis  E  pi 

Piper,  F  L    stone  mas    Ash  1 

May  B  (Durham  ho 

R  Preston 

R  Tolford 
Piper,  Rob't  B        far       Ash  1 
Piper,  Chas  M        far        Ash  1 

Susan  M  (Baker 

Mathew  C  far 

Fannie  M  (m  Ethridge 

Lillian  B  (m  Gould 
Piper,  Matthew       far        Ash 

Ethel  (Merrill  ho 

Norman  W 

Chas  L 
Piper,  Smith  genl  mdse 

Cora  B  (Pendexter  ho 

Maud  A  (m  Welch 

Pratt,  O  M       lumb      sum  res 

Harriet  ( 

Catherine  stu 

Marshall  C  stu 

Pulsifer,  Jos  far       Ply  1 

Etta  (Merrill  ho 

Mildred  pi 


Ransom,  Gertrude  F  ho 

Rendall,  Ansel  car 

Roberts,  D       com  lab     Ash  1 
Roberts,  Chas  H 
Emily  A 


Rogers,  W  S  far 

CoraE(Dore  ho 

Agnes  M 
Leon  S 

Rogers,  Susetta  D 

*Affa  E  (ra  Leavitt  Ash 
WS  far 

Sanborn,  Ross  P  far 

Sanborn,  Ross  P         car  &  far 

L  Mabel  (Leavitt  ho 

Sanborn,  Edw       team       Ply 

Ethel  M  (Benton-Dutton 
Sargent,  J  M    trav  sales    Ash 

Amelia  E  (Dunton  ho 

Emily  E  (m  Baker 

*Eva  M  (m  Chick 

9  Irving,  Maiden,  Mass 

*Ethel  F  (m  Hoyt 

14  Pearl,  St  Johusbury,  Vt 

Shirley  W  mill  op 

Edith  M  stu 

Sargent,  Marcus  M      far    Ash 

*Grauville   far  &  sum  bdrs 
Ctr  Har 

Jennie  S  (m  Leavitt 

Ben  P  ptr 

Sargent,  A  L  far 

Rose  M  (Green leaf 

Agnes  L  pi 

Geo  A  pi 



*Scruton,  Anna  A  (Tate       ho 
Lydia  A  (m  Davis 
*Jos  0  elec  Ply 

Severance,  Helen  E    ho  Ash  1 

Shaw,  Pearly  far        Ply  4 

Emily  VV  (Smith  ho 

Shaw,  Nahan  B         far       Ash 
Laura  J  (Doe  ho 

Eloise  L  (m  Perkins 
Lionel  B  far 

Shaw,  Lionel  B 

Etta  M  (Mooney  ho 

Reginal  L  pi 

Lester  M 

Shaw,  Fred  L        lab       Ash  1 
Lela  A  (Cox  ho 

Ida  E  pi 

Shepard,  Carlton  C      far     Ply 
Harriet  (Davies 

Shepard,  Edna  VV 

Shorey,  C  B  far         Ply  4 

Margaret  A  (Fawcett 
Sumner  B  pi 

Isabelle  A 

Sinclair,  John        far       Ash  1 
*Emma  B  (m  Dow  ho 

10  Circuit  Ave,  Lynn,  Mass 
*Alice  A  (m  Tanner 

29  Franklin,  Exeter 
Jennie  (in  Piper 

Small,  J  as  R  far       Ply 

*Mamie  (m  Wiggin 


*Lillian  R  (m  Robinson 


Maud  A  (Ellis 

*Hattie  A      ho     Franklin 

P' ranees  (m  McDiiffey 

Carrie  (m  Colemnn 

*Joseph  L  mill  op 

Franklin  Falls 

*Melvin      eng      Littlefield 

Harold  pi 

Grace  pi 

Smith,  Walter  W      far     Ply  1 

VA  V i  ra  J  ( H  uc k  i  us  ho 

Almon  VV  null  op 

Mabel  (m  Hillard 
Smith,  A  W        mill  op         Ply 

Jennie  ( 

Smith,  Henry  C       far      Ply  1 

Flora  S  (P'olsom  ho 

Ralph  W  stu 

New  Hampton  Ins 

Isabel  E  stu 

Norman  P  pi 

Smith,  (jreeno       far  Ply 

S  m  i th ,  Kate  ( B  ie k  f o rd     A  s h  1 

Rosella  (m  Young- 
Smith,  Frank  S       far         Ply 
Stanley,  Bert  F  stable 

Margai-et  C  (Cornell        ho 

Sam n  el  B 
Stanley,  Claude  A  pi 

Stanley,  Ira  L  pi 

Stevens,  Frank  P  mill  op   Ply 

Nettie  J  (Crowell  ho 



*Lilla  E  (m  Corliss 

Ernest  H  mill  op 

Myrtie  E  stu 

Alice  M  stu 

Everett  F  pi 

Sturtevant,  Eugene  far  Ash  1 
Alice  F  (Gould  ho 

George  R  pi 

Ethel  M  pi 

Ralph  E  pi 

Ada  F  pi 

Jessie  E  pi 

Florence  M 

Sturtevant,  Lydia  (Young 


Talbot,  Winthrop  T  M  I)  Ash 
Edith  A  (Armstrong 
Frances  W  pi 

Emily  pi 

Samuel  A  pi 

Tatham,  Arthur  D  team 

Taylor,  F  W     M  D      Sum  res 
Thompson,  A  G    livery  stable 
Henry  W  lab 

Thompson,  J  H       car    Ash  1 

Drusie  M  (Brown-Perkins 
Thompson,  Jas       far     Ash  1 
Drusilla  (Brown  ho 


*Iva  (m  Hutchins  Ply 


Thompson,  Henry    far  Ash  1 



*Iva  (m  Hutchins         Ply 

Drusia  (Brown  ho 

Towle,  Louisa  (Mudgett 

Meredith  2 

Minnie      bk  kpr      sum  res 
Tucker,  Frank  A  pi 


Van  Horn,  Isaac  banker 

Clara  (Callanan  ho 

Veile,  Mary  sum  res 


Wallace,  Geo  B  car 

Lucia  A  (Dearborn  ho 


Wallace,  Wm  M  far 

Daniel  E  car 

Wallace,  Mary  (Kimball  ho 

Wallace,  Daniel  far 

Martha  (Ethridge  ho 
Ward,  Maria  A              sum  res 

Wareham,  Amelia  Ply 

Webster,  L  J  elec 

Alice  M  (Rogers  ho 



Frank  G  pi 

Webster,  Rev  Lorin 

Jennie  (Page  ho 

Harold  stu 

Bertha  stu 


Wheeler,  Wm  0  far  Ply  1 
Emma  L  (Greenwood  ho 
Harry  R  stu 

Lola  M  pi 

Hattie  L  pi 

White,  H      trav  sales      Ply  1 
Annie  F  (Mudgett 
Mabel  M  pi 

James  N  pi 

White,  W  L  con  «&  bldr  Ash  1 
Emma  A  ( Jenness  ho 

Wilber  W  car 

Whitten,  N  B 

real  est  &  genl  radse 
Sadie  S  (Huckins  ho 

Whitney,  Edw  B    law  sum  res 
Josephine  (Newcoinb 
Roger  S 

Willoughby,  E  E 

provision  store 
Helen  (Jewell  ho 

Florence  I  stu 

Earl  B  pi 

Doris  H  pi 

Willoughby,  Allen  B 

supt  Webster  farm 

Winnie  (Wallace  ho 

Mary  C 

Woods,  J      brick  &  stone  mas 

Cyrena  S  (Godfrey 
Ashley  E  stu 

Susie  D  pi 

Russell  B  pi 

Jacob  Jr  pi 

Woods,  Henry      team     Ply  4 
Mabel  L  (Stevens 
Frank  G  lab 

Woodman,  Harley    car  Ash  1 
Clara  J  (Jones  ho 

Harry  J 

Woodruff,  C  H        far        Ply  4 
Mabel  (Sturtevant 
George  S  pi 

Herbert  B  pi 


Worthen,  Smith  C       far     Ply 
Maud  F  (Merrill  ho 

Vera  M  pi 

Laura  G  pi 

Charlie  S  pi 

Worthen,  Jessie  B  (Davison 
Thelma  E 

Census  of  Center  Harbon 

Note— Where  no  Post  Office  address  is  expressed  Center 
Harbor  is  understood.  Other  Post  Offices  are  abbreviated 
thusiAshland— Ash;  Ashland  R  F  D  1— Ash  1;  Plymouth— Ply; 
Meredith  R  F  D  1— xMeredith  1. 

Allen,  Chas  A      far     Meredith 

Anna  J  (Lynn  ho 

John  H 

Chas  L 
Alves,  Miss  A  ho 

Anes,  Nancy  E  (Boyuton 

Meredith  1 

Gertie  J  (m  Miller  ho 

Anthon,  A      fancy  poultry  dlr 


Lucy  I  (Ives  ho 

Atwood,  E  F  car 

Nettie  A  (Smith  ho 

Armstrong,  Geo  sum  res 


Bartlett,  J  R  far  Meredith  1 
Ada  J  (Marshall  coat  mkr 
Ella  M  pi 

Bartlett,  F  A  far  Meredith  1 
Ellen  A  (Whitcher  ho 

P  Norris  far 

Barton,  Naman  pi  Meredith  1 

Bennett,  A  A  postmaster 

Garnet  Inn 

Ethel  F  (Fern aid 

Hazel  E  pi 

Berry,  Wm  H  far  &  mill 

EmmaE(Beaty  ho 

Cora  M  tr 

Bickiord,  Shirley  pi 

Blackey,  John  stable  wk 

Blake,  G  O      car  &  ptr    Ash  1 

Albert  P  pi 

Josie  M 

Mildred  R  (Dexter 
Blake,  Mary  W  (Plaisted      ho 

Ash  1 

Geo  O  car  &  ptr 

Blake,  Wm  J    car   Meredith  1 

Hilda  A  (Sworoski  ho 

Alberta  W 

A  Catherine 
Boynton,  M  W   far  &  mail  car 
Meredith  1 

Nellie  J  (Smith  ho 

*Grace  M  (m  Salkins       ho 
New  Hampton 



•Albert  C  fireman 

Providence,  R  I 

Ralph  W  pi 

Boyntou,  Lucy  H  (Thompson 

Meredith  1 

*Elbrid^e  G        far       Ash 

Nancy  E  (m  Ames  ho 

CliasM  tar 

Pluma  O  (m  Huntress    ho 

*E  W      R  R  ser     Meredith 

Breed,  Ada  M     ho  Meredith  1 

Bremer,  Susan  A  (Shaddock 

sum  res,  Meredith 

Burrill,  W  B    lab     Meredith  1 

Buttetfield,  Elizabeth  sum  res 

Gertrude  (m  Newman     ho 

Canney,  C  H     far    Meredith  1 
Mary  E  (Cox  ho 

Eriirna  E  (m  Berry 
Hosea  far 

Alice  L  (m  Hill 

Caverley,  Emma  (Hilton 

*Helen  nurse  Laconia 
Winnie  pi 

Clark,  Elon  iar 

Sarah  A  (Dow  ho 

Clark,  MC       far     Meredith  1 
Sarah  L  (Bartlett  ho 

*A  F  barber  Woodsville 
*James  W  far  Holderness 
*Allen  C        law       Concord 

Chas  A  far 

Cloutman,  F  K     hotel    Ash  1 

Adelaide  M  (Buzzell        ho 
Coe,  Martha  J  (Canney         ho 

John  far 

*Frederick  S  com  trav 

329  West  5l8t,  N  Y 
Coe,  Fannie  L  (Ladd 

John  Coe  Mansion 
Cook,  Chas  far 

Abbie  A  (Paine  ho 

Lillie  M  (m  Goff 

James  N  far 

Cox,  WS  far       Meredith 

Sarah  L  (Perkins  ho 

Cram,  D  W     far  Gramfian  Ho 

Meredith  1 

Cora  (Cox  ho 

Mary  E  (m  Lovett  ho 

Crani,  Francis  H      far    Ash  1 

Mary  C  (Woodman 

Eleanor  B  (m  Smith        ho 
Crowney,  J  P  far  &  teams 

Mary  F  (Greenfield  ho 

sum  res,  Ash  1 

Cumming,  Albert  V    far  Ash  1 

AddieF  (Hadley  ho 


Dal  ton,  Maria  L 

Pinelands  Camp 

Dam,  Chas  E  eng 

Myrtie  L  (Bickford  ho 



Davis,  H  B  far  Meredith  1 
Mabel  M  (Maloon  bo 

Hazel  G  pi 

Edcvar  C  pi 

Davis,  W  H  far  Meredith  1 
Almira  J  (Thompson  ho 
Clarence  B  far 

Davis,  John  C  far  Meredith  1 
Nancy  S  (Mudgett  ho 

Herbert  B  far 

*Elmer  M         team       Ply 
Abbie  M  ho 

Darling,  0  B  far  Meredith  1 
Perley  O  far 

Orrin  E  far 

Dearborn,  C  D  lab  Ply  R  F  D 
Ella  (Garland  ho 

John  0  lab 

Geo  pi 

Walter  pi 

Bertie  pi 

Fred  pi 


Dodge,  Ralph 

Mary  L  (McDonald         ho 

Doloff,  Almira  R  (Webster    ho 

Meredith  1 

*Nellie  ho        Lanonia 

*Ida  M  (m  McMurchy     ho 


Roy  R  pi 

Downing,  Jennie  G  (Avery  ho 


*Annie  L  (m  Dow  Rumney 
*Mabel  G  (m  Moses         ho 
Fred  G  la'b 

*I  A       R  R  ser      Rumney 
Downing,  J  R         far        No  1 
Abbie  E  (Tatham  ho 

Lewis  N  porter 

Frank  R  far 

W  A        hotel  night  watch 
Warren  S  far 

Josephus  T  hotel 

Alice  S  (ra  Garland 
Celia  M  pi 

Emery,  Smith 

Susan  (Moulton 
Caroline  (m  Hill 


Farrar,  Mary  J  (French       ho 

Meredith  1 

Frank  P  far 

Fifield,  Maurice  H       pi      Ash 

Fletcher,  Myron  H  el 

Hattie  M  (Moulton         ho 

Fox,  J  far        Meredith  1 

Emily  J  (Bartlett  ho 

*Abbie  J  (m  Emerson     ho 

Pasadena,  Cal 

*Angelia  (m ho 

Pasadena,  Cal 



*Lida  L  A  Boston 

*  Willie  D       eiig      Boston 

*Lucy  M  cl 

W  Lynn,  Mass 

Freeman,  Lillian  N  (Hackett 

Meredith  1 

*Geo  E         lab        Winona 

Frye,  Elizabeth  ho 

Garland,  H  Leroy  far 

Alice  S  (Downing  ho 

George,  Chas  E  capt  boat 

Anna  H  (Milliard  ho 

Russell  E 
Florence  E 
Grace  M 

George,  Walter  J  eng 

Mary  J  ( Mooney  ho 

Ben]  F  pi 

Walter  J  pi 

Gibson,  L       far      Lakeside  1 
Cora  M  (Eastman  ho 

Hugh  L  mach 

Claudine  tr 

Priscilla  V  ho 

Ethel  F  stu 

Mary  O  stu 

J  asper  E  pi 

Alfred  pi 

Cora  L  pi 

Jessie  B  pi 

Gilbert,  Lena  A  (Russell       ho 
Meredith  1 

Alfred  T  lab 

Gordon,  M  Abbie  (Moulton 
*Emma  M  (m  Arling 

Tarn  worth 

Graves,  Joseph  retd 

Eliza  S  (m  Towle  ho 

Greene,  Geo  ^Y  car 

Mary  F  (Carter  ho 

Frank  C  stu 

Persis  D  stu 

Laura  E  pi 

Ruth  M  pi 

Greenfield,  Mary  F  (Parsley 

*Henry  lab  Rochester 
*Edward  coal  &  wood 

*Emnia  (m  Otis  Rochester 
"Herbert  lab  Rochester 
*Mary  (mWard  Rochester 


Hanson,  Mabel  E      tr  &  nurse 

Hanson,  Edna  L  stu 

Hardie,  Geo  H  far  &  sum  bdrs 

Sunny  Farm  1 

Lucy  E  (Paine 

Hawkins,  Geo  H      far     Ash  1 

Mary  N  (Blake  ho 

Cora  M  (m  Marston        ho 

Roscoe  H  lab 

Blanch  Q  pi 



Hawkins,  E    far  &  mill    Ash  1 
Lottie  E  (Barker  ho 

Nelson  S  lab 

Reginald  C  pi 

Merton  E  pi 

Hawkins,  Leon     lab  Meredith 

Hawkins,  0  F    far  Meredith  1 
*Willie  A  Campton 

Martha  D  (m  Hawkins 
Abbie  L  (ni  Mayo  ho 

*Vina  B  (m  York  Ash 

*Eben  S  mail  car  Laconia 

Hill,  Walter  F  hotel 

Caroline  (Emery 

Hill,  John  V  "  retd 

Annie  W  (McFarland 
Chas  S  far 

Walter  F  hotel 

•John  E  inventor 

11  Union,  Boston,  Mass 

Hilliard,  OBC  far 

*(jeo  T    stone  mason  Ash 

*John  H    far     Holderness 

•Martha  S  (m  Felch        ho 


Hill,  J  A  far&sumbdrs 

Blanch  M  (Truworthy 

Horn,  Frank  E  team 

Jennie  A  (George  ho 

Grace  M  stu 

Alice  E  stn 

Clarence  F  pi 

Newell  E  pi 

Hubbard,  R  N   far  Meredith  1 

Minnie  L  (Cox 


Herbert  N 

mill  op 

Lillian  G 


Everett  L 


Roger  S 


Marion  L 


Huckins,  Arthur  E  far  Ash  1 
Mary  E  (Perkins  ho 

Huckins,  Willis  E  far  Ash  1 
Mary  (Terrell-Chase 

Arthur  E  far 

*Winnie  L      mill  op     Ash 
Guy  B  lab 

Edgar  0  pl 

Hudson,  Lilla  (Batchelder 


Huntress,  W  B      far  &  Mason 
Meredith  1 
Pluma  0  (Boyington 
*W  E  sec  hd  R  R  Meredith 

Hutchins,  A  E  far  No  1 
Julia  W  (Sturtevant  ho 
*Susan  M  (m  Miles 

Wm  E 
Alplieus  F  stu 


Ingraham,  Wm  B 
Henrietta  (Shelley 
Cicely  stu 




Jackson,  Chas  N  far 

Jackson,  Geo  H  ptr 

Edna  T  (Knox  ho 

Freda  E 
Jackson,  Chas  N  far 

Jackson,  Lida  E  (Marston 

tel  op 

Shirley  pi 

James,  Geo  E    lab  Meredith  1 
Jaques,  Adelaide  A  (Mooney 
Jenness,  F  P  Meredith  1 

Jenness,  Pamelia  A  Meredith  1 
Jenness,  A  Q,    far    Meredith  1 

Ella  E  (Jenness  ho 


Kelley,  Helen  pi 

Kelley,  L  P  ptr  &  paper  hgr 
Carrie  E  (Ruiter  ho 

Raymond  E  pi 

Mildred  L  pi 

Alfred  S 

Kelsea,  Evelyn  V  (Sturtevant 
M  Lillian  (m  Hanson 

Keyser,  A  J        far  R  F  D 

Ardella  M  (Rankin  ho 

Esther  W 

Kimball,  Elsena  M  (Whitcher 

Meredith  1 

•Oscar    far      New  Boston 

*Clara  (m  Waldren         ho 


*Elvin    team  New  Boston 

Lamprey,  Geo  R  mer 

Aiiginette  (Grant 

Landry,  ^m  R  barber 

Marion  (Gaslin  ho 

Irene  E 

Larny,  JasS  mfg 

176  Federal,  Boston 
Allison  S  (Maines  ho 

Alexander  S         chauffeur 
Alice  C  pi 

Donald  pi 

Leighton,  Wm  E  car 

Mabel  F  (Mallard  ho 

*Maud  J  training  for  nurse 
City  Hospital,  Laconia 
Berne  H  lab 

Pearle  J  stu 

Leightcm,  Jas  P      cont  &  bldr 
Harriet  E  (Smith 
Henry  J  mill  op 

Leighton,  Alonzo        retd  eng 
Jas  P  car  &  bldr 

Wm  E  car 

Geo  W       supt  The  Briars 

Leighton,  Geo  W 

Elizabeth  (Hanson         ho 
Chas  A  lab 

Lovejoy,  Geo  lar 

Lovett,  Jas  R    far  Meredith  1 
Mary  E  (Cram  ho 



Lavinia  E  pi 

Leorej,  Geo  W  bk  kpr 

sura  res,  Meredith  1 

Emma  (Blackley  ho 

'Louise  B  (ra  Hopkins 

Jamaica  Plains 

A  Harold  cl 

Marfcuerite  M  stu 

Luick,  Elsia  pjoverness 


Lunt,  A  Russell  cl 

Ethel  A  (Burnell 

R  Oilman 
Lunt,  J  Oilman  far 

Frances  L  (Lewis 

A  Russell  cl 

Helen  L  stu 


Mac  Lean,  W  A 

prop  The  Colonial 
Catherine  (McLellan 
Mack,  H  O       far    Meredith  1 

Clara  W  (Hinds 


Raymond  C 


Harvev  E 


Earle  H 


acksev,  John 

—  ( 

Noel  E 


irvell,  W  H    cook 


Joa  F  (Orant 


Maxwell,  Bert  O  fireman 

Mabel  A  (Andrews 

Jessie  M 

Arline  S  E 
Mayo,  Jerry  M  far  Meredith  1 

Abbie  L  (Hawkins  ho 

McCrillis,  C  A    lab  Meredith  1 

Lena  A  (Gilbert  ho 

McCrillis,  O  F    far  Meredith  1 

Kate  A  (Bryden  ho 

Harry  I  lab 

Willard  B  lab 

Mclntire,  P  F        far       Ash  1 

•Chas  P  car  &  bldr 


Julia  A  (m  Smith  ho 

Jonathan  P  far  &  car 

Mclntire,  Mary  A  (Mathews 

Jas  E  lab 

*Annie  (Cram 


Merrill,  Edw      retd    Meredith 

sum  res 

Emma  J  (Perkins 
Morrill,  Leonard  B  phy 

Ada  V  (Berry  ho 

Morse,  W  E  Ash 

jeweler  &  optician 

M  A  (Mudpjett  ho 

*Harry  E  jeweler 

Danvers,  Mass 

Evelyn  0  pl 

Morse,  F  E  theater  mgr    Ash 

*Harry  T     bank  cl       NY 



•Flossie  E  (m  Cunirnin^s 

Dan  vers,  Mass 

Morse,  Frank  H  nier 

Henrietta  (Fellows  ho 

•Howard  F  phy 

37  Ashland,  Lynn,  Mass 

Moulton,  J  S    lab      Meredith 

Asenath  G  (Edf;erley      ho 

Munoz,  Adela  R 

Pineland  Camp 
Munoz,  Ines  E  Pineland  Camp 
Munoz,  Adolfo  Pineland  Camp 
Marcedes  (Poey 


Neal,  Geo  E  bik 

MattieD  (Moore  ho 

Nicholson,  G  W  fish  &  ptr 

Meredith  1 

Alice  M  (Marston  ho 

Thelraa  M  pi 

Dorothy  A 

Pa^e,  W  A  phy  &  sur 

Paine,  Jas  M  rtd 

Theresa  A  (Paine  ho 

Palmer,  My^rou  L    lab     Ash  1 

Jennie  G  (Downinj^         ho 

Paul,  Andrew  G  civ  eng 

sum  res       No  1 

Louisa  (Williams  ho 

Andrew  G  Jr  stu 

Pennimau,  Charley  E  pi 

Penniman,  John  S  far 

Emma  J  (Cook  ho 

Fred  J  stable 

Perkins,  J  H    far   Meredith  1 

Mary  E  (Nutting  ho 

Paul  H  pi 

Perkins,  H  C  far  &  car 

Meredith  1 

Mary  E  (Hawkins  ho 

*Ina  D  (m  Collins  Ash 

Perkins,  Ezra  liv  stable 

Alice  M  (Berry  ho 

Perkins,  Aaron    far   Meredith 

Lulu  Q  (Pitman  ho 

Perkins,  E  A      retd    Meredith 
Pierce,  Frank  L  far 

Piper,  Sarah  E  ho  Meredith  1 
Piper,  O  S         far       Meredith 

Annie  (Thurston  ho 

Piper,  Chas  C  far 

Annette  B  (Piper 

Ethel  J  P  0  cl 

Pride,  Varena        ho       Ash  1 
Putnam,  A  J    far    Meredith  1 

Mary  L  (Piper  ho 

Quinn,  Marie 

table  girl 




Reynolds,  Charlotte  B  (Tucker 
Reynolds,  Charlotte  (Frost 
Ruiter,  W  C  ptr  Moultonboro 
Wm  H  far 

Robinson,  Bernice  P  pi 

Meredith  1 

Scruton,  G  W    far  Meredith  1 

Laura  (m  Huffe 

Sarah  F  (Gove  ho 

Chloe  F  (m  Purch 

85  L,  S  Boston,  Mass 
Simonds,  E  sales 

Simonds,  Irving  musician 

Annie  E  (Brown     music  tr 
Simpson,  Geo  A 

exp  agt  &  sum  bdrs 

Mabel  L  ( VVyatt 

Percy  G  cl 

Leon  W  at  home 

Earl  T  stu 

Gladys  M  pi 


Smith,  Lydia  A  ho 

Smith,  Chas  G  lab  Meredith  1 
Smith,  Julia  A  (Mclntire    Ash 

Hermon  P  far 

Howard  A  car 

Smith,  Hermon  P     far    Ash  1 

Ida  B  (Willey  ho 

Harold  H  pi 

Smith,  Melinda  C  Ash  1 

Smith,  Orville  P      far      Ash  1 

Eleanor  B  (Cram  ho 

Smith,  Grace  E  W  (Mudgett 


Orville  P  far 

Smith,  Martha  A  (Lovejoy 
Smith,  E  W  ptr 

Hattie  E  (Magoon  ho 

Smith,  Sam  L  lab 

Bertha  M  ( Jaques  ho 

Smith,  Miss  Lydia 
Stevenson,  L  C  boat  exp 

Mary  B  (Danforth  ho 

Carrie  E  (m  Kelley 
Sturtevant,  Araminta  CDavis 

Tat  ham,  Merton  H  far 

Charlotte  B  (Smith         ho 

Richard  M  pi 

Leonard  M  pi 

Tatham,  Susanna  (Spinney 


Theall,  Chas  A        pi       Ash  1 

Theall,  Ralph  W       pi     Ash  1 

Thompson,  Moses  C  far 

Meredith  1 

Mary  J  (Farrar  ho 


Almira  J  (m  Davis  ho 



J  acob  T  far 

Tilton,  Frank  F  team 

Abbie  M  (Knight 

Mabelle  Clough  pi 

Towle,  Eliza  S  (Graves         ho 

Ruth  G  pi 

Mina  E  pi 

Doris  pi 

Joseph  I  pi 

True,  M  Estelle  Meredith 

Tufts,  L     sum  res,  Meredith  1 

V  P  Am  Fountain  Co 

Gertrude  W  (Sise  ho 

Richard  pi 

Esther  pi 

Albert  pi 

James  pi 

Tufts,  Leonard  sum  res 

Tuttle,  H  J     far     Meredith  1 


Veazie,  G  W  team  Meredith  1 
Lillian  N  (Freeman  ho 
Clara  B  pi 

Wesley  B  pi 


Webster,  Chas   far  Meredith  1 

Alice  M  (m  Bagley  ho 


Delia  (Clark-Davis  ho 

Webster,  F  E    far   Meredith  1 

Ida  M  (Gibbs  ho 

Edward  E  pi 

Mary  E  pi 

Webster,  A  D    far   Meredith  1 

Julia  A  (Merrill  ho 

*Fred  E  far 

Webster,  Nettie  M  (Jackson 

Wentworth,  Louisa 

(Boardman    ho 
Sarah  A  (m  Clark 
Whitcher,  David  far 

Meredith  1 
E  A  (m  Bartlett  ho 

White,  Thos  No  1 

fore  Lakewood  Farm 
Annie  (Butters 
Annie  M  pi 

Dorothy  M  pi 

Ethel  M  pi 

Regina  M  pi 

Inez  M 
Thomas  V 
Whiting,  Katherine  ho 

Wilkinson,  1  G  lab  Meredith  1 
Woodman,  Marion  stu  Ash  1 
Worstin,  Philip  M       pi    Ash 

York,  Perley  O  ear    Ash  1 

Vina  B  (Hawkins  ho 

Marion  stu 

Elgie  B  pi 

Katherine  L  pi 
Beatrice  B 
Donald  P 



Dealer  in  Gents'  Furnishings 
91  Main  Street  Meredith,  N.  H. 




Dry  and  Fancy  Goods,  Wrappers  and  Shirt  Waists,  Clothing 
Boots  and  Shoes,  Men's  Furnishings,  Trunks, Carpets,  Hats 
and  Caps,  Furniture,  Etc.  International  Tailoring  Co. 
Ladies'  Home  Journal  Patterns 



i  I, 

r(  (